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  1. Yes, Sylvain's supports go into this quite a bit. He talks about how nobles will pop out kids like crazy until one has a crest, and then that one becomes the heir. Frequently they'll all but abandon the others, and disown them if they complain or (rightly) cause a fuss. Or if they just don't feel like supporting 15 kids.
  2. Actually, Lysithea and another *spoiler* character have 2 crests at once. Lysithea has both the Major Gloucester and Minor Charon. It's far more likely that they would be married off to or adopted by the family that typically bears that crest. Though in Hanneman's supports, he said that nearly his whole family had crests, though he never stated which ones (he bears Indech's). If they only carried one, you'd think he would have specified, but he didn't. Therefore maybe some houses bear multiple, while some just have the one strong bloodline. It has been stated that commoners can bear crests, though the likelyhood the "commoners" are simply bastards or branches from abandoned crestless nobles is far more likely. Basically, strong crested bloodlines are preferred, but some times it pops up very far down the line, like a highly recessive gene.
  3. When reclassing, say, Cleric Tree Faye back into villager, and then into Mage tree, does she keep her spells that she learned as a Cleric? She's the only one who can learn Freeze on Alm's side, but also the only one who can learn Anew at all, so...
  4. If you had the power to do an update, patch, fix, what-have-you for the Fire Emblem If game, or were able to influence Devs before the release of Fates in other countries, what would be the things you would change? Personally, I would change the Marriage and Buddy Seals so you would take on whatever class you didn't already have in your repertoire. Like, If Oboro marries Takumi, She gets Bowman, but he gets nothing because Lance Fighter is his secondary already. I'd make it so he'd get Herb Merchant (Oboro's secondary class) instead. Joker, when becoming friends with Cyrus/Silas/However-you-spell-it, He'd get mercenary instead of nothing. Saizou could become a Pegasus Rider by being friends with Ryouma (I still think it's a little funny that Ryouma can be a Pegasus Knight. Manly man and his pretty pony). Please, if you have a plot spoiler, put it in spoiler tags! Not for my sake, but for others'! Game mechanics are fine, however.
  5. Yes, like I said, 2 Divine dragon herb (Plus 1 to all stats) and 2 Boots. There are no others that I'm aware of available through this method. You get one of each for each path, so far as I'm aware. Edit: AH! you mean like the rep points in Awakening! That system! I'll look to see what I have unlocked and add them to the list. Also, @Tooru, Thank you muchness. I will update my list immediately. Edit 2: I have my list updated quite a bit.
  6. You can grind for stat boosters in the Hoshido route, though you cannot in the Nohr route. I've gotten most of my stat boosts that way, actually. You can also get some through various DLC. The Battle for the Strongest Royal will grant some at least the first time through, and buying the 2 other paths as DLC will grant 2 Boots and 2 Divine Dragon Herbs. Also, I hear recruiting Anna will give you another pair of Boots. I'll try an put together a list for you, but that will take some time. If I succeed, I would ask you post it in the first post for all to read, rather than forcing others to dig through the responses, :) [spoiler=Current List] Shared: Chapter 4 - Goddess Icon - Visit Houses Hoshido: Chapter 7 - Seraph Robe - Chest Chapter 8 - Secret Book - Dropped Chapter 9 - Speed Wing - Chest Chapter 11 - Arms Scroll - Dropped Chapter 12 - Dracoshield - Chest Chapter 13 - Spirit Dust - Visit Houses Chapter 13 - Talisman - Visit Houses Chapter 15 - Speedwing - Dropped Chapter 15 - Spirit Dust - Dropped Chapter 15 - Secret Book - Dropped Chapter 16 - Arms Scroll - Chest Chapter 20 - Seraph Robe - Chest Chapter 20 - Boots - Chest Chapter 20 - Goddess Icon - Dropped Chapter 22 - Dracoshield - Dropped Chapter 23 - Talisman - Dropped Chapter 25 - Boots - Chest Nohr: Chapter 10 - Dracoshield - Visit Houses Chapter 11 - Spirit Dust - Chest Chapter 12 - Secret Book - Dropped Chapter 13 - Arms Scroll - Visit Houses Chapter 14 - Seraph Robe - Chest