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  1. I actually want to try using Zihark instead of Edward on my next playthrough and supports with Nolan. I'd choose Lucia instead if she doesn't join THAT late in game.
  2. I'm currently on my second playthrough and I decided to use Fiona. I forged her a lance and she did alright in part 1. However, she starts to get even more underleveled in part 3 and I just have to throw her (lv 12 Paladin) away in Part 4 because the enemies are just much stronger from here. It's sad because I don't really dislike her. May be I'll give her another chance if I play normal mode again.
  3. If it's true, then this skill sucks Unlike the last game, there're plenty of laguz stones in this game anyway, plus, herons can max their transformation gauges in late game
  4. I think it's removable in pt3 or 4. At least in the Japanese version. Only played once, so not 100% sure.
  5. Get Volug to kill an enemy in first turn. Reset and remove Wildheart and do the same thing to see if it halves exp.
  6. Titania takes one damage from a myrmidon from chapter one
  7. Wait till they come up with some Duck laguz......
  8. I'd go for Nephenee or Dendan... I mean Danved. There are enough underleveled characters and babying to do in DB.
  9. Same goes for Tauroneo. Maybe that's the reason he got sacked. :P Then again, Bryce didn't ride a horse either. Not 100% certain on Gawain but most likely the same case. Maybe the BK should be renamed to Black General/Marshall.
  10. At least he wouldn't harm Ranulf......... or would he (for Soren)?
  11. That's because Ashnard beats him and become the king instead.
  12. Actually I kinda wish I wasn't, even if it makes me sound evil. "Micaiah is pregnant. Sothe is happy because he will have his own son. But the truth is......"
  13. "Danved is not Devdan". He said it himself. Though the transfer bonus is kinda suspicious. Yes, you can say the same for Largo and Calili. But at least Largo does make an appearance in FE10.
  14. Not necessary. Shinon in FE9 can be a god in early game, though he can still take damage from enemies if he somehow got hit.
  15. Agreed. If she's fat, she would've probably eaten herself already.
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