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  1. @Falcom Knight Great games, but since I haven't played them that much I can't speak much of them, but I'll edit the post to feature a point about the Sky trilogy since they're part of an overarching narrative.
  2. I was curious what everyone thinks are good games to get on the Steam Summer Sales, share your recommendations and here's some from me in no particular order: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series Cold Steel 1 https://store.steampowered.com/app/538680/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_of_Cold_Steel/ Cold Steel 2 https://store.steampowered.com/app/748490/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_of_Cold_Steel_II/ Cold Steel 3 https://store.steampowered.com/app/991270/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_of_Cold_Steel_III/ Trails of Cold Steel is a JRPG series that is set in a Fantasy Empire focusing on a group of students at a military academy who are taken through a variety of different tasks and field studies that take them to various parts of the Empire where they fight monsters, help townspeople and also stop consparicies that are threatening the stability of their nation. It features a diverse cast of great characters whom you can bond with and through those bonds learn new abilites and powers to help them conquer their quest. I played through the 3 Cold Steel games recently and I've enjoyed them all and can recommend them to any JRPG fan and especially to fans of games like Fire Emblem and Persona. I'd also recommend checking out the Trails in The Sky trilogy as they're part of the same series, it's recommended to play them first chronologically or at least try them out sometime before playing at least Cold Steel 3 or 4 as they're the finales of the saga. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251150/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/251290/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky_SC/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/436670/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky_the_3rd/ Doom Eternal: https://store.steampowered.com/app/782330/DOOM_Eternal/ The king of the First Person Shooter genre is back with a polished combat system and fast paced action that requires skilled manuevering and quick thinking, with a rebalanced combat system that is consistently challenging especially on the highest difficulty settings. This newest entry in the DOOM series came out a few months ago and it is currently my game of the year. And it's 50% off right now which is a very great deal for a recently released title. And if you enjoy it I recommend also getting other games from the DOOM franchise if you haven't already as they're all also on sale right now, and they're very fun shooters, here's the link to the franchise if you're interested in them. https://store.steampowered.com/curator/35501448 Divinity: Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/435150/Divinity_Original_Sin_2__Definitive_Edition/ An engaging Role Playing Game set in a medieval fantasy setting that is heavy on magic and has story themes of power and the price to attain it. DOS 2 is a highly interactive game with pen and paper levels of freedom where the player can interact with virtually every object, move their other characters while one of them is in a conversation, and the entire game is playable in cooperative multiplayer with a group of friends if you so desire, but they're also fun to play solo if you're not interested in that and I will still highly recommend it. Resident Evil 2: Remake: https://store.steampowered.com/app/883710/Resident_Evil_2/ This is a good remake of a classic survival horror game and it was one of my favorite games of 2019, I recommend it if you haven't played it already. Yakuza Series: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/13660/The_Yakuza_Bundle/ Yakuza is an entertaining fighting game with an open world setting full of detailed stories both main and side ones, with a great set of minigames some of which so good they could be their own game. Yakuza has a well written dramatic story full of twists and turns as well as some emotional moments with some really deep lore and characters. I highly recommend playing them in chronological order with Zero and then Kiwami 1 and 2 as the story while fairly self contained has a lot of connections to previous events and context can really make a lot of the character moments much more memorable. Hitman Series: https://store.steampowered.com/app/863550/HITMAN_2/ https://store.steampowered.com/franchise/Hitman Hitman is a Stealth Action game that's more like a Sandbox Assassination Simulator with lots of different opportunities to kill your targets by exploration and creating setups, a unique stealth game with a deep disguise system that adds interesting progression to the levels, with the latest games having an enforcer system where you have to avoid certain NPCs who can see through your disguise. The Hitman series is full of very fun games and Hitman 2 is the latest game and the peak of the franchise with the most amount of polish and content. I recommend Hitman to any stealth fan. Thief Series: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1459/Thief_Collection/ Thief is a video game series of Immersive Sims that are primarily focused on Stealth, and it's a series that I'm currently playing through, they're very old with dated visuals and animations even for their time, but the mechanics and level design on the other hand are timeless. Set in a Steampunk setting, you play as Garrett, master thief robbing rich nobles in his city in order to pay his rent or gain favors from other thieves and fences. Thief Gold (Also known as Thief the Dark Project) has some sinister survival horror tones in it as well, Thief 2 The Metal Age still has them to an extent but it focuses more on the steampunky aspects with some very creative levels and Thief 3 Deadly Shadows has a hub style world where you can associate yourselves with one of the two major factions of the setting. Thief 2014 is a weaker title so you can skip that one and get the 3 original games in the package. And that's the games I can think of off the top of my head, there are many more great games out there but I wanted to feature different types of games instead of saturating it with mostly RPGs or mostly Shooters. Let me know in the replies what are your personal Steam Summer Sale recommendations. Also I've been absent from Serenes Forest for years, when I was active I was posting about the latest Fire Emblem games or reviews of games I recently played, so I'd like to say it's good to be back, Three Houses is my new favorite in the series and Dimitri is best boi, I don't know if I'm gonna be very active on the forums but these days with the current global crisis going on I'm mostly staying home and playing games and I thought I might recommend some of these games to you as well.
