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  1. Many thanks. I have a particular fondness for characters that tend to exude a chivalrous or knightly aura. What I especially like about Perceval as a unit in FEH is how he puts every stat to use, and being pretty much a faithful recreation of his Binding Blade counterpart, where he also had surprisingly high RES for his class type. Is this blonde knight of yours Dimitri, by any chance? ^-^
  2. Etruria's finest is now complete. Another favorite of mine.
  3. So, I've a few questions regarding Perceval. 1. Suppose that I intend on merging him to +10. At that point, would an +ATK or +SPD asset be of greater benefit to him in the long term? 2. How viable is he as a Galeforce unit? His current build is as follows: +SPD Prized Lance Reposition Aether Atk/Spd Solo 4 Lull Atk/Spd 3 Atk Smoke 3 Heavy Blade 3
  4. Contrary to how many would perceive him as a unit, I find him to be more than just amazing fodder. Now, to finish Perceval.
  5. Yet another 5* rarity exclusive unit completed. The fallen prince of Rigel is finished at long last. Special thanks to user XRay for helping with the build on another thread.
  6. This is perfect. I actually never thought of using a 2-turn Special, and I do happen to have a spare Byleth. At first, I was strongly considering either Iceberg or Blue Flame. Much appreciated.
  7. Wrath can definitely work. If you have the resources, I would have opted for something like Null Follow-Up or Null C-Disrupt; the latter can be especially helpful since Dragonbind already comes with Distant Counter. The B passive will, of course, come down to personal preference. If not using Bonus Doubler, then probably something like Warding Breath can be a good alternative, mainly for better mixed bulk during enemy phase as well as for accelerated Special procs, especially if not already using Wrath for B. --- As for myself, if I am going to build a +10 F!Berkut, would he prefer +Atk or +Res for an asset overall? I have both, but am unsure of which one to merge. He is currently +Atk, and using Mirror Stance 3 and Lull Atk/Def for his A and B, respectively. Still undecided on what to use for his C and Special, though I would gladly take suggestions.
  8. Mine was cast for Arion. Since Altena made it in, might as well also help out her adoptive brother. I think anyone who was especially upset over Travant's Heroes debut ought to do the same. It is probably the only way to see Gungnir implemented into the game now.
  9. Now that Altena has been included, I'd like to have Arion added to the poll along with my vote.
  10. If I am coming up with a dual phase build for Altena, would she prefer +ATK or +DEF as an asset? I am thinking something along the lines of Sturdy Impact for A, and Quick Riposte for either B or the seal slot. Additional skill recommendations would be appreciated as well.
  11. Quan has been at disadvantage for the last three hours but is slowly closing the gap. If he continues to keep behind Bartre while keeping the scores far enough apart into the final hour, and that his team decides to drop flags en masse at around that time, Quan could secure a victory. I'm not holding my breath, though.
  12. In anticipation for the upcoming VG, I figure now would be an opportune time to update my Quan submission.
  13. All right! Team Leonster represent! ^-^ Will be starting with Quan, leading with Leif.
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