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  1. Many thanks. I have a particular fondness for characters that tend to exude a chivalrous or knightly aura. What I especially like about Perceval as a unit in FEH is how he puts every stat to use, and being pretty much a faithful recreation of his Binding Blade counterpart, where he also had surprisingly high RES for his class type. Is this blonde knight of yours Dimitri, by any chance? ^-^
  2. Etruria's finest is now complete. Another favorite of mine.
  3. So, I've a few questions regarding Perceval. 1. Suppose that I intend on merging him to +10. At that point, would an +ATK or +SPD asset be of greater benefit to him in the long term? 2. How viable is he as a Galeforce unit? His current build is as follows: +SPD Prized Lance Reposition Aether Atk/Spd Solo 4 Lull Atk/Spd 3 Atk Smoke 3 Heavy Blade 3
  4. Contrary to how many would perceive him as a unit, I find him to be more than just amazing fodder. Now, to finish Perceval.
  5. Yet another 5* rarity exclusive unit completed. The fallen prince of Rigel is finished at long last. Special thanks to user XRay for helping with the build on another thread.
  6. This is perfect. I actually never thought of using a 2-turn Special, and I do happen to have a spare Byleth. At first, I was strongly considering either Iceberg or Blue Flame. Much appreciated.
  7. Wrath can definitely work. If you have the resources, I would have opted for something like Null Follow-Up or Null C-Disrupt; the latter can be especially helpful since Dragonbind already comes with Distant Counter. The B passive will, of course, come down to personal preference. If not using Bonus Doubler, then probably something like Warding Breath can be a good alternative, mainly for better mixed bulk during enemy phase as well as for accelerated Special procs, especially if not already using Wrath for B. --- As for myself, if I am going to build a +10 F!Berkut, would he prefer +Atk or +Res for an asset overall? I have both, but am unsure of which one to merge. He is currently +Atk, and using Mirror Stance 3 and Lull Atk/Def for his A and B, respectively. Still undecided on what to use for his C and Special, though I would gladly take suggestions.
  8. Mine was cast for Arion. Since Altena made it in, might as well also help out her adoptive brother. I think anyone who was especially upset over Travant's Heroes debut ought to do the same. It is probably the only way to see Gungnir implemented into the game now.
  9. Now that Altena has been included, I'd like to have Arion added to the poll along with my vote.
  10. If I am coming up with a dual phase build for Altena, would she prefer +ATK or +DEF as an asset? I am thinking something along the lines of Sturdy Impact for A, and Quick Riposte for either B or the seal slot. Additional skill recommendations would be appreciated as well.
  11. Quan has been at disadvantage for the last three hours but is slowly closing the gap. If he continues to keep behind Bartre while keeping the scores far enough apart into the final hour, and that his team decides to drop flags en masse at around that time, Quan could secure a victory. I'm not holding my breath, though.
  12. In anticipation for the upcoming VG, I figure now would be an opportune time to update my Quan submission.
  13. All right! Team Leonster represent! ^-^ Will be starting with Quan, leading with Leif.
  14. I have one I'd like to submit for Ares.
  15. With this, my projects with the 1st Gen trio of Genealogy have been completed.
  16. PenekoR's Eldigan and Ares. Aoji's Quan and Leif. Sata's Sigurd and Seliph. Meka's Linus and Ike. Asatani Tomoyo's Eirika and Berkut.
  17. Idle pose on Kippu's Elincia made it look like she needed to use the restroom.
  18. I'll be looking forward to more Sigurd merges near the end of this month.
  19. Two votes for Quan, and the remaining five for Altena. Quan: Just a few obligatory votes for my second favorite character in the franchise. Altena: If Ares can do it, surely she can as well. I think her chances for inclusion have risen significantly, with Quan and Ethlyn making the cut recently. According to the results of CYL2, she has risen 149 places from CYL1, barely making the Top 300, and she might have the potential to go even further now. Once she makes it in, maybe we'll also see another variant of Gáe Bolg. I originally planned on giving at least one vote to either Leif or Finn, but then realized their votes are likely to be split again.
  20. @bottlegnomes I'll remember to note Reprisal Lance and the Def-refined Slaying Lance for said build. Thanks for the suggestions. And I agree that his stat distribution closely resembles that of Ares', given their min-maxed Atk and Res as well as having solid Def and awkward Spd. I also think Gáe Bolg could be better with a stronger passive; its current state may not be meta-defining nor does it break new ground for lance cavalry, but the bonuses it gives versus non-fliers, with three of the four movement types triggering its effect, still makes it at least decent. Maybe one day we'll see it refined to give it another passive on top of the one it already has, or even a different variant of Gáe Bolg (i.e. Dark Mystletainn). I made a post in the Weapon Refinery Speculation topic recently regarding Gáe Bolg's possible refinements and mentioned that I was hoping its refined version gives it something that helps reduce the amount of turns needed to proc a Special, such as a Heavy Blade-esque effect, except that it uses the Def stat for comparison. Like you, I adore Quan's character very much, and I was more than willing to invest time and resources into him. I didn't even care whether or not he is relevant in the current meta. Here is the build I currently use on him. The build may look somewhat unusual, but the intent here is versatility.
