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  1. Veronica came out of the forge, moments after Ayane began to apply the salve to Nessraya's back. All the shouting had spooked her, but curiosity got the best of her. "General? What... Happened?" That injury was serious, Veronica disappearing inside for just a moment, coming back out with a salve of her own. "Here. Use this." She held it out to Ayane. "Elixir. Fix, wounds... Who did this?" Requiem had been conserving its power. Ever since they entered the peaceful town, it had not wanted to waste anymore of the energy that it had managed to store. Even when Xalrei handed it over to the blacksmith at the forge, it had done its best not to engage any of its abilities. Any energy spent while asleep would have only served to weaken it when real battle would approach. It seemed it would not have to wait long... But there was a problem. A problem that Requiem, dormant as it had been, could not warn Xalrei of as she went to attack. Xalrei, stop! That armor, that creature, they aren't--! "That sword...!" Ariana steeled herself for the coming impact, completely ignoring Xalrei after realizing what she was wielding. Even as it transformed into a spear, ready to stab through her, Ariana focused on the incoming bird. At the moment of impact, she flung her sword up, catching his own, as the ground cracked beneath her. Xalrei swung in to her side, and-- So much happened in the seconds that followed. The impact from Bladen's dive bomb cracked the mask beneath her sword, a chip of his weapon having blown off in the clash, cutting into the top of it. As the crack began to spread, Xalrei's spear... Bounced off of her armor entirely. The resulting clang, and the look on Ariana's face, was enough to tell that several of her ribs had broken from the impact... But the armor remained in tact. Her face, though... Bladen's strike and the results from it had made it split apart, revealing... Marina's face. The only difference were the bright green, catlike eyes scowling up at Bladen, instead of Marina's deep blue. "Bastards!" Her counter was swift, unleashing the full force of her strength to push Bladen away-- send him flying, along with his sword! Xalrei received less, but a swift gauntlet to the face gave Ariana the space she needed. Right on time, as well. "Gwahhh!" One of the militia stationed near the main gate went flying, as several heavily armored knights began to push their way inside the town. The seemed to be wearing armor similar to Ariana's own, equipped with fresh weaponry, and imposing shields. Ariana spit up blood, glancing between Xalrei and Bladen both. "You can let them take me, or we can keep this up, and they can kill you for the chance at taking me down. What'll it be!?" Amera had caught up in the mean time, noticing the commotion coming from the front gates. "Fuck... Xalrei, Bladen, she isn't worth it. By the time we get the rest of the group here, the damage they'll cause...!" Amera wasn't going to let this woman's life matter more than saving her town, rushing to back up her men. "Choose, monsters!"
  2. "Ugh...!" Ariana hadn't been able to dodge the spell entirely, though it seemed her armor was functioning as it should. It hadn't managed to strike her three pursuers, though... "Mmm... Men, I need escort. Gather outside the walls!" She'd need to jump the fort's entire wall... It would take serious effort, but it was how she'd gotten in. As long as her body held out after that attack... "Get back here, damn you! Rahh!" Amera turned the corner, furious, flinging a spell towards Ariana! The bolt of thunder struck her back, making her stumble for a moment, as she continued to run-- But! "Wh-Whoa!?" Amera had to stop running and dive out of the way as her own spell flew back towards her! "Dammit... What kind of magic is that!? Fuck!" There was no way she was going to catch up now... Bladen and Xalrei were still chasing after her! They had a chance! "Dammit...!" Ariana could see the wall, but after taking two spells... With her body giving up as she tried to steel herself for a hard jump, she spun around and pulled out her sword, the blade shimmering under the sun. "Stay back! I came to give you a warning, nothing more. Ayane will suffer no injuries; I did what I had to knowing Nessraya was present. If you continue this chase, I WILL strike you down! Tundyssa!" Ariana belted the name out towards Xalrei, hoping to shake her. She could take either of them alone, without issue, but together...
  3. As the bolt of lightning caught up to Ariana, just as she turned the corner, it caught her cape, setting the garment on fire. Just barely out of range for a direct strike... But, something was flying back towards the general!? "Hey, whoa!?" Amera dodged to the side just in time, as the same spell flew towards Nessraya and Ayane on the ground, another bolt arcing towards Xalrei! "Wh-What the hell!? Nessraya! Where are you aiming!?" Bladen was lucky enough to have taken off, as it jumped to where he had been standing moments before.
  4. "Let's skip formalities, Ayane. My name is Ariana, and I work for the church. Judging by the good general's hesitance, and her being here at all, I suppose it's safe to assume Marina is here with you all. The rest of my questions can wait, since it doesn't seem that Nessraya will be playing nice." Ariana sighed, eyeing the group. A few of them had tried some magic, she felt some sort of attempt... For their own sakes it was good that nothing had been cast. "We'll consider this a warning, then. While you are all monsters deserving of the holy sword's purification, my quarrel rests with the traitor to the crown, Marina Fairchild. Get in my way when I come for her, and I shall strike you down." There would be no easy escape from this situation, even with her protection. The general's magic was dangerous, enough to take her out... A moment's pause, a swift swallow of her fear, she pressed the knife closer to Ayane's neck. "Know that I do this not out of any malice towards you, Ayane... I simply can't be caught here. My apologies. If I find a cure for your transformation, I'll make sure it gets to you." One swift cut, a hard push, and Ariana was bolting. "Dammit! Nessraya, heal her!" Amera took off with a jump, chasing after the white shadow as it dipped around the corner of a building. "You damned church dog, get back here! Dragon girl, bird boy, come on!" Taliyah continued her sniffling, but the tears finally subsided, nodding slowly at Bridgit's words. "S, S-Sorry. I'll... Thank you." Thank you was what was best here, right? She did her best to push down any other words of apology, she had no reason to be sorry. "I, uhm... I, I'll go with you, Agni. I, well... We, we might run into Marina! So I can, g-give her what I bought her. That would be, good. I think..." Tali tried her best to keep her spirits up. Hopefully, Marina would be pleased with what she received. "Then, I'll leave you two to that. Here, Taliyah." Aithlin presented her with one of the bags, handing the other to Bridgit. "I hope you both enjoy your things. I think I'm gonna go get drunk~ If I even can, now... Well! No time like the present to find out!" Aithlin left them with a chuckle, waving her way out of the little store. "Ah... D-Do you want to, come along with us, Bridgit? Or... Maybe, you h-had something else you wanted, to take care of...?" "An... Oni, huh?" Braksen's teeth clacked for a moment, leaning back against his bar. "... You're not the first one I've seen. Sorry for pullin' your chain. Was just askin' to make sure what she said was accurate. Oni, huh... You don't gotta tell me more if yer not up for it; no diggin', promise. Cute bird... I'll get started on your food, alright? Feel free to get a drink in while you wait. You like steak, oni?" Hopefully he did, Braksen wasn't exactly keen on cooking much more than meat and the most basic of tuberous roots. It seemed like Erephis was the only one who had a single clue about Astraea between everyone present. The snake shivered a moment, all eyes on her, after words had been traded. "I... W-Well, I, read, a book about y-your kind... once..." That was all she had, it was a bit pitiful, really. "I-I'll, uhm. I'll sssend a letter to the castle! And, h-have, Thessssephine ssend it to me! Yesss. That, will work out jusst fine. I, I jusst can't remember more than d-dreams on the ssspot, I'm ss, s-sorry." Hopefully it wasn't too disappointing for Astraea to learn, the snake shrinking somewhat-- "Oh, right!" She slipped away towards the shelf to make a purchase, leaving the group to their own thoughts for a moment. "I think that's the best lead you're going to get for the moment, Astraea. You should stick with Marina for now. If she's still worried about losing her direction in the city, I can continue to accompany you. I'm... Sorry, that we weren't able to get you any immediate answers, but, something is better than nothing, no?" Hopefully she would be able to see it that way. Erephis knew her books. If she said it had information, then it did, surely. "Is there anywhere the two of you would like to go, then?" Lavinia was fine playing escort. "Thank you!" Erephis replied to the merchant, holding a staff in hand, before glancing and then moving up towards Seilan. "Y-You! You're, coming with me. Taiyute, y-you can come along too, if you w-want. I need to know just, what exactly makes that magic work..." Erephis purchases the Berserk staff! Lavinia gave the staff a curious glance for a moment, before raising an eyebrow. "Erephis, you can wield staves?" "No... But I like, re-researching the magic, attached. I'll pay you, b-back, by the way." The snake grabbed onto Seilan's sleeve and began to tug him towards the exit. "Pay me back--" Lavinia glanced at her side, one of her coin pouches missing. "When did you--!?" "My t-tail is long." She stuck her tongue out just a bit, and the vampire simply sighed. "Just make sure someone uses that eventually! Goodness..."
