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  1. Lando could be a Cav with Swords named slightly differently. Maybe Emma could be unto Echoes as Minerva was to Fates, in a comparable-but-different class to Pegasus Knight? And Shade could just be an Awakening/Fates-esque Dark Mage or something.
  2. I remember in Gaiden their endings both mentioned their handsome/beautiful spouse in very similar sentences, and none of the other characters made a big deal about unnamed spouses, so it's more or less canon, and the age gap honestly makes the unnamed thing more convincing since Gaiden!Genny wouldn't tell anybody who it was.
  3. "I used to be a WHIMP before Echoes redesigns. Now I'm a JERK and everybody loves me!!"
  4. So THAT'S why he looks like he's constantly yelling in every screenshot I've seen of him: because he IS constantly yelling. Also holy crap guys thank you for all the responses!
  5. I don't want to spoil myself on supports, but if anybody could describe each character's personality sorta like Famitsu does, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Is it just me or are the models for individual characters much more diversified and stylized than in other games? Like Valbar is very clearly freakin' yuge compared to Lukas and Sonia is taller and more curvy than Mae. Maybe we won't get any more Henrys, whose model went from a short kid with self-proclaimed chicken legs to a brick shithouse with an 8-pack when he promoted into Sorcerer.
  7. Is it just me or does it look like Alm's "Great Conqueror" sprite has a small version Walhart's horns?
  8. Additionally, Dread Fighters promote to Villager, so any Mercenary can technically Reclass, but it isn't a very viable option since most Mercs are better off as Dread Fighters, anyway, and I doubt it would be easy to get any Mercenary all the way to Lv.10 Dread Fighter, promote to Villager, promote to another class, and promote once or twice again.
  9. Tbh though in the trailer Grey looked really fuckin cool as a Soldier and Knight and I'll probably go with an All Soldiers + Alm run in Alm's route at some point. Uniting Valentia, four tiles at a time.
  10. Class Growths are for player characters, too, I think. Mostly since anybody but Alm and Celica can become Villagers. I don't think @Emperor Hardin was trying to be sarcastic or take a tone of disappointment. It is genuinely no surprise that nobody is picking Soldier because Soldier is the worst option for all of the Villagers.
  11. Ah, well. Karel is a freakin monster and while I haven't given Corrin any Skills yet, he seems promising, too. My only complaint for Karel is that I wish I could have him survive longer on low health, as he gets there quick and likes being there for the sick Wo Dao + Reprisal + Desperation mayhem, but nothing could really make him survive the Mages.
  12. Alright, I pulled a 5* Caeda a while ago, but she seems so lackluster. I think she's vanilla, idk if I've fed her anybody yet. Any suggestions on what she might like for Weapons or Skills? She is currently competing with Karel and M!Corrin for 5* Sword units on my team, so if she is just inferior to them (which so far she is), then I won't be too heartbroken to bench her.
  13. Okay, I appreciate the baller 5* Sword users I've gotten in Mr. Cornball and Karel, but c'mon I can't miss out on my boy Alm
  14. I got a 5* Karel in my first pull of this banner! still want my boy Alm tho
  15. S H E Lowkey wish you could resolve the Navarre battle by having Caeda gere go talk to him (Also she's only my second 5* since I began lmao)
  16. Hate to quote myself like a jackass, but this was getting buried and I'd like the answer. Additionally, are there still people to transport items between parties? And if so, are they as limited as Gaiden?
  17. Yeah, a lot of them seem very strong. Who knows, maybe they nerfed the amount of enemies that can be summoned at a time or something. One thing, though, what is up with the Mercy skill? What's the advantage to leaving an enemy at 1 health? The only application I can see is to feed kills to your scrubs.
  18. I'm not denying that they will be a pain, but 65% chance to despawn each of the unprompted monsters isn't too shabby. Additionally, Support Bonuses to help with the shitrates of Gaiden can let you pick off the Summoner with an Archer or a Mage with a long-range spell or the Magic Ring. The old Dear was nice in Gaiden, yeah, but it wasn't a necessity and at times it felt really overpowered to be honest, and between the nerfed Dear and the buffed hit rates, I doubt it will be too much of a calamity. However, I didn't know Warp got nerfed, and the Str/2 thing does seem somewhat shady considering the lower stats in general. I feel that while Warp was strong, it wasn't overpowered like Dear, and honestly I think it will just slow the game down more than anything.
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