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  1. Imagine near the end-game where you and your students are facing an (potentially) apocalyptic crisis and you still force them to study and take exams... I guess the time-reverse ability may be something similar to Mila's Turnwheel, but the cutscene's still too vague to say. The character models have definitely improved from the first trailer but still look awkward in some places, though I think they've done their best.
  2. IMHO it would take quite some work to improve what we've seen in the trailer into something that looks okay, never mind visually appealing. I don't realistically expect them to change many assets, if at all, in a direction that would suit my taste better, but I at least hope that they would prioritize improving the following things: - 3D character models (which also include generics): I know IntSys is aiming for a more stylized look, but the cel-shading technique they're using makes the units look distinctively different and don't blend well with the surrounding environment. The unit models look like they're from a different game entirely and just badly photoshopped in there, especially in that scene where Claude's squad is firing arrows at the robot, the units and their enemy (the robot) are using two different styles. The 3DS games' character models are low quality, but at least they blend well with the environment. Three Houses' character models also have some weird lighting (or whatever it's called) on their clothes/armors like Byleth's in this picture for example: - Resolution: For a supposed HD game, the blurriness is very apparent even when you play the trailer in 1080p. In the scene where the mage is casting a fireball, you can barely see the caster's and the generic soldier's facial features (and yes, I know they're standing on a higher ground, but that distance shouldn't have made people's faces seem almost non-existent). I don't think FE is the type of game that is so hardware-demanding to the point where you'd have to sacrifice resolution for it to run properly. - Animated cutscenes' frame rate: Many people have already pointed this out so I don't have anything to add.
  3. I also like the ominous chanting at the beginning, with what appears to be the FE main theme faintly played in the background (the narration part before the game title appears). On an unrelated note, the chanting actually sounds like Japanese words to me, but I can't decipher it, most likely just gibberish. As for the song, I don't really have any opinion of it right now, I'll probably have to listen to the full track to decide if I like it or not.
  4. Whoever the evil party is, I hope the story won't devolve into a final battle against a dragon... again.
  5. The art style doesn't really suit my taste, however it's not the biggest issue that I have with this game's aesthetics. If I have to choose, then Claude's design is probably my favorite so far. Dimitri is least favorite due to terrible hairstyle and color choice.
  6. Not sure if intentional, but the way the characters' eyes were designed in this style makes the queen seem almost... psychopathic in the cutscene where she obtains the sword:
  7. Can't believe I've only noticed this now, but is this the first FE game where the characters (or at least the main ones) have a full name? Also, Mercedes and Hilda are using generic battle models for some reasons, so they may not be recruitable after all.
  8. Yes, at least based on the things we've seen so far, which is actually a plus point for me even though I don't like the overall aesthetic of this game.
  9. I don't think they're from separate noble houses since the emblems on their capes (if you look closely at their portraits) have the same design. The two guys' clothes also have similar patterns, assuming that the three houses have different "cultures".
  10. I hope they didn't just put some random names on the world map to make it look more "detailed" after the complaints about lack of world-building in recent games lol.
  11. Gameplay-wise, there seems to be new(?) indicators: End, Rsl (other than the regular Atk, Avo, Hit, Crit, AS, Rng). Not sure what those could mean. I'm also curious about those red curve things that connect the player units and the enemies when you select a unit:
  12. I don't know why everyone keeps saying that weapon durability is gone again while it's obviously shown in the trailer. Not a fan of the art/graphic but not a deal-breaker for me. No full voice-acting it seems though.
  13. It is. Edit: ninja'd
  14. An MP system could serve as an alternative for the RNG-based skill system, in that active skills can be triggered at will at the cost of a certain amount of MP, however it'd have to be implemented differently from standard RPGs so that people cannot simply abuse it to spam skills all over the battle.
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