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  1. Yeah, ideally I'd like to see somebody other than Tracer, but she's sorta synonymous with Blizzard these days the same way Cloud is synonymous with FF, so if we got a rep it would probably be Tracer.
  2. With Warp/Rescue strategies they could be good for EP, softening up enemies and then getting rescued and healed on the next Player Phase.
  3. I have a really crappy IV Takumi (-Spd is sorta a deal breaker) and I was thinking of possibilities for inheriting Close Counter. I think that the really stocky Mages we have in Henry and soon Bowey would make great use of the skill, allowing them to retaliate on any threat, becoming basically a Hector that can do even more damage by targeting Res against the Physical units while absorbing their attacks like they are nothing. Thoughts?
  4. One question on the tier list, what makes Forsyth so terrible? He's better than Lukas in just about every stat, I think he has less Def and Skl but more in almost everything else.
  5. @Shephen, sorry to add to the bombardment of questions, but how does Luthier preform in HM with his base stats? If I remember correctly they were already questionable by Gaiden's standards. On a similar note, is Python usable enough in HM?
  6. Hm, that take on the Villagers is really interesting! It's nice to hear about actual in-game functionality rather than just on-paper theorizing or basing Echoes on Gaiden while ignoring the new mechanics, namely the higher difficulties.
  7. When Ursula gets a GHB before you despite your appearance in 6/15 Fire Emblem titles
  8. Was it just me or was this GHB a piece of cake compared to Xander? Maybe it's just my team, but jeez that was simple. Hector was pretty much a win button and I'm like 99% sure that the Red Cav is only there to be able to put a dent in Hector.
  9. I went with Tobin, Alm, and Python for male and Genny, Mathilda, and Clair for female.
  10. Argh, dammit. Oh, well, I'll just try again some other time. Anyway, I beat Cilan, saved a Munna, and beat up some preschoolers last night before I went to bed. I honestly forgot how powerleveled Cilan's Pokémon were, I was totally underleveled and didn't stock up on potions. His Lillipup slaughtered Widowmaker, but Kiki managed to get the revenge kill before Lillipup managed to hit him. Pansage was surprisingly tough even with the type advantage, especially when Kiki got paralyzed. I would have been toast if it weren't for Kiki getting two clutch Incinerate Crits, this kid is a freakin' legend. All in all, the gym battle was actually tough and really fun, and I think I'm gonna go in either matching or below the level of all of the Gym Leaders for more of a challenge.
  11. Firstly, YES, YES, YES, oh my god.... Secondly, those images are beautiful Also that might just work, I'll give it a shot.
  12. Update! We got bois JoJo - Lv.7 Oshawott - Temp Extraordinaire, basically just a Jeigan for this Patrat and a means to getting Pansear, nothing noteworthy about him. Widowmaker - Lv.4 Patrat - Her name is Widowmaker because nObOdY cAn HiDe fRoM mY SiGHTS Edit: Also, I tried taking pictures, but apparently the pictures my phone takes are too big to upload (like in terms of bytes). Anything I can do to make them small enough to upload?
  13. Alright, that's a team! We have... DOGA the Tirtouga/Carracosta Merengue the Maractus Koloktos the Golett/Golurk Blueye the Basculin Charge the Klinklang Kiki the Michael Jackson Fire Monkey With guest appearances of a Patrat, Woobat, and a Roggenrola (names tbd) And a cameo of one badass, hardcore, ironman-mode Zekrom Also, @sirmola, I'm guilty there, I always dropped my Simisear for a different Fire type in all three of my Gen V playthroughs, I used Darmanitan in my first White run, Chandelure in the second, and in White 2 I used the Lv.35 Volcorona.
  14. Yoooooooooo I love Klinklang, this is totally in despite the dumb moveset lol
  15. I'll get rolling on the game, then, since I have a 3-mon team for early game, just need one more filler. I still need 2 more endgame Pokémon for my team and this thread isn't exactly exploding, so if anybody wants to double dip that'd be cool.
  16. Update: Since a lot of these Pokémon aren't in the early game or come in the late game, I'm going to ask for three more early-game Pokémon to supplement my team. Those who posted the original suggestions, @Orange Juice and @Emerson, will have first dibs on choosing the fillers. I am counting @sirmola's Woobat as a fourth early-game Pokémon, so there are still three to choose. Please specify if you are suggesting an early-game Pokémon or not, because I would be unsure if you wanted it on my endgame team or to be cut for another Pokémon later in the game. Thank you!!
  17. I'll use Blueye, because although an unevolved Pokémon sounds fun, I'm just afraid I'd wind up never using CRT and it would defeat the point. I'll use the Woobat until I get Blueye, though! Although my weakness to Grass types scares me lol there is nothing more shameful than losing to a Petilil
  18. It's been a long time since I played Gen V, and the two times I've played through White I used very similar teams, so to mix it up, I decided to do a scramble run. If you haven't heard of it, basically you all pick my Pokemon and their moveset. You can also add one random stipulation, be it "Must solo [insert gym leader here]", "Must be holding [item] at all times", or something as silly as "Must defeat every [x Pokemon] found in the wild". I'm unable to trade or transfer with Gen V, so I can't have Black or BW2 exclusive Pokémon, and I can't evolve Pokémon that need to be traded. With this in mind, have at it!
  19. Holy shit I just pulled a Hector on a rando 5 orb summon I had given up hope
  20. They could implement the DLC CHARACTER ALTS YOU PROMISED US SAKURAI YOU LIAR I just want my Alm skin for Roy okay
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