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  1. Thank God for Nono. Nono, you are the fairest girl ever to grace this world. I love you. Happy birthday!
  2. Ever cute Nono, have the happiest of birthdays. Allow me to express how ardently I admire and love you.
  3. Why was the HP-absorbing dark tome Resire localized as Nosferatu?
  4. Why was Thunder Sword localized as Levin Sword? If 'thunder' contains too many letters for a weapon name, I understand, but why Levin? As I recall, Levin is an FE4 character who specializes in wind magic.
  5. yip9


    With a sigh of disappointment, I thank the people who read this topic, and especially Cat Man 3 for his helpful input.
  6. What do we know about the duchy of Rosanne? Where is it? What kind of place is it?
  7. Powerful, cute, wise Nono, lovely dragon girl Soar in joy this year
  8. This was an accidental double post, even though I only clicked 'Save' once. My regrets.
  9. If I wanted to express my undying love to someone, I would quote to her the beautiful woman proposal from Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope, with my beloved's name in place of Eleanor's: 'Beautiful woman, you cannot pretend to be ignorant that I adore you. Yes, Nono, yes, I love you. I love you with the truest affection which man can bear to woman. Next to my hopes of heaven are my hopes of possessing you. How sweet to walk to heaven with you by my side, with you for my guide, mutual guides. Say, Nono, dearest Nono, shall we walk that sweet path together? Ah! Nono, will it not be sweet, with the Lord's assistance, to travel hand in hand through this mortal valley which his mercies will make pleasant to us, till hereafter we shall dwell together at the foot of his throne?' I wish you the happiest of birthdays, my lovely waifu Nono.
  10. Happy birthday, Tiamo! Have fun with your Finn's Lance. Delightful Nono, would you like to accompany me to the Tanabata festival?
  11. Happy birthday, precious Nono! Your Tincture is almost as sweet as you.
  12. These are interesting answers. My curiosity is satisfied. Thank you for your input, everyone.
  13. Happy birthday Flavia! Yay for a black girl in a game of whites. Enjoy your Reeking Box.
  14. Thracia Sky: When Sol activates, the attacking unit recovers HP equal to the amount the defending unit lost. When Luna activates, the attack ignores the defending unit's defense or resistance. When Astra activates, the attacking unit gets five hits in a row at full power. This summarizes what I miss about Thracia 776. Some of the skills that still exist in Awakening were seriously nerfed.
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