  5. "I-I'm... Sorry... I, I'll, I'll... T-Try...!" Taliyah sniffled through her words, trying to stop herself. Quickly, she shook her head, as Agni suggested that he buy her something more. That Bridgit was buying jewelry for her at all was already beyond her expectations. Anything more and she'd be sobbing the entire day. "Alright~ That'll be thirty for you, sir, and fifty for you, my lady. The little miss already knows how much her purchase will cost." Tia was fishing bags and boxes out for all the purchases; paper bags and two small boxes for Bridgit's ring purchases. One box for the boots hit the counter as she began to fold the clothes and stuff them into the bags. "Quick work. Here's your gold... I hope you enjoy your boots, Bridgit." Aithlin winked at her as she waited against the counter. "Heh. Little miss..." "That's fine," the lamia replied with her barely visible smile, placing the ring back on her table... Out of quick reach. "I close shop quite early, before dinner. If you're inquiring about visiting later in the evening, I'm afraid I won't be here... But, I have a room rented out at the pub. Just tell Braksen you're there to see... Circe. He'll let me know you're there." She tilted her head with another smile, not mentioning the shield. Pushing a purchase would do her no good... The ring would be far more lucrative should it come to that. "Uh... W-Well, normally, yeah. I guess, I shouldn't be surprised you know, your stuff..." Amera was taken aback by Nessraya's sudden interest, blushing and freezing up as the gauntlet was handled so quickly. She hadn't been expecting the general to be so interested, but maybe Nessraya really took a fancy towards magical equipment. It would be wonderful if she was this enthusiastic more often. "Er, in this case, it's n-not written into the weapon, it's--" Amera's moment of delight was quickly broken by the dragon. Of course. "You want me to teach you? Really?" The gall of this girl... A quick glance at Nessraya had Amera thinking about it, though. "Ugh..." If she got along with this girl more, Nessraya would likely think better of her for it. Fighting would just make the general uncomfortable, she clearly got along with her enough to have slept with her once. "You know what? Sure." It would be annoying, but maybe she could get a few stress hits in alongside an actual less on close quarters combat. The arrival of their horned friend and... Who is that? Amera furrowed her brow, glancing between Ayane and this masked woman. "I don't recognize you." "As you wouldn't, Captain Kasrian. Not with the mask on, of course." Ari stepped forward, next to Ayane, put an arm around her shoulder... And then a knife to her throat. "Ayane, stay still, and I won't hurt you. I just have a few questions for the general. Please understand." "What--!?" Amera's fists were up, suddenly on alert. That weird feeling magic was starting to hit her too, what exactly was this woman? "First off... Is Marina here, in Tepel, with your group?" Braksen was cleaning out a mug as Ren walked back into his bar, giving the oni an odd look and a smile. "Well. Guess you did go see him, stranger. Hope it wasn't too big of a problem, but thanks for sorting that all out." He had been a bit worried the key would've gone missing forever, but that would've been an annoyance, rather than a problem. "Didn't expect you to go out of your way for that, so here's thanks." Ren gains +200 gold! "Free meal for you as well. That's about as much as it'd cost to have that key replaced, so consider the meal your extra for doing it so quickly." He looked away from Ren for a moment before another glance and curiosity got the better of him. "Hey... Don't mean to pry, but... The bird you have with you. Mind tellin' me about it? Never seen one quite like it... Or a monster like you, but I don't like to go further'n surface level with strangers. Bad for business." "Eh?" Erephis sat stunned for a moment before looking Astraea over, up and down, her eyes getting wider the more she stared holes into her. "HUH!?" Her voice suddenly erupted in surprise! It wasn't seconds before she was slithering circles around the girl, looking her over from all angles, trying her best to make sure she captured every detail-- "Bwagh!" Before tripping on her own tail and falling face first onto the floor of the vendor. "Oh, my," the spider commented, giving Seilan a small smile and collecting his gold from the purchases. "S... S-Sorry..." She picked herself back up before taking a moment to collect herself as best as she could. "I, I-I've only ever, r-read tales about... C-Celessssstials, this is... R-Really? But your magic, i, it, it issssn't like anything I've ever felt before, s-sssssooo... You musssst be..." Erephis went from shock, to smiles, but her brows furrowed and her smile curled up ever so painfully... "I've never... M-Met another, Celestial before. We, called y-your people fallen stars. Humans, call you C, Celessstials. I don't, know... I, I-I..." All eyes were suddenly on her and it was a bit much to handle the pressure. "I've, d-definitely read about, y-your kind before. S-Sssso, there... There mussst be recordsss back at the casstle! Yess! Uhm... " What did the passage say? She remembered reading it, she had definitely read something about them, what was it... "AH! RIGHT!" The sudden proclamation stunned the spider, a flinch almost knocking her off of her stool. "Goodness..." "... Goodness is right, Erephis. Are you alright?" Lavinia hadn't ever seen the lamia like this. Was a Celestial really something to get so up in arms over? "Have you dreamed sssince you landed!?" Erephis belted out the question so fast she almost bit her tongue. Almost. "Wh, dreamed? Like, slept?" Lavinia was confused as to where this was going. "Er, no, uh... L-Look, it was an old passage in an old b-book, it, sssaid that... Fallen ssstars visit each other in their dreamsss... It... I, I'll try and f-find the book when, we return, or, ask for it to b-be delivered, b, but... W, Well, that'sss, the best lead we'd have to g-go on..."
