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  1. Bear in mind that a solid 20-30% of Ike's characterization is from his appearances in Smash, since the Tellius games are so rare. A lot of people only know that Ike is swole af, has a big sword, fights for his friends, and that you'll get no sympathy from him, and imo Heroes capitalizes a lot on that with the whole "strongest hero" thing. In regards to godslaying, Gaiden did it first, with Alm kicking the shit out of a god all by himself. Like literally all by himself, only he can damage the final boss (well except for Clerics for some reason, they can hit him, too). Also in Echoes Ch.6 has him and his crew beat up another strong foe, but I won't spoil it.
  2. I know it's highway robbery, but I'm gonna get all of the classes since they all look very cool.
  3. So do you think they'll have their own unique classes? Like Lando is notably a Sword wielder, with the two swords on his back and stuff, while Yuzu is very clearly a Swordmaster. Shade has quite a different design from other mages, but the Mage design in Echoes varies a lot from character to character. Emma could totally be a peg, though.
  4. The classes look great from what I can tell. They look over the top and gaudy but like a good over the top and gaudy, like JoJo but medeival and not Gucci. I especially think that Soloman looks 300000000% better than Sage Also while not actually!War Elephant is sorta disappointing, I still think the Mongolian look is cool with the helmet, it reminds me of the Nomad Troopers in Elibe and I loved their look
  5. I like Tobin for being so simultaneously clueless and genius in his dialogues with Gray in the story, and although I love Gray, Atlas, and Kliff's designs I also love how true to Gaiden Tobin's design is rip pink hair tho I miss u
  6. Simple enough: Who is your favorite villager in SoV? Tobin is my personal favorite.
  7. I think it'd be cool for a Bandit King kind of Lord. Maybe they could be a disgraced noble that lost their fortune and resorted to robbery of the rich, but then the Crown recruits them and their bandit group to do mercenary jobs. Also, a cool Crit quote they could have is "Stand and deliver!"
  8. This Abel drama is hilarious, I knew Palla liked him and he married Est but I didn't know about Catria. Step aside, Roy, there's a new Harem King in town.
  9. Pretty sure it's one RN, not Fates's pseudo-single RN. So like a 50% hit rate is actually a 50% hit rate. That's why there are more low-percent hits, high-percent misses, and 1-10% Crits for days, just like old Gaiden.
  10. I'm sorta conflicted on whether I want to make Tobin and Kliff Archer/Mage like in canon or Mage/Archer. I like them best as their canon classes, but Mage Tobin could be good since realistically the only Black Magic spell you really need is Excalibur and Tobin gets Physic as a Sage, while Kliff works well as anything. But on the other hand Kliff will just have straight-up better Mage stats and a wider variety of spells.
  11. Idk Mycen's horse kicking some poor mook in the face made it sorta worth it. Those Gold Knight animations are tip-top.
  12. I just... Really want Fernand, man. Although if we can actually recruit the Cipher characters I'm super looking forward to seeing the husbando Lando in Hidari's art style.
  13. How bad is it during the "Alm Only Final Destination" part of the last dungeon?
  14. I love the styles of whoever does Jagen, Ogma, and Zephiel. I also like AKIRA's artwork, Hector, Olivia, Lon'Qu, and Raven all look phenomenal.
  15. That Alm v Rudolf cutscene was hype AF holy shit! The cinematography was really cool in both that and the dancing scene. The voice acting is thus far impeccable, and Alm's sarcasm is glorious. Mycen is badass already, love his voice, too. Gray and Tobin's interactions and commentary are what I'm looking forward to the most in this game tbh
  16. Making Faye a Cleric is a great choice because healing costs Silque HP and she will be your only healer for a loooooong time. Also, Silque has Warp and Faye has Rescue, so that's a great hit-and-run tactic. Faye also gets a spell that is essentially a Dance later on in the game, so that will be really useful. E: Just a note that I am going off of my Gaiden experience here. In Gaiden having only Silque for healing really stretched her thin and she would always run out of HP to cast spells with in the first few turns, making the early/mid game really hard until I got the Rings that healed every turn. Additionally, Nosferatu's hit rate was even more pitiful than in Echoes.
  17. Only because Delthea won't stop being a little shit that eats all of his Fruity Pebbles.
  18. So I'm still confused: Do Casters retain their black/white Spells they learned when they switch to a different class that uses that kind of magic? For example, if Faye went through Mage and Priestess to learn Freeze and then Villager Fork'd back to Cleric, would she still be able to use Freeze?
  19. Zuko and Aang were bros, though However, I agree with you, Sonia's hips and Magic over Deen's #edge any day
  20. I know I'm stretching a little info a long way here, but from what little we've seen of Leon in the dub, he's been sorta cocky and sarcastic, with the "Well aren't you nice!" and the "Guess I'll handle this myself", so hopefully they'll play that side of him up more and make him less stereotypical. E: Also am I correct in my suspicion that Fernand is literally Draco Malfoy? Arrogant, rich, and has disdain for plebs
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