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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I forgot who you were but enjoy your 20th anyway!

  3. Yeah, dorm etiquette.
  4. Nobody has ever heard of the sock on the doorknob? It works great.
  5. Anybody on here play League of Legends?
  6. I haven't posted in forever, and I randomly decided to peruse this forum again. I had to comment here. The Cowboys came out with a steal. Dez Bryant is unbelievable.
  7. I never tried in high school either. I set my priorities in school, and my social life was at the top. I strongly believe that I made the right decision. We live in a world filled with a lot of people, and the only way to get anywhere in this world is to learn how to deal with them. I'm very comfortable around people. I did not become comfortable around people spending all of my free time doing assignments and stressing over school. In high school I met people. I made friends. I had fun. I made a name for myself. Although it doesn't seem fair, becoming successful is about who you know more than anything else, so it doesn't hurt to make as many friends as possible in high school, because even though these particular high school friends might never amount to anything that will contribute to your success, you have at least gained experience with dealing with other people, which I will stress again, is an integral part of life. And as far as the matter about the sexual intensity of high school students, I fail to see why it's so bad. For some reason sex has turned into some kind of evil, terrible thing that is too taboo to talk about in almost any situation. I mean dammit, people need to stop blushing at every mention of sex and just accept that fact that creatures on this world, including humans, will always feel the need to reproduce. If young men did not feel the urge to insert their penises into attractive women's vaginae, then our race would have died out a long time ago. We were all given our private parts for a reason, and that reason is not just solely urination, We all owe our existence to the dirty deed, and I'm sick and tired of sex being made out to be this terrible thing that is extremely dangerous. I'm tired of the ridiculous scare tactics against sex. Sex is one of the best things in this world and you shouldn't avoid it because you heard it is a terrible evil. Oh, and there is this little thing called a condom, which can be teamed up with the pill for the paranoid.
  8. At your age, when members of the opposite sex treat you like shit, chances are they like you.
  9. Tarintino has an ability to create an extremely intense situation, build it up to the point that you're sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next, and then do something that makes you start cracking up laughing. It never gets old for me.
  10. I saw that in another topic Inglourious Basterds was briefly being discussed so I decided to make a separate topic for it. I thought the film was brilliant, and that the performance by Christoph Waltz was one of the greatest feats of acting I've ever seen. I also mentioned in the other topic (even though it was off topic in that thread) that Inglourious Basterds has replaced Pulp Fiction as my favorite Tarintino film.
  11. Call me crazy, but Inglourious Basterds might have just replaced Pulp Fiction as my favorite Tarintino film.
  12. Happy Birthday fellow Mafia member.

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