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  1. Sollowy takes a chunk out of the mage! Roll1: 3,94 12 damage A spell is flung back! Roll: 39,83 A narrow miss! Sollowy finishes up Roll2: 28,27 12 damage! Sollowy gains +11 EXP! Sollowy levels! Level 8! 29 89 79 63 42 66 33 60 +HP/Spd "Wha-- Whoa, alright!" Lavinia hadn't been expecting the tug, doing her best to follow through as to not knock Jade off balance. Hoisted up onto her horse, gauntlets stuck around Jade's stomach to hold herself on tight, falling off the last thing she wanted to do. "Not exactly the time for us to be horseback riding, wouldn't you agree?" A pause from the battle as they rode past the armor, to hefty to react, Lavinia was unfortunately caught by the smell of Jade's fresh wounds. A small shudder and a heavy breath, she had to control herself. Jade needed to focus on leading her horse and avoiding the more lethal undead. "When this is over, I'm biting you," she stated, the best she could do to control the sudden urge. Agni sneaks the Requiem away and preps himself! Enemy Phase/Turn 5! The spider eye turns its attention to Gabriela! Roll: 89,83 A whiff! She blasts it with magic! Roll: 77,2(62) Spider guts burned everywhere! 21 damage! Gabriela gains +47 EXP, +4 light WEXP! Gabriela levels up! Level 9 52 57 79 60 35 3 89 19 +HP/Spd/Lck/Res The mage wants a chunk of her too! Roll: 95,64 Wide misses aplenty Roll: 47,26(96) And torched, nothing left! +34 EXP, +4 light WEXP! The towering husk of flesh swings a meaty talon at Agni! Roll: 35,80 A miss! Agni blasts an orb of magic from Requiem! Doublecast! Roll1: 94,68(85) Roll2: 83,89(99) 16 damage! +11 EXP! The less towering, but just as terrifying creature swings at Xalrei! Roll: 22,81 A fleshy tear! 15 damage! Xalrei swings back! Twice! Roll1: 38,83 Roll2: 32,98 20 damage! Xalrei gains +14 EXP, +2 lance WEXP! Xalrei gains C rank lances! A spear flies through the trees at Agni! Roll: 45,11 A miss! He flings magic back! Doublecast! Roll1: 69,37(84) Roll2: 30,61(63) 22 damage! Agni gains +15 EXP! The elite boneman cackles something indecipherable towards the zombies, who crowd near Nessraya but remain docile... before charging Ayane! A samurai sword swings its way towards Ayane! But she strikes first! Roll: 90,2(1) Astra! 18 damage! Roll2: 91,59 6 damage! Roll3: 7,75 6 damage! Roll4: 80,30 6 damage! Roll5: 59,79 6 damage! 42 damage total! The Wight is cut apart! Ayane gains +84 EXP, +12 WEXP Ayane levels! Level 8 15 45 93 74 60 55 8 63 +HP/Str/Spd/Def The archer takes up aim at Ayane! Roll: 63,31 Miss! Player Phase/Turn 6! Jade's better undead activates, healing her! (Max) The Fort heals Agni for 4 HP!
  2. "Mmhh... We've got to find that thing's head, or it'll just chase us until it kills us." "Then you'd best get moving, hmm, Lavinia?" Asami replied, sneaking up on her and dancing some magic into her. "Yes, I know... And I'll never quite get used to that magic of yours. In any case... Jade! Ride for the most obvious place in sight, it can't function far from its head!" Asami to 2,8, dance Lavinia, +15 EXP Lavinia to 3,9
  3. Slurp slurp, delicious magic Roll1: 86,29 Roll2: 87,91 64 damage, the zombie is dust Nessraya gains +5 EXP, HP maxed out, MP maxed out. Lavinia takes a step back from the menacing armor and heals their foresty friend! Lavinia to 2,9, heal Sollowy! +15 EXP, +2 staff WEXP!
  4. Ren goes in! Roll: 31,92(16) 16 damage! Down he goes Ren gains +37 EXP, +2 lance WEXP
  5. "Just a bit more...! Rahhh!" Hannah MS mode, take flight, head to 17,16, uses Dual Beam Sabers on Chaldene #2!
  6. A wooshy gust knocks the barely together pile of flesh over~ Roll: 90,91 12 damage! Taiyute gains +40 EXP, +2 anima WEXP!