  3. I only played New Leaf, I think it's alright. I was addicted to it for about 15 hours and dropped it. It's an interesting series but I can't dedicate myself to it.
  4. Perhaps Perci's one? I feel like I can be lucky sometimes.
  5. Well spoken Sirius, some people desperately needed to hear these words. Thank you.
  6. The Myrmidon/Swordmaster class is my favorite class in all of Fire Emblem, I've recently got Yashiro on my party and he quickly became my favorite character of the already superb cast of this game. Counter makes him a great tank and in combination with Mamori the team will be bulky as hell, plus I like his cool and collected attitude and his perfectionist side. And his battle animations are cool, Yashiro takes the cake for damn sure. And I've only gotten him recently so it'll only get better from here on in. I loved the hungry man performance he made that was funny as hell.
  7. No sir, you can feel free to spoil whatever is the prize I get for getting all of them. I didn't even get all the brush upgrades, only some of them. I wouldn't dare say I got close to 100% but I experienced enough of the side content to be satisfied.
  8. Stella Glow: I thought the game was a pretty darn good SRPG and have enjoyed it way more than Fire Emblem Fates, I liked how while the character cast is much smaller than Fire Emblem, they all feel unique and fit in specific roles. The story was good albeit predictable at times, but the characters were surprisingly deep for the most part, and I like the song and conducting mechanics. I'd give it something like a 9 if I'm being unbiased and a 10 if I'm being biased. So let's call it an excellent and high 9/10 I really enjoyed this game and am currently playing through NG+ too.
  9. I have, yes I've played and finished it very recently and will post a review of it sometime soon. I've promised to review it last year so it's overdue to say the least lol! Short answer, it's an amazing game and the best non Nintendo Zelda game. I love how smooth the brush drawing is on the Wii version, it can be a bit awkward to control and unresponsive at times but otherwise it feels great.
  10. I liked this topic, too bad we hit the finale already. It was nice to see all the different perspectives on the characters. But regardless of anything I'll give my thoughts on these last few characters: Elise: My favorite of the two little sisters, I just have this thing for cute characters and the fact that she's more energetic and less of a crybaby than Sakura is the reason why I prefer Elise. Elise is also a great unit once promoted to Strategist, she destroys generals and any unit that has lower speed. I think she's as effective as Leo once used properly, albeit more fragile. Either way, Elise is an awesome unit and one of my favorite characters in the game. Ryoma: Ryoma is the best unit in the game right next to Xander, they're both amazing sweepers with the game's best weapons, the difference is Xander has more Defense and Resistance whereas Ryoma has more Strength and Speed. They both embody the best aspects of both factions in terms of both gameplay and character. And they're both quite similar in personality so I'd say I like them pretty much equally. And of course, I loved their supports with each other. All in all, Ryoma is great. Anankos: How fitting for him to be the last one, not that he's that great of a character. Anankos has what every other villain in this game lacks: Personality, backstory, motives. But they're all locked behind a DLC wall, so if you played Revelations without the DLC he's as bland as they go, even more bland than Garon. But even with the DLC it doesn't give him enough to hold a candle to most of the playable characters, so yeah I don't like Anankos. Closing thoughts: Well that was the full cast of Fire Emblem Fates, some were good, some were bad, some were ugly. But I liked the overall cast of characters, especially the Nohr characters. whereas the game's plot was messy and the villains were terrible, at least the playable characters were pretty well done.
