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  1. Hahaha! I never knew that. I always welcome new forms of profanity! Yeah, I'll probably recruit one of the Marths (Probably King Marth) for End Game purposes, in place of someone else. Maybe Say'ri or something. Good to know somebody is reading my posts, though! So I beat the Prolouge through Chap. 3 using Chrom and Janet as much as I could. I took out all of the bosses with them alone. I pretty much soloed Chapter 3 with Janet, and I have a Lv. 7 Chrom and a Lv. 9 Janet. RNG is showing signs of early hatred as Chrom's Defense has outstripped his Strength by two points (9 vs 11). I'll go more in-depth when I get some SpotPass characters, sorry for the vagueness, but I don't think you wanted to be treated to "1001 great kills by Chrom and Janet". And so the first question arises: Who to replace Virion? Norne, Wolt, or Leonardo? I've never played any of the games they are in, so I know nothing about them and hold no bias. I will take all responses into consideration and make my choice form there. Oh, and I've run into a slight predicament: there are no SpotPass Caveliers to replace Sully and Stahl. They have no levels on them at all. I have two ideas, and I'll open this up to the community as well. 1) Snag some weak SpotPass characters and reclass them and risk the growths 2) Keep Sully and Stahl and deal with their underleveledness Also, (I promise this is the last also) if anybody knows of a reliable site that has SpotPass character growth rates, it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, everyone! This is a playthrough I thought up while suffering from insomnia last night. Basically, I am ONLY allowed to use SpotPass Bonus Box characters*. As some may know, these units CAN NOT support with any unit, but they are essentially Avatars in that they can reclass into any class not excluded by gender. If this sounds interesting to you, read on! If not, do as you will. I can't force you. Just please no hate comments or anything stupid. So, without further ado.... The Rules: 1) I may only use SpotPass bonus box characters. Those characters must be acquired according to the units I recruit. For example, when I acquire Virion, I must then get an Archer. If it is a Prepromote (Fredrick) I may recruit a unit that PROMOTES INTO that class (A Knight or Cavalier in Freddy's case.) *Exceptions: - I may use Chrom, Female MU (Janet, a play on my screen name, Joth) and their offspring (Morgan and Lucina) so that Janet has enough "invisible ties" to not die at the end and crush our hearts :,( - If the unit's class is either entirely unavailable to me (Like Tanguels) or not available for a long time (Manaketes) I may substitute that unit for a future non-SpotPass unit (Like Donnel) or another Spot Pass unit that I am in need of. 2) I may reclass the units as I see for for skills, BUT they must end the game as a promoted version of their base class. No exceptions. Yes, there are only two rules. I don't like rules. Goals for Normal Units: Chrom: Support/Offensive Great Lord -Aether -RK -DS+ -DG+ -Aegis Janet is going to be used more than Chrom most likely, so I made him mainly support. Janet (+Res -Str): Offensive Sorceress -Armsthrift -Hit+20 -Lifetaker -Tomebreaker -Galeforce Pretty self-explanitory. Hit+20 because hit for Dark Magic sucks. I'll be mainly using Forged Ruin, Mire, and to a lesser extent Nosferatu and Thoron. I need to hit hard, because Sorcerers aren't too fast. Morgan M: Defensive Sorcerer -Armsthrift -RK -Vantage -Pavise? -Aegis?/Galeforce A defensive Sorcerer doesn't care too much about Galeforce, but it's always nice to inherit just in case. Pretty standard, Nostank and Miresnipe all day. Lucy: Offensive GL -Aether -RK -Lifetaker -Tomebreaker/Ignis Ignis might be good since she will probably build up some good Mag as a Dark Knight and some as Grandmaster should she decide to grab it, Tomebreaker otherwise. Reader Involvement: If I need advice on any aspect of the game, or can't decide which SpotPass character to snag, I'll open it up to you and take any well thought-out contribution you make into consideration. I need you to keep this thread alive! That's all I'm gonna put in this post, because it's just far too long and I don't know how to do Spoilers. I'll update as soon as I get to where I can actually use Wireless, and slowly pick away at a few of the replacement characters (Fredstomping, ahoy!) Sorry again for the freaking WALL O' TEXT! ~Joth
  3. Is it only me who had no problem training Donny...? In his Recruitment Chapter, I had Kellam Pair Up with Donny for Str and Def boosts, had Crom and A-support MU dodgetank anything that came at the Northern breach of the nifty little wall that you start by, and Stahl and Sully to the South. I had Freddy stomp the Archer in the far north, and had Vaike weaken the Barbarian with some Hand Axe action. That left the Barbarian with low enough health that Donny took him out, getting him to 40ish EXP. The theif then attacked Donny, but Kellam's Defense boost kept him alive. He hit the Thief again and took it out, and that got him the level. I then proceeded to use him as a mop for anything Sullystahl didn't One Round. I also had him and Freddy corner the Archer in the Treasure Room for another level. I also use him to take the Boss out, just for the extra level and because it's a great way to ends the Paralouge, the unlikely hero slaying the Baddie, especially when he says "I done it!" or "It's over." I then ground him up to Lv.10 on Spot Pass Cleric or Trobadour characters, like Nanna and Serra. But Donny aside, I really tried to use Tharja, but she was just a day late and a dollar short. Her low Skill just ruined her for me as Dark Magic already has a AWFUL hit rate. Also, I like Henry just beCAWS.
