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  1. I advocate for the fact that minors can and should have agency of their own and we infantilize them too much but thanks to the fact that the only related topics that come to my attention tend to be CSA related I end up looking like a pedo
  2. Every argument that culminates in me being accused of being a pedophile on Twitter
  3. ??? what is pure shit anyway. how can we define it. is there a certain level of carbon, sulfur, etc that has to be present or is it just whatever comes out of ur butt is what
  4. hey The Last Promise is a pretty important part of fire emblem romhack history or something
  5. I don't know what's happening but at least you weren't me when I was seven posting on AdventureQuest forums and making death threats to Safiria until she threatened to Call the Cops
  6. ok but when i was 9 i spammed raphael. why??
  7. these latest posts, wow, ,,, refer to my signature
  8. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=レイキャシール
  9. i like the part where i managed to ignore this thread for an entire week
  10. Sonic Battle - Final Battle Chaos Rings 3 - The Story Titled Hope MapleStory - Dream Fragments (Not THE final boss but she's the highest level boss as of right now I think) Atelier Sophie - Liela Xea MegaMan Zero 4 - Falling Down (QOTD 1498 I was busy looking up videos oopS)
  11. I don't play FEH and having even one waifu is a sin, let alone multiple
  12. WHY IS THIS POLL EVEN A CONTEST??? Everyone knows the best underwear is, of course, none. Unless you're wearing a skirt, then you need a girdle for your massive lady-balls like a true Scotsman.
  13. Dollar Buck Greenback money money money money. George Thottington Goodbye
  14. skips reading topic u would literally die from a yeast infection in ur eyeballs, tru facts edit: do you have anything in the house or whatever that generates heat at all? you could try putting the water in a lot of bags and lying with it under a blanket, then using that to bathe. It'll be lukewarm but better than nothing
  15. O... W AM I STILL LOGGED IN edit: why the hell is my B emoji image link dead I hate myself
  16. Cheeses similar in taste to ricotta, goat, or cottage cheese should go fine with pineapple.
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