  11. Abundant Solace: It sets the mood perfectly and is a great base theme. I listened to it for a whole playthrough until I started changing it, that's saying much. Puppet's feast: Great atmosphere in that track, I particularly like how it plays during the Takumi fights in Conquest, epic foreshadowing. Sounds good.
  12. #61: Hana She was a decent swordsman, up until Ryoma joins. I didn't see much of her supports but I thought the Corrin one was funny, not in a good way but still. #62: Oboro She's cool, best spearman in the game outside of Shiro. Her support with Takumi is one of my favorites in the game. Oboro is cool. #62.5: Anna Anna's whatever for me. Not bad or great either.
  13. #43: Setsuna I like the carefree attitude she has and how she's generally lazy and just like Azama I'm confused as to how they even got accepted to be retainers but they're both funny in my opinion. As a unit she didn't get that many use and I stopped using her like 4-5 chapters after Takumi joined but I liked her supports. #44: Soleil No comment, didn't recruit her but I like how she looks just like Inigo and inherited his insane lust for women. I find it creepy how she was hitting on her own mother though. #44.5: Reina (8/9/2016) No comment, same case as all Corrinsexuals for me. There's not much to those characters. #45: Xander Xander is really cool and a caring father figure to the Nohrian family. Xander is for me one of the top 3 best units alongside Ryoma and Corrin, an excellent tank, probably the best in the game due to his ability lineup and of course the almighty Siegfried. All in all, awesome unit. And just like Kaze there's not a single support I read of him that I disliked. #46: Asugi (8/10/2016) Unlike the Awakening characters I actually dislike the three awakening clones. Simply because they're a shell of their former selves, they took just a single aspect of their personality and made the entire character based on that. Gaius wasn't just a mere candy lover, there were more to him, and now there's less. I don't like Asugi, Rhajat or Caeldori but I do like them as units though. And it's cheap that their names are anagrams, it's as if it needs to be more obvious that they are clones. Bottom line is I like their original version as they had more depth but now they're turned into a joke. #47: Shiro I like Shiro and I like that he's just so chill but can take things seriously when need be, despite the fact that he's mostly cocky. And he's a hellish opponent, if only he had Raijinto like he did in the DLC he'd be unstoppable. #48: Siegbert (8/11/2016) Pretty much same as Shiro, I like Seigbert and how he aspires to be as great as Xander, and you can tell he's trying hard. And man, he was a god in the Heirs of Fate DLC. #49: Kiragi I like Kiragi and his cheerful personality. I also like the fact that he's very much a mini Takumi which I guess can be said for some of the other children but damn Kiragi is a very skillful Archer and I enjoyed some of his supports. #50: Forrest (8/12/2016) One of the reasons why I like Forrest is all the children at least exhibit some aspect of their parents but Forrest doesn't give a shit and just goes with whatever he likes. Aside from that he didn't get that much use from me I liked Leo more as a unit. #51: Beruka .... #52: Caeldori (8/13/2016) Same as Asugi #53: Sakura Despite the fact that I like her she's probably my least favorite of all the royals not counting Corrin. She's a good healer/mage and she's cute but her crybaby attitude kinda turns me off a bit. But I like her shyness though, I find it to be a bit appealing, kinda cute. #54: Percy (8/14/2016) No comment. #55: Rinkah No comment. #56: Ignatius No comment. I'm sorry but I haven't used these units all that much it's just a coincidence they're next to each other with the RNG. #56.5: Garon (8/15/2016) I can describe Garon in two words: Wasted potential. He suffers from the same problems that every other villain in this game suffers from, he is severely lacking in depth and character development. It's a shame because from the game's marketing I thought he was gonna be an awesome villain. #57: Rhajat Same as Asugi. #58: Ophelia Ophelia is like Odin on steroids so no, I'm not a big fan of her, I like Odin but there's a point where I draw a line. But she's not bad as a unit. #58.5: Sumeragi (8/16/2016) You idiot, why would you take your baby to a "Truce Meeting"? Doesn't make any sense! #59: Kaden Kaden is kinda meh I like his personality somewhat and I used him a lot in Birthright but he outlived his usefulness in Revelations since Keaton was better. #60: Keaton What a coincidence, Keaton is a monster of a unit through and through and I like his supports particularly the one with Selena. #60.5: Arete No comment, the reason why I shrug off Sumeragi and her is that besides a few mentions here and there their stories aren't expanded upon.