  4. Yes, like you can chose a side in a somewhat comical skirmish between two petty rivals and you can only recruit one, or maybe you'd have to kill off one person to recruit another, and so on. That would make army selection more than mindlessly picking "good units" and pairing them with "good spouses" to create "good kids" like Awakening, especially if the "Choose a Recruit" characters have exceptional growths and skill sets or have exceptional children.
  5. FE7 Playthrough last year was... Eh... It could have gone worse. I got ABSOLUTELY stuck on one of the tail-end chapters (I can't remember which) because of Marcus. He had low stats at level 20, pretty much the same as in the beginning. I lost Dorcas, Matthew, and Bartre during Merlinus' Paralouge to whatever the boss of that Level was, and I got paranoid and Marcus soloed the entire game from then on, leaving all of my units in the dust (Hey, I'm 13...). I finally said "To hell with it" and did my homework before attempting another go. I am working on that right now. I did really well in Lyn's prologue tutorial thing, though. I only lost Florina by fast-forwarding through the dialouge and thinking she was some kind of anti-archer unit, because she could move so far...... Other than that, I did really well. I SMOKED Ludgren with Sain the BEAST. [Tank Laguz confirmed]
  6. Yes, I hope against hope they will return. I've never played POR or RD because I don't have acess to a GameCube and I can't play RD without first playing POR, but I really hope they return. We have two units in Awakening who are locked into Swords and Axes (Hopefully everyone knows I am referring to Swordmaster and Berserker) that are faster, but squishier forms of their other promotions (Warrior and Assassin), so we should have a Lance user to complete the triangle. Soldier should promote to General, too. I think that Halberdiers should be stronger than Swordmasters, but weaker than Berserkers, but be slower and less skilled than Swordmasters and faster and more skilled than Berserkers to represent their truely mastered weapon. They could also have the highest Defense of the three. They could steal Lancefaerie from Falcoknight and have another unique offensive skill, like something that gives them +1 to all stats for each unit they defeat in Enemy Phase. It could be called Momentum or Morale or something. The effect would wear off each turn though.
  7. Yes. I really like the World Map, especially Sacred Stones' map. I know it breaks up the "Urgent Mission" aspect of the game because you'd spend time dinking around at shops and Paralouges, but those are the two best reasons for one. I remember not being ready for Merlinus' Paralouge in Blazing Sword and losing Bartre, Dorcas, and Matthew to the boss. It sucked. Also, I remember back when Constitution was a thing breaking a shrimpy-but-good unit's light weapon (cough Florina cough) and having to buy them a heavy Iron or Steel weapon at the next Armory, if there was one. Oh, and the drought of Vulneraries was terrible.
  8. I see what you are saying. It would create lots of problems, but like Barbarian, there could be something other than Warrior, and then Fighter could piggyback that and drop Hero so that that is Merc exclusive, and so on. I think classes that are so closely related like Fighter and Barbarian, SHOULD have a shared link. But there is a flaw in that reasoning, too, because Merc and Archer are nothing alike, so we would have to get some new base classes, too, now that I think about it.
