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  1. "How I'm stuttering? Oh, that's... well... I just have a vocal p-problem." The large dog woman seemed harmless, at least. About as harmless as Tundyssa, but... That was shockingly harmless, all things considered. "It's something I'm trying to get over... Uhm... If you're sure you don't need annn, ny help, that's fine. I just... Well, you were all off on your own. I didn't want to leave you alone... Especially after all we've gone through today. It's been... It's been quite shocking, and you just joined the group, right? It's Ember, yes? I've been making it a job to remember the nnn-nn... Names, of everyone in the group." Hopefully her approach would be taken well. Tenna was sweating on the inside, heart racing. She could snap me like a twig if she really tried... Suddenly, Nashwa. Tenebria squeaked as she approached and spoke, that sweat slowly becoming external. "Uh, uhhh, h-hello! I'm... I'm okay. Physically. Miss, Ember seems f-fine too... She said she didn't nnnnnnnnnnnnnn... need healing, at the least. Are you alright as w-well, Nnn, N-Nnnash, wa?" "Er, okay. Thetford. Yeah... Suryd would definitely know, then. Okay, but, what are you doing all the way in the wastes? Someone from an influential Vaian family should be... In Vaia. I don't understand how you could've made it all this way solo, either... Or even why you tried. Unless you lost it all in the fall, I don't see any travelling supplies. Too curious. Tell me everything, so long as we're waiting for Hecate to take us out." Thesephine couldn't make heads or tails of today. They'd survived this ordeal, ran into ancient powers, some of which seemed rather neutered compared to the standard she'd been expecting. Then there was this woman, this Ilvira. What she was doing here was an infinite mystery, but it was a good thing they'd manage to rescue an individual of that house, at the least... Too confusing... She let her head lean back some, nuzzling up against Sollowy for comfort. They hadn't even reached Hwein yet for their main headache of finding and speaking with Yggdrasil. "Yes, that blast was quite alarming... I'm just glad it seems to have missed everyone. Whoever that red woman is, she must have been aiming rather haphazardly..." Lavinia was unaware that her target had been Hecate this entire time, the enigmatic doll that Thesephine was trusting to lead them out of here. She didn't know what to make of any of these people... Simply pleased that they all seemed incapacitated enough to not be threats, anymore. "As for Requiem functioning on these... 'dolls'... They must have been created by some extension of someone's life force. If we make an assumption that this Hecate runs the place, she likely designed them, imparting a part of her mana to let them function. It's not quite 'life', in the sense that Requiem seems tow wish for, but it would still be a powerful source to absorb... And if it's absorbing that source, instead of attempting to destroy it, it's likely stopping whatever engine kept them moving. This is all supposition, anyway. Nessraya would have a better understanding of giving inanimate objects a sort of life than I would. Just trying to put two and two together from all the numbers we've come upon today..." Lavinia sighed, though the mention of Tenebria hadn't missed her ears, either. "Quite surprising to hear you on a first name basis with the Princess of a country so ready to destroy us... Perhaps that feeble nature of hers isn't an act, and she's quite the gentle coward? I suppose that's better than hiding a spy in our midst... If her behaviour and attitude are true, then your getting along with her is a good thing, in the end. Should we rout the royal family, and she lives, having her takeover the country to lead while being in fond relations with you would help warm things between countries... So, stay friends, if you can." Asami wasn't much for the painful conversation going on. All this talk of sisters left a bitter taste in her mouth... It was far too relatable for completely different reasons. She sighed. At least things seemed to be winding down to a favorable conclusion; Lucille wasn't going to try and fail to singe anyone today. "Good, good that you're all sorted. Mostly... I'm going to go and see about us leaving and getting some fresh air. Stick to each other and..." Asami sighed once more, finally reaching a hand over and petting Lucille's hair, then another to Susan, feeling an annoying blush come across her face. "Just be glad you're both alive and well. If Lucille is some long down the line descendant of the person you knew, then rejoice. You've long lost family. If not... Then you're both practitioners of magic. You can bond over that much, surely. Anyway," she took herself and her blush away from them both, finding Bladen and latching onto his arm, staring down at the magical crew that Nessraya was discussing things with. "Just let me be here for a moment," she muttered up at him, the mix of a pout and disappointment fresh on her face. Why did it have to be sisters... At least Yui is here, but... but... Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't she have just stayed sealed? This isn't fair... We were all so happy, and then... "Well. I refuse to bend to such a moniker. You will refer to me by Miz'Githon and refer to me in conversation as a Changed. Monsters are feral beasts meant for slaughter, not the intelligent, magically inclined, evolved species we are. Hmph." Some church had weaseled its way into the works while they'd been sealed, had it? She shook her head. "Pfeh, religion... Would that Ilrios and Hess were here now to see what became of their suggestions. 'Start an organization based on worship, it'll unite the humans and give them something to work towards, unity is great!'. Yeah, sure. When it isn't causing wars, idiot. I bet he went and died over the centuries as well; what a fool." She sighed and closed her eyes. This was exhausting. "If you wish it, miss Succubus, I suppose, since it would be in my best interests to begin my studies anew... I wouldn't mind, attempting to teach what I can onto you. So long as you do not complain about my way of speaking, my attitude, or how I treat you... Keep in mind that, were it not for the treachery of that damned doll, you would all be licking my boots. Your false superiority over me at the moment is a trick of time and a mistake I will never let repeat. If we've a deal on that, then teaching you how to control the magicks of others should be simple... Spells lost to time... Mmmm, that's going to be a little... Tougher." Magic with a conduit was something easily grasped. So long as the wielder had enough magical power and general aptitude, they could cast a spell. Ragnarok could not be inscribed onto a conduit. It had too many moving parts, symbols, lines of magical 'coding'. It would take an entire tome to hold a single spell, with a chance of failure. "Well... I'll figure it out. Probably. I'm a genius, after all~"
  2. "Hmph~ Their loss. Guess I was the right person for the job after all." She stuck her tongue out at Cinaed before leaning over against him, snickering. "Carry me then, if you're heading back~ I'm so tired from all that action and dancing... Surely you can do this much as a favor for coming after you, right? Since you were so adamant about lauing me back..." If he was feeling better enough, it was back to teasing. Light hearted jabs always made things feel better for her... Hopefully they'd work on him too. "Hey, whoa! Aly!?" Versaris wasn't completely surprised by the sudden squirming, but he had hoped she'd stop after a moment, finally setting her down out of fear she'd bother her wound with all the movement. "Geez! You're injured, I was just trying to keep you from exerting yourself... Glad to know you're okay, then. Guess I was worried over nothing." He gave her a half hug and kissed the top of her head again, sticking next to her. "Let's get you healed on your own two feet, then."
  3. Siorel wasn't sure what else to say to Cinaed at this point. He was very fixated on his anger, his temper, how he'd snapped. She didn't think it was a bad thing; if anything, he'd become better at killing these people because of it. Maybe there was some merit in his worry of hurting the rest of the group, but it hadn't happened. Would it ever happen? She didn't know. Neither did he. What was the use in worrying over such a maybe at this point? She let out a little sigh and flopped onto her back as well, rolling to the side away from him to avoid laying on her tail. "If killing the bad guys and saving people means I have to become a monster, then I don't want to be anything else. I killed one of those knights too, you know? Threw knives right into his throat. Quickest way to incapacitate someone. Does that make me a monster? I'd do it again. Even if I was next to one of them. Stick them good... Anyone that's going to throw around words like they did, actions like they did, weapons like they did... They give up their right to respect and patience the moment they do. Their captain called us dogs, but he was nothing more than a rabid mutt. Makes me angry just thinking about it." She huffed; this was a circle. "Think of it how you will, Cinaed... But I still don't blame you."
