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  1. For once, I will post why I dislike Fire Emblem https://www.reddit.com/user/CKlandSHARK Just look at how this user acts.
  2. There is another reason now why I dislike Fire Emblem it's the reason behind the atrocity that is Paper Mario: Color Splash also: to Ms. Bunch, ("I love fanservice"). That is exactly why I hate Fire Emblem, weeb pandering, weeb pandering to humanity's lowest instincts. You are a victim of the pandering.
  3. You hit it right on the head. Fire Emblem Fates, in my view, is too provocative and lewd to deserve a Nintendo seal of quality. If this were an atlus game, I'd be fine. Also, to Ms. Bunch, it was on the main fucking subreddit. The main fucking sub, r/fireemblem.
  4. This one time, going around r/fireemblem, I saw this weird crossover of Camilla and this Fairy Tail character. Seriously, WTF? Fire Emblem reminds me of some korean-made war melodrama
  5. I liked it before, Now I don't like it. Read my lips: Nintendo has never been anime. Mario and Zelda have never looked "anime". there are no anime tropes in most Nintendo characters EXCEPT for Fire Emblem. What I mean is that Nintendo has never been associated with Anime in the way Atlus has.
  6. The Fire Emblem fanbase strongly reminds me of the Touhou fanbase mixed in with the worst parts of the Five Nights At Freddy's fanbase. The people that like Fire Emblem bear little or no resemblance to your average Nintendo fan.
  7. The reason why I am here is because I made an account when I wanted to "get into" Fire Emblem. Now I want to get "out" of it. I need an exit strategy. Getting into Fire Emblem was a big mistake.
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