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  1. Right, i should put a visual presentation however i'm not proficient with spiritng and such, same thing goes with the magic system. I will also take the time to list the movement types of each class!
  2. I wasn't sure if i would put this here or in Concepts but regardless i wanted to share my list of classes! Whether or not i would use this in something in the future i'm not sure. The class list isn't using the regular terms in Fire Emblem as there's more than the usual weapon and magic types, making it as its own thing rather than specifically Fire Emblem. Weapon types: Melee:Sword, Lances, Axes, Hammers, and Daggers Weapon Effectiveness: Sword->Axes->Lances->Hammers->Swords. Swords=Lances, Axes=Hammers Daggers (and Fists) have no advantage over other melee weapons. Ranged:Bows, Crossbows, FirearmsBows->Crossbows->Firearms->Bows. Magic: Fire (beats Ice, Nature and Earth. Weak to Wind, Water and Lightning) Water (beats Fire, Earth, and Ice. Weak to Wind, Lightning and Nature) Earth(beats wind, lightning and ice. Weak to fire, water, and nature) Wind(beats Nature, Water and Fire, weak to Ice, Lightning, Earth) Ice (beats Nature, Lightning, Earth, weak to Fire, Water, Wind) Lightning (beats Wind, Ice, Fire, weak to Earth,Nature,Cold) Nature (beats Earth,Water and Lightning,Weak to fire, ice, Wind) Solar (beats Dark, weak to Cosmic Lunar (Beats Cosmic, weak to Solar) Cosmic (Beats Solar, weak to Lunar).) Each main weapon type holds 4 main classes, a Newbie, a mounted and flying class. (Exception being the Dagger type) Swords: Mercenary-Gladiator-Champion (Sword, then Axe upon promo) (Infantry) Swordsman-Myrmidon-Swords master (Sword only) (infantry) Sword Mage-Spell Blade-Spell Saint (Sword/Magic) (Infantry/Mage) Duelist-Matador-Musketeer (Sword/Staff) (Infantry/Mage) Lances: Soldier-Halberdier-Sentinel (Lance only) (infantry) Guard-General-Guardian (Lance/Hammer) (Armored Infantry) Drake Knight-Dragoon-Dragon Lord (Lance/Dragon stone) (Infantry/Dragon) Lancer-Highlander-Pathfinder (Lance/Bow) (Infantry) Axes: Fighter-Warrior-Ravager (Axe/Crossbow) (Infantry) Ruffian-Brigand-Barbarian (Axe/Hammer) (Infantry) Seadog-Pirate-Captain (Axe/Sword) (Infantry) Malician-Dark Knight- Terror Knight(Axe/Lunar Magic) (Armored Infantry/Magic) Hammer: Raider-Attacker-Hoplite (Hammer) (Infantry) Vulcan-Troglodyte-Viking (Hammer/Dagger) (Infantry) Phalanx-Juggernaut-Cataphract (Hammer/Sword) (Infantry) Devout-Paladin-Savior (Hammer/Solar magic) (Armored Infantry/Magic) Dagger: Thief-Rogue-Charlatan (Dagger) (Thief) Murderer-Assassin-NightLord (Dagger/Sword) (Thief) Genin-Ninja-Shinobi (Dagger/Bow) (Thief) Singer-Bard-Minstrel (Dagger/Song) (Mage/Thief) Bow/Crossbow: Archer-Sniper-Marksman (Bow)(Infantry) Hunter-Ranger-Harbringer (Bow/Sword)(Infantry) Crossbowman-Arbalest-Ballistican (CrossBow)(Infantry.) Monster Hunter-Demon Hunter- Hell Hunter (CrossBow/Lance) Firearms: Gunner-Slinger-Gunmeister (Pistol)(Infantry) Warmage-WarSage-GunSage (Pistol/Magic)(Mage) Farshooter-Eagle Eye-WorldShooter (Rifle)(Infantry) Mages: Pyromancer- Pyromaster-PyroKnight (Fire)(Mage) Hydrophist-Hydromaster- Oceaner(Water)(Mage) Geomancer - Geomaster-Boulderith(Earth)(Mage) Aeromancer-Aeromaster-Aerosmith (Air)(Mage) Cryomancer-Cryomaster-FrostWraith (Ice)(Mage) Voltomancer-Voltomaster-Electro (Electric)(Mage) Clhoromancer-Clhoromaster-Druid (Nature)(Mage) Solarkinetic - Solarmaster-SunShiner (Solar)(Mage) Lunarkinetic-Lunarmaster-Lunarian (Lunar)(Mage) Stargazer-CosmiMaster-Starite (Astral)(Mage) Cleric-Bishop-Saint (Staff)(Mage) Troubadour-Valkyrie-Saint (Staff/Axe)(Mage/Cavalry) Conjurer-Summoner- Eidolon (Summon)(Mage) Mounted: Vagabond-Vanguard-Gold Knight (Sword/Lance on promotion) (Cavalry) Gallant- Duke Knight-Silver Knight(Lance/ Axe on promo)(Cavalry) Cavalry- Great Knight-Ruby Knight (Axe/ Hammer on promo) (Armored/Cavalry) Sentry-Cataphract-Sapphire Knight (Hammer/Sword on promo) (Armored/Cavalry) Nomad- Conquistador-Emerald Knight (Bow/Crossbow on Promo) (Cavalry) Pegasus Knight-Pegasus lord-Falconer (Lance then Sword) (Flying) Bird Knight- Bird Lord-Wing Master (Sword then Hammer) (Flying) Dragon Rider- Dragon Lord-Drake Master (Axe then Lance) (Dragon) Griffin rider-Griffin Lord-Griffith (Hammer then Axe) (Flying) Kinshi Knight -Phoenix Rider- Phoenix Knight (Crossbow then Bow) (Flying) Mage Rider-Mage Knight-Mage Lord(Elemental) (Mage/Cavalry) Fist Fighters: Monk-Master-Black Belt (Fists) (Infantry) Brute-Savage-Cheap Trick (Claws) (Infantry) Newbies. Each class can promote to either of the respective weapon type: Squire (Sword) (Infantry) Recruit (Lance) (Infantry) Journeyman (Axe) (Infantry) Fledgling (Hammer) (Infantry) Scoundrel (Dagger) (Infantry) Fletcher (Bow/Crossbow) (Infantry) Little Gunner (Firearm) (Infantry) Pupil (Magic) (Mage) Medic (Heal) (Mage) If you have any sort of questions or name suggestions for classes (cause i'm not so great at naming stuff) please let me know. ?
  3. Is it possible for the hack to have its own sort of option menu to change the randomizer settings? like changing the range of the growth rates, the ability to also randomize items, etc.
  4. It's like a Christmas gift! I've been waiting months for this hack to release a demo :)
  5. maybe a way for you to add more weapon and magic types? as well as a way to edit the weapon and magic triangle to more complex shapes?
  6. Patching doesnt seem to work on both tsukuyomi and Nups. Ignoring the error doesnt apply the changes you made.
  7. Pretty good so far, although i do have 2 questions: 1.The rapier gives a strength boost of 5? seems rather extreme, don't you think. 2.How come Mirage has a base health of 13? That is way too low for a thief, especially a lord.
  8. nice, will she have dialogue when she gets introduced?
  9. That looks nice, will she have her own promoted class too? if so, will she use a heaven seal or something else?
  10. Will you replace Lyn with her or will the new character fight alongside Lyn and the others?
  11. Ah, skipped over his text cause i assumed that there were no text/story changes yet
  12. Alright! Main reason why i brought it up was because i wasn't sure where would the changes stop appearing in the first demo
  13. Why is Chapter 7x just blank completely? the map itself is a blank open space with no design.
  14. Alright Understandable, though i do want a playable soldier. Do you plan on changing one of the characters as a soldier?
  15. 1) Will as a ballistican seems nice, high stat caps in exchange for terrible speed and movement and all that. It looks like fun though! 2) How come Sain is a soldier? I do love a playable soldier class but why sain specifically? would his growths be changed slightly or drastically since hes supposed to be in the Abel and Cain archetype? regardless, i'm starting to get interested in trying out this hack.
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