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  1. I know I'm on way late on this, but there's a mistake in f!Morgan's sprite sheet on the Spriter's Resource. Her full smiling portrait is there twice instead of the one where she's angry with an open mouth.
  2. I'm still not over Vaike's "It's a Vaike 'n bake!" voice clip. These voice clips are a blessing.
  3. So did anyone else notice that Olivia's battle model has freckles? I actually never noticed it until I looked through the battle model textures: Despite this, her character portrait doesn't have freckles which is a real shame since that would be just adorable.
  4. How far are we from reinserting stuff into the game? Mostly because I've noticed that some of the characters' confession portraits have inconsistencies from their other official art, especially with the second gen characters' confessions considering Kjelle is the only one out of them with their eyes the correct color. I actually just edited Owain's confession sprites so he has his normal eye color instead of brown eyes and I'm planning on fixing up a bunch of other confession portraits as well. [spoiler=Original sprite sheet] [spoiler=Edited sprite sheet]
  5. I realize this might be a bit late but I think that last item was a tonic, like a Luck Tonic or something.
  6. I for one await texture hacks which will give the female units pants. Better armor as well, but especially pants.
  7. Okay so I'm in Awakening support log hell and haven't got a chance to get too far in FE7 yet so I feel like I may know more than I should about this now. Whoops. It's still a nice song though.
  8. ^ It was already mentioned that Stahl had an unused Hero map sprite. Same with Lon'qu and Olivia. Every since the sprite rips got posted I've been seeing a lot of people recreate MUs and honestly, I couldn't resist making a couple myself. I could try getting all the colors from Miiverse screenshots, though since the sprite rips have been posted I've found out that the colors in Miiverse screenshots are very slightly distorted. For instance, the color used in feMU's skin tone, #fff6e6, turns out as #fdf6e4 in a Miiverse screenshot, and the color used in Donnel's skin tone, #ffe0c7, becomes #fddfc5 in a Miiverse screenshot. Honestly it's a very unnoticeable difference but they still won't be the exact colors.
  9. Holy crap I just noticed that Validar could blush I'm cracking up so much right now.
  10. I'm really surprised to see that Phila had a critical portrait. I really wish the game did her better.
  11. This song from FE7 is called Softly with Grace but it's neither soft nor as graceful as the title suggests. I feel cheated here.
  12. This ending screen is a bit interesting to me, at least, since the colors used in a paired ending screen are different ingame while the solo ending screen is left unchanged. I wonder how they do that. I don't know about the others, but maybe the Mercenary class was considered as one of Olivia's reclasses, since Inigo's starting class ended up being Mercenary. Just a thought. Did other units with access to Myrmidon like Sully and Yen'fay have Hero map sprites as well?
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