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  1. Is it just me or is Owen's route bugged for anyone? For some reason after I beat O2-4, once the ending cutscene finishes it just blips me back to the main menu screen. Is it just me or is this happening for everyone else?
  2. Hi I don't quite remember if this is allowed on serenes forums but I was wondering if anyone knows how to offset gecko codes from 1.00 to 1.01? I've tried for the life of me to find a 1.0 version so I can use the gecko codes. I know of the AR codes but the gecko ones are already all done. I was told you just have to offset them but I tried using them with a hex calculator and it doesn't work. Does anyone have any experience with this who can help me out?
  3. Forgive me if I cause any form of bias-held animosity by creating this topic but I beseech those who stumble upon this thread to read it from an objective standpoint. I also hold the past games in the highest praise since I delved into the Fire Emblem world. I feel that I can say with the utmost confidence that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the greatest FE game ever produced up to date. Many people had mixed and uncertain views on the release of this game since this wasn't the only episode of failure in the FE franchise when Shadow Dragon and New Mystery were released. I consider myself open minded and a very gray person. So I gave this game a chance; never having played Gaiden before I had no standards at all apart from the past games. From Binding Blaze, Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Awakening and Fates, I noticed the development and the progress made in giving the characters in the game more life, more detail and more... emotion. When Ninian gave her future to live a short life with Eliwood, when Ike held his father as Gawain drew his final breath, when Yune said one final goodbye to Tellius, when Lucina released her suppressed emotions in front of Chrom, and when Azura disappeared in front of Kamui, I was moved by all of them. The emotions became stronger and stronger as the series continued. And when Echoes came out, I instantly knew how great of a game it would be. The gameplay in and of itself is extremely basic, but I knew that coming since it's a remake of the second game, in which features and mechanics were limited at best. But I always viewed the story as a more important element to games such as Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, or even games like NieR: Automata, where one would think machines and androids would have no story or emotion. Intelligent Systems took the power of the game a step further, by giving the characters... a voice. I never felt this much character and personality, nor the sentiment and impact of moments in the previous games than I did with Echoes. I haven't even finished the game in fact, and I already love even the minor characters. Tobin's cluelessness, Gray's smooth and chill demeanor, Mae's obnoxious and annoying energy, even Alm and Celica have so much life into them. I never imagined that you can add so much more depth to a game simply by giving the characters a voice, a REAL voice, not like simple voice scripts like "Oh!" "Haha!" "Thank you!" "Excuse me?" Of course, even the gameplay is good. Despite me entering into the Fire Emblem world starting with the most sophisticated of the series mechanically and gameplay wise (the Tellius series), Echoes offers a very simple and refined, almost original form of Fire Emblem. I like that a lot as well. I feel that this simple addition of giving each characters, even minor ones like the villagers or townsfolk, just gave the game so much more life. And it's almost as if I'm in the game itself. I've always been impressed by Fire Emblem, but truly, what a masterpiece this game is. And it definitely shows that the Fire Emblem legacy is still live and kicking!
  4. i have OLD 3ds XL version. im wondering if thats out EDIT: Apparently it's still not out yet...
  5. So i have to buy a brand new 3ds....? Do you know if Loopy has any contact information?
  6. 3dscapture.com just restocked but it says they only work for original models and not 3ds/xl, but i have an old 3ds XL does that mean I can still ship it to them? or I need a new 3ds :/. Please answer soon! I wanna record some fire emblem and pokemon for my channel :D
  7. Has anyone ever pondered what it would look like if you gave a character 5 (4 or 8 depending on the game) weapons and then give a realistic depiction on what it would be like to carry 5 weapons. Like imagine giving Azura 5 lances/naginatas. then someone drew her carrying all 5 spears. Or give Leo 5 tomes and then watch him try to carry all five books xD this is an example xD http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150430233351/cardfight/images/6/6e/Lily_Danmachi.png
  8. Rend Heaven says it takes 50% of the opponent's STR/MAG and adds it to your damage. But like sometimes it does zero bonus damage sometimes it does like a respectable 10-20+ I'm still confused. Considering all the hype about how it's an OP skill. I'm still skeptical
  9. I'm looking to buy a capture card so I can record some Fates for my youtube channel but I don't know where's a reliable place I can buy, and what kind of brand to get? 3dsvideocapture seems to be the bet one I think but which do you guys think I can buy? I want to have an overlay format similar to OmegaEvolution's (Top screen top left corner, bottom screen bottom right corner, and a nice overlay). Which capture card can you guys recommend me that's somewhat affordable?
  10. oh that's interesting the generics have their own growth rates. I thought they couldn't because I got the name "Konrad" on a fighter, outlaw and dark mage. That's good to know! So even generics have their own special growth rates. That makes thing a bit unique xD EDIT: Never mind those are bosses
  11. He and I share the same main unit name (Haku) because he's my best friend and we both share the same dream (alongside my gf ofc) to make a big box game as high up as like Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc. Take a look at sakura's skill set. she has STAFF SAVANT. That's like armsthrift + everything physic. He says he won't use these characters online for fear of being shadowbanned (instead he's going to buy the same characters from the unit logbook and give them legit skills and legit weapons). He says he won't use these characters online for fear of being shadowbanned (instead he's going to buy the same characters from the unit logbook and give them legit skills and legit weapons). I thought powersaves didn't come out yet for Fates. Because I wanted to have myself a huge supply of stat boosting items and boots and arms scrolls since I like to: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62360&hl= He also showed me a Aurgelmir +7 that thing had like 40 MT. and a Great Club +7 had 70 crit like wtf?!
  12. haha lets go silly weapons :D (bottle, daikon radish, parasol, hoe, carp streamer, stick, etc)
  13. Does anyone have a chart of what the growth rates are for einherjars and prisoners? Because a neat thing I like to do (I also did this in Awakening but it's a lot better in Fates since you get BASE level characters which is nice and you can capture whoever you want) is essentially play the game entirely over again using the Scout feature but make my own story in my head basically xD with the main character typically being a mercenary, etc. (my main character will be Unil from the Einherjar shop :P and since Gunter is still trash, he can be my "jagen/oifey". then I also have 2 level 4 cavaliers that i captured who will be my "cain and abel". I also took Minori from the einherjar shop to be the early game priest character, you get the idea) But I don't know how low their growths are. I know they don't have the highest growth rates because they only get like 1-3 (rarely seen them get 4-5, almost never saw 6+) I'm asking so if I need Aptitude on einherjars to give them somewhat similar growth rates to the actual real characters. Unless of course there is a "replay chapter" feature I'm completely unaware about. Because Challenge maps are all rout enemy and most of the puzzle elements are shut down. Additionally the AI is much more different. Thankfully unlike awakening everyone isn't instantly aggro'd but even so. My questions: - What are the growth rates for basic characters/einherjars - Is there a replay chapter feature?
  14. oh yeah you have a point :o I never thought of it that way. Cuz I noticed Corrinmui LOOKED like he hit some of the outcrops
  15. My girlfriend found these pictures on our friend's phone. Oh...my...god... Not so much the max stats and the hacked +7 weapons but look at the skills each one has ._. How did he even get those?
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