  6. "Not a problem," the lamia replied, picking up the ring with great care, as to not have it slip onto one of her fingers. "This, I do know. A ring of favor crafted from one of the Dwarven mines in Khach's Zreiya region. A magical little trinket that I was gifted by... Let's keep that a secret." He would've preferred to remain anonymous in this exchange. "Its magic bestows great boons of strength, speed, dexterity and fortitude to the wearer... though there is one small problem." She set it down, truly afraid some quirk of gravity would have it fall onto her hand. "Should you ever take it off, or wear another piece of magical equipment... it will shatter completely. I dare not let patrons examine the look of it on their hands, or see it up close for that reason, I hope you understand." The Golden ring set with a turquoise gemstone looked rather unassuming, but even Jade, dulled to magic and senses, could feel something radiating from it if she had approached. Gabriela would not need to get close to sense its powers were she to have tried. "Unlike the shield that I cannot verify, as I know the value of this ring... three thousand gold. I'll take no less. Much as I would never wear it, it is still a bit of a keepsake. To part with its power and its memories will run you that much. And, no haggling, miss merchant. Not a penny cheaper, and don't expect a combo deal for both." A small chuckle followed as she leaned back ever so slightly. Her smile was more than apparent.
  7. "Oh... O-Oh!" The orc smiled as the realization hit him, laughing his way into the back room. He went to fetch something, a small box, still grinning ear to ear as he came back out. "Thank you! You, have great idea... Here, take this. Make me realize, going about all wrong. I will make, larger needle!" Having the explanation click for him seemed to have turned his mood around completely. He left the box on the table for Ren, and picked up the tiny needle, taking it out back again. He had measurements and templates to construct if he was going to smelt himself a larger implement. Ren gains... A small box! "Two rings it is~ If you're gonna take 'em both, I'll give you a discount. Three hundred for the lot~" Tia didn't sell jewelry very often, and rather than see them gather dust, she wanted to make sure they were worn on hands that deserved them. A dragon and a vampire purchasing HER wares? It was wonderful! "Come along to the counter, everyone, and I'll sort you all out." She was already on her way, tail wagging, grabbing some paper bags for easy carrying. Aithlin was already there, shirts, shorts, and those boots set ready. Meanwhile Taliyah, poor Taliyah, was struggling to accept that Bridgit was spending hundreds of golds on her for jewelry. "I... I, th-this..." She couldn't weasel her way out of it... So the tears started flowing, hands and arms furiously wiping at her eyes to hide them. "Th... Th-thank, you all... Sss, s-so much..." "E-Eh?" Erephis wasn't quite sure what Seilan had meant until she snatched his tome once more and started looking over it. Taiyute could see it after, this was a serious upheaval of magic, not just for anima! As she was studying the passage, it was slowly dawning on her. Tomes were written with weaker conduits, like your average thunder, fire, wind tome, to make for ease of production. The formula written into them were meant to produce the idea of the spell in nature, in anima's case, at least. A lightning bolt from a thunder tome was written out to, generally, produce that... But, if someone tried to alter such a spell in a weaker conduit, it wouldn't be strong enough to produce the desired result. At best, you'd give someone a tickle, a small burn, not the devastating effect of a simulated thunderbolt. But... By changing the tome's formula to match the more natural description of thunder, rather than the general idea that was perceived by people, even a thunder tome like this could manage what Seilan was aiming for. It was definitely written and tuned towards his own magic, so it was unlikely anyone else could use his tomes as effectively, or... At all... "Th-Thisss iss, inssssane... Di, Did you write th, thisssss-- Grahhh, th-this! All out, on your own!?" She couldn't believe it. Lavinia couldn't believe how animated Erephis was, as they entered the vendor. Her glasses were still on, had something really peaked her interests as far as to get her this excited? "Erephis! You've a guest... When you're finished with whatever is exciting you so much." "Hwah!? Lavinia! I, er, s-sorry! I'll, b-be right over, uh... H-Here!" She shoved the book back towards Taiyute, glancing at Seilan once more. "W-We'll talk more, a, after..." Slithering over to Marina and her unknown friend, Erephis' shoulders shrunk, trying to maintain composure. "H... H-Hello. How, ca, can I assist?" "... Excuse me." The fortune teller didn't take very kindly to Gabriela's words, especially after having helped her out so much... Supposedly, at the least. "Your friend took an interest of her own accord. I cannot give away something that smells of nobility for no reason. I'm sure that crest belongs to, or belonged, to a ruling family in one of the countries on this continent. Had there been a corpse, perhaps I could've chanced a look into their past... Alas. If you are uninterested in my wares beyond my fortune services... I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself." How rude, really... "You would!? I'd love to show you how... I..." What was this? Why had the dragon come back? Amera had made it painfully clear that she didn't want to be around the lizard... There was, at least, genuine interest in her request. Amera thought for a moment, glancing at Nessraya, then back to this girl... She sighed. I'd look better to Nessy if I at least tried to get along instead of being hostile the entire time. Even if I don't want to... "They're silver," she started, heading out of the forge. The dragon could follow if she wanted to hear more. Giving Bladen a smile, she set herself far enough away from the forge that Vanessa wouldn't complain, and set up her fighting stance. "Not your typical silver laced weaponry, like well forged swords or spears. Completely silver... They're pretty awful for typical combat because of that. Good thing they aren't for typical combat." Lowering herself a bit, Amera began to fling out a flurry of punches in front of her, sparks of electricity flying off of each one, a good several feet in front of her. With a small huff, she stopped her demonstration, standing back upright. "I don't need to worry about them breaking if I don't actually hit someone~ And..." Aiming her first out, away from the group, and concentrating... After a moment, a crash of thunder hit the pavement even further away. "Hah... So long as I focus, I can use them just like a tome. They're perfect for me, and Vanessa is pretty good at this stuff... I talked to some of the mages working here, and while they said it was a terrible idea, some of them agreed that... It could work... Field test proves them right~" Satisfied with her new weapon, she set her hands on her hips and grinned. "Ah... Yes, I'm, I'm fine. Let's continue, shall we?" What was that? What was I even thinking about...? Her previous mental diversion forgotten, Ari shook her head and continued onward with Ayane in tow. The forge slowly came into sight, as well as a spectacle of a beast girl demonstrating some sort of weapon. "Hmmm... How interesting." Magical equipment that weren't tomes were definitely a rare sight. That she could use them so proficiently was impressive as well... And worrying. These beasts are becoming stronger with the day. How terrifying... "Shall we say hello, Ayane? I don't suppose the locals would mind us intruding on their little discussion."
