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  1. Oh god. I have quite a few more portraits in August/Early September 3 Houses Critical Role Misc Oh and I know he's kinda been done to death in FE6-8 style, But I've also made a Sigurd mug. Fully GBA compatible and insert-able.
  2. Another batch of Three Houses portraits.
  3. Thank you so much! I go off of FE6/7 for my portraits. I've always loved the lighter purple outline, it lowers the contrast and makes thing look a bit more homogeneous. FE8's style is great but i've never been a huge fan of the heavier contrast
  4. While I finish up some Three Houses Portraits, I'll post some of my portraits of DnD Characters/Party members in that GBA Style. First is Deirdre, a cleric searching for a cure for her sick husband and Bara, an apothecary begrudgingly willing to help.
  5. Man, the world has changed... a lot since 2016. How have you all been? I hope everyone is doing OK, where ever you are. I've been busy the last few weeks getting back in to portraits, mostly a lot of Three Houses. I have a lot more coming down the pike, finishing up some DnD portraits and then more 3H in the Queue (and maybe looking into pixel art livestreaming, who can say.)
  6. I may or may not be doing crazy things.
  7. "Hey Fates was pretty good, maybe I should do some Fates stuff." Two months later. "Oh, I should probably finish that mug I was doing" I couldn't decide on what hair color to do, so I went Camilla!Soliel from my first run of Conquest.
  8. To be fair. All my work are self mugs. I am incredibly vain
  9. Oh hey. I finished a thing The body is full custom, still with a spliced face but i'm cool with it.
  10. Full Custom body replacement WIP. Before the color correction you can definitely see the strong Chrom-base of the hair. Haven't really added anything past the torso but I based the clothing off the feel of the Lucina's design plus a bit of the Nohr Mercenaries design and what I imagine to be an odd half fencing jerkin for the leather armor on top to add the asymmetry I so crave.
  11. Thanks guys. I am working toward swapping out the spliced body for a custom body. I do want to base the clothing off a generic class from Awakening. I know Phoenix does a lot of great FE10 styled portraits splices/customs. Them and there was also LordEmblem/Windlord from yeeeeeears ago (like '06) who's bread and butter was FE9 splices and customs. whooo knooows
  12. Oh hey everyone. Sorry I've been absent for so long. I just got finished with a 4 month long project that took all of my creative energy. To get back in to the swing of things, I wanted to try and make a custom Awakening portrait... But I realize I have not idea how the style works so I started off with a spice instead. And because I'm an insane narcissist, I decided to make myself but a bit more theif-y There's some custom bits, Chrom, Virion, Generic Solider, Generic Theif, Generic Assassin, Maskless Gerome, and a little bit of Tiki as well. I think it came out pretty nice.
  13. Another character added to the group. Because of the asymmetric clothing, I'll want to make an facing left alternate
  14. Thanks everyone. I did a bit of editing on the two and definitely took the advice on the little hair piece on the second. I shortened the head of the first one by just a few pixels (bit of the chin bit of the forehead)
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