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  1. The Mages on Celica's route sounds interesting and challenging, maybe I'll do Knights on Alm's route. I'm not sure about Mercs/Cavs, that sounds pretty easy mode tbh, those classes are just so damn good. E: Also you could have Faye/Kliff go to Celica, too, if you wanted another unit.
  2. I am planning to do a monoclass run of Echoes as a challenge, and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to make this balanced between Alm's and Celica's routes, and which class(es) to go with. I'm not sure if I want to do the same class for both Routes, a different class for either route, or just focus on one route and pour all of that classes' resources (i.e. the weapon of the class and the Pitchfork) into that route while playing the other normally.
  3. The Ridersbane, the Levin Sword, and the Rapier are the legendary weapons of Alm's route. Like 77% of Alm's Route is cavalry or armors, which can be reaped like wheat with these weapons, and the rest of the enemies on Alm's side are some rando Arcanists and Witches which have piss for defense, anyway. As for Celica's Route, Saber with his Prf weapon, the Brave Sword you pried from Deen's hands on your quest for Sonya's boobs, can deal with Cantors very nicely. I'd say that the weapon I've gotten the second most milage out of is the Javelin, it's just really useful all-around. Honorable mention to the Blessed Weapons, the only problem is that they become sorta obsolete once you get the Whitewings on terror patrol, but they are still nice to pick off stragglers and they have very little weight. Oh, I forgot to mention the Mage Ring. Hooooooly shit, it is glorious when your best mage is suddenly an Archer.
  4. And of all places, why did Edgelord Duma pick an underground swamp to chill in? Mila has an entire palace/temple, why doesn't he just hang out in a Slightly Darkerâ„¢ temple? Duma isn't exactly a secret or anything, he has a whole nation of people who worship him.
  5. The better question here is why tf was there a swamp underground beneath Rigel Castle/Duma Tower in the first place? Like are underground swamps a thing in the first place?
  6. Rumors spread quick, and if Clive wanted this kid to lead he'd obviously affirm and spread them around as much as possible. If anything, the common soldier would hear even grander tails about what Alm managed to do.
  7. Alm isn't even a greenhorn - by this point alone, the kid has reclaimed the Southern Outpost, rescued Clair (who is clearly pretty big shit in the Deliverance), cleaned out the Thief Shrine, and curbstomped several squadrons of Desaix's own soldiers.
  8. That and his face is so expressive. Like his crazy-eyes yelling face is just great, all of his expressions capture him so well.
  9. Three words: Morale-boosting figurehead. That's pretty much all Clive intended Alm to be, and honestly I feel like Clive is still making the decisions until well into Act 3, or maybe even until the beginning of Act 4. Until this point, Clive and Lukas are basically Alm's training wheels and Alm is just there to serve as an icon, but then Clive begins to see Alm as more than just a fighter and a good morale booster when Alm gives his speech about rescuing Delthea regardless of her individual usefulness. Additionally, Clive states in one of his base conversations that he couldn't issue the order to march on Zofia Castle because he was too afraid of what would happen to his authority and his cause (and Mathilda) should he fail. He needed somebody to issue the order in his stead so that the blame wouldn't lie with him if they didn't take the castle back. It was honestly selfish of him, but very well played nonetheless.
  10. Oh, I wasn't even talking about his voice, but goddamn is it amazingly done. His voice just sold the deal on an already awesome tragic villain character for me.
  11. I honestly love Berkut, both as a villain and just as a character. He's an inexcusable jackass, yeah, but for some a reason I still like him. Gotta say, his hissy fit in Rigel Castle after you clear the first map of Act 4 is one of my favorite scenes. These lines only make me like him more tbh
  12. One just occured to me: Kliff x Delthea. They are close enough in age as to where it isn't weird for Kliff to be attracted to a 13 year-old, and since Kliff's "canon" class is Mage I feel like he would get along really well with Luthier, leading to him becoming close to Delthea. I realized it could work when my Bow Knight Kliff killed Tatarra and freed Delthea.
