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  1. Actuality is in conflict caused by desire. desire being not single threaded. complexity is context. Affection and Relation left out.
  2. No, i'm not prone to generalizing and i'm not whining; i am making fun of the situation by parodying what one or both sides say, put it in quotations and then state muh actual business. My point was that obscuring the truth by preemtively banning or censoring opinions is stupid(oh no im dying how can you possibly offend stupid people like that you promote abeism reeeeee) I wouldn't ban people for making analogies to the "sjw cuck feminists" as it "wakes" people up e.g. when a person says "you can't be racist towards white people" you start mocking that statement by saying "thats exactly what the SJW's would say" or "youre cucking yourself there". The same goes for nazi ideology but i can't think of something atm because i don't hear that much naziism spewed in public. What i don't encourage is active flaming or prejudged lables; the thread that was created might have become a great debate thread but the OP was just cringy wtf, he could just think for 2 seconds and come up with a myriad of reasons for localisation without assuming everyone is a "feminist cuck sjw ideologue" but thats another story. But i wouldn't ban him; i would publicly shame and mock him so he realizes what happened and he avoids doing it again; bans just make people salty, especially if not given explaination. I don't actually care about facerubbing, quite the opposite: i barely have any support convos in my file and i don't use kids, it's creepy and sick and i think it was implemented for the throbbing and shunned virgins that don't have a life; (btw. i am also an idiot virgin with no life but the difference is that i don't throb and seek affection from real and artificial boobs unlike them.) I also don't think that treehouse is full of "sjw feminist cucks"(even though some lines in games that they localized suggest so(but this might be just bias and overanalyzation of things)) they might have legitimate reasons to remove the rub because they estimated "this game will sell better!" or "with this the game will get more publicity" or w/e; I do think that some of the ideology might have had an influence on them based in what the localization seems to be like. My personal problem with the localization is that they removed content and changed supports; for the people who don't care they could just add an option to avoid the rub/swimsuits or an optional patch to remove it; The supports is another story, Kefkas character was entirely rewritten in FF6 but that is because of the references he made and because the snes was limited in text space; this is not an issue in current games like Fates and the entire complexity that used to be Soleil was changed into "just another lesbo" but thats digressing and not actually what i was talking about when you accused me of trolling. There are lots of things wrong about me tbqh. But what is "wrong" actually.
  3. i am not even trolling; i am serious when i ask "what are you supposed to call <people whose characteristics align with as sjws-ideology percieved behaviour> when you may not call them sjws?"
  4. Doesn't sound appreciative of Takumis persona
  5. does not seem to want to share hardcore eevee furry porn
  6. has been on this forum for at least two minutes
  7. "but what if its true. If there is a legit discussion about sj and feminism and there are people that have literally given their wife to someone else who can fuck her better than them and suddently pregnancy and they still provide support for her even after she has gotten kids from three other super toxic masculines but they are black so its actually ok? Then cuckish sjw feminists isn't untrue... Though its more commonly viewed as a label and an insult rather than an accurate discription because of overuse so i guess i understand why people get triggered over this and they need to be put in an absolutely safe place from any free speech and any differing opinion so its ok actually to just ban reality because of them. But then calling people homophobic sexist racist toxic scum is just as bad... they can get triggered over it... but they are the majority so its ok, they never suffer ever so they can put up with it." jk but seriously though, how do you adress people that are censoring reality because of virtue signaling, personal and ideological bias and hatred against the majority?
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