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  1. Tasha left to speak with the Evokers and the cart quickly stopped, giving Alvira a moment to stretch and squirm her way out of the cart. She continued stretching her tired arms as she wandered towards the conversation with the town guards and Tio, glancing between them and her, then Elisa, then Tasha still poking her head out of the front of the wagon. She was fine with whatever the boss wanted to do, whether that was looking around for whatever Liste had to offer, or resting and bathing as soon as possible. She shrugged, arms folded, tail wagging slowly. Sixteen felt the cart stop and immediately rolled over, a sheet of sweat dropping onto the floor of the wagon and making a small puddle. "We've arrived?" Sixteen crawled over to Alriana, slowly prodding her sister in the arm. "I think we're finally here, Alriana. Should we find a cold place to wash off? Something to get away from the heat." Ingverd guided their wagon of supplies up next to the main one, hopping off to also listen in to the conversation with these guards. "Tio, Elisa, shall I accompany you? I don't have any relations to this, Sarasin, but if there's anything I should be hearing; any information I should be privy too, it might save us an extra talk if I'm simply present from the outset... If not, I'll keep to the Tigers and make sure they don't get into any trouble~"
  2. Nessraya's magic contacted the crumpled body of the construct, but no magic could be siphoned from its barely shifting form. Whatever magics had created them were quite protective while they were disabled... Perhaps an attempt while they were functional would prove effective. (I'll do Seilan's roll later) Lucille is having a terrible day! 4,8(96) Critical! 24 damage The runesword activates! 47,49 Near miss! Lucille casts again! 51,43(56) 8 damage! Lucille gains 11 exp!
  3. Alvira couldn't help noticing Tio's staring into the ice, like she was trying to formulate how this functioned. "I wish I could tell you more about my magic, Tio, but it's been like this ever since the storm... Fire was pretty easy to control too, but not like this.. Do let me know if you come up with something, though. It's definitely curious." She smirked and slipped back into the wagon to tell Tasha what was going on, wishing she wasn't so confusing. Even the Evokers don't know what's up with this ice... How frustrating. Alvira put that thought aside for now and slid back up to Tasha, squeezing her arm. "They need you up front, hun. Gotta fill you in on what's going on... And they told me that Liste doesn't have much to do, but the inn has a nice bath... Shall we go for a round two?" "... For free?" Sixteen was hesitant, an arm outstretched, but it flinched back for a moment. This was still a human, one that was being nice at the moment, but... "Mmm..." The thought of being able to help or protect Alriana with her full capabilities crossed her mind and she snatched the tome, hugging it against her chest. "Th, Thank you... Syndra."
  4. "Mmm?" Sixteen tilted her head to see Syndra, looking at her upside down from her laid down position on the wagon's floor. "I don't have any belongings. I can cast magic if you let me have a tome, but all I own now are the clothes I'm wearing, courtesy of my loving sister. They're nice clothes! But nice clothes won't cast life saving spells." It was a lot easier to talk to the human that she'd expected. Maybe it was because they were both sitting still and Syndra was occupied with her casting...
  5. They schmove! Lavinia moves over to 43,41 "I don't like the look of that sword. Be careful!" Enemy Phase/Turn 4! Construct #1 strikes at Bladen! Roll: 40,47 4 damage! Bladen swings back Roll: 86,33(73) 8 damage! The construct crumbles from their long battle. Bladen gains +27 exp, +2 sword wexp Bladen levels! level 17 9 52 19 99 25 82 46 56 +HP/Str/Spd Construct #2 raises its blade and a blast of dark magic swarms Marina! Roll: 6,52 19 damage! The blast swiftly collected back onto the construct, any wear and tear that it had accrued over time suddenly disappearing... "Marina!" Lavinia couldn't do anything but retrieve her staff, ready to heal the girl. "That's a runesword, damn... It contains a nosferatu spell. Gabriela, you should be most effective against it. I'll tend to Marina..." Construct #3 is repairing Construct #4 moves Construct #5 is repairing Construct #6 is repairing Construct #7 is repairing Construct #9 is repairing Constrict #10 creaks, cracks, and snaps back to its feet! Blade raised, it charges after Nessraya! Construct #11 is repairing Construct #12 moves... Construct #13 is repairing. ??? Is standing at the ready, combat systems repairing... Player Phase/Turn 5!