  13. Every time I hear Luthier's "I will ERADICATE you!!" I get so hype. And his bonus EXP quote is great, too ("Of COURSE we won... You had ME.") Also Tobin sounds like a total monster in battle, his voice and lines are so gritty and full of emotion, like he sounds legit intimidating for a skinny kid when he goes "It's you and me!" or just straight-up "DIE!"
  14. I agree that Palla is best whitewing, I've always liked her best. I love the other two as well, but Palla just pulls ahead for some reason. Also, is it just me or does Catria's voice in Echoes sound like you are talking to her on the phone? Idk the audio quality almost seems lower than other characters.
  15. Tobin points/holds out his weapon and Gray does the fist pump. Faye holds her weapon behind her back sorta like Jesse but with her hands clasped. Side note, Kliff looks funny straightening his collar when he doesn't have one. Edit: Ninja'd
  16. Yeah, lots of 'em. Right at the beginning of Act 2. In all seriousness, while it's less of a ship than a triangle, I like the idea of Kamui being into Leon who is into Valbar.
  17. It was my opinion in Gaiden that the maps were either very bad or absolute genius, and it still holds true in Echoes. One of my favorite maps in the series is the Celica boat map with the single Cantor. It hypes the class up as this big threat in future maps, and damn does it do it's job well. I also agree with the sentiment that the maps feel very natural due to their lack of symmetry and their odd and seemingly random placement of terrain. The only thing really holding these maps back is their enemy placement, to be honest. Consider the infamous Alm route map with the 5 or 6 Cavaliers on this huge map. Now imagine the same map with your weak early-game party starting split up on either side and with a few more Cavaliers placed closer to your units. That would suddenly become a pretty well-designed, challenging map because there isn't really much to defend as it is so open and the enemies can move so far around your small groups.
  18. Yeah, but that doesn't really give her license to be as mean as she is towards him. Any time he appears in the story he is either trying to reassure Celica of his support of her or offer her some reasonable, cautious advice, but Mae always comes in and calls him a weak, cowardly, or both.
  19. I don't want to go too in-depth, but honestly I'm torn on Mae. She's likeable enough on her own and she's an amazing unit, but honestly I think she digs into Bowey a little too much. Not only are her insults and comments often much further below the belt than Bowey's are, but she butts into his one-on-one conversations with Celica in the story just to insult him and provoke him into an argument and overall she just reminds me a bit of somebody I don't like in real life.
  20. I will echo (geddit?) the sentiment that Archers get exponentially better each time they promote. Additionally, supports help a lot, my Kliff gets like +15 Hit from his supports.
  21. Got 'eeeeeeem Hector/Karel/Raven/Reinhardt. Hector trivialized 75% of the map as per usual. Karel killed the Axe Peg but otherwise he mostly just Rallied Attack. Raven softened up Lloyd to kill range and Reinhardt eliminated him. I was honestly surprised how stocky Lloyd was in the Res department. Also, Lloyd's art is growing on me. I thought it was awful at first but it's getting better as I look at it.
  22. I'm glad that we didn't get an avatar in this game, it's really refreshing and adds a lot to the cast as a whole since they aren't spending all of their time circle jerking the avatar like they did for Corrin. That said, I think that replacing Faye with an Avatar villager wouldn't have been too terrible. You could choose whether they stayed in Ram Village with Alm and Mycen or go with Celica to Nomah's monastery. They could just join in with Tobin and Gray/Mae and Bowey in their commentary on the story so they could at least appear in the story somewhat without taking attention away from Alm and Celica.
  23. @Shephen, what is your opinion on the Villager's Forks? Anybody worth reclassing?
  24. Are the dungeons infinite like in Gaiden? I really want to use Forsyth and Python in HM but I know those two are garbo at base, at least in Gaiden, so unless I can grind them up at the Deliverance HQ it will be a struggle to use them in the upcoming maps.
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