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  1. hey dude... ;)) you know i love dragons ;)) imĀ gay for dragons ;))

  2. Chrom and Sully is a great pairing for the story, in my opinion, because the two actually seem to be really fond of each other before their S support. The only reason I'm sure most people don't like it is because of Lucina and Kjelle's lack of Galeforce, which, to most players, shouldn't really matter.
  3. Well, the first one was pretty challenging, but I won on my first try. (Barely.) You start out feeling pretty confident, because the first enemy that strikes you can't really do much and then suddenly you're swarmed by everyone and oh god oh god everyone's about to die and SUMERAGI-- Anyways, I haven't tried the second one, but hearing that it's easier is uplifting...
  4. time to bring something original to the table......... smol beans
  5. Just Nichol, a bowman, a sky knight, and an oni savage. Working on tempting a valkyrie, though.
  6. I really, really, really dislike a lot of them, i.e. Benoit --> Benny, Eponine --> Nina, Zero --> Niles, etc. For some reason, I most of all hate Joker --> Jakob for personal-ish reasons. I'll get used to them, though.
  7. how will I pet my buff husbandos' faces now

  8. Dozla, so I can see that action in a a swimsuit. WCWY have a water balloon fight with? EDIT: Posted at the same time as someone else, whoops.
  9. I don't know where I was, why everything seemed so happy, but I was jumping off of a cliff. I literally just appeared at the top of a cliff and decided "Yeah, this seems like a good idea." **Jumps** Everything else seemed bubbly and cheery, though. I don't know if I even died at the end, I kinda just rolled around on the ground after landing.
  10. Banned for banning for two reasons?
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