  7. Gabriela burns one spider down Roll: 13,67(89) 8 damage! Gabriela gains +12 EXP, +2 light WEXP
  8. Ayane SWINGS! Roll1: 73,59(100) 19 damage! The zombie, staggered, attempts to claw back! Roll: 99,91 A wide miss! Ayane swings again! Roll2: 12,82(42) 19 damage, the corpse is barely moving! Ayane gains +11 exp, +4 sword WEXP! Ayane reaches C rank swords! "I... I can, keep doing this! They're, just monsters!" Taliyah moves to 1,9 and slaps an eyeball! Roll1: 65,94 A hit! 5 damage! The spider flings a claw back! Roll: 38,7 5 damage to the poor lizard! Another heft! Roll2: 52,77 5 more damage! Taliyah gains +12 EXP, +4 axe WEXP!
  9. Error Ryoma? If you make a sign up thread, it goes in the Roleplay sub forum.
  10. Everything was starting to move slowly. Her controls were responding just fine, but her body wasn't. As the adrenaline began to wear off, her body began to shut down, the weight of the situation hitting her. Vera uses R Sniper with Firmia Sub Missile support at the Hexis! Hit and Aways onto the Avalon! One final shot was all she could give, the Velite managing to float towards the Avalon. Landing procedures hit, the machine began to dock on its own, as her body melted back into the pilots seat. Vera wasn't one for sobbing... Too many years in the military, and Apotheosis, letting herself go that far wasn't something she could give into. That didn't stop the tears, though. "They're gone. They're all... I..." She still had Esther... In, a sense. The girl looked up to her, for reasons she still didn't understand. If she'd gone as well, Vera would've found the self destruct and tested it against the Hexis' armor plating. But she couldn't just give up when that girl still needed her. Even if it hurt. Even if it was too much. A part of her said this was karma. It made her laugh, and the dam almost broke, calming the noise, and falling into a still silence. She... Was going to need a lot of drinks, after this.
  11. Enemy Phase/Turn 4! Centaur #1 swings into Jade! Roll: 63,9 A hit! For 2 damage! She fires back, unphased! Roll: 39,60 13 damage! jade gains +10 EXP, +1 gun WEXP! The horseman cantos away to 6,14! "..." The silent armor steps in, wedge of metal at the ready! "What!? A dullahan-- Why is it here-- Rrgh! A heavy slash finds its way towards Lavinia! Roll1: 99,5 A wide miss, from a deadly strike! "Damn... Jade, we can't defeat this thing! Lavinia fires back! Roll: 83,76 Hit! 0 damage! Lavinia gains +1 bow WEXP! The armor rears up and swings again! Roll2: 86,19 Another destructive blow dodged! "Damn... If we can't find this thing's head, there's no way we can defeat it!" Headless Dullahans were nearly impervious, their armor radiating magic to keep the body safe while its host brain was missing. This wasn't so much a person currently, as it was a suit of automatic armor, poised to destroy anything in its path... So why wasn't it attacking the monsters? Centaur #2 swings at Jade as well! Roll: 92,69 Wide! Jade fires back! Roll: 46,13 Critical! 42 damage puts him down! Jade gains +30 EXP, +2 gun WEXP! Jade levels! 43 22 35 36 4 26 5 79 +HP/Skl/Def! Centaur #3 takes his place and fires at Sollowy! Roll: 76,14 A miss! She lightnings back! Roll: 69,39 9 damage! That's enough! Down he goes, Sollowy gains +40 EXP! Spider eye #3 takes a stab at Sollowy! Roll: 14,79 Stab! 8 damage! She lightnings back! Roll1: 65,58 Roll2: 93,74 6 damage to the hulking abomination! Sollowy gains +12 EXP! Beholder #3 doesn't like beholding Xalrei! Roll: 97,61 A wide miss of magic! Xalrei stabs back! Roll1: 37,55 Roll2: 11,83 Two well placed strikes takes it down! Xalrei gains +67 EXP! Zombie #9 steps in to take a swing at Bladen! Roll: 31,31 7 damage to the poor bird! He's not quite a fan of that! Roll1: 36,3(59/94) Roll2: 6,53(48/81) A critical! Both swings take the zombie out! Bladen gains +37 EXP, +3 sword WEXP! Zombie #6 prefers oni flesh! Roll: 82,80 A wide miss from poisoned claws! Ren counters! Roll1: 84,69(23) Roll2: 13,79(83) 28 damage from the swings! Ren gains +11 EXP, +2 lance WEXP! Player Phase/Turn 5!
  12. Sollowy does the healin'! -2 HP Lavinia is healed to max Sollowy gains +15 EXP
  13. "Stepping in here, hope you don't mind the company." Lavinia to 2,11, iron bow centaur 3! Roll: 92,75(53) A hit! 13 damage! Lavinia gains +10 EXP, +1 bow WEXP!
  14. Gabriela continues to put these nerds on blast! Roll: 28,49(40) 22 damage! Burned to a crisp! Gabriela gains +37 EXP, +4 light WEXP! Gabriela hits C rank light!
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