  8. The lamia seemed shocked by Gabriela's sudden proclamation of heads on pikes, not having expected the gentle looking siren to produce such ire. This must've been something eating at her deep inside to go from crying to viscerally angry so quickly... It wasn't her place to pry further, she'd done more than enough of that by fulfilling the woman's request. Luckily, Jade picked up a shield she'd been holding onto, giving her an easy out to the current situation. "Ah, that... It's just something I happened upon while traveling." The shield was hefty and rusted, definitely worn out... A crest, adorned with an eagle, peeked out from beneath the rusted flecks covering the equipment. "I didn't see a body near it when I found it... Nor did I hear the sounds of conflict. It had been discarded in a nearby bush, I've no idea how long it must've sat there for. As I am not a warrior, I haven't found the need to get it cleaned up, but... If you wish to part with, three hundred gold, I suppose I can let you have it~ I can't promise its quality, though. Call it... a gamble. I can see into the pasts of people, but objects, I don't have the power for such things." Being adorned with such an intricately painted crest lent itself to the shield being a genuinely rare piece of equipment, but there was no way to really tell... Amera blushed, pouting as she turned away from the general. "I didn't start anything... And I wasn't going to. I don't expect you to understand how I'm feeling yet, anyway..." With a sigh of her own, Amera turned her attention to Vanessa with one final glance back at Xalrei and Bladen. "See you, bird boy... Alright, Vanessa, show me my order." "Mmm... Alright." The orc wasn't that impressed by her captain's attitude, but she'd been paid, and the order was finished. It only took a moment for the woman to head into the back with the forge, and then come back with a hefty looking box, setting it on the counter with a thud. "Here. Gauntlets... Difficult to finish. But, done... Tell me, how they do." Lifting the lid off of the crate, Amera was faced with a set of silver gauntlets, putting a smile on her face. "Perrrrrrfect~ Looks like they went together without much of a hitch." Rather than take her crate and walk off, the cat fished them out and went about getting them onto her hands, taking a moment to fasten the straps, flex her fingers... And finally, moved to inspect them. Looking them over, front to back, her smile kept getting wider. "Alright, moment of truth..." Closing her eyes and focusing... A bolt of electricity snapped between the fingers on the gauntlets, several crackles of energy following, as she left out a breath. "Absolutely perfect... Thanks, Vanessa! These are amazing." The thunder channeled perfectly into the gauntlets, Amera took up a stance and threw a few punches towards the wall, lightning arcing off of the knuckles before colliding with the stone of the forge... Almost singeing one of Vanessa's blueprints. "Hey! Outside! Not here!" The orc was far from pleased, huffing at the beastgirl. "Ah, s-sorry! Sorry! Just got too excited, to try them out..." "Oh, amethyst! Good choice. There's no magic in this jewelry, so it'll only run you two hundred gold. The gem stones are a bit difficult to come by~ But, if you find yourself a capable mage, perhaps they can enchant the jewel! Always good to have your fashion provide more than a good look, right?" The rings Taliyah had purchased also had their enchantments poured into the stones set atop them, so it was likely this Tia wasn't lying. "Ah, uh, m-me? Choose...? Er... The violet, one, l-looks nice..." Taliyah hadn't given much consideration to a scarf before, she had never been too cold. Sometimes too warm, but... It wasn't summer yet, and it looked nice. Plus, it was a gift from Agni! She couldn't turn something like that down. "Well, I've got all I want, so when you're done with the little miss, I'll be waiting at the counter." Aithlin had picked up several pieces of clothes with that hat, and the boots that Bridgit had been eyeing. The elf wasn't about to skimp on someone's birthday. "Rrrrh..." The orc sat back down, pocketing the key and sliding his attempts towards Ren. It looked as though he was trying to sew a flower pattern into a handkerchief, but was having trouble, either at getting the shape right, doing it swiftly enough, or with holding the needle. Orc skin was tough, so he wouldn't prick his fingers hard enough to bleed, but it was likely still annoying. "Mmm... Thank you, small creature. Want to. Make gift... For Vanessa. She... Says I, am too rough. Not delicate. Wished, to prove wrong...""Wanted, to... Make, for Vanessa. She... Said, I am, too rough." A pout spilled onto his toothy face, followed by a sigh, as he ran a hand through his mat of brown hair. "Sewing... Is, difficult. Making weapons, easy. Metal is, large. Sewing needle... So small." "A, katana... Hmm." An odd sounding word, perhaps native to this Nanbu. The blade itself seemed properly taken care of, though, there were a few dents here and there... "Hmmm. How about this, then, Aya. Since you've been such a good sport about spending time with me, let's us visit the forge, and I'll pay for them to repair your sword. How does that sound?" Maybe they could even spruce it up, some. The church wouldn't appreciate her spending their funds on some monster's weapon, but if their information on oni was correct, Ayane had been turned into a monster against her will. A curious case of a curse... Could they hold that against them and label them monsters like the rest? Ari wasn't quite sure. The woman felt quite like a normal person, so far... Then again, so had several of the monsters in Tepel. Maybe-- "Ah!" A sudden pain in her head caused Ari to flinch, grabbing at her hair with an armored hand. "Ah... S-Sorry. Just, had a flash of a headache. What, were we talking about, again?" "I, I know enough ab-about anima magic, s-so... H-Huh...?" Erephis had only been glancing at his tome, but reading further, she snatched it out of his hands and away from Taiyute's view, going over the incantation's written pattern. She flipped through several pages, making sure it was the same between them, before turning back and giving Seilan the world's most odd glare. It was a mix between interest, confusion, and almost insult. Handing the tome back to him, where he'd had it open before, so at least Taiyute could see, she kept her gaze on him, arms folded. "Th-This won't cast." She said so rather confidently, as the end of her tail flicked. "The formula, it's n-not going to produce a sssssstrong en-enough, bolt of magic from... Fff, From a thunder tome. It needsss a ssssstronger, conduit-- blagh, tongue... Stupid, common..." Taking a second to collect her tongue, Erephis cleared her throat and tried to continue. "You'd, j-just make a bolt that would, maybe hurt a ch, child like this... And it looks, like y-you changed this, by hand. Wh-Why?" "Drak Yoola...? What kind of name, is..." Lavinia was perplexed. Was this Drak Yoola where Marina's world learned of vampires? Turning into bats and having such an odd name, Lavinia could only fall further into confusion about the preconceptions Marina's people had for vampires. She did her best to shake them off, as they approached the vendor, standing aside so that Marina and their new friend could enter. If Erephis wasn't here, then... Truthfully, Lavinia had no idea where else she could be.
  9. "Kazue Fujiwara, engaging!" Kazue boosts to 14,24! "Only three units? Are you laughing at us~? This confidence better have a basis, or I'll be sorely disappointed!!" Louise flies to 20,25! "Louise! Ugh... Stay cautious! They aren't average soldiers!" Android as she was, even Hannah could feel something off about the middle machine. Something strong was interfering with her own sensors... Hannah moves to 21,23! "Forward, Riese! All soldiers, heads up for combat!" Jess pushes the Riese up, right corner 16,21! The Deliverance chills next to Makoto! Enemy Phase/Turn 1! "Hmmm..." The hum of engines grew louder as the ANF's best and brightest charged towards the three machines ready to face them. "Jiin'Sal, Hel'Kaar, with me." The main pilot's low growl of a voice brought no room for disagreement, as the two machines formed up with it! "As you command, my king!" Philotimo moves to 14,31! Attacks Abby! 94 hit! Abby dodges! reduces to 47! Roll: 40,51 Hit! Abby's shield roll! 35 No time to block! 120 damage! Abby gains +2 will! "As you command, my king!" The Theia presses forward to 16,32! "You..." Trel'Vaar, opening a channel for the federation's forces to hear, smiled brightly before speaking. "Humans! Young and old, strong and weak, you have made it this far! And this is where your challenge will end." A boom resonated with his voice, like a weight had suddenly hit the battlefield. "A king defends those that cannot fight for themselves, and so I shall be the final line for my people! For those unable to fight for their own... I will strike you all down!" The Philosophia moves to 15,32 and produces a grand saber! "I shall strike down your strongest to teach you the error of this battle!" He swings at Kim! 74 hit! Kim dodges! Reducs to 37! Roll: 50,84! Kim dodges! King's Will activates! Kim loses -3 will! Player Phase/Turn 2!