  9. Some of these things are pretty wishful, but, -Color Scale for hair & eyes. They did a pretty good job with hair and eyes in Awakening, my Avatar looked quite like me with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, but it would still be nice to get the perfect tone (But I have a feeling my character is gonna look a bit like a miniMarx with short hair and somewhat lazy looking eyes). -Skin Tone just because. -As stated before by someone else, personality options, even if it is just dialouge choices or something like this: [Character says something] Your reply? -Serious -Happy -Gloomy -Funny I know that seems kinda stupid, but we need SOMETHING. MUs in Awakening were SO BLAND. I almost fell asleep in a few of the Supports. -Starting Class Chosing. (I'm making this up as I go, so bear with me.) Maybe we could do something like POR Ike with his Squire class, we could be something that PROMOTES INTO a Lord, but depending on the "Trainee Class" we could be something COMPLETELY unique as a Lord and it's promotion. The Lords could be diverse as the ones from the GBA titles, with completely different roles and strong points. Some I've thought of are: - Heir -> Lord -> Great Lord: Just like Crom/Lucy. Swords and Lances. For boring Nostalgia Whores. - Squire/Steward? -> Lord -> Warlord: Excells in Strength, Defense, and HP, and wields Swords and Axes. - Pupil? -> Lord -> ?: Excells in Speed, Magic, and Skill. Wields Swords and Tomes. - Ranger -> Lord -> Chiefitain?: Excells in Speed, Skill, and Strength wields Swords and Bows. - Devotee? -> Lord -> Crusader?: Excells in Defense, Resistance, and HP. Wields Swords and Staves. I could use some help with names and such. I was trying to think up something like a Thief, but that would seem somewhat pointless. I think this idea could be pretty cool! No way it's happening, but it's sure fun to talk about :)
  10. I like Branched Promotions, but I hate the class overlap. I think we need a few more unique, viable classes to fill the gaps. I think each base class should be able to promote into one class that can only be accessed by THAT CLASS, and one class that is shared, but since it has a different starting class, it's stats will be different depending on who promotes into it. I really do like Reclassing, but I want fewer options for some and more for others, like Cordelia and Donell, respectively. I think three is a good number for every unit except MU, because customization is good. But the problem is, MU will be perpetually broken in virtually any game it is implimented in, and I think it's going to be a series staple, with two consecutive games, and questionably three with the Lord character in If. That's just my two bits worth, feel free to discuss.
  11. Personally, I would like to see More gender fluid classes (Male Pegasus Knights and Female Fighters) A better MU with a less bland personality Units with more back story than "Oh I'm just a traveling warrior that just so happens to have stumbled upon a band of freedom fighters/mercenaries" Better design for some classes (C'mon, Gameboy Generals!!!) More and better units that can use Dark Magic (The Spellsword-->Warlock sounds great!) Return of Light Magic and the Magic Triangle Return of some of the classes like Soldier/Halberdier and Monk More "Signature Weapons" for some characters, not like Killing Edges for EVERY MYRM EVAR, but not lulzy game breakers like Sword of Seals or Tyrfing. More like Lyn's Manni Katti, something that just has a little edge to set it apart. More unique maps and levels, not just "Beat the Baddies" like in Awakening, but something like "Defeat Baddie within X turns, or lose so and so important and potentially powerful character. More Second Gen stuff. I really liked that. But no more time travel stories. Maybe you could actually have two seperated timelines, one Gen 1 and one Gen 2, and your choices in Gen 1 determine some of the things in Gen 2. Whoops, that was eleven... Edit: Oh, yeah, and I liked Reclassing, too. I just wish that there was more reason to some of the classes, like "Why would Libra, a priest, become a Dark Mage?" And such. Oh, and more and better supports. Some of them were SO BORING in Awakening. Make that thirteen.
  12. Yes, my fab army of male Brides shall be glorious. That'll be cool if we guys can finally get Galeforce, if that is still a thing. Yep, there's always that one class... *cough Berserker cough* Yeah, not sure what was up with Summon Critter.
  13. Ok, that makes sense. I hope that the Soldier class is back as a character, though. To be honest, I'm not sure if it was a cleric, but it had some kind of cudgel/staff in a Dual Strike and it made some kind of firey explosion on contact.
  14. Yes, "Noticings" is a word. You were there when I made it up. Just post any peculiar or interesting things you found in the trailer. Some that I saw to get the ball rolling are: -Dancing Queen's striking resemblance to Ninian -The Soldier units (?) in the beginning were wielding not only Killer Lances but Killing Edges, too -Cooking Mama Swordmaster's (?) machete being effective on the Assassin's bow -Said Assassin's bow being shown in his hand -Monkey (?) ice spell -Cleric attacking with stave? -Lord Inigo's (?) signature weapon (?)
  15. Hi there! I'm JothTheConqueror, but you may call me Joth. This account has been active for a while, but this is my first post because I haven't been able to be on at all because of internet issues. My Fire Emblem career began with finding a copy of Fire Emblem Blazing Swprd at a yard sale over the summer. I got hooked, and quickly pursued Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and got Fire Emblem: Awakening for Christmas. I am just kind of your typical teenage nerd, big on Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I like Pokémon, the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and many other video games. I suppose you could call me smart, outgoing, and friendly, but many find me and my unparalleled dorkiness (A trait of which I am somewhat proud,) an... Er... Acquired taste. I hope to be an active member of this community and to get to know it's contributors!
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