  21. Ian Sinclair (Berkut) Chris Hackney (Quan) Allegra Clark (Ethlyn) Grant George (Sigurd) Robbie Daymond (Ares) Griffin Burns (Julius) Kira Buckland (Eirika) Matt Mercer (Ryoma) It is difficult to choose just one. Come to think of it, the cast of FE4 seem to have pretty strong showing in quality voice work, especially given the passionate delivery in some of their lines; if a remake for FE4 were to happen, I'd like to see the current actors reprise their roles. The Shadows of Valentia cast have been all-around solid in this aspect as well.
  22. Overview Rarities: 5* Weapon Type: Blue Lance Movement Type: Cavalry Origin: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Finally reuniting with his long-time friends, Sigurd and Eldigan, from his academy days, Quan joins the fray with the Gáe Bolg in hand, the divine lance of his crusader lineage. Taking much inspiration from his original appearance in 1996, the Prince of Leonster makes his Heroes debut as a bulky, defensive lance cavalry unit that also boasts one of the highest Atk stats in his class. His Prf weapon, Gáe Bolg, comes with a simple effect of granting him bonuses of +5 Atk and +5 Def when in combat against non-flier units. With an +ATK nature, along with +5 Atk from Gáe Bolg's passive, Quan's Atk stat exceeds 60 before merges and buffs and can potentially surpass 70, depending on his skill set. His Def stat is also worth mentioning as, while already solid at base 31, it can easily be raised beyond 40 when factoring in the +5 bonus Def from Gáe Bolg, coupled with a +Def nature as well as Def boosting passives, such as his default A skill, Steady Posture. Aside from these strengths, Quan also comes with flaws of his own. His greatest weakness is, by far, his cripplingly low Res stat, making him extremely susceptible to both mages and dragons; this makes Res his most desirable dump stat, despite it being a superbane. Another trait that negatively impacts his overall performance is his very awkward Spd stat, being middling at best. Unlike his Res, however, improving his Spd can be a worthwhile investment as increasing it further may allow him to score more doubles on foes with middling speed as well as helping him to avoid being doubled by ones that are faster; a strong field buff to speed paired together with a +Spd nature and Spd boosting passives, for instance, pushes his Spd well past 40, which is sufficient to even grant him some player phase utility. For this reason, I do not consider Spd to be a good dump stat for Quan. To make the most out of Quan's stat line, namely his absurdly high Atk and impressive physical bulk, choose passives that will help to further capitalize on those strengths. He should aim to be able to sustain damage while inflicting as much damage as possible. Due to his mediocre Spd, you will definitely want Quick Riposte to ensure follow-ups during enemy phase. From there, you can start building him in a way that is tailored to your gameplay preferences. LV. 40 Stats HP: 41 / 44 / 47 Atk: 34 / 37 / 40 Spd: 26 / 29 / 32 Def: 28 / 31 / 34 Res: 12 / 16 / 19 Standard Skills (when fully learned) Weapon: Gáe Bolg Assist: Rally Spd/Def+ Special: Draconic Aura Passive A: Steady Posture 2 Passive B: N/A Passive C: Drive Atk 2 Sample Builds Wall of Leonster (enemy phase) Pride of Njörun (dual phase support) March of the Lanzenritter (cavalry-centric) Quan, Brave Lancer (Brave Lance offensive) Conclusion With how saturated the blue lance cavalry pool is becoming, especially with other defensive lance cavalry units that make up this group, such as Legendary Ephraim as well as the recent addition of Silas, it can be difficult for Quan to carve out a niche of his own. To make matters worse, pitting him against any flier unit diminishes Gáe Bolg's usefulness, reducing it into what is essentially a pre-refined Silver Lance+ with 16 Mt. Still, that does not mean Quan is entirely out of options as his solid stat distribution allows for a variety of different builds. For one, he could opt for a Slaying Lance and experiment with builds that revolve around abusing the cooldown trigger to quickly proc powerful Specials. Another alternative is to utilize a Brave Lance build that focuses solely on his high attack stat. Fun Facts Quan's default A skill, Steady Posture, creates a recurring theme with two other Fire Emblem Heroes characters belonging to Leonster royalty, Ethlyn and Leif, whose default A skills also grant bonuses to the Spd and Def stats. Quan's voice actor in Fire Emblem Heroes, Chris Hackney, also provided voice work for Boey; both characters also share the same artist, Aoji. Revision History
  23. Quan Gáe Bolg (Refined): 16 Mt. If unit's Def - foe's Def > 1, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.) The original incarnation of this weapon gave stat bonuses to Attack, Defense, and Skill; the Heroes version referenced two of these boosts. The Skill stat often seemed to translate to faster Special activation in Heroes as we have seen this with both variants of Eldigan's Mystletainn, as well as Ishtar's Mjölnir. We currently have passives that rely on the Atk and Spd stats to quickly proc Specials via Heavy Blade and Flashing Blade, respectively, and given Quan's naturally solid Def stat, further enhanced by the Def boost in Gáe Bolg's original effect along with other Defense boosting passives, I think it could work quite well. Alternatively, simply giving it the accelerated Special cooldown effect like the aforementioned weapons would also do fine in referencing the Skill boost. Finn Meisterlanze: 11 Mt. Inflicts Spd -5. Unit attacks twice. (Even if foe initiates combat, unit attacks twice.) The lance version of Reinhardt's Prf sword in Heroes. If Finn made his Heroes debut as a banner unit, I imagine he would have been given something like this for a weapon.
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