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  1. working on a rpg in rpg maker vx ace

  2. the conversation is founded in summer scramble
  3. my above post is also supported by a conversation by morgan and l think lucina? morgan says she as the same book as her father
  4. both morgan in future past 1 and 2 when the male/female avatar gives them the book they say they already have the book and the dog ears are the same
  5. class name: half dragon tier: 1 class description: Robbie a half human half dragon only half dragon left the others died in his village burning class weapons: sword- b dragon stone: c class superior and inferior stats: great strength,speed,luck,and defense,average skill, bad resistance class skills: swordfaire,tome-breaker,dragon strike
  6. letting laura die this is a mistake because l had no other healers so l had to stock up on healing items
  7. sounds very interesting if you have any open slots you can sign me up!
  8. part 1: is mostly easy 3 chapters in my option are annoying part2: final chapter is very annoying part3: finally get to control the greil mercenaries using ike to destroy stuff is fun overall radiant dawn is a good game its just part 1 is slow and yes l know its slow because its the first part of the game part 2 the story is getting good by this point and the game play is less slow than part 1 part 3 you get to control the greil mercenaries the story by this point gets better having the greil mercenaries battle daein is awesome and having ike destroy everything is very fun in my option part 4 its the endgame you do get to use the dragon race finally but to me its kinda boring well except for the part where you battle ashera. overall this is a good game most people may don't like part 3 because ike is a powerhouse and if mist is nearby can kill alot of enemies but to me part 3 is my favorite part of the game.
  9. working on a rpg in rpg marker vx ace

  10. very cool l was always thinking someone should rip the animations from fe7if it looks like in the video it works fine the only problem is it kills the music
  11. hello you can write about your favorite fire emblem skills from awakening or any fire emblem game
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