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This is a copy/paste of my presentation topic.

Salutation, i'm Izhuark, I think i don't know if i can call myself a fire emblem fan since i only finishied 2 games (Shadow dragon and Awakening, Haters gonna hate) but i played a least 12 chapters of each gba games hum... so here i am !

I love the fire emblem gameplay even if the perma-death system is what made me rage-quit the gba games but i think it's part of the challenge so when i play Awakening or heroes of light and shadow , i always play on hard classic. I'm in general a tactical rpg lover but because it take times, concentration and often stress me i can't finish them... Howewer for some reaseon i have finished all the tactical rpg that i played on portable console maybe because i can take my game anywhere and if i'm frustrated because of a lose i can just save or put the console in stanby and play it back when the frustation is over and my mind clear therefore slacking on my bed or my couch for optimum comfort (Comfort= less stress =less frustation).

My first FE was Shadow dragon a controversial one for those who started with blazing sword... I can't say if it is a good fire emblem game as i haven't played the pre-gba ones, but i can definitively say that as a game of is own it was ground-breaking... I already knew intelligent system from some very good games like Paper mario 2 or Advance wars 2 therefore Shadow dragon was for me like Advance wars but in an epic fantasy world with rpg mecanics and since i love rpgs and fantasy, do i need to say more ...?

okay i think i talked enough on why i love Fire emblem. Now i will rather talk about my taste. I love myths especially greek and egyptian and i'm very interested in celtics and nordics ones but what i love the most is The Arthurian legend, the story of knights goin on an epic quest for glory, justice, goodness and love, i can't resist it ! I also love roleplaying, I would like to play a whole campain on a tabletop-rpg sometimes but i never find friends irl that take it seriously... I don't know my music taste really, when i find a music that i like, i say that i like it but i can't categorize my tastes in music. I read a lot compared to most of the people but excluding the myths as i stated earlier, i read mostly french classics so it would be kinda pointless to describe my reading tastes here. I like anime and manga a lot even if at the moment i don't have the time to read or watch any of them, in general i avoid big shonnen à la naruto, one piece and such because it's average most of the time and way too much time consumer to keep on the serie. On the other side theres is one anime that i fall in love with Sayonara zetsubô sensei, this is a master piece nothing more to say.

My presentation starting to get pretty long so i will stop here but if you have any questions, i will gladly answer them. Have a nice day !

P.S. : really sorry for my grammar, english isn't my native language and even if i'm pretty good at comprehension, i still need to work on writting and express myself in english.

P.P.S : whoops didn't see the formated presentation template, here it is :

Real name: I prefer to keep anonymity on the internet
DoB: 16 march
Favourite FE Game: Sword of seal
Favourite Game (other than FE): hum... I would say... Castlevania Dawn of sorrow but the Sakura taisen serie risk to be in the lead theses games look like their are litterally made for me.
Favourite FE Character: Roy to be the roi !
Least Favourite game: I don't know i played so much crappy ones... but the first that i just remembered is dragonball revenge of the king piccolo on the wii.
Sports: i don't have time for such a thing.
Online friends: i don't have any that is not also a friend irl but at the time i was chatting on an irc server i talked a lot with some francophone with theses pseudos tijo2035, Dr-plastic, kazu, senjia, odd... i was in a French scanlation at time at the time that is now kinda undead.

Favourite music: I don't really know but my youtube playlist diplayed the ones that i come bact to most of the times :

(but there are a lot like 90% of the sakura taisens musics that i didn't had.)
Favourite artist/band: if it is a music artist i don't know but for atist in general i would say Victor Hugo.
Favourite song: same that favourite music
Country: France
MSN/Yahoo/AIM: [email protected]
Hobbies: Theather as an actor
Good Point: I'm an idealist and an utopist who belive in the human kind and when i'm not depressed i'm really passionate and plead for justice, duty and good... (yeah i seek the loyal-good alignement even in real life/yeah i'm a kantian... some people find that dumb... )
Bad Point: i have the tendency to overeact to all of my faults and that can put my in state where i can't do anything beside hurting and accuse myself.
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