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  1. It's a hardware revision of the Wii released in 2011 that removed the ability to play Gamecube games and use Gamecube accessories, but retained full Wii wireless functionality (the latter was also removed from the later Wii Mini); think of that revision as basically a bit more than half of a Wii U, as this revision's capabilities are on par with those of the Wii U's backward-compatability modes but retaining the non-Gamecube related features the Wii U lacked.
  2. I'm not 100% sure on this; I think I got this assumption correct, but I'd like a second opinion on something I just came across in Forging Bonds (the general C-rank dialogue after viewing all individual C-rank dialogues, one of which fully officializes "Shannan"), you'll have to view the full picture:
  3. Kind of interesting how a number of sources incorrectly assumed the order of the two recent Byleth reprint promos (P18-010PR And P18-011PR); many had assumed male for 10 and female for 11, apparently based on images without card numbers. Thankfully Fire Emblem Wiki opted to wait for the card numbers to be able to get the card order (female for 10, male for 11) correct the first time...
  4. Given the spacing between the starts of Books II and III, I can easily see the Book IV launch not being until late December or early January; given the pairing with a Tempest Trials in late November and a Forging Bonds in early December, I'm thinking late November will be Adrift 2, and early December will be Farfetched 3. I can easily see the Book IV launch falling into the early January update (putting the Christmas banner into the regular late December update, and the New Year update overlapping with the Legendary slot for December). Book launches haven't exactly been static; Book II launched in very late November, 2017 while Book III launched in early December 2018, and I can see the pattern of "a little more than a year per Book" (possibly putting the originally intended fall 2016 game launch as being early in early November) continue...On the other hand, given we just had the last mainline chapter of Book III, I could see the Book IV launch being as late as a late January update, based on how long between the last story chapter of Book II (late September 2018) and the actual end of the Book II era being roughly a bit more than two months, which would put the Book IV launch in late January if that pattern gets repeated...
  5. Well, there goes my idea (I'd need a new weapon type)...
  6. I can assure you that I am not trolling. For starters, I always aim to contribute constructively, it would go against my very nature to even attempt trolling. Anyway, the majority of the overall Heroes fanbase without factoring gender are serious game players, and are not in it primarily for the fanservice. Problem is, those who are primarily in it for the fanservice (i.e. those who treat Heroes as something along the lines of Dead or Alive Xtreme as opposed to along the lines of Dead or Alive Dimensions)--which would primarily consist of a small portion of the male fanbase--are quite vocal, and are trying to misrepresent themselves as the majority. They're the ones who are insisting that the sizable number of new-unit female-majority banners, seasonal or otherwise, are attempting to cater primarily to fanservice and not to the serious players. On the contrary, the majority of the overall fanbase, the serious players who are in it for the gameplay (as in, trying to seriously build their teams as opposed to simply looking at "racks" and "packages" first and foremost), are apt to typically identify with their own genders, and tend to prefer neutral-count banners so as to not ruin it for the other serious players. Now, let's analyze the first round of a past Voting Gauntlet that doesn't involve seasonals; we'll go with Headband Brawl, since that one's got an even balance of males and females and divided the genders before the final. Since the serious-player majority is catered to in this gauntlet, we will assume that most of the fanbase selected someone they tend to identify with, which will usually entail their own gender--males gravitating toward males, females gravitating toward females. Now, if the majority of the serious players were indeed male, the larger numbers in the first round would be for male characters, and if the gender split was more even, there'd be at least one standout between both males and females--but that's not the case, the matchups involving female characters got the larger numbers, and in fact the lowest number on a female (Sue in the 13B range) is higher than the highest number on a male (Barst in the 9B range). This implies that the gender split of the Heroes base skews largely female, contrary to what the "in for the fanservice" people would have you believe. Now, we're only going to stick with the first round numbers for this demonstration, since the later rounds are skewed by the revenge factor--those whose horses lost in the previous round not taking the side of the one who beat their horse (i.e. a Tibarn supporter is not likely to jump into Barst's camp, a Sue supporter is not likely to jump into Mia's camp), and thus those jumping between west and east between rounds would skew the numbers; although Mia showed a 12B victory against Jeorge in the final, one has to assume Jeorge's camp in the final included disgruntled Olivia supporters, and likewise Mia's own camp included disgruntled Barst supporters, due to the revenge factor...
  7. ...Better just let these two tweets do the talking. Curse the fact that Heroes has a majority female fanbase, and I'm a male having to contend with them...
