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  1. You forgot FE4 Quan by the way. (And technically Gunter from Fates but I feel like he doesn't really count because he leaves after 2 maps)
  2. I don't know anything about romhacking really, but this could be the thing that gets me into it finally.
  3. Sorry it took me awhile to get to this, was busy yesterday because of my sister's wedding but now I have some pictures so I can show what happened for me. Figuring this out is probably the most important thing right now because in a perfect save file you have to S-support with everyone simultaneously. So here are my save files In file 3 I cleared the game from file 4 on Golden Deer as a male and S-ranked Sothis. Some other things to note about this file was that I recruited all the faculty/knights and I recruited Petra, Ingrid, Annette, Mercedes, and Felix. I also maxed all supports between all of my characters except Byleth x Rhea. New game plus using file 3 as a male in the Blue Lions unsurprisingly, the support levels are exactly as I left them. No S supports are available because I married Sothis. New game plus using file 3 as a female in the Blue Lions So the supports are just as I left them, but for some reason I can S-support all the males of the Golden Deer (Claude included but since this is BL he isn't shown) as well as Cyril. That's a total of 5 characters but everyone else says they're only unlocking 1. I would suppose that support levels have something to do with it, I'll get to my theory about that later. Now for file 5. In file 5 I cleared the game from file 4 on Golden Deer as a male and S-ranked Merecedes (I know I said I did Hilda but I deleted that file and tried again with Mercedes from the same file, same results though.) Other details are the same as file 3. I then cleared the game on New game + (GD again) as a female and S-ranked Seteth. Some other things to note are that I ignored non-Byleth supports, I didn't recruit anyone, and I maxed Byleth supports with Hilda, Lysithea, Marianne, Leonie, Flayn, and Seteth, but ignored the other guys. New game plus using file 5 as a male in the Blue Lions Nothing interesting here, Mercedes is S-rankable because that's who I S-ranked in the first playthrough. I was disappointed to find this out because I was hoping the GD girls would all be available, but that didn't work out. I guess I did something wrong. New game plus using file 5 as a female in the Blue Lions Nothing interesting here either, it's the same as file 3 female but with Seteth added because I S-ranked him. As you can see, I tested A ranking with the females to see if that would allow M!Byleth to S-rank them but that didn't work out. It also wouldn't explain why F!Byleth couldn't S rank Felix, Alois, Hanneman, or Seteth the first time. What I might have done wrong was that I was supposed to support the male students to unlock the female students but that wouldn't explain why I unlocked Cyril and wouldn't make any sense with the Blue Lions which have an uneven male to female ratio. The next idea I want to test would be to see if what I need to do is grind support points past A rank to a certain degree and that might unlock the S supports for the opposite gender. Claude, Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, and Cyril were all characters I used a lot and already had A support with before I reached the end of the game. Felix, Alois, Hanneman, and Seteth were barely used and I had to go out of my way to spam gifts at them at the end of the game to get their A supports. Maybe I had earned a certain amount of support points after reaching A rank to unlock the S support on new game plus? On my second playthrough for file 5 I had soloed the game with Falcon Knight Byleth and spammed gifts at the end to get the girls and Seteth to A rank, but maybe if I pumped even more support points into them I could've been able to S support them in my next playthrough. It will be a little while before I test this stuff some more because I'm going to play Blue Lions next and it will be my first time so I won't be skipping the text, but I'll try this idea when I reach the end.
  4. It's really obvious that the reason that Sothis and Rhea are S-rankable regardless of Byleth's gender is because they are NPC characters that can only support with Byleth. They're a special case. Putting those two aside it's 3 to 3 which is equal.
  5. I was referring specifically to using the new game + features to increase support levels. You can still support any character the normal way. Hilda was the only character I could boost immediately to S rank using renown, in fact, I could use this to get the S rank support bonuses with Hilda unlocked without marrying her and then choose someone else to marry.
  6. I just double-checked this and it was actually a mistake on my part, sorry about that. I'll fix it in the OP.
  7. You only get the mastery skills, you can't become that class. You still have to certify normally. It won't let you master dancer until you unlock it, not that special dance would be useful at all. You can, in fact, get the mastery skills for dark mage and dark bishop on everyone even though the seals are limited (You can't get around the limit with online features either, maybe dlc can remove it) so while the dark mage and dark bishop classes are limited, the poison strike and lifetaker skills are not.
  8. I tested this with the Failnaught (Claude's Relic Weapon), Lorenz (Bears the Minor Crest of Gloucester), Ignatz (Bears no crest), the Star Dragon Sign (Bestows the Crest of Riegan, Claude's crest), and the Craft Dragon Sign (Bestows the crest of Gloucester, Lorenz's crest) Note that the Signs do not have to be equipped, just in the character's inventory. Here is what I found: - Claude can use the Failnaught without taking damage and use the Fallen Star combat art without the Star Dragon Sign. - Lorenz can use the Failnaught without taking damage but cannot use the Fallen Star combat art without the Star Dragon Sign. - Lorenz can use the Failnaught without taking damage and use the Fallen Star combat art if he has the the Star Dragon Sign. - Ignatz can use the Failnaught but will take damage after combat and cannot use the Fallen Star combat art when he doesn't have the Star Dragon Sign. - Ignatz can use the Failnaught without taking damage but cannot use the Fallen Star combat art if he has the Craft Dragon Sign. - Ignatz can use the Failnaught without taking damage and use the Fallen Star combat art if he has the the Star Dragon Sign. So basically having any crest protects you from the damage after combat, having the proper crest allows you to use the unique combat art, and having a crest sign in your inventory functions the same as having the crest naturally. This is actually really cool and allows you to do some unique stuff. Marianne for example gets the Blutgang, a sword, as her Relic weapon but the player might not have trained her to use swords, especially with her rather low physical stats (base 5 and 20% growth for strength and base 4 and 15% growth in defense). With this, the player could use a sign that grants Marianne's Crest to someone like Ignatz who fits well into the assassin class and then he could use the Blutgang without any penalties, combat art included.