  10. An orc, sitting in the corner of the armory, as still as a suit of armor on a stand, slowly animated as Ren called out towards him. "Oh. Hello... Customer. Yes... Key, from Braksen. Thank you..." Upon his counter he set a small needle, even smaller next to his large, green hand, and what could only be attempts at sewing a pattern into a handkerchief. Looking rather downtrodden, he stood up to his full eight feet of stature and held his hand out, trying his best to hold back his frustrations. Not towards Ren, of course. "Braksen, give you reward, for this. Go back to him... And... Tell him, Trevon has his key." A quick glance at the needle and sewing materials elicited a grumble and a sigh, as Trevon found himself unable to hide his feelings completely. "Apologies. Bad mood... Not good for customer." The fortune teller had no real way of providing an answer for Gabriela. This sort of news, no one could possibly take it well. She simply looked away from the two of them, trying to find the words that would help the situation... There were none, really. All she could do was expound on her powers. "I... I am sorry, Gabriela. All I can do is look into you... I can't, answer why only you were saved by your mother, I... I cannot see that far." Truthfully... She was afraid to try looking again. Something she hadn't relayed towards the ladies was the presence of an odd looking clergyman in her visions... The terrifying part, was that it was as though he was looking right at her. Impossible, for someone in the past to be staring into the future, unless magic beyond her was at work. Fear settling in properly, she shrunk, looking down. "My... Sincerest apologies." Leaving the barracks behind, Ari couldn't help but continue to smile over at Ayane as they walked. Perhaps to the oni's annoyance, but she wasn't about to stop, she was far too impressed and enamored with the girl's performance. "I was hoping we could turn towards the armory or the forge next, Aya. I did have a question about your weapon, though... I know we used training weapons for that exercise, but the sword at your waist is clearly not one of Vaia... Let alone Xensat. Nanbu... What kind of weapon is it, exactly?" From all she could tell of the sheath it was a curved blade, but not severely, like some she had seen in Hwein. Did that mean it also had only one blade? What an odd design... Perhaps Ayane can shed some light on why some would like to use a weapon like that. Amera simply growled and let Nessraya deal with the introductions, scowling down Xalrei the entire time as she walked up to the counter. "Vanessa, give me an update on my gauntlets." "Dealing with, other customers. You, barging in. Very rude. Bad habit. Need to--" "Fine." Amera turned away from the orc and rested herself against the least cluttered part of the forge's wall. "Pleasure to meet you Bladen... And Xalrei." It was hard to hide her ire, but she at least knew that it was far from mature. Letting her scowl off of the poor dragon, Amera huffed, sighed, and looked away. "Sorry for interrupting whatever business you had with Vanessa. I'll wait my turn." "Mmm... Dragon. Xalrei, yes? If you, cannot afford... Mountains. North of Tsetsa. Near Sevrei. Maybe, mine your own. Cost was, to buy. If you, bring your own... I forge, no extra cost." Vanessa could very likely make her own small bit of money with whatever metal was left from the forging and repairing process, and getting to handle such a precious material would be worth its own cost in the practice it would give her. "If that all... Any other questions?" "Hyah!?" Erephis hadn't been expecting pats anywhere on her person, yelping and flinching as Taiyute did her best to provide some calm. It was unfortunate for her that Erephis was far from normal with regards to contact, slowly shuffling away from the both of them, just enough to create some space. "Uhm... Th-Then, if, I may..." Slowly she started to close the gap again, perhaps unconsciously, but she was still a bit wary of the genasi. "Y-Your magic feels, uhm... Odd. L-Like... Ohh, I'm being rude, a-aren't I...?" Erephis tried her best to pause and collect herself, figuring out how to word things properly. "F-Feels unique! For, a human-- Ahh! Th-That's, rude too... Hhnnn... I, I'm, just interested in how that, works. Your... Magic..." Curling her tail up beneath her, Erephis shrunk, realizing how silly she must've sounded. "Hwah? I, it went well. I don't think I spent t-too much... But, thank you for worrying." Taliyah smiled up at Agni, holding her purchase. "I hope she does too." Giving a friend a gift for the first time, she could only hope that Marina would like it. "What are you guys doing, th-then?" "Getting you gifts!" Aithlin called over. "Ah! Wh-Whhh... R... Right..." Tali could only resign herself to her fate and shrink in waiting. "Here, little miss," Tia started, opening the display cabinet for Bridgit to look inside. There were several rings and necklaces sitting in it, some made of silver, gold, perhaps copper with cold coating rather than pure gold. Definitely pretty little accessories for someone to adorn their neck and hand with. One ring in particular had a rather fancy amethyst set in it, square, a bit small, but certainly well cut. "Does anything strike your eye?" "Marina, I've told you, we can't turn into bats... Pure bloods can produce wings that, I do suppose would resemble those of a bat's, and fly, but as far as complete transformation..." Alongside this, needing permission to enter a building... For the sake of courtesy it was always best to get someone's permission to enter their premises, but requiring it? Lavinia had never heard something so odd. Human stories in Marina's world were so fantastical, Lavinia didn't know how to approach asking questions about them. Why would anyone ever start something so farcical...?
  11. The suits from the Riese, the Avalon, and the Deliverance all deployed, facing down the three enemy combatants in the distance... Already, an uncomfortable feeling was settling in around them, seeping right into their minds. This wasn't like the fights against the last knights. "Alright, everyone!" Jess' voice came out over open channel, booming into the speakers of all the machines present. "This is the final battle for the sake of the planet! We win here, there is no option to lose! Kick those kitties back into the litterboxes they crawled out of!" Player Phase/Turn 1!
