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  1. He gets a golden axe instead.. Which deals bonus damage based on your current money.
  2. The Golden axe received at chapter 1-3, does it have any special abilities? "Money is power" Does it increase in power depending on our current funds?
  3. I really liked the Girl in the Spirit Forest rendition.. Sadly it will only be played on one chapter
  4. For some reason the Barrier staff doesn't give any resistance bonus?
  5. Still hoping that Xane retains his Freelancer class (which is.. impossible?)
  6. Damn it, the soft reset thing happened to me too.. But the game resets again everytime I resumed the chapter. Am I supposed to restart the chapter now.. ?
  7. For some reason I always get this everytime I try to patch the rom : EDIT: Never mind, looks like just a case of an unclean rom being patched XD
  8. So I just noticed in the support list after grinding for supports.. Jace and Emilia's A support has been greyed out. Will this be added in upcoming release? EDIT: Never mind, some other characters appear to have similar condition, but the supports are still accessible.
  9. Val, Andrei, and Isaac. I ended up leaving it on. It's good for Andrei since he got RNG screwed though. Now I'm in chapter 19, loving it so far.
  10. Is it necessary to fix the resistance bug? Right now I'm in the chapter where they rejoined and those 30ish res are kinda bugging me, it felt like cheating.
  11. Since it's generally laggy, I just spam dash attacks followed by an up-air or f-air
  12. The new pally legendary kinda sucks.. I was hoping it to have some kind of badass, op effect The druid cards are really interesting though
  13. noob question EDIT: Added spoiler tag to avoid spoiling the chapter
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