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  1. Depends on the situation. In the case of a popular game series taking on a new genre of gameplay for a spinoff, not buying the game sends a message that this is not a desired direction for the series to go in. I would love an FE fighter, so I would prefer to buy the game to say "Yes, this is a direction you should go in, developers," then criticize it loudly and hope other people do the same so a sequel fighter could be done better.
  2. If there's a healer in the game, I'm probably maining them. Elise, L'Arachel, Maribelle, Brady, Elincia, Forrest, and Adean/ Aideen/ Edain are some of my favorite characters in the franchise. Mages are second priority. Odin's at the top of the list, but Nyx, Celica, Miriel, Sanaki, Lilina, Cecilia, Nimue, and Pent are pretty high up there as well. Never Micaiah, though. I despise her (sorry, Micaiah fans). Archers that aren't Takumi, Manaketes that aren't Nowi, Laguz that aren't Lyre, Dancers, and Pegasus Knights will definitely get the old college try to see if I enjoy playing them. Also any female Cavaliers that make it in, i.e. Sully or Mathilda. And a lot of other female fighter-types, come to think of it... I'd definitely play the hell out of Charlotte, for example. And of course, any of the many hot husbandos who may not fit my playstyle but who I will need to take out for a test drive anyway. Y'know. As you do.
  3. I mean... I'd buy it to support the idea of there being more Fire Emblem fighting games in the future, but I'd only be buying it in hopes the next one had a better roster.
  4. I voted for a lot of people, but I think Mikoto has my favorite design.
  5. I adore Conquest. Everything about it. I can hardly stomach playing Revelation and I will never play Birthright again, but Conquest is outstanding. There are aspects of other FE games I like better--Genealogy of the Holy War has a lot of my favorite ideas, Binding Blade has a lot of my favorite characters, Path of Radiance might have my favorite storyline--but as a total package, I think Conquest might be my overall favorite FE ever.
  6. I think Asama and/or Mitama. Not too sure yet, though.
  7. Ophelia's Blossoming Mind. "Equip more books, become stronger." There is basically nothing that fits me better. I suppose if I was to suddenly become an FEFates unit and needed an original personal skill, though, then "Fairy's Gift: CRIT +3 for every staff equipped" would work as well. Equip a bunch of staffs, get better at killing people. Yeeees >:3
  8. I did specify "people who intend to use Rinkah." I'm not saying Ryoma's Practice-club makes her a god or anything. It just seems like a tool that might help get around one of her more prominent weaknesses. If you're putting the effort into Rinkah anyway, it's good to know that grinding her that one Axe rank can (operative word here being "can," not "does") bump her MT from 5 to 16 instead of just from 5 to 6.
  9. I think it's still worth discussing. It doesn't have to be taken into consideration for a tier list or anything, but people who intend to use Rinkah should still be informed that the option is there if they can take advantage of it (assuming it's worth taking advantage of, perhaps by going Blacksmith for the +7 base SKL). At least, that's my opinion.
  10. Perfectly possible. As I said, I don't know how rare those weapons are. "Named" weapons like those were pretty easy to get in FEA, but they might be much more difficult in FEFates.
  11. I don't know how rare it is, but if you can get a Ryoma's Practice-club, that has 16 MT and is only D-Rank. Downsides are crap accuracy and -5 SPD, but Rinkah has great SKL and SPD, so she might be able to make do anyway. And of course, if she hits A-Rank, the Warrior Club has her name written all over it.
  12. To be fair, Nohr Prince/ss has +15% STR growth, and Dark Mage has +10%. You probably wouldn't offset your STR very much at all.
  13. Foleo is basically my favorite child in the game on concept alone. My appreciation of Leo went up dramatically once I learned about Foleo.
  14. Oh don't worry, I'll definitely be doing that at some point.
  15. I mean, yeah, Luna would be fine, but I don't see why Silas is needed for Setsuna when she can Buddy Hana. Astra ought to work just as well as Luna for killing mages and Flowing Strike should dovetail nicely with her high SPD. Hana could also get Setsuna Line of Death; since I would think you'd be trying to keep Setsuna out of enemy attack range anyway (perhaps with the Expert Yumi's 3 range?) that might be a nice boost to her offense too. Luna WOULD work better on something like a General, but even with Luna is Setsuna likely to kill a General? (Genuine question, I don't know if she is or not.)
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