  12. "Oh... That sort of casting." Erephis wasn't sure how best to let Taiyute down. She couldn't actually perform the sort of magic that was being asked about, but the genasi seemed very embarrassed about being unable to do it either. "Uhm. W-Well. I, er... I can't--" The door opened, making Erephis flinch, she wasn't expecting more customers-- which was odd, why wouldn't the vendor get more customers during the day? Especially right now, it was the prime time for anything they would sell here. "Er, that, I can't d-do that either, Taiyute... Erm... I can, only cast spells th-through a tome, or a scroll. You should... I'm sure that, Nessraya w-would be willing to help you, i-if you, wanted that." Hopefully that would be enough for her to actually approach the general. Nessraya was perverted, by nature of her race, but she was nice enough when it came to people looking for proper help. "Hello, sir," the spider greeted their new guest. Erephis couldn't help curious glances towards him... It seemed as though he was human, but she could sense magic. A human mage? Her eyes lit up just a bit, sliding past Erephis. She still kept a few feet of distance from him, she was far from the most social. "A-Are you a mage?" Probably the weirdest way to ask for introduction, but... "I, uhm, c-could feel your magic. My apologiesssss... I, I haven't sssspoken with a human mage in, a l-long long time..." "Oh." The orc felt a bit embarrassed for a moment, having forgotten to tell the dragon the ore that she needed. "Orichalcum. Rare metal. Made for weapons like this. Magic weapons. Mmm..." Where to get it and how much to afford it... "Mountains. Khach. Probably... Ten thousand gold. For enough for repairs. This sword..." Hopefully that would be good news, the orc would have loved to work on something like this. "That fine, bird. Take care of weapon. If change your mind... I'll work on it." "I... I suppose you're right." Marina was new to all of this, so guiding someone around likely would result in them both getting lost. "Right, right, well, if you're up for taking Astraea to see Erephis to see if she can find anything else out about her own people, I don't mind guiding you. If I know Erephis, she's snuck off towards the nearest magic vendor to see what's for sale. Come along, come along~" Lavinia had no plans otherwise, so guiding Marina and their new add-on wouldn't be that much trouble. She wanted to see Jade, of course, but this was important... Especially considering some of the people in Tepil wouldn't hold back if they discovered Marina's identity. Leaving the discussion room, Lavinia waved for them to follow. "Come along! Come along. I'll make sure you don't get lost." "You don't gotta be sorry Agni, hahaha! I'm just yanking your chain, you silly boy." Aithlin couldn't stop herself from ruffling his hair a bit, pressing his hat against his head and shaking it around some. "Get her a scarf, then. And Bridgit, you should get her what you think would be nice for her. If it's rings, get her some nice rings~ I'm gonna grab that hat and some clothes, and be just fine." Instead of dawdling any longer, Aithlin stepped away from them to grab said assets, snatching that hat and then spending a moment looking over some clothes for the little lizard. "I didn't miss you eyeing those boots either, Bridgit! Prepare your feet!" "Ahh... H-Hello." The girl in question stepped over to the group, holding her gifts for Marina in a small bag. "I, g-got what I think she, would like... S... S-So, uhm, if that's all... We, should go--" "Gotta get stuff for you first, Tali!" Aithlin interrupted her, it seemed she wasn't being quiet enough. The lizard shrunk, blushed, and squirmed a bit. "F-Fine!" Finally giving up on running away from her gifts, Taliyah shrunk, and tried not to fidget too much. "Cute." The elf was satisfied with this, snatching a nice shirt off of one of the racks. "Looking at some of the jewelry, are you?" Tia had walked over after a happy little sale, hands behind her back, smiling at the vampire. "Just tell me what you'd like to see, and I'll unlock the cabinet for you." "Alright... I'm looking forward to this!" Francis regretted his words. Ayane swiftly took care of the militia soldier. Then another, Bill, and another, Zoey! The oni was on a hot streak of combat, unable to be stopped even by the most dedicated and well trained of the fort's soldiers! But, fatigue strikes all, and a lucky hit from the last of her challengers set her flat on her back. "Phew!" Louis, the strongest of Francis' squad, had finally managed to stop Ayane with a well placed trip after a faulty swing. "You're crazy strong, lady! Can't believe how well you handled us..." "Yeah, yeah, talk big after we softened her up for you." Francis was being a bit of a sore loser, but he was still impressed with Ayane's handiwork. Ari smiled, before taking a moment to clap. "Impressive! I suppose I wouldn't mind going a round against you, Aya." Picking herself up, the white clad knight kept her impressive looking sword sheathed, heading towards the training rack. The weapons were dulled for combat practice, but proper swings would still hurt. "So long as you're up for it, after all that." Ari struck a pose that would only be familiar to Ayane if she had kept a close eye on how Marina fought... The fortune teller seemed rather pleased at Jade's appreciation of her words, nodding along with her thinking. It seemed like it was Gabriela's turn, then... And she wanted to know of her past? "Give me a moment, fair siren..." The light show returned, but a blue, this time. It seemed each color responded to a segment of someone's life. "Your past... Is, heavy... You lost your people when you were young. Your mother... She, hid you... Oh... I-I..." This was terrible. Could she truly reveal this in front of someone else...? She glanced to Jade and then Gabriela, her hidden eyes reading their faces. "Mmm... Your, mother hid you, to try and save you, Gabriela. The church... This, is a fate worse than death. I feel, at least..." She struggled to continue, shivering a bit. "They were all captured. Except, you... Because of your mother... They..." A small gasp, the orb went dark, the room's regular lights slowly shining again. "The church took the sirens, and has... Been, brainwashing them, to act as 'angels', for their needs. Some of them, at least... Th-The rest... Have simply agreed to work with them, for their own personal gain... I..." She almost wanted to give the woman her money back. This was too much to see such vivid imagery of... "Y-Yeah, yeah, your 'nature'..." Amera sighed, heading towards the forge. "I'll do my best." Opening the door to the forge's entrance, Amera caught sight of the two already there... And one of them smelled familiar, amidst the iron and the smoke. "Ohhh... A dragon, huh...?" Explain Yourself
  13. "Your present it is, Miss Persyn... Though, do give me a moment, while the magic runs its course. Your friend has asked many questions." The room grew darker, whatever magic was displaying the lights upon the ceiling had been absorbed into the crystal upon her table. It became the sole source of light within the hut, twisting through several colors, slowly, fluidly, before settling upon a dim red. "Gabriela... Ren may bring you quite the hefty amount of sadness, should you not take him seriously as a partner. He is holding onto a lot of pain... As are you. Getting so close to someone, despite your fear of others' distrust...?" She offered no more there, the red hanging, likely for Jade instead. "Your past is what is behind you. Should you wish it, I shall look into what you know, what you may have missed, or what you might have forgotten... Your future is what may come to transpire. There is no such thing as destiny. I can lay out what will come for you should you remain as you are... Only your actions may change things." Her gaze fell on Jade, head tilting underneath her veil, smiling wide at the zombie. "And your present. Yes... Jade Persyn, so young, as a human and an undead... Traveling with... Many monsters, even becoming attached to one above your status as a corpse... How curious. You should bring that unfinished weapon to the forge, in town. They should be able to provide answers to it and the many questions you have concerning it... Mmm..." Her smile faded, the red of her orb growing more vivid. "Avoid white