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  1. Lol thanks and to everyone else as well ^_^
  2. Maby someone asked this already but I'm gonna ask again. Anyway, I don't recall seeing Grima getting killed or anything in the Lord of the Rings. So I was wondering, did he escape into another realm that being the Fire Emblem Fates one and find himself serving yet another possessed king and doing the very same as he did before (As well as changing his name to Iago)? Such as making another father not care about his kids and many other things. (Side question) If there is a connection then is it safe to say that the Andúril Sword is something like the Yato or the Siegfried?
  3. Wow! It's a huge honor to even post here! Please keep singing, we all love it too much!!

  4. Wish they would make an Advance Wars for the 3DS already. Man that would look awsome in 3D. And with a battle online system.

  5. Happy, happy happy~

  6. Aw, poor tree, RIP :( *Goes to an FF6 Opera instead*
  7. *Just sitting in an apple tree watching everyone*
  8. Trying to collect ALL the Nintendo systems

  9. Thanks Jonathan

  10. Happy birthday!

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