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  1. I tried the 4 versions of the current patch and none of them deleted my save files after the end of the chapter. Did you install the new version on a rom patched with a previous version? A lot of errors happen because of that. if that's not the case, then i don't know how to fix it.
  2. I downloaded the new version and i didn't have that problem, so i don't know what to say. I don't know if this will fix the problem for you, but try deleting all the save files and the rom itself. Then download the rom again and use the new version.
  3. Warning: the unarmed animations have been removed in order to accomodate all the new custom classes. Make sure your units have a weapon equipped when promoting, otherwise the promotion screen will glitch out In the first page you can see that the creator wrote what happen if you promote units without weapons. Always keep all of your units with 2 weapons, just in case something like this happen again.
  4. Take your time, this hack is amazing as it is right now so no need to worry about the next update. I hope someday in the future you can come back and put that finish update that you talk about. Thanks for the hack and deal with everything in your life, we will be waiting.
  5. I will quote the creator because he answered that before : - One major problem that arrised when I increased enemie's levels was that playable units would receive massive amounts of EXP. Anyone who has already played this hack noticed how their units would be 4-5 levels stronger than the enemies. In order to minimize this problem, I reduced the amount of EXP earned to roughly 80%.
  6. Did you remove Neimi's animation to make the fix or wasn't necessary?
  7. I think i saw that animation in snipers in the Arena (i used the Arena to complete the game faster to see if there were bugs in any chapter). if that's the animation that Neimi will use from now on, then go ahead and replace it. It's fucking amazing.
  8. So ... you are going to eliminate the actual Neimi animation and put that sniper animation to her? Is that correct?
  9. No, Neimi no please. What about Innes? Fuck, it's too hard to think what animation to remove. Can you eliminate that third class for staff users?
  10. What Harken J say is true, Moulder freeze the game if you select War Monk. Myrrh has 2 "Dragon Fang" in the skill section (picture below).
  11. 1 - It's amazing. 2 - That explain why some units don't attack Seth, good to know and a nice change. 3 - I was wondering why my units (except the ones with Paragon) level up so slow, good to know. 4 - I can't say anything on this point because i never paid attention to the stars, but good to know that they are better.
  12. What i said was what the author said below, so forget this message.
  13. Yes, Spain got hit pretty hard but me and my family (for now) have been lucky. Hope you are well too. I don't have any bugs to report ths time because you did an amazing job. I need to complete the Lagdou Ruins yet but what i can say is that you did an amazing job.
  14. Known issues I would like help with Chapter 1, Breguet gets countered by the dead frelian mercenary. He knew that from the beginning but doesn't know how to fixed.
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