armor... A powerful sword... Not for you, for..." She couldn't speak further on that, the light dying down somewhat. "Your interest... Lavinia. Lavinia Caera... A vampire. Do you want to become one as well~?" A curious snicker, the answer was more complicated than a yes or a know, any fortune teller worth their crystal knew that. "She is hurting... You understand why. But what to do for her..." The tip of her tail suddenly snuck up from beneath the table, the teller rubbing it against her chin to think. "Do not rush head first into intimacy. She may joke about it with you; tease; flirt... Those are a front, and a strong charge will break down the walls... So to speak." A giggle, her tail slipped back beneath the table it had snuck up from, and the red of her orb faded, the ceiling becoming lit again with the constellations it had shown before. "And you, my dear zombie, are too worried about it. A beautiful vampire has allowed you into her life, so close... Cling onto that hope a little harder, and believe in it." A chuckle now, giggles beyond her, she seemed quite interested in Jade's romance. "Lastly... The spirit attached to you is harmless. Though, even I am unsure if you could ever utilize it properly... It is less of a known soul, and more a mass of energy. Whoever it belonged to has passed on... Leaving you with their abilities, despite your inability to harness them. Curious..." "Mm." The orc didn't have much else to say to an unsure customer, their decision was up to them, not her. Now it was time for the dragon, and the weapon she was carrying. The clearly magical, very dangerous feeling weapon. "Mmmmm..." Repairs to something so magnificent and powerful? "No. Impossible... Right now. No ore. Need the right metal. Not sold. Would have to find." Something like this had to have been made from orichalcum, enough of it to infuse whatever magics laid dormant in it. Carefully picking up the weapon, she felt nothing, save for the earlier insidious aura that the blade gave off. "Very curious... Bring the ore. Do so... I can fix. Otherwise... Good luck." As for the gauntlets... "For captain. Special order. Fights with her fist. Needed stronger weapon. Making today." Whether or not the celestial had any relatives on Xensat, or even in the whole of the world, remained to be seen. Nessraya was correct that Erephis would be the most read of them all if they were to find any answers. Lavinia still wasn't sure what to make of this all, but things seemed to be winding down... Seilan, the human from Hwein, was already making his exit. "Ahhh, wait, wait! One last thing, I'll do my best to make it quick! From out best intel, Ithraxl plans to attack during the day. So do your best to sleep easy, alright!? Reportedly, he wants to avoid attacking the walls of a fort so heavily filled with vampires when the moon is out. I do suppose he's right, at least half of the militia is made up of them. So... That's all." Amera was rather out of her game, faced with a crying star, the damned hero, and a slowly ending meeting... "I know the legends say she did... But there's something more mystical about being born into the sky. Don't know how to word it. Go... Meet with that Erephis whoever, see if she can help you." Amera was the next go to, quickly vacating after Seilan. "I've got a pair of gauntlets to check on..." With the cat leaving, Lavinia turned to Marina, trying her best to smile. "Would you like to accompany Astraea, Marina? I've nothing pressing to attend to, now, but I was hoping to have my own look around town... You, somehow, seem more knowledgeable about them than we are. Do you mind?" "Iiiiiiiii do~" Asami said, finally speaking up, just to stretch and head for the exit. "Going to go pick through some books and eavesdrop~ If you need me, I'll be... Around~" The fox flitted away, but not before glancing at Nessraya. "You should probably go chase your cat before she beats up someone that doesn't deserve it!" "A-Assist?" Erephis had never really taught anyone magic before, let alone a being made of magic. How she would go about that, would... "E-Err... W, Well... I, uhm... Wh-What kind, of magic?" Depending on her answer, Erephis could try her hand at it, or say it was impossible for her current skill level. Dark magic would be simple, at the least, to explain... But, to teach? That was another bag of marbles. "Eager? Don't be too hasty. As much as I welcome the idea, I'd hate to ruin your chance to spar with the rest of them." Ari smirked and stepped towards the soldiers, keeping a hand on the pommel of her blade. "Let's have Aya fend off a few of your first then, yes? Should she do well enough, I'll take a swing at her." There was definitely a sense of pride and perhaps ego in her words, smiling over at Ayane. "Is that fine, miss oni?" "You know, thinking about it, I've never seen an oni before... The name's Francis." The lizardman leading things stepped out to hold his hand out to Ayane. "We're a pretty simple militia, but we're properly trained in Vaia's military tactics. I'm sure we're not as pushover as your friend seems to suggest. Fancy yourself a go?" "It'll be fun!" Ari added on, stepping a small bit away to seat herself on a log stationed nearby, likely for soldiers to rest on while others took to the small, flattened out area she could only assume was for their sessions. "You seem pretty beat, friend." The grizzled voice of an old man met Ren after Asami left, another drink finding its way to the counter. "Free of charge... Not often I get to see a pretty lady like that around here, and she came to see you, so we'll call it thanks for having her drop by." Braksen, the black scaled lizardman that owned the place, was leaning next to Ren, smile shining through the scars that littered his face. "Didn't eavesdrop, promise. Do have a favor to ask of you, though, if you're willing. You seem pretty down... Figure I could at least give you something to do, yeah?" Fishing through a drawer behind the counter, Braksen pulled out a small key, setting it next to Ren. "If you feel like making a few gold, take that to the orc who runs the armory... 'Course, you could always steal it, but what good is a key if you don't know where it goes, right?" Braksen chuckled to himself, standing up straight and stretching a moment. "If not, I'll ask the next trustworthy looking guy to walk in. Just, uh... Don't drink too hard, friend." "I, I will think about it. Properly... I, I promise." Agni walked away... And she took her window. "I... I-I only have thirty one hundred. W-Will this cover the rest...?" Taliyah pulled out the medal she'd stolen from Marina, setting it on the counter. "I, uhm... I just didn't want to h-have him see me... Make a bad deal... Do you think it's, e-enough...?" Tia picked up the medallion and gave it an inspection. She could feel a small bit of magic radiating off of it, so she nodded. "I don't know if it's anything special, but it's magical enough, and solid gold. Sure thing, little dragon... I'm sure your friend will be happy." Reaching down to pat Taliyah's hair, the lizard froze in place, not used to that kind of content. "Gotta be happy with friends like you lookin' after them." Taliyah sells the mark of the hero! Taliyah purchases a Necklace of Divine Intervention! Taliyah purchases two Rings of Steel Plating! "Ah! Hey there, Agni. Purchase for Marina going well? Figured I'd get Taliyah some new clothes and a hat to keep her skin safe, since she doesn't cover it up much... Bridgit's looking into jewelry. Little lizard like her probably likes shiny things, right?" It seemed as though the vampire had her eyes on something else, as well, a pair of boots. Aithlin chuckled and smiled at her. "Go ahead, Bridgit. Yes, we're here for Marina and Tali, but you can take care of yourself, too. It's clothes, after all, everyone needs them." "And, playboy? What do you want to get her, besides yourself?" Aithlin wasn't about to avoid joking on that while Taliyah was busy, gently elbowing the man. "She's real taken with you, even a blind man could see that. Bet if you offered yourself up as her present she'd faint from excitement on the spot."
  14. Scenario Final: Quell The Lion's Roar Deploy within 5 tiles of the Riese or the Avalon depending on launch ship! Objective: Defeat Trel'Vaar! Battle Mastery: Do not lose a single pilot! Defeat condition: Either battleship is destroyed!