  6. Pchoo Roll: 80,72 "Stop runnninnnnnnnnnnnn, nn..." Nisha gains +34 exp, +2 bow wexp
  7. Gabriela flies over and crashes light magic into the construct! Roll1: 41,98(59) 11 damage Roll2: 67,9(18) Critical! 33 damage! "Hecate is-- Ghghrhrhfzhznghgn..." The construct is cut short by the powerful blast! Gabriela gains +37 exp, +3 light wexp! Level up! Level 14 18 30 21 87 90 38 35 12 +HP/Mag/Def/Res Ayane Vulns herself +10 hp Susan rallies heart! The irony! llvira vulns herself +10 hp Seilan scoots up Then it scooped up as Jade scoots further, to 4,39 Nash takes the mage band and drops the man off Xalrei rushes forward and stabs the construct! Hrmmm!? Requiem suddenly echoed in her mind! Xalrei, what is this being's magic...!? Roll1: 69,39 18 damage! "Repairs finishes, course corrected. Attacking." Roll: 35,18 Hit! 14 damage! Tundyssa becomes tempered! Roll2: 11,29 Critical! 60 damage! Tundyssa gains +17 exp, +3 lance wexp Tundyssa loses 6 hp "Error, repair... air... air... airrrrrrhhhh..." This time, with Requiem's blade piercing the machine, the construct seemed to fall dormant, parts not moving to fix themselves like they had previously. Requiem's voice shot into Tundyssa's mind once more. Xalrei, what was that? Where are we? This place is abundant with magic, but it is old-- Why do I know that it's old...? It is old... I could use it, but how, I need more-- Slay them with me, as you would anything living! Slay them! SLAY THEM! I require this magic, I need it, XALREI-- The ever growing aggressive voice of her weapon snapped out of her mind, silence returning to her, other than the sound of her own heavy breathing and the din of battle from around the corner. Requiem gains +3 kills~ Construct #8 ceases to function. Sollowy plinks an arrow at the construct Roll: 79,7 Critical! More than a plink! 27 damage! Sollowy gains +11 exp, +1 bow wexp Ember punches the door! The slabs open with the force of her large fists! Inside the room was stillness and a lot of dust. The force of the door's opening had sent up a wave of it, partially obscuring sight for but a moment, but as it settled once again... Ember could make out the shapes of two objects. A sword, sheathed, laid against the stonework at the back of the room... And a staff-like container, housing a red sphere atop it. It appeared translucent, but whatever was inside of it was too far away to make out. Whatever this construct was, it was moving now. Thesephine adopted a fighting stance once more, fear readily in her mind. "We... We fell in here. The ground above cracked and we tumbled down... I thought most of us would've died, but aside from some sore bodies, it seems, so far, we're all... Fine, to a degree." That woman they'd spotted had just come around the corner, Ayane peaking into the room as well. That lent credence to her theory that people were fine; Suki and Ayane couldn't fly, so they had to have made it down here some other way. Asami watched the woman chant, recognized the spell, and was about to duck for cover in terror... When nothing came. She growled, frowning at the Gazer. "What do you think you're doing, casting something like that so close to us!? If you want our help getting out of here, we need to be in one piece, you idiot! Ugh... I don't know what's happened to you. I'm missing too many pieces to put this together, so calm down and be bloody patient..." Tenna ran over to Tundyssa once again, swallowing hard. Her throat was dry and her anxiety was spiking, but whatever the dragon had done with her weapon seemed to have completely taken that machine out of action. "S-Stay still... I've still got you." Tenna Mends Tundyssa +18 hp Tenna did her best to use a stronger spell to heal the dragon, gasping and struggling a little. Her leylines were still fighting against the human's magic, even if it was slowly starting to work. "Hhh... D-Dyssa... You really, h, have to let me in, geez..."
  8. Alvira couldn't help catching Tasha's words, flushing profusely. Elisa's display with the ice didn't help matters, her eyes going wide and staring for a hot second before catching herself and looking away. The Evokers were attractive, for sure, but she had Tasha. The embarrassment was more that she'd been so brazen in front of someone that wasn't her wife. "I... uh... You know I'm still here, right...?" She probably didn't care. "Mmm... Yeah, I suppose that would work. Maybe find some pretty decent water containers and they can use them as icepacks, until the ice melts and then they can drink it. Double cool off~" She smiled, pleased with her idea... But something Elisa had said wanted to make her show off. "Heh. You think that's rare? Watch this~" Alvira leaned into the front of the wagon further, aiming her hand towards the sky and towards the left of the cart. She fired off a brick of ice. Then another. Another. Several, going past ten, not even breaking a single drop of sweat, not seeming bothered in the slightest. "It doesn't strain me in the slightest. I can basically do this forever... Or at least, I've yet to find a limit. Whatever that storm did to me fucked me up good, but at least this is useful. Especially for here." She smiled, hoping it was at least impressive. "The only draw back is I can..." She formed another chunk in her hand, a square about as big as her head. "I can only do this sort of shape. Squares, rectangles, all with rounded edges. Can't even do something super stabby. Been trying to get a better handle on the shaping, but... It's been no good ever since I gained this power." She set the cube down between the Evokers, leaning back some. "Well! Good to know everything is fine, at least..."