  9. I'm certain that it pulls from your full support log and not just your clear data, but I wouldn't be surprised if it only checks which supports you unlocked when you first start the game. Only Ashe and Mercedes got their S supports immediately available for F!Byleth? Not Felix or Sylvain? For me it was all the dudes from the Golden Deer but didn't work with Felix who I had recruited. If I had to guess why it would be that you have to A rank with them first in order to unlock the S rank for purchase because I had max supports with everyone.
  10. Obviously we would be playing on normal so if we get to month 11 and we don't have enough charm on that character we can just grind them until they get it.
  11. They are the same, but I still have to unlock them because they are listed as different conversations in the support log. It also just occurred to me that dark mage and dark bishop pose a similar problem. I think there was about 6 dark seals in the GD path. Not to mention anyone can become that. Not just students. As long as I get each character dancer run to also do dark mage and bishop too it shouldn't add much at all. I can probably squeeze in doing both a student and one faculty/knight character in the same run so I wouldn't have to do extra runs for them. I'm also really dumb for forgetting casual mode exists. I was planning on doing Normal/Classic for all this like an idiot. Casual should speed up the maps that I actually have to do by quite a bit. I honestly have no idea how long one of these runs will take. I guess I'll just have to try a Claude run and see for myself.
  12. Hello everyone, I just completed my first run of the game, I played Golden Deer and it took a little over 100 hours because I spent some time grinding supports, class masteries, and 2 to 5 S+ ranks for each character. I have the end goal of 100% completion but the way the New Game + Mechanics are set up has me very confused. Here is what I believe 100% Completion would require: - Completed music, movie, and event galleries (Playing through the game on each route should do the trick here) - A completed support log (Easy, I just gotta play each route once, recruiting all the characters, and grinding supports at the end. I can spend renown to get the F!Byleth supports without playing as her too but it might not work for F!Byleth and Sothis S Support.) - All four saint statues maxed. (These carry over into each New Game + playthough, I should have this finished in either the second or third playthough.) - 4 "Perfect" Save files, one per route, with all quests and paralogues cleared, all characters recruited, all classes certified and mastered for all characters, and all their skills at S+, and all supports maxed out. Probably at level 99 too. (Wow, that ones going to be a bit of a problem. Well actually, not a problem, just a ton of grinding.) Please let me know if I missed something somehow. So at first it seems like the plan is to play each of the routes once as a Male, then play any route of my choice as a Female and makes sure to save up lots of renown, and then branch that clear data into four different saves, once for each route, in which I max every character. That should take 9 playthroughs, a sizeable amount, but by no means impossible, but the new game + options are strange and might change this. First, the Support Ranks The Support Rank feature let's you spend renown to automatically gain supports between characters without progressing through the game, but it's pretty odd. For one, the support levels I can force rank up with renown seem to ignore the normal restrictions based on progress through the game as well as the normal 1 S support only limit. Nothing to complicated there. Also, it appears that the support levels come from your support log, and not specifically from that specific clear data, makes sense as well. (This is actually incorrect, sorry for the confusion) The only character I could S support on new game + as Male Byleth was Hilda, which makes since because she was the only S rank in my support log. The weird thing was when I had tried my clear data as female Byleth. I could force rank up all the way to S rank with Claude, Raphael, Ignatz, and Lorenz, but only up to A rank with Felix and Mercedes who I had recruited. It's weird that I can now S rank with any of them considering I was playing as Male Byleth when I cleared the game. Forcing these supports with renown actually unlocked the support conversations so it turns out I don't have to play the whole Golden Deer route as F!Byleth just to get her support with Claude. I should be able to play each route once as M!Byleth and then after that start up as F!Byleth and just spam renown to complete her entire support log without actually beat a route with her. (Might have to do it once for the Sothis S support, doesn't look like I can do that one with renown, but not a super big deal.) The way it works seems super weird, but I think it will work out well for completing the support log for Female Byleth. I have no idea how many playthrough's it will take to clear the supports. Second, Class Mastery This feature let's you master a class immediately at the cost of renown, you can use it to immediately master Byleth's unique class and get it's mastery skill before the mock battle at the beginning of the game. Pretty neat, but it only works with classes that a character mastered from your clear data, it doesn't have a general pool from all your save files. (Skill levels and supports are the same in that regard.) But I noticed something that could become a problem. Looking through the possible classes I can master for each character, only Annette has access to dancer. In order to 100% the game, every character should have the dancer class in their list. You can only unlock dancer for one character per playthrough though, and it has to be all in one continuous new game + steak because it doesn't take the classes from your other saves. That would mean you would have to beat the game 8 students times 3 houses plus 1 for Flayn = 25 times just to get the dancer class listed in the classes available to master for each character. Wow. So, do I play the game 29 times? Or should I not count the dancer class at all because only 1 character can become it anyways? It would be weird if Mercedes was a dancer and whenever I looked at Annette's classes to master with renown I see dancer there even though I can't select it at all but for the other characters it doesn't show up at all. That doesn't feel like a "Perfect" save file to me, but it's also adding over 3 times more work in an already huge game just to add a greyed out option in a menu. What do you guys think about this dilemma?
  13. On the level up menu, Skill and Speed are right next to each other. You'll also notice they've committed to have a 3 letter abbreviation for every stat on the level up menu. Skl looks stupid and could cause some confusion being right next to Spd and I think Dex looks a lot better and clearer.
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