  14. This is great, a mashup of two great songs. What impresses me the most is that this surprisingly fits in, doesn't feel awkward to me.
  15. Hinata x Hinoka The Soaring Blade! That's the official name of this pairing as of now.
  16. Ahh! To this day I still wonder if this guy was 100% serious or if it's a very expertly crafted method of trolling. Either way this is a gem. And the only way for me to believe if a pairing is truly "Canon" IS would have to make a sequel that features Corrin being married to that specific character. So I personally think in this debate whatever floats yer boat is "Canon"
  17. I personally don't care since I come from a culture where marrying cousins isn't frowned upon and isn't considered incest unlike marrying siblings, but personally I feel that plot reveal was unnecessary. It has no meaning whatsoever.
  18. #29: Charlotte A decent fighter but I never really was a big fan of axe weilders, at least not a big fan of units that focus purely on axes. But I like her personality and supports with characters like Xander, and of course she's hot but you don't need me telling you that. #30: Odin/Owain Like Selena and Laslow, I've always liked Odin as well, he was perhaps my favorite child of Awakening and my favorite of the Fates Awakening Trio. His theatrical personality was infinitely hilarious for me and never really got old. One of the funniest characters in Fates. As a unit though, meh. His magic stat actually isn't that great, which I guess is a hint to reclass him to a samurai like he used to be in Awakening? But the fact that his current version is all about dark magic and he isn't that good in it is kinda disappointing. #30.5: Zola (8/2/2016) No comment. I mean there isn't much to say, he's certainly better than Hans because he had some semblance of personality being the cunning rat that he is, but he literally never gets development beyond that, like most of the villains in Fates. #31: Peri I like her supports with Niles in particular because it gives a bit of background for her, she's cool and kinda reminds me of Henry with her sadistic nature. Though she hasn't been of much use on the battlefield to me in Conquest and in Revelations she's out shined by many cavaliers especially Silas. But I like Peri for what it's worth, far from my favorite character though. #32: Midori (8/3/2016) Midori is adorable, I like her. Not as much as Kaze but she's a decent unit and I liked her supports with kaze and some of the other children. Not much else to say though. #33: Benny Benny is cool, I particularly enjoyed his support with Azura. And I have a soft spot for characters like him, good unit, good character. Not much to complain about here. #34: Arthur I'm not a big fan of Arthur, as I've mentioned with Charlotte I'm not a fan of axe wielders. The only thing I really like about Arthur is that he looks different than all the other characters, being locked into a full on anime art style that Awakening and Fates introduced made the faces of the characters look very similar but not the case with Arthur. #34.5: Iago (8/4/2016) Iago is a really lame villain like every other villain in Fates. But he may very well be the best Villain in the game which isn't saying much, he gets the most spotlight out of every one of them and I won't deny that he's very intelligent. But like with the other baddies he isn't fleshed out beyond being a dick to Corrin through and through for no good reason. #35: Hisame No comment, I haven't got him or read any of his supports. I like Hinata though. #36: Camilla It's sad to see that a great character like Camilla is shoved towards the side for being pure fanservice. And while I admit she is VERY sexualized, she's still a great character with some great supports with pretty much all of her siblings. I also like her supports with the Hoshidan royalty, all of them. She has some of my favorite supports in the game and a very strong personality, being very doting to her younger siblings but also very vicious and aggressive towards anyone who stands in her way. And in a way she's a strong maternal figure in Conquest whereas Xander is a very paternal figure. And she's of course, a beast on the battlefield through and through. The only problem I have with her is her obsession with one of the lamest characters in the whole game, Corrin. But besides that, not much else to complain. #36.5: Izana (8/5/2016) No comment. #37: Nina Almost the same as Hisame for me except I read her supports with her mother, it was cool. #38: Dwyer (8/6/2016) I don't care for Dwyer all that much. #39: Kaze The best of the Ninja trio, Kaze is a very kindhearted character, and my favorite of Corrin's retainers which also includes Silas. Kaze has superb speed and therefore is the most reliable of all the ninjas, the fact that he joins earliest in all the campaigns also makes him better for me. Kaze is so far the only character in the game who didn't have even a single support that I disliked which is a big plus for me. No wonder he's popular with the ladies. Easily in my top 5 favorite units in Fates. #40: Azama Azama