Chapter 16 - Boots - Choose to kill Asura Chapter 18 - Energy Drop - Chest Chapter 23 - Goddess Icon - Dropped Chapter 23 - Boots - Chest Chapter 24 - Speedwing - Dropped Chapter 25 - Dracoshield - Dropped Chapter 26 - Seraph Robe - Chest Invisible: Chapter 10 - Arms Scroll - Dropped Chapter 10 - Energy Drop - Dropped Chapter 10 - Secret Book - Dropped Chapter 21 - Boots - Chest Chapter 21 - Arms Scroll - Chest Chapter 24 - Boots - Reward for stealth [spoiler=Rewards for "Performance Bonus"] Listed as 実績ボーナス Combat Records - 戦闘実績 You get these by having people fight in your castle. ??? - Lvl 100 ??? - Lvl 200 ??? - Lvl 300 ??? - Lvl 500 ??? - Lvl 750 ??? - Lvl 1000 ??? - Lvl 1500 ??? - Lvl 2000 ??? - Lvl 5000 ??? - Lvl 7000 Visit Records - 訪問実績 You get these by having others visit your castle. Dracoshield - Lvl 100 Goddess Icon - Lvl 200 ??? - Lvl 300 ??? - Lvl 400 ??? - Lvl 500 ??? - Lvl 750 ??? - Lvl 1000 ??? - Lvl 1500 ??? - Lvl 2000 ??? - Lvl 5000 ??? - Lvl 7000 These are what I could find using Gamefaqs, the wiki, and Kantopia so far. I will record what I find on my playthroughs and report back *salutes*. Edit: Special thanks to User Tooru for their additions and corrections!
  7. Nohr and Hoshido can be pretty different, just like eastern and western culture. The hoshidans as a whole are more formal and polite, and less... "chummy". Except for Asama and Hinata. Hinata is a meathead and super friendly and Asama is a sarcastic bully butthead. The only support I actually like for Asama that I've read is his one with Kamui. His one with Harold is pretty witty though. Edit: [spoiler=Asama]Ok, I've read just about all his translated supports, and I'm a little mad he can't A Support with Zero because it pretty obvious to me now that he's a bit of an emotional sadist.
  8. Do I NEED to have a japanese amiibo to do the amiibo thing, or can I use american ones?
  9. I wanted to make it look sort of like the critical cut-ins from awakening. Only, you know, not. I also liked how the silk contrasted the sharpness of the lightning. Also, Kinu means Silk in Japanese, sooo... Silk themes.
  10. Wallpapers For Samsung Note 3 So I made some wallpapers for myself of Fates' Kinu with My Kamui's hair color. Edited Portrait credit goes to AMagieRobot's wonderfull FE14 Support Simulator and Portrait Generator Size increase smoothness credit goes to Nagadomi's super useful waifu2x First Flower texture = Chinese Silk by Qi-lin on Deviantart Grunge texture = Orange Grunge Paper Texture by stock-pics-textures on Deviantart Second Silk texture = Silk Fabric Pack by Rubyfire14-Stock on Deviantart Lightning texture = Gimp 2.0 If anyone has requests, feel free to ask! If I get enough, I may a start a seperate tumblr just for these. It's quite fun.
  11. Is there a thread for people to exchenge their My Castle codes yet? If not, is there an interest in making one? (I'd like to be able to share my BA Kinu once she's got all the skills i want.)
  12. I'd like to see the Perma-Stat-Mod stuffs, like Seraph Robes and Dracoshields. It was a pain grinding for max stats in Awakening, and it looks to be even tougher in Fates. Plus, so many of them can reclass as casters, but their personal magic growths are POOP. If you plug your game into your powersaves, it'll show you. Right now they only have max cash, which is useful for buying seals early-on from other players. I'm not sure instant support is a feasable request due to programming, but x99 seeds of trust IS possible. Likewise, I'm not sure 100% stats gain possible, but stat boost items are. Max Materials should be easy though.
  13. You can buy them a dragonstone or use a dragonstone from someone else, but they don't come with one. So, yes, they can be dragons.
  14. I'm going to echo SniperGYS and say Pieri. Hisame is one of the few kids that actually look really really good with Pieri's teal hair, and it's a really sweet support. Hinata doesn't act like a total meathead and Pieri doesn't act nearly as creepy-crazy as she usually does.
  15. Ahh, see, when I asked a while back, they said that it draws from the primary exclusively. I was like "but, but ,but... Wah!" It's lame that the Not!Cordelia family (or at least Luna) got the shaft in that respect, but ah well. (Samurai Luna would have been cool.)
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