  9. "A gift, then," Alvira said with a smirk, leaving some more ice up front for the Evokers. She was sure Elisa, being an anima mage, could do something similar, but it didn't tax her in any way, so why not? "If you need help talking with the guy, you can ask any of us... Probably not me; you know I don't have that great a way with words, Tio. Still! Tigers here, at your service... What does this town have for show, anyway? And er, what's it's name, again...? I don't know much about Hecatia." She'd taken a boat directly from Lufiria to Glacies when she left, as the country hadn't been closed at the time, so all this land crossing was new to her. "Oh, oh, and, where would you say it's gonna get warmest? So I can prepare some stuff for the group. As far as I know, Syndra can't toss her ice around as freely as I can, so I figured I should be on top of things for the future. Maybe some sort of magic containment chamber so the ice doesn't melt..." Sixteen gave a confused look at Miria, shifting just a little. "Why do you think Aly and I are trying to stay as still as we can? It's so the sweat doesn't just run off of us... It's cooling me plenty right now, I just can't move." She sighed, grumbling a little, almost in unison with her sister's huff, though for a very different reason. "I'll get some water when we stop moving... Maybe this place has a shower that I can turn to cold and sit in for a while." Her tail flicked slightly, listening to Tanya's words. "Mmm, good... More people to hide behind. I like that~"
  10. Sixteen flinched as the other, other human in the wagon addressed her, glancing at her with wide eyes for a moment as they slowly narrowed a little. It's going to take a lot of effort to not snap at these humans... Ugh... I don't wanna stone any of them and cause a panic, but laying here, so defenceless, is making it really, really difficult. She took a deep breath, trying to figure out a way to reply to Miria. "I'm... I'm doing okay. Cinaed is really nice. He's big and good to talk to, doesn't seem bothered by what I am at all... He also offered to be family, so I guess it is a common thing around here... Anyway, he's nice. So is Aegean. So is Alriana, of course! She's the best~" Talking about her sister got the most honest emotions out of Sixteen, her whole face lighting up for a smile-- her two overly sharp fangs on prominent display. "I haven't spoken with everyone, especially not the humans. It's really taking a lot out of me to keep talking to you all without panicking... I guess you're pretty lucky it's so warm; I don't have the spare energy to freak out. Gotta stay still or I'll lose all this sweat and just get warm again..." True to her word, Sixteen's skin was slowly beginning to get covered with tiny beads of sweat, but as she breathed against the floor of the wagon, her body raising slightly, the most angled beads instantly slid off of her skin, dripping onto the wagon. The weird part was there wasn't so much as a streak of liquid on her skin, almost like her entire body was hydrophobic. "So frustrating... They made us warm blooded, so we sweat to cool, but they made us so slick that it can't even stay on us. Terrible mechanism for a creature you want moving quickly all the time... Can't operate in a warm environment or we'd just overheat... Mrrrhhh..."
  11. Alvira had been about to comment on Nyx's and Lani's observations, but Natalya was suddenly very interesting and fun to watch! Her eyes zeroed in on the motion, wide, watching them rise and fall as her arms pushed them up and back down again. She was genuinely almost drooling. "Uh. Yeah. Tasha is fantastic." Alvira shook her head and blinked several times, coming out of her lust driven stupor, before glancing at Nyx and then Lani with a nervous giggle. "Ah... Uh... Well. N... Tasha's just, been very good to me. Since we met... And we had a moment back in Eibar, which... Well... I'm gonna be doing my best to live up to her. She's a wonderful woman that does so much for so many people... I... Only hope I can provide her something she needs as well." A bit of a melancholic sentiment, but Alvira meant it all literally. Her tone was hopeful, not sullen; the bright smile on her face helped to guide her words towards a positive future instead of someone in above her head. Now, that situation momentarily resolved, there had been the bonk that had come from the front of the carriage. She'd ignored it, wondering if anyone else was going to check on what it had been, but no one had... I guess I should peek over at the Evokers and see what's up. "Hun, I'm gonna be right back. I hope this offering of ice is a suitable replacement until I get back." One would, perhaps, expect linking arms with Alvira in the middle of such a warm day to be even further taxing, but the dragon's control and comfort with heat allowed her to absorb a level of the surrounding temperature in the air. It was definitely at least five degrees cooler next to the dragon than not, something Alvira was quite conscious of and hoping Natalya appreciated. Slowly unlinking herself from her boss and lover, she crawled on her knees towards the front of the wagon-- leaving the promised ice where she'd been sitting. "Heyyyy... Someone hit something? There was a pretty loud thud... Everything okay, Tio?"
