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  1. It sounds like a good idea! Just a heads up, FE6 is probably the hardest to hack out of the gba era. I would change it to FE7 or FE8 to make it easier on yourself. (Also, this should probably go to the concepts forum.)
  2. http://oldforums.fep...showtopic=52310 - Back to the Stones, 3 chapters - FE8 http://www.fireemble...-kylin-dragons/ - Kylin Dragons, 5 chapters - FE8 I'll update this post later because I have quite a bit of patches on my computer...
  3. Thanks! Do you want me to add yours to the list?
  4. Hey! Is there a way to speed up animations? I want to see them, but I don't like waiting through them all of the time. Normally on GBA hacks, I just fast forward through them but still watch them.
  5. Oops. I have Nights on my rom, but I wrote it down wrong. My apologies xD. Thanks a lot! I looked for a LONG time for the second one and the first I've never heard of. Thanks!
  6. FE7 Version And plenty more mage animations on this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54826
  7. xD Yeah I just put all the hacks I had on my list. Yeah, I think Demons of Dancing is Dance with the Devil, I don't know how I got the name's mixed up, haha. Wait, that was yours? I remember it's art style being familiar, and I actually thought it looked like yours! But yeah, great hack, btw. It was really cool (other than being a little annoying on the first chapter xD) Also, I will look into Jagen's Predicament.
  8. Yeah, I have quite a few of those. Sometimes, when I read their thread again, the download's gone. I didn't include those, I'm just putting like the "new content" type hacks on this list. I didn't include any rebalances, either. I deleted all the patches and README's sadly, but I can make patches for them and ask for permission to put up. EDIT: http://oldforums.feplanet.net/index.php?showtopic=52310 - Back to the Stones, 3 chapters - FE8 EDIT: http://www.fireemblemempire.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1441-fire-emblem-kylin-dragons/ - Kylin Dragons, 5 chapters - FE8
  9. I don't really play FE4 that much, I liked the gba era. (I couldn't get into the wii and ds era, either!) I have binary, but that's about it.
  10. Not sure, to be honest xD I just wrote every patch I had in my folder. Anything that even had a patch I kept. Here's a link to the post it's on, in case you're interested. http://klokreations.forumotion.com/t414-fire-emblem-foal
  11. So I consider myself kind of a "collector" of FE Rom Hacks. I've searched over all of the internet, looking for rom hacks, and I think I have almost all open to the public. I've even looked in spanish/japanese/chinese forums. Any rare hacks that are out there but no one seems to find? Here's a list that I have: (sorry if name's or translations are off) -FE: A Sacred Dawn -FE: Ambiguous -FE: Athos -FE: Attack of the Morphs -Alusq's Ragefest -Awful Emblem -Axe Knight sample patch (yeah, I collect everything xD) -FE: Back to the Stones -FE: Bloodlines -FE: Boss Rush -FE: Bullet Hell Madness -FE: Celice's Side-Story -FE: Clash of Fates -FE: Corrections -FE: Corrupt Theocracy -FE: Crazy -FE: Crossover -FE: Curse of the Emblem -FE: Curse of Valern -FE: Death or Glory -FE: Decay of the Fangs -FE: Dance With the Devil -FE: Desperate Struggle -FE: Devourer of Time -FE: Devourer of Worlds -FE: Dream of Five -FE: Dust to Dust -FE: Elibean Nights -FE: Eliwood vs. Everyone -FE: Exalted Legacy -Fe7if -FEIV -Fire Shell (sample rom) -FE: Foal -FE: Forever -FE: Forgotten Heroes -FE: Fractured Realm -Gheb Saga -FE: Gheb -FE: Bourgeoisie Rising -FE: Girls -FE: Gorilla Gadek -FE: Heart Wars -FE: Help Me, Help You -FE: Jeigan Quest -FE: Joke -FE: Kylin Dragons -FE: Las Batallas De Narshen -Lamia's FE Hack -FE: Le Chien est Adorable -FE: League of Champions -FE: League of Champions (original) -FE: Lexi Version -FE: Lucas' Story -MAFC -FEMK404 -FE: Maiden Quest -FE: Marc's Special Day -FE: Matthew's Nightmare -FE: Maze of the Troll King -FE: Midnight Sun -FE: Midori -FE: Monster Quest -FE: Morph's Last Stand -FE: Nemesis -FE: Nintenlord Saga -FE: Origins -One Day hack -One Week hack -FE: Ostreich -FE: Perils of Magic -FE: Prisoner of Darkness -FE: Project Dondon -FE: Project Juan -FE: Project Z -FE: Rage Emblem -FE: Reckoning -FE: Requiem -FE: Reunion -FE: Rising War -FE: Road to Ruin -FE: Rondo of Madness -FE: Sacred Contention -FE: Shatterlight -FE: Shining Armor -FE: Project Shoe Shine -Pukachi's Contest Patch -FE: Staff of Ages -FE: Sun God's Challenge -FE: Sun God's Wrath -FE: Tales of Artrucia -FE: Tales of Bravery -FE: Tales of the Emblem -FE: The Battles of Narshen -FE: The Chronicles of Lussaria -FE: The Corruption of Roy -FE: The Dark Empire -FE: The Dollars -FE: The Last Promise -FE: The Ostian Princess -FE: The Queen's Lament -FE: The Return of Nergal -FE: Top and Bottom of the Sword (I don't think this is the right translation, though) -FE: Typhon's Wake -FE: Vaati's Revenge -FE: Versus (Proof of concept patch) -FE: Will of Good and Evil -FE: Yet Another Ragefest -FE: Yuri's Sidestory -FE: Zero -FE: A Hobbit's Tale Any other one's not on the list ya'll have? A lot of these are taken down, so I'm sure maybe not all of you have them though. But yeah, that's my collection! (EDIT: Added some more)
  12. Yeah, you can't patch twice. However, I sometimes use Wine and use NUPS patcher, it works fine!
  13. That'd be cool! I could get some screenshots if needed.
  14. Yeah, I tried using Wine and Winebottler, but it froze a lot after a few turns. I eventually gave up. Thanks anyways! I'll attempt it on VirtualBox! EDIT: Spelling
  15. Is there a way to play this on a mac?
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