  4. "You've already paid it back. You killed the guy, didn't you? People like them, going around brandishing pure weapons, doing it for the sake of some... Some misguided and bias fueled justice... They deserve all the karma that's coming for them. His just came today, by your hand. That's all there is to it~" Siorel didn't seem that bothered that Cinaed had been so vicious, shrugging along with her words. "So don't worry about paying me back, or anything silly like that. I'm just fine. It was light magic, nothing too serious. Little burn, but that went away as soon as Renais worked her magic... I need to make sure I thank her when next I see her. She's a real whiz with a staff! I was pretty impressed... You're all really impressive, honestly. I think I made the right choice. When..." Siorel sighed, curling up a little more. "When I set off on my own, about a year ago... I didn't have much direction. Just aimlessly going towards... Nothing, really. I'd help out people that seemed trustworthy, as best as I could tell. Hitch some rides here and there, travel between cities... Finally met one of the knights of this group. His name was Ferid... He had a heart of gold, even if he was a little stuck on the letter about law. Still... Nothing like these people. Only travelled with him for a few days, but I learned enough. So... Seeing the rest of the Hecatian knights, acting like... Like we were cattle to be slain for sport, hah. It was only balanced out by all of you mercenaries. Standing up against them for what was right... Not for coin or payment. You just fought the law of the land because it was the right thing to do. How amazing is that?" She let her legs flop out in front of her, leaning back on her hands a little. "I guess... Where I'm going with this, is that... No matter what you did today, the outcome was: you helped save me and several others from people that would have done anything to finish the job. Please... Take pride in that much, Cinaed. The rest can be figured out in time and with talks, but... Just, today. The present. It was a good thing. I promise..."
  5. "I'm careful! I promise! Trust me." Sixteen smiled wide, some of her teeth pointed like snake fangs. "Alright! Whenever it wears off, we'll be ready. Ready to jump him and beat the crap out of him~! Hyahahahahaha~" She was quite pleased with the situation, claws at the ready, legs bending to assume a pouncing stance. Between her and Üllr, there was no way this captain was going to get off easily, or even get away from them!"
  6. "Mmmm, okay~ I like that. Very prideful... I know what pride is and what it means, even if I don't quite get where someone's supposed to have it, but I appreciate that you wanna beat him on even terms! He deserves that and more, Üllr." She nodded, quite satisfied with his reasoning and approach. She rubbed her eyes one more time and blinked a bit, finally stopping as he asked his question about them. "Oh, no, haha... If I use my magic too much, it hurts my eyes. That's where it comes from, after all... And magic circuits on such a delicate part of your body can be very fragile! If I use it too much, I could probably go blind. Gotta make sure to be sparing when I'm in combat." She didn't seem very fussed and it seemed like her eyes were already recovering. "Ohhh, I hope he's still angry when he wakes up~ He was cursing me down as I turned him to stone. I wonder what he's gonna say!"
  7. "No idea! But they all seem like really nice people, so I think they must. I only me them earlier today... I'm here because they were travelling with my sister!" Sixteen turned to point her out, spotting her in Versaris' arms. "There she is! The not-elf has her!" She waved over at them before turning back to Üllr, still gently rubbing at her eyes. "Oh! I did that! You wanna see!?" Sixteen's question was rhetorical, grabbing Üllr by the paw and pulling him along towards the stoned captain. The spell had worked perfectly, the man and his horse encapsulated in stone, still in time. "It won't last forever. Prolly another minute or two before it wears off... You wanna take a little souvenir to keep~?" She smirked up at Üllr mischievously, raising an eyebrow. "See, see, everything's gonna turn back to flesh once the magic wears off, but if you, say... Tore off a hand before that happened... It's a lot easier to harm someone or something when they can't fight back like this. It's how I used to hunt to stay alive! Stone a bear or a deer, take its head off... The spell ends, free meal! SO. Wha'd'you say~?"
