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    Welcome to MCProductions' SF page on which you are reading my interests. (obviously)

    I have a youtube channel by the same name that I intend to start uploading videos up to again soon.

    I'm a big fan of Metal Gear and FE(No duh on the latter right), and I will flat out say that my biggest wish for an FE game is one to be directed by Hideo Kojima.

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    Lyn x Eliwood(come at me ElixNinian fans)
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    MRobin x Tiki
    FRobin x Chrom
    Roy x Sue(Apparently I have a thing for pairing Pheraens with Sacaens)

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  1. I played thru the Japanese release, so I'm quite used to the sprites by now, tho some performance issues that do exist in the English version that didn't in the original Japanese release are admittedly distracting.
  2. Whichever one unlocks a Belmont the fastest Seriously tho, probably Link since I mained Young Link and Roy in Melee, so I know the Link style well
  3. So uh, @Aethin seeing as Vestaria Saga has that fancy localization now, are you going to update your patches for consistency with it, like Lord>Liege for example, or are you going to keep the Fire Emblem names?
  4. Yes, Kaga himself pointed this out on his blog, but the costs of translation made it impossible for him to distribute the English version for free. Basically, if you buy the English version, you are not supporting Kaga himself, rather Dangen Entertainment's localization team.
  5. Can Vestaria get a section on the main site yet 2019 release is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I'm broke right now and can't afford it, curse because I don't wanna wait until 2019
  6. Because they aren't the reason the map is so annoying as sin to play, Matthis, namely his recruit requirement, is.
  7. Praise you for this, now FE11 can actually be played like an actual Fire Emblem game for completionists and I have no need to ever play FE12, a game I hate, ever again Edit: Does this include the mod that adds the Online Shop items to normal gameplay?
  8. Having played the game in Japanese, I legitimately can't disagree more. FE12 is Kris' game start to finish, Kris is the protagonist of 12, Marth is an important character but still plays second fiddle to the Avatar Kris, to the point where Marth is NOT EVEN PRESENT in plot crucial scenes in the remake where he was in the original, such as when the characters learn the truth of Archenea's history. There's many reasons I consider Kris the biggest sin FE has ever done, and the butchering of Marth's character and FE3's themes are big reasons why.
  9. There's a reason I don't mind Robin or even Corrin as much as I do Kris, despite them being worse implemented as self inserts than Kris, FE13 and 14 are *not remakes* and as such, they can move past the original creator's philosophies especially given the time gap. FE12, being a remake of 3, does not have that luxury, as anything it does the creators of the original would not have done, there's a difference between would not and could not, is something *also* should not do, unless you have no respect whatsoever fro the author of what your remaking and are willing to spite their efforts for the sake of the feature they have stated to be a bad idea, which if you are willing to do that, fine, but don't get shocked when people like me take offense to the remake's actions and consider it the worst version of the product due entirely to what comes to across as malicious intent. 12 as a remake does exactly this with Kris, and say what you will about the rest of the game, I still don't like it, I can not view how Kris was implemented, regardless of anything else, as not highly offensive, and the only way to fix this is to remove him entirely. or not make 12 a remake in the first place. I would be singing a very different tune about Kris if 12 was not a remake of a Kaga game, but 12 is exactly that, and instead of doing a remake's job, it adds things the original knew were bad ideas, and just comes across as hostile to people who actually respect the original team's writing style/intentions.
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