  12. The others humans were beginning to wake up, leaving Sixteen a little tense. The one creating the ice seemed nice enough, so she'd managed to calm down and remain laid where she was, despite her heart rate increasing. She glanced at the feline Clouded and furrowed her brow in confusion. "Aren't families something that develop over time? We aren't even friends yet, from what I've been told about how relationships develop. Are all the people in this group weird like this?" She couldn't understand how someone could so brazenly offer to be someone's family, not without ulterior motives or some warped sense of how relationships were meant to grow. Del had taught her and he was incredibly smart! Smart enough to be creating life, so clearly he knew better. "Ah... Y-Yes. Thank you, for... For the magic. Miss S-Syndra." Alriana had told her everyone's names as they travelled so she could properly reply to people when it mattered. The other human waking up was talking about the spells being appreciated too; it seemed that everyone except for the fire dragons, from what Sixteen had seen earlier, were really bad about this encroaching heat. Alriana's issues at least made sense, based on what she was made up from... "Mmm... I wish my magic could help... But I don't think a flux spell is going to cool anyone off. I can't gravity the heat away..."
  13. "Why is everyone so interested in trying to be my family? You and Cinaed both, we just met." Sixteen rolled onto her back at her current distance to Syndra, trying to stay as still as she could like Alriana had instructed. "My only family is Aly. No one else survived, definitely. Well, maybe Grelbiria, because she took Aly before it all happened, but no one else could've made it away from mister black hair. He was pretty terrifying!" She smiled a little, weirdly melancholy about the whole thing. On the one hand, it was impressive that he'd managed to kill so many of them so effortlessly. On the other, hand, she'd definitely cared a lot about Del. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly thinking about him; he was the only one that she'd had such an emotional attachment to at the time.
  14. "Heheh~ Hey, you asked for... It...?" Terrible nickname aside, Nyx going to lick the ice was a little embarrassing. Alvira sighed and conjured up some more ice, tossing it at her feet, shaking her head. "Nyx, you just had to ask, you know? This doesn't tax me in any way... Heck, I could conjure up something as big as the wagon if you gave me enough time. Without a single drop of sweat~" For once, confident in her ice magic, Alvira spun another chunk of ice around, setting it down on the wagon's floor for anyone to have. "I'm surprised that you're all sweating so much, though... This is a really cozy temperature. You should feel how some of the summers got back in Lufiria with all the magic storms going on... If I wasn't a fire dragon, I'd have died for sure~" She seemed rather unbothered by that fact, like it was just a part of life there. Sixteen whined, but stopped rolling about, giving her sister a glance... She didn't know why they were all forced to wear clothes aside from some standards set by the humans, but she didn't want to get into trouble. It was uncomfortable enough already... "Mmhnn, I'm doing poorly..." She sighed, giving the cat girl present a glance, letting out another quiet whine. "Yes... Alriana is my sister, in a matter of speaking." They didn't have mothers, as far as she was concerned, so they were family in a very scientific sense. "No. As far as I'm aware, all of our other brothers and sisters are dead." She didn't bat an eye saying that, a cold fact that she didn't quite seem bothered by. Not at the moment, anyway. "So unless any of them escaped like I did, which I find doubtful, considering my skillset was the only reason I did... There shouldn't be any other surprises." She nodded, sighing... Suddenly, a breeze. A cold wind. Sixteen's eyes snapped to the human in the corner of the wagon, casting ice magic to keep herself cool... The problem was that it was a human. Sixteen glanced at Cinaed, then Alriana, then back at the woman... Swallowing hard. Slowly, quietly, she crawled towards her, trying to get close enough to feel the cooling effect of the magic without upsetting herself to the point of snapping at her and doing something that would cause problems... "Hh... H-Hello..." It would at least be better to alert her to the sudden incoming presence than surprise her.
  15. Alvira had been about to quietly create some ice for the whining Aegean, but when the woman suggested she could chuck it at her instead, a mischievous smile spread onto the dragon's face. In the blink of an eye, a brick of ice was formed, shooting off into Gean's gut without another word. Solid, cold, and despite the slight gut punch, likely welcome ice. "Consider it chucked~ Hope it helps you cool off... I guess I should've made some for everyone, but this isn't even close to my limit on heat, so it slipped my mind... Sorry."
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