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  1. I could see Lilina getting an axe class for the memes but more realistically she would get troubadour or armor knight or something like that.
  2. I don't particularly care what the protagonist is but I would like to see more dragons. It seems like you rarely see dragons that aren't generic enemies in this series and they almost never have a functioning society. I want to see a Fire Emblem world where dragons are the majority. Rather than taking human form most of the time they would remain in their true dragon form. I don't care whether the dragons are good or evil. I just want to see a Fire Emblem setting with dragons at their peak.
  3. Could just be protected by dark magic like Gharnef. Just in this case the counter to that magic takes more time.
  4. That's Sure Strike. It's a skill the sniper class has. It has a % chance of triggering equal to the unit's level(the sniper's, not the enemy unit's) and guarantees a hit regardless of your chance to hit. If Innes is level 20, he gets 20% chance to ignore hit chance and hit anyway. Some other classes have skills like this one. Generals have a chance to take no damage on a hit, Wyvern knights have a chance to ignore enemy defense, and Assassins have a chance to outright kill a unit.
  5. How should I use stat boosters? I've never actually used them in this game. Should I give them to whoever has the lowest of whichever stat?
  6. Done. I got another from a house in chapter 15. I'll probably use it on chrom if no one tells me otherwise. Oh and Virion makes for a pretty good mage.
  7. Everyone who hasn't sealed yet is 20. I used one on Cordelia and the other on Lon'qu because I needed someone to open the chests in chapter 14. I've got two more seals though so I should use those now. Robin, Chrom, Tharja, and Vaike are the only ones not yet sealed. Chrom probably needs it the most but if I reclass him he can't use a rapier anymore so I'd have to sell the ones I have. Tharja would suffer the most from reclassing. Vaike would be almost unchanged and Robin wouldn't be any worse but not any better either, just different. He can probably wait though because veteran will allow him to catch up quickly.
  8. I used it on Lissa. I'm on chapter 14 now and just made Virion a mage. I picked up 2 extra second seals from merchants. Who should I reclass next? I'm thinking maybe Cordelia and Robin or Chrom.
  9. Got a bit of extra exp from killing risen that kept appearing on the map so my units might be a little over leveled. I'm about to start chapter 8 now. Who should get the second seal? Here are the levels of the units Virion lv 14 Chrom lv 15 Vaike lv 15 Cordelia lv 18 Robin lv 16 Lissa lv 15 Lon'qu lv 16 If no one tells me to use it on someone else I'll probably use it on virion. Edit: Or Cordelia because she's so close to 20.
  10. Chrom can be a bow knight. Don't care how you get there.
  11. Got a secret book from protecting a merchant at the longfort.
  12. I haven't been using miriel so her tome rank was still at E but I got her to D by the end of the chapter. I think I might get the renown second seal and use it on fred since he just hit level five.
  13. I'm on chapter 5 now. I'm not sure if I should just let Ricken and Maribelle die since I'm not using them anyway or if I should rescue them. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks now I can start. I'll post updates on chapters anything particularly postworthy happens...which means I probably won't post many updates. Sniper Tharja tho
  15. Thanks. Sorry it it took me a while to reply. You assumed right. The three changes don't include the initial class. Now all that's left is one open slot and I still need a path for Tharja.
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