  8. "R-Really!?" Alvira's eyes widened and brightened up, hopping up next to Laniva. She rolled her fingers a moment before reaching up and gently rubbing those ears, giving her one heck of a scritchin'. "Waahhh... They're so soft..." They were unlike hair, really. Definitely akin to the fur on an actual cat, the twitching accompanying them really setting the example. "Wow... Heheheh~ You're so adorable, Lani. This really fights against your tough knight vibe... It's good." She wasn't going to bother stopping until Laniva forced her to, really standing on her toes to stay up there. "So fluffy... I could do this all day~"
  9. "O-Oh!" Alvira flinched back as Laniva panicked a little, blushing somewhat at the squeaking she was making. It was ridiculously cute. "I, uh, s-sorry." She held her claws behind her back so she wouldn't get the urge to keep going or try to pet her again. "I just... Mm. Well, Tasha doesn't seem to mind when I pet her, so I figured that... That it was fine for other cats, I, uh... I'm really sorry. For not asking... If..." Alvira gulped. That was wayyyyy too cuuuute... "If I ask... Do you mind if I pet your ears again?" Hopefully she'd say yes! Cat girls are just way too cute.
  10. Mikoto smiled and slowly let her wares fade away in small bursts of flame, folding her arms with a tilt of her head. "Well... Let's stop this little game, then. You can clearly tell there's weird things about me. Someone as strong as you are... Yes, I am quite 'removed', as you put it. Over three centuries old... Just trying to keep living after the death of my people. I've collected quite a few items over the decades... I can't exactly remember where I got all of them. However, I took a vow a long, long time ago, to never engage in combat~ So they're rather meaningless to me aside from defending myself. Better to sell them to willing and capable mercenaries, yes? Surely you can agree." Sari finished applying the ointment, smiling a little and shaking his head. "I know it's not my fault, but I really wish I was here... If only to have your back at times." He sighed, but upon Aly's mention of needing to find her armor, as he stood up, his wrapped his arms under her and picked her up! "Alright! Let's find your armor, yes?" Without a single care, he started walking back towards the main chunk of the group with her in his arms. "I should ask her to do any running I need next time, if that's the case. Getting a little tired of being errand boy when these fights break out... But, I feel a certain sense of responsibility for this group, now. Gotta do what needs to be done... For now, at least. I'll make sure to show up one day and show you my cool side~"
  11. "I'm not wasting my time, Cin. No matter if you think I am... You're gonna have to pick me up and toss me out of here if you really want me gone. Until you do that, you're stuck with me. Not letting you be alone right now, big guy." She let go of her legs and flopped onto her back, crossing her legs and resting her head behind her hands. "The weather's nice and it's quiet now, so I'm content where I am~" The Evokers was a pretty big name to just drop... It matched the magic she'd seen, at least. Scary. But one of them should know what's up with Cinaed, right? They're really strong magic folks.
  12. "Because people shouldn't be alone when they're like this. No one else seemed to want to chase after you... So even if I don't think I'm the person that should be speaking to you right now, over others in your group, you're stuck with me~" She gave him a soft smile, letting her hand slide off of him, returning to sitting while hugging her knees. "Well that's the funny thing about magic, Cinaed. Even if you don't know, there's a high chance someone else does. Because it's the only thing someone else can truly know better than yourself... Tricky little subject, magic. So even if you can't explain what went wrong... I bet someone that knows lots about fire magic and innate magic could help."
  13. "Find someone that can help you, dummy." Siorel leaned onto her hand and stared at him. She'd seen stuff like this before. Someone lost control of their magic and then got afraid of using it... But they always went in circles without thinking things through. "Aren't there a bunch of mages in your group? And whoever could perform those big flashy spells near the end of the fight... Cinaed." Siorel finally tried to touch him, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "We can't do everything alone. People are social creatures... For help with things and for living. So if you're scared... Ask for help. You'll get it. You're a nice guy. You're very caring... You're only this upset because you could have hurt people you care a lot about. So please... Take the time you need for today, and then face this."
