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  1. I did not wanted to do this on my first NOC in a long time but the irl concern became too important and I need a break from the internet so i'm requesting a sub out. I just want to point out it's not because i'm discouraged from the game even if it happened a lot in the past. Sorry again. Have fun evryone. Requesting a Sub out
  2. Okay read Elie's full post again and it indeed make no sense. I guess i was just biased because him towreading me was a huge part of his post (god i'm so bad). His justifications for his reads are really weak (taking rvs joke seriously into account at this point ? I heard that rvs was elie favourite part of mafia but i think there was enough interaction to have more groundings) and doesn't had anything to the state of this day 2 ##Vote : Elieson
  3. Really ? I actually don't know how elieson noc, i don't think I read or played a game with him before. Care to explain this in more details?
  4. Shin the least thing before sheeping prim's vote on me would be to make a comment on the question i asked you litteraly the moment i said i would have a hiatus. The Shin/Cam argument make me more confident that my reads on cam D1 don't stand anymore. I still think refa is one of the most consistent player, his reads are those that make the most senses to me as of now. Elie post seemed strongly town to me and i don't want to pressure him more. ##Unvote the game evolved in a way that I have really a hard time making sense of. The post are way more dense lately than the rest of the game and my scumreads are fleeing like waters. That said the case on me don't bother me so much since i flaked hard. I will continue reading the thread again until I find something that bother me.
  5. Ugh IRL sucks. Can't i upload my mind into the internet ? (Terrible idea actually) More seriously i had important irl matters and my mind wasn't really into mafia mind state ( and still is not to be honest but i will try my best) really sorry. Re reading the last three pages right now.
  6. I am half there, there was just a problem (an actual problem not a game problem) eimm thzt really concerned me and i want to be sure all is right. So if you can put what you want from me in the same post shin it will help me respond to it easily once i can fully concentrate on noc again.
  7. Well i'm not sure about this. Apparently it's an thing that happened before for you but you made a point here by saying scum buddies could have coached you. (But then why would you say that like this ?) I disagree completely with the second point though because i'm not voting elieson to have reads on you. I want the reads to be out of pressuring when you interact with cases that involves neither of us. (We saw what happened last day when we confronted each other and i would prefer to avoid it happening a third time.) So that i can confirm or not my previous reads on you while avoiding emotional bias.
  8. Because i said it myself i wanted to see more of your posts and interaction before getting back to your case. I found the reasoning of your first D2 post good where Elieson barely posted something meaningful.
  9. @commie scum Wait you used Roleblock without any knowledge of the Power roles except prims number claim ? Even if you might block the night kill there more chance to hinder town roles. I guess both strategies are good but it might backfire badly if your using it blind.
  10. I think a list post is the best to organise my thoughts. Prims- His reads were pertinent except the gaius case that i did not really understand but since the main wagons where on me at the time it would have been way easier to scum to choose one of us. Boron- Ouch the comment on me hurt but i respect the honesty. The fact that she sticked from after the RVS to the end of D1without upher case seemed a bit odd like pointed out Junko but that could be explained by her bias. The rest of her interactions where fine to me and I'll wait to see more of them this day before giving an opinion on her. Cam- My stance from D1 still stand but his few last post are way more level headed and coherent, This sudden change from spamposting that take me aback honestly. I'm a bit more cautious on this one and i still think's he's scummy but i'm a bit less confident on this case. Paper Blade- I really don't know what to make out of him. He has not posted that much and his interactions are pretty few the only persons that read him D1 were Elieson who voted him out of nowhere just before deadline and me for weak reasons after RVS. The rest seems just to not really be productive. Refa- I personally thought refa's actions were fine D1 he's still clearly one of those who have been the more active and most his reads were consistent. The only dubious part would be the gaius vote but deadline approached and he made clear he was not up for lynching cam or me. Elieson- he clearly caught a severe case of eimming and should come back in the game quickly. His vote just before deadline really appeared out of nowhere and was really off topic. This is just weird to me and i don't se how this kind of comportement can be pro town. Shin- if we except his RVS he proved to be one of the most productive player mid to late D1 and made pertinent comments on the different cases. His D2 post are top notch. SB- I don't know how to read SB period but he feels town to me. He's action at rvs were good call and was definitely the most consistent on his cases. Junko- Turbo sub to the rescue ! You did more on D2 than Elie, Gaius, Paperblade and Zeonth on D1 and that's really impressive. I want to see a bit more of your interaction but that's some pro subbing right here. Town reads : Shin, SB, Prims, Refa Null-town : Junko, Boron Null-scum : Paperblade Scum : Cam, Elieson I want to see him interact a little before updating or abandonning my cam case. In the meantime i will follow boron on the Elieson case, he did nothing for town and none of his action D1 made sense to me. ##Vote : Elieson
  11. Yeah I know it's a joke on the fact that nobody knows the deadline and that he's not updating votals often. x)
  12. Seriously, after reading his posts again i'm not really that up on a gaius lynch... sure he's globally inactive and didn't produce much content but his few points were fair and don't seem really scummy to me. It's more like he's more concenteating on eimm and real life than really lurking. The same thing could be said on Elieson, Zeonth and Marth but they produced even less content than him.
  13. Ok, i got back, sorry i was distracted by eimm talk will read gaius's post again to expand my thoughts on him.
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