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  1. rh0symedre

    Ruruo's Art

    Your Corrin looks very good! Although it looks a tad rough now, if you keep practicing your shading style, you can have something very good coming along! Keep up the great work, I'll be looking forward to see more of what you can do.
  2. Update: Marth First Official Character
  3. Yeah, I used to make splices but I didn't like how they looked, and since i'm an artist anyway i figured i could pull of custom sprites.
  4. Yes, they were both made from scratch.
  5. Now that I'm back into the groove, I figured I should start posting some of the work I've completed. Characters can be seen in my art gallery Here. Original Characters: Fire Emblem Characters:
  6. Hello! Welcome to my topic for my art, specifically character designs from an old ROM hack idea, as well as any other main series Fire Emblem art, should I decide to post any. Enjoy! (To see more art, as well see updates about projects, leave character suggestions, and attend occasional live streams, follow my art blog here: http://keldeart.tumblr.com/ ) Fire Emblem X Pokemon Main Series Fire Emblem Other Art
  7. Yes, a lot of people have been advising me to use tonics, though I haven't been doing so. If this run ends in failure, I'll buy some to test it out! Thanks for all of the advice! Hopefully I can get past the chapter soon enough lmao
  8. Yeah, thankfully she's been putting in a lot of work, so I'm not really regretting the decision. Also, Female.
  9. I've been switching around the units. My current run has everybody except for Arthur. I also reclassed Mozu to an archer. I meant to just test that out and change it depending on if I liked it or not, but instinctively saved, so I'm stuck with that now. Yes, I've been using Camilla the entire time, though it was only until a few tries ago that I started sending her off to the right to handle the Sky Knights. Sorry about that. Probably should have listed that from the beginning, haha. I'll edit the original post.
  10. I've been working on this chapter for 3 or 4 days with no success. I've come close only a few times, and even then it was barely on the edge. Can anyone possibly give some help? I've looked up multiple videos and guides on the chapter, but to no avail. EDIT: Current Team Mozume - LV 4 (reclassed to Archer) Jakob - LV 11 Effie - LV 11 MU - LV 12 Azura - LV 4 Elise - LV 10 Odin - LV 6 Nyx - LV 10 Silas - LV 9 Zero - LV 12 The three recruits also involved.
  11. I had thought of doing that before. I'll get to work on it sometime soon. Thanks.
  12. Hello, all! I'm nicktiger217 and this is my ROM hack plan for Fire Emblem: Swords of Justice! What is this? This is a FE7 ROM hack featuring Pokémon gijinkas as the characters. A brief explanation of the current plan is set below: The main plot focuses around a small group of heroes keeping peace across the land. They are Cobalion, Virizion, Terakkion, and Keldeo as their underling. Suddenly, two conflicts occur. The demon Giratina being summoned and the rise of Nidoking's nation. They group will meet the eeveelutions; Gardevoir and Gallade, heirs to the throne held by their deceased father; and a thief, Nuzleaf. Flareon will probably be a villian. Darkrai could be recruitable, but more than likely not. Each generic class design will be based of a single mon. The Prologue will introduce Keldeo, Cobalion, and probably Virizion and Terrakion as well. The first chapter will be Keldeo and Cobalion vs. generic brigands. Chapter two will introduce Virizion, Terrakion, and nidosoldiers. Characters: As mentioned above, the characters are to be Pokémon gijinkas. The current planned characters are below: Name - Class - Sprite Progress Character List: 1. Keldeo - lord - Not Done 2. Cobalion - cavalier - Done 3. Virizion - myrmidon - Done 4. Terrakion - fighter/knight - Not Done 5. Gardevoir - mage - Done 6. Gallade - myrmidon - Done 7. Eeevee - trainee - Not Done 8. Vaporeon - mage - Not Done 9. Jolteon - mage - Not Done 10. Espeon - priest - Not Done 11. Umbreon - dark mage - Not Done 12. Leafeon - ??? - Not Done 13. Glaceon - ??? - Not Done 15. Sylveon - Pegasus Knight (?) - Not Done 16. Nuzleaf - Thief - Not Done 17. Golurk - Knight - Not Done 18. Darkrai (?) - Done 19. Absol - ??? - Not Done Anymore 20. Lucario - Myrmidon - Not Done 21. Ho-oh - Sage - Nearly There Villian List: 1. Giratina - ??? - Not Done 1a. Darkrai (?) - Done 2. Nidoking - ??? - Not Done 2a. Pangoro - ??? - Not Done 2b. Tyranitar - ??? - Not Done 3. Flareon - ??? - Not Done 4. Arceus - Arceus - Done I am willing to listen to any ideas for the hack, including characters and story ideas. If you want to share a character, include who they are as well as a class you think would fit. Thank you for reading my post. I hope you all look forward to the game. -- My Sprite Collection
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