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  1. I think I assumed the Warp Staff was actually in the game and functional, but just wasn't accessible. It's possible it just doesn't work at all, in which case, I'll just remove it from the pool. As mentioned above, if you have the changelog, you can verify this. If you know the seed string, randomizing using the same string with the same settings should give you the same result. This is what I use to test things. When randomization finishes, you'll be given an option to save a changelog of the results. That will tell you all character, item, and chapter unit data. If we can verify the file system of the Japanese ISO, as well as the ID strings, then it shouldn't be too difficult. It would be a bit more difficult if the IDs were actually Shift-JIS strings though. Digging through the US version, there are still some pieces that are encoded in Shift-JIS (things like model mapping, none of which I currently touch) which make them a pain to deal with without another helper library.
  2. Thanks for these and thanks for filing them in the github. I commented there already, but I'll try to get them fixed in the next release when I tackle chapter scripting. This is actually the default. In fact, there's no option for what I deem to be major/endgame bosses for randomization for any of the games. In the case of FE9, Ashnard and the Black Knight both fall into this group and will not be randomized. The only change from a gameplay perspective is that I allowed all A and S rank weapons to bypass the blessed armor so that you have more options than Ragnell and the Laguz Royals. For completion, in FE4, Julius is considered endgame, FE6 Zephiel, Idunn, and I think Yahn are all considered endgame, FE7 Nergal and the Fire Dragon are considered endgame, and FE8 Lyon and Fomortiis are considered endgame. This is, sadly, not possible as far as I know. There are two primary data structures for FE4 units, and the one used for many early game bosses and most minions do not have space to specify holy blood or skills. It's the same reason why it's not possible to give ALL bosses skills or holy blood, and is instead limited to those that I call "Holy Bosses". The only minions that have non-class skills assigned to them, I believe, are in the endgame, I think one of the platoons have pursuit (Grau Ritter maybe?)
  3. Buffing bosses in general is a bit odd because I don't think they actually work with just modifying the character stats (at least not what I've seen, in Normal mode). The fact that Muarim is affected is what confuses me because I explicitly made an exception for PC bosses. As for the double bow, I'm an idiot. I locked Longbows and Rolf Bow, but I forgot about the Double Bow. 🤦‍♂️
  4. Which version of Dolphin are you using? I'm not sure if there's any version that does what you described, but there are many development builds that do not play properly when a game is started. I recommend using the stable 5.0 build of Dolphin (which is what I tested with).
  5. There's a 0.9.1 release that fixes this. Give that a try: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-FE-Randomizer/releases/tag/0.9.1
  6. I'm assuming you're using the x86 version (i.e. 32-bit). I recommend you upgrade to a 64-bit JRE and use the 64-bit version, as the 32-bit version has limitations on memory usage, and loading an ISO takes up a lot of memory. Any CPU made since the early 2000s should support 64-bit, you just need a 64-bit JRE. You can find the latest JRE/JDK here: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html I know Java SE 11 works for sure. I haven't tested Java SE 13 yet, but it shouldn't have any issues either. Java 8 I think is the lowest version you can go that still supports Yune. Let me know if you need help on this.
  7. There is a bug with the current version when using full random. There's an unofficial build that fixes this issue, but I'm working on a proper 0.9.1 patch release coming soon. If you're on Windows, you can give it a shot. It also fixes a few other issues where the randomization might freeze. The second to last comment here has a link: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-FE-Randomizer/issues/199
  8. Oh... That's odd. I'm fairly certain I still had logic to make sure flying units stayed flying. Maybe I forgot to add crows to the list? EDIT: Oh, I see now. Apparently those crows in the chapter are classified as Feral Crows, which I forgot to add to the list (alongside Feral Hawk). All it means is that they don't transform back. I think the only chapter that features proper laguz enemies is the desert chapter.
  9. I see. I was thinking the Laguz royals would be able to carry you, but maybe it's just easier to remove the skill that disables damage from non-Ragnell non-Laguz sources.
  10. I think it actually is possible. I think the class data has it, or at least a byte that looks like it follows the same 15 for unpromoted mounted classes, 20 for promoted mounted units and unpromoted foot units, and 25 for promoted foot units. The only downside is that it randomizes at the class level and not the character level.
  11. Huh... so it just defaults to the regular attack animation if it doesn't have a special animation available for the class? That greatly expands the list of skills I can give out to promoted units.
  12. Interesting. The game will actually let you keep that? I also thought unpromoted units have 15 or 20 (depending on whether they're mounted) and then gain 5 on promotion. Stefan just starts with 20? Or is he a mounted unit? In any case, I'll add in logic to handle occult skills (probably just replace with the corresponding occult skill for their new class), but this can be useful for me with bosses if I decide to buff them beyond their capacity. I haven't tried this, but I assume those occult skill animations are tied to the class, and that not every class can use every occult skill and have it work properly? Have you had Stefan as anything other than a swordmaster use Astra?
  13. So what does it say for Stefan? Is it just 30/25 for him? There are a few bugs that I need to fix and release that addresses some freezing issues when using certain options. There's a slightly newer version that's not officially released yet here (second to last comment) if you want to give that a shot (this assumes you're on Windows with a 64-bit JRE though): https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-FE-Randomizer/issues/199. For reference, the problematic settings are Including Special Classes (i.e. Herons) in class randomization, buffing bosses by easing, and full growth randomization.
  14. 1. Yeah, according to my notes, Regal Sword (and Ragnell) have the heroonly trait which probably locks it to somebody with SID_HERO. Ike personally has this invisible skill, and I'm pretty sure it's what allows you to seize too (and possibly game over on death). It's not quite practical to put this on the Ranger class, unless you were ok with any Ranger being able to seize. There might be other side effects the skill does too, so I might just remove it from the pool. 2. I haven't touched any game logic yet, partially because I don't know where in the code dictates the promotion. The only skill Ranger has is SID_EVENTCC which now that I think about it, might actually stand for Event Class Change. If that is the case, I think removing that skill might allow him to promote? I'll have to play around with it. 3. Oh. I think I forgot to scan for occult skills for randomization. 😅 Just curious, did it actually allow Stefan to go over skill capacity? Or did he have Astra with a 5-capacity skill?
  15. Jill's case is a bit weird. I'm not sure what could be forcing a skill to disappear, since that sounds like some game logic that I haven't touched. It's possible that some skills are special? Maybe mounted units just get rid of Smite automatically, since they're not technically allowed to Shove. As for Rolf, yeah, there's some weird things about him, so I currently don't randomize him. His map model and weapon ranks all change, but the game persists in thinking that he's an Archer, and will load Archer battle animations. Since him equipping a weapon is almost certainly going to crash when entering battle, I just blacklisted him until I can figure out what's going on.
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