is a funny character for me, and was actually a good fighter once I've finally given him a chance. Yes he's a dick but all of the roasting he does to the other characters I found to be entertaining oddly enough. Could be the fact that I kinda consider Azama to be a joke character, I mean just look at his appearance. Both him and Setsuna are joke characters and I'm surprised they ended up being retainers for Hinoka. Regardless I like 'em. #40.5: Gunter (8/7/2016) Gunter is the worst Jaigen of all Jaigens in Fire Emblem as he's actually outclassed by a lot of the characters once he joins you, he only has supports with Corrin and Jakob which is actually the biggest thing I like about him as most Corrinsexuals only have convos with Corrin. But still I find Gunter to be lame and underdeveloped and the only time where he really shined as a character is [spoiler=Major Revelations Spoilers]when he was revealed to be a vessel for Anankos in Revelations, which was very perdictable in the late game but cool. #41: Azura She's the ocean's gray waves isn't she? Azura is pretty, has some good supports like with Kaze but otherwise I don't think she's that interesting as a character for being one of the two characters Fates is centered on. She's a great unit because she's a dancer you get early on, always a plus for me. #42: Mozu I never had the patience to train Mozu so no comment. I like her support with Xander though. 42.5: Yukimura Barely gets any spotlight, which is a shame because I thought he had potential to be one of the coolest characters in the game more experienced than most, he could've helped in world building. But as it stands, Yukimura isn't that memorable.
  19. He has one with Corrin as well, but yes I know. I was equally disappointed he didn't have conversations with Hinoka, Takumi and Sakura.
  20. #19: Kagero She's cool, I like that she takes some aspects of Kaze and Saizo mixed into one unit in, kind hearted like Kaze and proffessional like Saizo. And as a unit she's a good ninja with high strength in Birthright, but I had to let her go in Revelations because I had less room for ninjas, thus only took what I considered to be the best ninja of the three, Kaze. #20: Kana Kana is so adorable, I frankly couldn't get enough of her. I dunno what it is with these avatar children but I always have a strong connection to them. Case in point being Morgan and Kana, they're both just adorable and while Morgan is a savage, Kana is much more childish in nature and there's a lot of things she still has to learn, and I found that aspect of her be kinda cute. As a unit she's alright but she never kept up with Corrin in my playthroughs, I dunno why maybe it's the Yato, maybe I need to train her more or maybe I need to chose a better mother but either way she's good where it counts. #21: Effie Effie is a powerhouse in Conquest, best tank for me, but maybe it's because I didn't use Benny all that much. But either way her combination of offense and defense made her a great unit on the battlefield. And I like her supports too, not much to complain about her really. #22: Jakob Jakob is whatever for me, he's a savage like Saizo, Niles and Azama but unlike them it feels to me that he's doing purely because he's an ass and has no respect for anyone but Corrin. I wouldn't mind if he had a valid reason but I don't see any here. #23: Leo Leo is a winner, the best unit in Fire Emblem Fates bar none, I know I said Takumi before but it's always a toss up between them... I say they both win, it's hard to choose. Anyway Leo is a great character, he always likes busting your balls a bit but he always means well, and Leo is a genius and is more intelligent than most members of the army, always knowing how to manipulate the situation and turn the tides in his favor. To me Leo should've been the protaginist of Conquest because like Corrin he doesn't want to see people get hurt but he also knows when to back off and see that the situations is beyond his control. He's also more interesting because of his inferiority complex as shown in his conversation with Xander, it would've been great to see the plotline of conquest develop him as a character some more. But anyway, Leo is a winner for me, no match! Except for maybe Takumi, speaking of which I love his supports with Takumi. And with that outta the way, Leo is the best Dark Knight in the series so far, and is a very versatile unit because of that. Leo's magic stat is very high and he can kill generals without breaking a sweat, both Leo and Elise were my primary mages in Revelations but Elise spent less time on the front lines since she couldn't tank as much as Leo. All in all Leo is awesome as a unit and as a character. #24: Hayato Ricken's reincarnation is alright, as a unit he's a good mage in Birthright and early game Revelations so he never disappointed in that aspect, but I mostly used him to get Rhajat and she ended up being a powerhouse of a mage with Orochi as her mother. Not much else to say, I like some of his supports but his personality isn't all that memorable. #25: Hinata Takumi's retainer is an