  15. "A, star?" Lavinia was very plainly confused, unsure of what exactly was being referred to here. Somehow, Marina, of all people, seemed to have an idea. A celestial? Space? What were these things? Were they something commonplace in Marina's world...? "Celestials and stars. This is some real old legend stuff, here. You really want us to believe you're one of the Gods' creations?" Amera felt like talking now, eyes off Marina. "I don't know what miss star has to say about all of this... Maybe you didn't look into any of it, Lavinia, because you've been so focused on being a knight, but..." Amera sighed, this was getting way too crazy. The hero, and now a star. "In old fairy tales, about the Gods and Goddesses, it's said that while Hess became the world, Ilrios became the sky and the stars. We were all born of the world snake, Hess, while the lights that shine at night, the air above us, was made of Ilrios... That's... What I know, anyway." Her magic was definitely unlike anything Amera had felt in the almost century length of her life, so was she telling the truth? "Well... Whatever the case, you aren't a human, so I have to apologize for holding you captive. We'll return all of your belongings, and you're free to go on your way, to do... Whatever, stars do. Once they burn out. I need a drink..." "Born of the Gods... That's... If that's true, I..." Lavinia had moved on from confusion, to being at a loss. "It, is a pleasure to meet you, miss... Celestial... If... Do you have a name?" Were stars given names? Lavinia had never given much thought to the things that shone above at night. The moon, perhaps, and the Goddess connected to it, but the rest she'd always assumed was some magic that was beyond the mortal realm. There was still much to discuss about Ithraxl, but this deserved its moment. "Yes. I did... Miss Jade Persyn, and Miss Gabriela Zima. A pleasure to meet you in person." The lamia smiled wider underneath her veil, the corners of her mouth barely visible. "Names, and expectations, those are the easy part. Now that you have come to see me... I shall tell you of your past, your present, or your future. Hopefully, for expending my magical powers..." Her tail slid under the table and pulled a jar out from under it, the quiet rustling of coins echoed inside as they were shuffled. "... You will be willing to spare some coin. Though my hut is small, I have my own expenses." She didn't have to go into detail of how expensive it was to feed herself, there was a lot of lamia to upkeep. "Hopefully, my knowing your names is enough to tell you that I am no fraud... But, for just, a single gold, I shall give you another expression of my sight, to further your belief. If you need it... Though, coming in here of your own accord, surely you have some faith." A giggle this time, the tail relaxing back into its position. She slid a small parchment onto the table with her crystal ball, listing her services and prices. "Ah... Something not on the list, for you two beautiful ladies... I do predictions of romance at no charge~" She winked, but they'd never know. "... Hmm? Hm! Oh. Sorry." The orc spared Bladen a few words as she set her drawing down. A rather intricate and ornate design for a set of gauntlets, perhaps on order for someone, or simply something she designed in her spare time. "Odd sword... Where you find it?" A sword with a razor like edge was definitely not the norm. This seemed made for sawing rather than cutting... Quite the cruel implement, it didn't match the man who'd brought it in. "Hm. Forging... Thousand gold. Upgrades... Not sure. Weird edge. Difficult to improve. Would need to test. Might take a while. Can promise quality... Hmm..." The orc woman seemed rather quick to speak, and few on words. She was very focused on how exactly to take something like this to the next level. "Fifteen hundred. Two options... First. Improve the blade. Remove the razor. Durable. Sharp. Good for cutting..." She paused to think again, taking a second to look at Xalrei. Requiem peaked her interest at just a glance, but one customer at a time. "Second. Improve razor. Better at what it does. Lose a bit of durability. Lot stronger... Your decision." "Y-You don't have to speak, s-slower. I understand, just fine." Was she strong? In a certain sense. It wasn't a strength that she wanted, though. The memories were vague, through the lens of her glasses. It was done this way on purpose... Perhaps her other self would know much better about her own strength, but that, was... "I... I-I know a lot, about magic. I would say, that... Is m, more accurate. Uhm... I don't... I don't really, e-enjoy fighting that much. At all, really... So I hope, that you n-never have to see me, like that. But... Well, if you have any questions about magic, I-I will do my best, to answer them." It felt odd, telling a genasi that she could inform them of magic, but if she truly was only adept at her own element, maybe it would help? "Baffling?" Was holy protection odd? While Taliyah wondered, Tia didn't seem all that bothered by the implications in Agni's statement. She was more so glad that any of them were real, an odd peddler had sold them all to her on a bargain. She could make her dollar back quite easily! "Either of the rings are one thousand gold. The amulet, two thousand~ They're rather precious magical items!" Full of herself now that she truly knew they were real, she did her best to sell them just a little bit higher than they were truly worth. "Wh-Whoa... That's a lot of gold... But..." Taliyah bit her lip, looking between them. "Can... C-Can I get it, all?" "All!?" Tia's eyes lit up with dollar signs, staring down at the lizard. "Certainly! I'll give you a discount if you do! Thirty five hundred!" "Mmm... Th-That's..." It was a bit more than she could afford, but... Maybe... "A-Agni, can I have a... A moment to think? Can, you go s-see how the other two are doing?" She needed him to leave... There was no way he'd let her get away with selling this in front of him. "Ren..." Asami felt a sigh coming, but rather than patronize him with it, she held it back. "Mmm... Ren, I do want to make one thing explicitly clear. I don't hate you. I don't even dislike you, or your cousin. I simply... Well, if we're having this soul sharing moment, I was afraid, too. Seeing the two of you here, turned into onis... It could only mean that Ouka had won. Somehow... If she'd won, she was coming for the rest of us. That scared me to no end... And I lashed out. Considering the weight on you two already, that was undeserved... If you'll accept my apologies, you can have them. I'm sorry, Ren." Asami swiped her drink and took a heavy glug, shuddering from the taste and sensation. "Disgusting... But it'll help me unwind some. Mmm... It's fine if you're scared, Ren. It's fine if you're worried... And no. I would take no pleasure in ending your life. I've never been a fan of fighting, in the first place..." She finally let go of that sigh, leaning against Ren for just a moment. "Thank you for being so understanding... I hope you'll be alright, Ren. Make some friends, here. Hold onto that humanity... It might save you, in the end." That was her last piece of advice before getting up and moving to leave. She had a meeting to start commenting on... "Well... Choose what you want then, Bridgit. I'll help you pay for it; we'll split the cost. Make it a good present from the both of us to Taliyah. As for my pick..." Aithlin let Bridgit continue to look as she stepped over to a high shelf, fetching a sunhat off of it. "Girl's barely wearing anything and all that uncovered skin isn't gonna last in all the sun we've been seeing. She isn't a vampire, but it'll do her some good. Plus maybe a few new tunics... Proper clothes, instead of what she's been stuck with." They probably couldn't convince her away from shorts, considering pants would probably scratch against her scales. How troublesome it must've been to wear clothes as a lizardkin... "Aya the oni? Well met, then." I'm not surprised she's lying to me, I'm doing the same to her. Calling her on it would just increase how suspicious I am, so I'll leave it be, and play along. Curious as to how this will go, though... I do hope to see their true natures. The church has decried them as heretics to be slain, and monsters are exactly that, but... I can't help but be curious. I've stopped the other knights from killing the villagers as we passed, at least. Ari thought to herself as they walked towards the barracks, thinking over her plans, thinking about one specific person. "As for your oni friend, I'm afraid you're the first I've seen here in Vaia. You said you're not from the continent, right? Don't you think it'd be strange to see more than a few of you wandering around at all?" [/i]Monsters from other continents, though... How very curious. How did they get around the sea currents that surround Vaia?[/i] Something to worry about for the future, the barracks had come into view. The sounds of training and combat could be heard, quietly floating through the air towards them, growing louder as they approached. Several of the fort's militia was training against each other outside their tents with wooden weaponry, going at each other rather hard. "Well! That's a welcome sight. Nothing better than soldiers growing stronger. Shall we join them, Aya?" Ari continued towards them, a few noticing her, and despite her bemusing presence, some of them smiled and waved. "Hail, traveler! You and your friend look rather well equipped. That's not all for show, is it?" A rather happy lizardman grinned teeth towards them. "Care to join us, if those aren't just for show?" "Ain't those the folks that came in with Amera's group?" Another asked, jabbing him with his elbow. "Probably... Even better, really. Means that gear really isn't for show. Probably give us a good time." Ari smirked, glancing back at Aya. "Shall we, then? I don't mind going a few rounds with them... Or you."
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