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  1. Do you still play Binding blade?

  2. Well Happy Valentine's Day. This is how I do Valentine's Day for Azura. I fell in love with her design and all the detail of it when I first saw her. She made me think a thousand things! So I basically ask you, what of her mesmerizes you so much. I came up with this from eyeing her official art portrait with much admiration and analyzed it.
  3. PS: op is a bad user and should be banned voting begins 6/9
  4. I'm specifically trying to find Malice's. But when I look at the wiki page and gallery section of this site for the game, it seems like every character's portraits are so tiny, and I can't find a big Malice on google. Is there anywhere I can find a larger scale portrait of her? I have found this wallpaper that has one though at least. http://old.serenesforest.net/media/wall/wall3_1920_1200.jpg
  5. I just realized exactly what the gaiden chapters and weapons are, after getting the enemy message saying they destroyed the passage the second time after chapter fourteen. I checked and I missed 12x and 14x. I'll work better for them from here on, but do you think I will do good without these two?
  6. Ah wow that would've indeed been an excellent idea. I do agree with dead staying dead, but I wanted to S-support her in my first run..
  7. I'm only up to chapter nine right now. But one thing I've noticed is that, it seems like a majority of the cast so far are REALLY young. They look like a bunch of kids! Namely Roy, Lilina, Chad, Clarine, Lugh, Raigh, Wolt, Cath, Shanna etc.. point taken. Of course there are a handful of older characters, but this stood out to me, how young a lot of these characters look, compared to the other games I've played. I guess it makes sense when looking at the prequel, if they really were building up to this.
  8. Ah yes I remember this. But I guess since it said "figures" I just assumed it was those two Laguz units there lol.
  9. One thing I want in life is a girlfriend who plays Fire Emblem and I can play Fire Emblem with.. and I'll get that!

  10. Not sure if this is worth its own topic. But I was playing the chapter last night, and luckily my brother came home at the right time before facing the boss and asked me if I got Stefan yet, I had no idea what he was talking about and so then guided me there. Does the game tell you about this? If so I don't remember because I play the game very slowly due to not always being able to access my Wii. Was it like one those rumors people would believe and try themselves before the internet became prominent?
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