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  1. Generally if you glue Levin with Fury as soon as she pops up you should be okay (and keep Sylvia away or next to whoever you want to pair her with). I do tend to kill her off if she still is getting married to Levin, and then I just use the Valkyrie Staff on her. Just bench Alec unless you're planning on marrying him off while you're doing this and you should be fine. The only downside to rushing Levin and Fury is that you miss out on the conversation they have that automatically bumps them into being lovers, but at that point it doesn't really matter.
  2. Ike's was fine, Micaiah's was less fine but tolerable, every other one was bad (though Leif's was okay-ish I guess and the FE8 twins didn't kill them). If you literally end up sitting your main character out of battles because they'll steal exp due to being max level and unable to promote that's a problem. I had Roy sitting in the background for like, half the game because he hit 20 early on. Same thing with Hector/Eliwood. I did like it as a story thing, but honestly I prefer the concept of the legendary weapons in FE6/7 (sort of) and FE14 - it still makes you feel cooler and more powerful when you get them but it didn't hinder gameplay as much as semi-benching your own lord. That being said none of those do it particularly well... it would be nice if they continued playing with the idea, I think.
  3. That's cause he's literally just lewyn with longer hair :P I actually think Yuzu fits pretty well into the older armor - I agree about Shade and Emma. I think its more their hair pieces that make them feel a bit odd (like, if Shade didn't have the horn things I think that her FE10 design would actually look really nice. It also helps that ...Lando? has really nice artwork off the bat. The N card especially looks really nice.
  4. Yep, also 3 Ikes, 2 Sorens, 2 Mists, 2 Titanias, 2 Boyds (not including starter deck exclusives) just to give exact numbers.
  5. Generally the prepromoted version/more common cards come after the rarer one in the numbering. The other mercs were already in set 3 - I'm assuming we're going to see mostly the Dawn Brigade/new characters in this one since all of the Greil mercs already got cards last time (or at least most of them).
  6. Azel is probably the one who started it (or Boey depending on what art you think is official, lol). I really like the promos this time around - gonna have to track down the Micaiah and Lilina ones at least... Hopefully they aren't that hard to find (knowing my luck they will be though)
  7. I'm pretty sure Desmond wins Worst Father award by default. [spoiler=Fates spoilers]Also the Fates parents in general are pretty sketchy since they just... leave their kids alone in a Deeprealm and some of them don't even know their heritage, etc. But Jakob is especially bad in that regard since his relationship with Dwyer is incredibly unhealthy. As far as good dads I'd say Garcia and Chrom are pretty up there? Garcia for reasons already mentioned and Chrom because [spoiler=Awakening spoilers]he didn't drag his kid into a battlefield and even actively tries to make the doomed timeline!Lucina feel like part of the family even though he doesn't really know her and also has his own kid back at home (it also seems like he has a good relationship with both of his kids and family unless the weird "I think you're cheating on me" thing by most of the wives is supposed to imply something else). Also Eliwood and Greil are pretty good/decent as well, imo.
  8. I really would like to see an Igrene, Cath, and Echidna but I dunno if any of them are popular enough cards this round. Have we seen a Lalam or Elphin yet? I agree that I'd rather see actual existing characters over Shade/Ema/etc but I think they're also there to help bring in people from the other card sets? I dunno, I generally just don't keep their cards at all.
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