  8. I am here to bring up some blatant linking errors on the Fire Emblem Cipher booster series 18 page that could use fixing: B18-078HN and B18-079N: Both link to "Franz (Fates)". I'm pretty sure there's only one Franz in the franchise to date, and he's not in Fates... B18-091HN: Links to "Marisa (Male)". I'm pretty sure Marisa only comes in a singular, female variation... B18-092HN and B18-093N: Both link to "Gerik (Male)". I'm pretty sure there's no female Gerik anywhere to be found... (The linking to "Hilda (Fódlan)" technically isn't a blatant linking error, even though "Hilda (Jugdral)" has not yet joined Cipher yet.) I could go into a flurry of complaints about how information about Fire Emblem Cipher booster series 18 and the other parts of its associated era is flowing slower than the fanbase would appreciate, but this isn't the time or place to be doing so... EDIT: It's been taken care of.
  9. Characters are deciphered, every Three Houses character's raw had a match. We can safely say that no wave 4 characters got leaked, since the new mascot was in the expected position...
  10. Still haven't decided who out of Alm, Micaiah, or Eliwood's going to be my free pick. All I know for sure is I'm not picking Camilla; for one, I picked Veronica for my CYL2 pick, and Camilla's skillpool doesn't look to warrant serious merit. Furthermore, I'm a proud American straight male who takes the game seriously, and at times get ticked off when new updates add disproportionately more females than males without good reason (you'd expect that with bridal banners, but not so much elsewhere--I'd've gladly taken a hot-spring Xander over a hot-spring Camilla, and keep in mind hot-spring Elise has become one of my go-tos with hot-spring Ryoma also seeing frequent use despite the fact that Elise was technically a party crasher in what was looking to be a Hoshidan-themed banner), showing that Heroes caters primarily to the game's majority player base of females (and it clearly shows in Voting Gauntlets), and puts Japan first and foremost when it comes to catering to specific niches (if the developers thought on a more global scope, we wouldn't have nearly as many Camilla alternates, and we'd probably have had at least one all-Hoshidan special banner without a Nohrian crashing the party, which Camilla's been a crasher on at least two occasions). Camilla is basically the Fire Emblem equivalent of Tingle--massively popular in Japan, massively hated outside Japan, even moreso with a huge glut of Heroes alternates which I'm 100% certain has completely destroyed any fanbase she may have had outside Japan by this point. The only reason why we're even getting brave Camilla is because of the Japanese fanbase--I'm sure at minimum 95% of Camilla's votes were from the Japan and east Asia region, and the rest of Camilla's votes came from trolls wanting to tick off the international fanbase. You can count how many non-troll votes Camilla got from outside the Japan and east Asia region on one hand, and you'd still have four fingers and a thumb left over...
  11. Seriously? You didn't even notice links reading "<chapter name>/Script" on the Fire Emblem Wiki chapter articles? Thankfully the wiki's got a category where the scripts for each chapter are all gathered in one place: https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Category:Scripts_of_Fire_Emblem:_Shadow_Dragon_and_the_Blade_of_Light The FE1 versions were whipped up by Thecornerman.
  12. Way to push Edelgard, giving her her third-tier type-C in 3-9-5 Normal difficulty! At least they threw Claude a bone and gave him that treatment too... https://twitter.com/bluepikachu387/status/1153524730869231616 (Would have embedded it, but it was leaving an ugly mess no matter what I tried...)
  13. You're not the only one who's used this thread to report issues over on the wiki. Granted, not every issue there I've reported here has been addressed...
  14. Last I checked, there's seven Cipher mascots as of now. Beyond the "original four" from Echoes (Emma, Shade, Yuzu, Randal), we've had Alice, Valjean, and Niamh introduced since then. Last I checked, that adds up to seven, so how did you get six out of that?
  15. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Arthur_(Fates)_(Cipher) https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Arthur_(Genealogy)_(Cipher) Both of these pages have the same error on them, with the statement "They can support each other, and you cannot perform a Critical Hit or Evade with one Claude for the other, just to clear things up.". Last I checked, neither of these characters were named Claude in any language; perhaps somebody prioritizing a Genealogy fan translation patch as far as "Claud" (official NoJ romanization and CYL polls) vs. "Claude" (fan translation patches) goes to relate opposite the Three Heroes Claude wrote a note involving the "Claudes" and carelessly forgot to change it for the Arthurs? I came across this while documenting the inconsistent character Cipher card epithets both Serenes Forest-side and over at Fire Emblem Wiki (a very early in-progress project as of this writing, the B02/S03/S04/P02 era should be going up tonight); it's a companion project to one that documented inconsistent illustrators in the exact same fashion (complete as far as what's currently on the Japanese Cipher site)...
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