excellent swordsman but like Hana he was shat on so easily when Ryoma became available. In terms of character I think he's cool, I like his carefree attitude, but not much else to say really. I didn't do that many supports with him. #26: Silas Silas is one of the two retainers Corrin gets on his journey along with Kaze, and while Kaze brings the best of the ninja class, Silas brings the best of the cavalier class. Being good in pretty much all of his important stats save for maybe Resistance. And Silas' supports for the most part were entertaining. I just hated the one he had with Camilla really, but Silas is otherwise cool. #26.5: Hans Fuck Hans, you want me to talk more about him? He's as one dimensional as villains go and the most bland character I've seen in this game, there's zero backstory, zero motivation, zero personality and zero depth! Garon, Iago, Anankos, all of these guys at least had some semblance of those. Especially Anankos, Hans has jack shit, he likes to murder people and is a pure madman, that actually could be cool if it was explored a little bit but nope. Worst character in Fire Emblem Fates bar none. At least Iago and Zola had personality at the very least. #27: Orochi I liked her supports and used her a bit as a unit but not enough for my opinion to give her justice. #28: Mitama She's whatever, I never found her to be all that memorable or bad.
  21. #15: Subaki Kind of a mixed bag, as a unit he's good, as a character, kinda meh. He's this game's version of Cordelia the difference is Cordelia doesn't pride herself in her perfection and even hates being called perfect whereas Subaki is arrogant and cares about nothing less than showing others that he's the perfect specimen. I like that he's not exactly the same but his personality isn't a big winner for me. As a unit he's an excellent sweeper especially when he uses Subaki's Pike fittingly enough, since he more often than not will have better skill than the enemy. Used him almost in every chapter. #16: Hinoka Great unit, that Guard Naginata she has initially is great for tanking early on, only thing she really lacks in is Strength but otherwise good unit. As a character I always liked her because of her design and strong personality. She's like Sully in a sense that she's tomboyish but she's very passionate about her family, all in all I like Hinoka. #17: Niles Like Saizo and Jakob, Niles is an asshole. But I like him actually, he has a nice backstory and it explains his actions towards others and he only does it to prove a point really like in his conversation with Camilla. And I particularly liked his support with Peri, it was nice to see some backstory for her. And he's a good archer too, he's pretty fast so he'll double more often than not and I always found thieves to be useful. #18: Felicia The waifu has come, I really like Felicia and yes I ship Corrin x Felicia. And I always liked flawed characters more since they're always more interesting. Felicia is a terrible maid but a skilled fighter, and she says so a number of times, even Leo acknowledged that, and of course, she's cute. It's not something I usually say when describing characters but she really is cute. I find her to be an essential support unit with her only problem being her terrible HP growth, but having the ability to use staves and daggers is extremely useful.
  22. #1: Laslow/Inigo I always liked Inigo in Awakening and in Fates it is no different, though in Fates I use him more for support and never really went aggressive with him like I did with Awakening but that's not much of a problem, just means I have to use him as a rally bot more. He's funny and charming, I've always liked him in both games. #2: Shigure I like Shigure's design and I found his personality to be oddly appealing, singing to animals in his support with his sibling, I liked that part. And as a unit he's a pretty useful support and offensive unit as a Falcon Knight so I can't complain much there. Great character, but far from my favorite. #3: Selkie I like Selkie, I thought she was cute, and she was a powerhouse in birthright. I just liked her childish personality, after seeing how depressing the kids in Awakening were, Fates' were a breath of fresh air. #4: Flora Meh, I don't like Flora all that much, I always find the more flawed characters interesting anyway which is why I perferred Felicia. But what made me dislike Flora is [spoiler=Birthright Spoiler]The retarded actions she did in Birthright by committing the worst and most hilarious suicide I've ever seen. I've posted my full opinion in this topic http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64485&p=4429287 #5: Scarlet I think she's cool for what little I've experience of her, there's not much you can experience about her anyway since she's Corrin exclusive #6: Selena/Severa While I always liked her like I did with Inigo/Laslow for Selena it's a bit different because I like her more in Fates whereas I liked Laslow equally in both games. In Awakening, Severa was a cool character but she was too much of a bitch for me, too much Tsundere in her. In Fates