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  1. These are lovely! I really like how you do hatching, it really gives a nice flavor and atmosphere to them.
  2. Tell Peri to end me right then and there. Luckily she seems like she'd actually comply.
  3. Hey there, I'm Soupy. It's been a while since I posted here but I wanna get back into FE after playing SOV. You can find my Fire Emblem doodles at https://doesnotchrompute.tumblr.com/ . Here are drawings of my two favorite units in FE:SoV, Genny & Clair! I hope you guys enjoy my art, and if you have any requests I can sketch it out maybe.
  4. I don't know what that is or how it happened but I am not liable.
  5. Is biking around the Lumiose gym, perhaps hatching eggs.
  6. Been caught up in a huge art block and a fountain of self pity but then I remembered Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door exists and I tried my hand in making human versions of the partners. I got Goombella and Koops done so far.
  7. Eyes in profile don't work like that; they should be in a triangular shape, lest it looks like the figure is a fish with eyes on either side instead of in front. [spoiler=ref I found on Google] You should also try to define the nose a bit more, since it looks like she just has a lump there. Also, with the cloak,it's not gonna wrap around when it comes to the boob area like a tight shirt. It will fall over it and not hug it. Follow the example of the cloak when you drew it on the other arm, since that's falling normally. You should also check your hands. Both of them are different sizes, so you might want to fix that too. It helps when you're drawing to occasionally flip the image to see if it looks right flipped over and fix things that way too.
  8. Anime Girl in a maid costume avatar
  9. SoupyGhost


    Shanoa is correct. She is the main protagonist in the DS Title, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Easily one of my favorite protagonists. :D
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