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  1. That Baron work is so beautiful!!! So glad it has map sprites and everything.
  2. Who wouldn't lust for Sigurd's holy blood bonuses :^)
  3. An Avoid and Hit Rate like that means practically nothing is gonna kill him though. I hope IS fixes this some way.
  4. Interesting read, can't wait to see more later.
  5. "When user’s HP is not full, damage +4. This is one of those skills that works for the unit. Like I said, Rinkah relies on damage output, so this skill is great...buuuuuuut, this only happens when she as at full HP, so spam healing is a must or she needs to have a high support level with the person that guard stances her, so this skill is still kind of bad. (And also enemies move second so she will most likely get damaged before this can activate, got to rely on that puppet speed)" Not full means she shouldn't be healed if you want it to be in effect. Pretty good skill in all honesty given it's practically a free + 4 in most situations.
  6. According to this: http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-characters/growth-rates/, shouldn't class growth rates be added to the personal growth rates in order to get the true growth rates of the characters?
  7. Is Garon and Mikoto recruitable in the 3rd route?
  8. Why is Fuuga listed as a unconfirmed affiliation on Fire Emblem wikia and why does he have next to no information known about him right now, considering he has skinshipping data (you can find it in the Live 2D Viewer program)? Has nobody gotten him yet, is he 3rd route only, or do people not care about him at all? I personally like how he doesn't blush at all or resemble anything romantically in his skinship. Feel free to discuss storyline shit with him and any other data about him. I hope he's playable and wasn't cut or anything... I really hope I wasn't just Fuuga'd with... Photo in case you doubt me:
  9. Anybody have Fuuga and Kamui's support? (Fuuga has a skinshipping model and motion data, so I assume he has a support with Kamui).
  10. Considering Fuuga has a model for skinshipping and unique motion data, he's more than likely a playable unit that has next to no info on him :/ Anybody figure out how to get him yet?
  11. Regardless of the game, and regardless of the region, people will always bitch about everything for literally anything.
  12. I don't see why people have such an issue on missing out Kanna if they take the homosexual approach (good luck trying to adopt a half dragon child before somebody else does, assuming there is one out there). But yeah, this is a horrible support lmao.
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