they cut some of that down, maintaining the essence of her character while making her more likable. So overall, awesome character, one of my favorites in all of Fates. #7: Nyx Don't have much to say about her as I didn't have as many supports with her as I would've liked but her first impression left much to be desired. #8: Takumi I debated with myself for a while but I think I've come to a conclusion, Takumi is my favorite character in Fire Emblem Fates, at first I hated him, and to be honest who wouldn't? But he grew on me a lot during my playthrough of all three games. Takumi is one of the most complex and realistic characters in Fire Emblem Fates as he has doubts for Corrin whereas everyone else worships him. He is also the most influenced character based on Corrin's big decision at the start and if I were to go deeper I'd have to spoil the storyline for all three games. But amidst all the angst and hatred he houses within him, Takumi is a very nice and compassionate person, you could say he's a tsundere and I think he's a tsundere done right! As for his abilities on the battlefield Takumi is the best archer in fates and a frightening powerhouse of a unit, landing critical hits like no other and since he's an archer he rarely misses. All and all, Takumi is my favorite Fates unit bar none. #9: Corrin First of all let's start with the positives, Corrin is one of the best if not the best unit in Fire Emblem Fates in terms of gameplay, being able to fit into literally any role that you give him and excelling at it, he's much like Robin in that regard but he has to A support other units to get their classes. Corrin is a savage with his exclusive weapon the Yato that powers up at fixed points in the storyline in all three paths in the game. He's a beast, but sadly I can't say the same about his character, I hate Corrin's character! Corrin is one of the most unrealistic characters in Fates and Fire Emblem as a whole, being a saint throughout, never developing and being completely naive and too trusting in all paths, I also hate how he/she is worshipped by every character in Fates. [spoiler=Spoilers for Birthright and Conquest]I mean he never accepts the fact that we're at a war and people have to die and yet he lets them live regardless of how bad it'll backfire on him, sometimes causing the character to die regardless in the end (Ala Flora, Ryoma and Takumi) But Corrin isn't all that bad, I only really hate him during the plot, in the support conversations, I actually think he's pretty cool and owner of some of the best supports in the entire game. So for me Corrin is a mixed bag, I don't loathe him like some others though I'm also not his number one fan either. He's a cool character occassionally and occasionally not so much. #10: Sophie She's cool I guess, I only used her a bit but her first impression was strong unlike Nyx's. #11: Shura Good archer, not much I can say beyond that, I like that he actually has a conversation with Kotaro in Conquest though. A lot of characters that have history with others in this game don't always get that opportunity. #12: Saizo (7/23/2016) Saizo's cool, utterly badass and for some reason he makes me think of Snake from Metal Gear. He's the weakest Ninja of them all sadly, but still cool. Only thing I don't like about Saizo is let's be honest, he's a bit of an ass. #13: Velouria (7/24/2016) I like her design being a reference to little red riding hood and I think the character is cool overall, not much to complain. #14: Fuga (7/25/2016) I used him during the late game Revelations maps so he was useful for a portion of my total play time of all three games but as a character, meh, he doesn't stand out that much, he isn't bad by any means but he suffers for the same reason Scarlet does, but at least scarlet made an impression on me.
  23. I'm thinking Robin he has my favorite fighting style and abilities.
  24. Flora's death was in my opinion the most retarded thing I've seen Fates do, all the Fates deaths made sense but Flora just deciding to kill herself out of nowhere? That's just stupid, and why? Because "She can never forgive herself for betraying her lord" that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If Intelligent Systems wanted Flora to die to add more tension to the story then you could've just had her die in battle, fighting Corrin and Felicia! And her dying words can explain what she was doing. It doesn't help that I didn't give a damn about Flora in the first place because she was given little to no exposure or development (At least in Birthright) for me to care about her death. Maybe I would if it was handled better, but as it stands now, it gave me a good laugh and I've watched it again sometimes. PS: Kaze's death can actually be prevented if you A rank him with Corrin before the chapter where he dies.
  25. Have you played Disgaea? It's pretty good, as far as Isometric turn based RPGs it's one of my favorites, rivaling Xcom. I think Fire Emblem can do it but the maps need to be smaller otherwise it would last forever.
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