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  1. Well, well. It's been a long time (not that too many people read this anyway), but IM BACK Computer troubles = fixed WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO With that said... we are rapidly reaching the end of this wonderful hack... let's go out with a BANG! Anyways.... WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEGEEKS TOOOOOOOOOO Midnight Sun Chapter 6 - I screwed up a lot and had to redo a lot Hordes of dudes This map was actually pretty awful for me... I dunno why, but my saves kept corrupting, people kept dying, etc. It was horrendous. That said, I actually like the map and the design of the level. although I feel like the green units are really unnecessary. I see why they exist, but on my two runs of this chapter, I never needed them. If anything, they just steal really valuable experience! I was kind of lucky to see Sae'Rah and Djambo reach level 10.. it was close to be sure. Anyways, I'm not doing a poll, as I've already made the decisions... (sorry guys), but which do you like better for Djambo and Sae'rah? Oh, and Alfred? You're totally right about the animations! It's not worth it to change them, I was just mentioning a little pet peeve of mine. XD I do love how Shiori and Fa have perfect matches, it just makes them that much cooler. Anyways, see you guys next time, which should be a lot sooner.
  2. HALLELUJAH I'm so dumb. Extremekiwi = best guy. New update tonight.
  3. Okay.. either check out my lp, it tells you how to get characters... or just read far enough back on this forun. :D both are alright
  4. The only physical unit you need is weiss. Why would you need anyone else when you have WEISS!! But you do get a lot of physical units.. hellios, cristoph, weiss, garion, latuffe, rya, djambo, saerah, etc
  5. Sorry for the hiatus guys. For some reason, both my laptop, my home computer and my dad's computer are not "good enough" (?) I guess, to post pictures into SF threads. I can pull up the menu just fine, but I'm not able to add in the pictures, or exit the image window. Likewise, I can't copy and paste pictures in. :/ With that being said, I have to either find a more powerful computer to sneak onto for about an hour or two (not likely), or wait until I go back to college to post an update. I AM FINISHING THIS. I LOVE THIS HACK IM SORRY IM NOT DOING IT JUSTICE RIGHT NOW Alright, sorry for any wait, catch ya on the flipside. :D MERRY HOLIDAYMASKAH
  6. Well, sorry for the delay guys. I just got home for break, it may be until tomorrow for the next update.
  7. Yeah, pretty much. Weiss kind of looks like the weak spot at first, but he ending up maxing Strength for me, and some people have seen him max Defense too! Anyways, Hello Ladies and Gentlegeeks to Midnight Sun Chapter 5x Conclusion - Saai is ALSO a badass Well.. thus ends one of my favorite chapters. On to the next one! CHAPTER 6 - Where we fight for almost no reason Next time is a good time. The only thing I DON'T like about the next two chapters is the amount of Green Units. Seriously... theres WAY too many. Regardless, it will be exciting. PLUS SECRETS WOO
  8. So much Magvel knights hype. I know you're not there yet..... (if we go by MM 3D 6 MORE YEARS XD ) but I really like the background on Knoll. It gives a relatively unknown character some story while also framing other tales in a way much more magical than Elibian nights. :D love it.
  9. Alright, I fixed the stupid text. >:( I'm pretty sure it's cause I edited the post from my phone.... WHATEVER Anyways, little bonus thingie... Weiss beats the SHIT outta Hellios. I tested it with FIVE different swords versus Hellios' Warp sword. Look! The Warp Sword is Hellios' best sword. Also.... Weiss two-shotted him with the Lancereaver. Weiss is bae, Hellios is useless. It's too bad I probably won't use him again... at least until the next patch
  10. First off, thank you. Secondly, what guy? He's dead. It's a long complicated story that involves me training a level 99 Runescape character, forming it in reality and killing him. XD Thirdly, I will NOT be using both... you'll see why soon. ;) ANYWAYS Hello, Ladies and Gentlegeeks, and welcome back to... Midnight Sun Chapter 5x - Our lord and savior Captain Weiss Well that was a lot of fun. Only a little while left to vote as well! PS. Can someone actually draw Manly Weiss? Now I NEED TO SEE IT UGGGGHHH
  11. Okay, I have NO IDEA what happened. But my laptop can't run the forum stuff for some reason, and the only computer in the dorm is being hogged by an asshole playing Runescape. I will fix it as soon as possible. EDIT: That guy is STILL THERE. Also, I may have to go back and rewrite the text manually, because the editor won't let me change it's size, on two different laptops. EDIT 2: That may not be for a while. Sorry, dear readers. :'(
  12. ............ I have no words for this. Wow. That's... so... arrogant...
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