  14. "It's fine, Renais. Today was... Today was hard. But, everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know you'll keep us together, no matter what." Risking being a little too touchy feely, Alvira ruffled Renais' hair just a bit, glancing around. "Hey, do me a favor that I know you'll enjoy. Go and find Tio for us, yeah? So she can give this guy a piece of her mind when he un... Whatever, from what happened to him. What... did happen to him?" Now that Alvira was thinking about it, how had he been stoned? Renais wasn't strong enough for effect magic, yet. Did one of the Evokers hit him from afar? She shrugged, giving Renais a final wave as she walked off to her next target. "Lani!" She met the cat with a bright smile, reaching up for her ears without thinking. "You did great! Great tag teams... Sorry about the least one, heheh~" Her ears were so soft! Hopefully this was a pleasant feeling for Lani too. "Leave you alone? Like you'd leave anyone else alone, Cin. Bet if Gean went on a rampage, you'd find her after and try to keep her company. Or Miria or Alvira or... You get the point. Not going anywhere. Gonna have to toss me if you want to get rid of me~" Siorel shrugged, not looking at him yet, nor trying to touch him or anything... She was asked to be there, so even if she felt a little awkward, being here for him instead of people he'd known for so long... She'd be here. "You can talk if you want. Vent, or whatever... I don't know you enough to know if this is common, or what the others think. What I do know is you didn't hurt any of us, and you were mad at the right people." With Natalya taking care of the enemy soldier, Versaris rushed to Alriana's side, sliding in onto his knees and pulling a vulnerary out. "Stay still, Aly." It would sting, of course, but the wound from that soldier's weapon was pretty solid... The Evokers were going to have to spend time finding answers for why this happened and he didn't know where Renais was. This would do for now. "I'm sorry I wasn't here to help. We don't have anyone with a mount, so I... Well, I think I run faster than any of you, but maybe you'd have me beat. I'm here now, though... And I'm so glad you're okay. Almost done..."
  15. "Cin!?" He was running off, Siorel beside herself on what to do. She'd expected someone from their group to go after him, but no one seemed to have noticed, or were too winded to do much else. Should I? We just met... I know I've been teasing him a lot, but, this seems like a much bigger issue, am I really the one that should be helping him with this...? While she watched him shrink into a distance a little, Aegean approached her. About to ask the woman to go after him... Aegean cut in first, telling Siorel to follow after Cin. Siorel cocked her eyebrow in surprise. "You mean, you're not going to?" Was NO ONE else going to? "Ugh..." Even if she felt like she wasn't the right choice for this, Siorel raced off to follow Cinaed. Despite his head start, he was a pretty easy guy to follow. Big frame, hard to miss the red hair, not a lot of places to hide around here... He ducked into a small patched of trees, Siorel slowing down in her running after him. Slowly, she peeked into the brush, eyes catching him curled up. She didn't say anything; she couldn't possibly know what to say in this situation. Quietly, she walked into the opening and sat down next to him, curling her tail around herself. She didn't touch him or mention she was there... She simply figured, it would be better if he wasn't alone, even if she didn't have the words. "Sure thing, Gean." Renais seemed like she was calming down a little, Alvira giving her a bigger smile as she finally looked up. "Sounds pretty scary... But if you look, you'll see they're fine. See?" Alvira gestured towards the tired MIria near Aegean, the lizard running off after Cinaed. "Alive and... Mostly well. So take some deep breaths, try your best to calm down. We're all alive, yeah?" She patted the girl's head again, slowly letting go of the hug. She had other people she wanted to talk to as well, but she wasn't going to ditch Renais until she knew she was well enough. "Mmm... Just between us, then," she started, lowering her voice to something of a whisper, "I've got some missing memories too... It's terrifying. I get it. I really do... What I think, though," she began, bringing her voice back up, "is that, what matters most is you aren't alone dealing with them. Yeah? You've got Aegean. You've got Miria. You've got Cinaed, Tio, Elisa, Natalya... You've got me. You're not alone, so no matter how often those memories come back, no matter what they mean... You don't have to tackle them alone. That's what a family does and I'd say the Tigers are a pretty good family."
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