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  1. I think so, would be a good place to quickly discuss certain modding topics. I'm down for it, also saves me from having to add yet another channel to my list of Discord channels lol.
  2. I know some assembly from this super long video a Brawl modder posted back in the day (it's no longer available unfortunately). Nothing like LM though, you guys have been a huge backbone of RD modding. I've been looking to compile the file formats that aren't yet cracked or don't have a way to extract and rebuild them. Obvious ones are models and animations but I want to build an excel spreadsheet with a list of each filetype and whether or not we can edit them. Is there a dedicated Radiant Dawn discord server anywhere btw? I'm in a couple of FE servers but nothing really dedicated to PoR/RD.
  3. Not going to make this too long but I'll be detailing how to make a custom forge weapon. I'll be using the Wind Edge in this case. First, get the CMP extractor set up as detailed here: https://discord.com/channels/146435968746913792/181220193345732608/889376897715302470 After you do that, go to your Radiant Dawn root folder and get one of the models from xwp/forge to use as a base for your new forge weapon. It can be any one in there, but I'll be using the ironsword_b.cmp since that's somewhat close looking to Wind Edge. Copy that to the folder where you saved Tellius-CMP-PAK.exe. Then, drag and drop the cmp onto the exe to extract it. Once it's extracted, go into the extracted folder and rename everything in there after the IID of the weapon you are making it go over. In this case, I'll be naming them windsword_b. If you had added a new weapon, for example IID_RUNESWORD, you would instead name it runesword_b. After renaming all of the files, repack the cmp by drag and dropping the extracted folder onto Tellius-CMP-PAK.exe. You'll see a new cmp file saved that's named after the extracted folder. Once again, rename it to the IID of the weapon you're using as the base. Once that's done, you can place the extracted CMP back into the xwp/forge folder. To actually use the new forge item in-game, download Thane's Paragon and open the Shop Data module. You'll see tabs at the top after opening the module, navigate to Forge Data and choose the Item that corresponds to the chapter whose forge data you want to edit. Then navigate to through the item list of that forge. You'll see Mik and Mkv to the right of each item. The Mik shows the weapon type (sword, lance, etc) and Mkv shows the category (thrown, iron, silver, etc.). I'll be navigating to Item #9 for C0108 since that's where I'm at to test this. Then, I'll go to Item #5 in that list which is MIK_SW and MDV_HND which is basically the thrown section for swords and add the IID into where it says IID (IID_WINDSWORD in my case). After all of this is done, you can then go in-game and test out the result. You'll see that the colors will be massively screwed in the forge menu but it won't crash and once you go in-game everything will work as it should.
  4. Things like making renewal restore 30% would be on the simpler side most likely. There'd still be a lot of stuff to decipher but finding the 10% and changing it to 30% would be one of the easier parts. What do you mean incomplete without Vantage working? Does it not work in-game? Wind Edge not being in forge was a travesty. If they're going to have Hand axes and javelins be forgeable then Wind Edge should have been forgeable too.
  5. I don't know whether he did them by editing RAM or main.dol but the same effect can be achieved with either method iirc. You can see posts of people modifying it back in 2013 and LordMewtwo has main edits to it as well. I personally use Ghidra to look through it and it's been serving me well so far. I'll update my FE10Battle tools so the file can be freely edited then post a tutorial of some sort for adding new forge weapons without causing crashes to the game.
  6. Success! You were absolutely correct, the forge weapon needs to have something present that matches the IID in xwp/forge to properly work. You can just extract another weapon (in this case, ironsword_b) and rename everything to windsword_b. Then repack and place it in forge. Go to the forge files and add IID_WINDSWORD to Item #5 (MIK_SW, MDV_HND) and go in-game. The model will look busted in the forge menu but once you go in-game it'll work perfectly. We functionally can create forges of any weapon now.
  7. Since no one did it (to my knowledge) I made a cmp extractor/repacker. Didn't actually test if the repacking works honestly, it's kinda late. First, download this and extract lzss.exe from the 7z http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/826/ Then download this https://www.dropbox.com/s/5fo33oh7kofrw1j/Tellius-CMP-PAK.exe?dl=0 and place both of them into the same folder. Then all you have to do is drag and drop the cmp file that you want to extract. To repack, drag and drop a folder with the cmp files you want to repack (the structure should be the same as it is when extracted). Not much else to it. Hope it helps, especially for Path of Radiance hacking. Let me know if any issues pop up.
  8. Skill activations are held in main.dol which unfortunately means reverse engineering the file parts of the file if you want to make any meaningful edits. I barely have any information on that yet besides naming like 2 functions because I'm trying to get as much as the regular files reversed before I head into naming functions. If we had symbols, it'd be a hell of a lot easier to do that type of stuff. But it technically is editable and has been for a while. You can take a look at shadowofchaos' old video as an example:
  9. Okay, so this seems to be correct but there's something interesting about this. The forged model that's used in the base is not the one that shows in-game. To test this, I changed the Iron Lance's model to Amiti and the Iron Lance model still showed in the forge. But once I went in-game, the model changed from the Iron Lance to Amiti like you would expect. Maybe the forge names in xwp\forge is actually based on the IID's name rather than the name of the model itself in FE10Battle.
  10. Using my FE10Battle tools? The ones I posted were broken and didn't rebuild FE10Battle properly. FE10Data can change the models of units so that's probably the one you're thinking of. I think I found the source of my woes though so mine should be fixed pretty soon. EDIT: Yup, I got it fixed. Now to start writing a module for Thane's paragon build so editing it can be easy peasy.
  11. I'm kinda at a loss for FE10 Battle.cms repacking. I can extract it just fine and rebuilding it shows that all the pointers are intact but going in-game has all units in battle showing without textures. I haven't documented enough of FE10Battle's unit tex honestly and it could be that some stuff are being referenced by other indices but I'm kinda burnt out for now. If anyone wants to take a look at it, here's the 010 template and the Extract/Repack Scripts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofnqmmfcbcm0z6z/FE10Battle.bt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy1f1aob4hkqak8/FE10Battle_Creator.py?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6005jcsateh6fdx/FE10Battle_Builder.py?dl=0
  12. Cool, for now I just did a regular reference for affinities, since invalid and putting just nothing there actually functions the same way in the game. For items, only thing I saw so far was /L and /D which are locking the item/weapon and making the item/weapon droppable. Skills also have some variables that they use but I haven't actually checked to see what they do yet.
  13. Awesome stuff. Using this I did realize that the MNPID is located in epilogue.m so a reference to that could be added, though it'll probably add blank entries to epilogue.m if you do so since characters like Izuka and Dheginsea have MNPID's that don't exist anywhere. Also, would it be possible to add item and weapon references to Dispos? I tried to do it but it throws key errors because Radiant Dawn uses /D after an item's IID to indicate if it is droppable or not. I'm not all that knowledgeable in writing modules so I don't know if there's a clever workaround for this or not. Same thing with affinities using invalid to indicate no affinity.
  14. Now that we can add stuff to the forge we face yet another roadblock before we can really implement new forge items fully. Attempting to add anything but forge items that were already there initially causes the game to crash. Even cloning an item and adding the necessary weapon reference in FE10Battle causes the crash so I might have to revisit FE10Battle and see if anything I did in there is incorrect.
  15. Nah, items should work fine without issues. Classes might've been fixed but that was giving me issues at first.
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