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  1. "Ch-Charming? Rrrrrr-r-r-revered!?" Erephis completely lost her train of thought, stumbling over several words and shrinking in height, until she finally managed to take hold of what she'd been requested. "Uh... I-I, I-- well, thank you, but... Erm, that... A-Anyway," trying to focus... "uhm... M-My name is Erephis. I'm the head librarian at, C-Castle Tassion, the... Demong-- Ahh, D-Demon King's castle, in the capital of Vaia. Uhm." A good start. "Well, I-I, I'd seen an infection like hers, before... In, a book. Though I-I, I don't exactly r, re, remember which one... Would, uhm... You, l-like me to look into that, once we return t-to, the castle?" "Oh? Saviors, finally," a gruff and tired voice spoke out, almost chuckling. "And-- By my beard, Nessraya? What are you doing all the way out in Aensbrook?" The inquisitive voice belonged to who was clearly a vampire, though physically well beyond his years. White hair even at night, glowing red eyes, sharp fangs, a full mustache and well trimmed beard. "I take it if you're in here trying to save us, the issue with those rowdy fellows has been resolved?" "Uh," Taliyah spoke up, scurrying to undo his bindings first. "Who are you, s-sir?" "Me? Name's Eugene... And I had this whole scheme figured out. Almost, anyway... One of them got the jump on me, and then tied the rest of these poor sods up." It would only take a glance to see who was there. Galahad, Leon, Frank!? The rest of the arena fighters! "They've been planning this for months, it seems. Nimbus got it in his stupid head that he deserved more... Terrible time to start acting on it." "You stupid girl." Laselia let Xalrei go without warning, letting her fall to the floor of the arena. "That doesn't mean you just run in like that! And all that boasting!? For what!? Your ego? Just because you won doesn't mean you weren't in danger..." In what would be a rare moment of weakness for Xalrei to see, Laselia had to fight back some swelling tears, the sleeve of her gear hiding her eyes for a moment. "Just... Take, care of yourself, dammit! Rals told me to watch you, and I want you to grow, I can't keep holding your hand this entire time... Just... Be, smart about it. I know you can be... Tonight, was not that." "It's standard procedure, Bladen... Someone as fresh as Jade isn't going to turn anyone unless she bites them to near death and they're left there for over a week. She has no rot, she hasn't been dead for long enough... Lavinia was just worried. I am too..." She held his hand a bit tighter, hoping it was helping at all. "You aren't talking any nonsense... Come on," she started, trying to stand with his hand in hers. "We'll go back to the inn... I'll explain what I know. After that, we can just hug... And I'll be there for you, okay? No... Funny business. I... Just, want to help." Hopefully he would let her.
  2. The horde was thinning, the rest would fall! "ZAN!" The Crescent Kai continued to move like it was a much better machine... The wear on those joints was going to be Buck cry. Kazue moves to 9,11 and uses the Liquid Sword vs Gamma 10!
  3. "Ah! Th-This way! There's a whole bunch of tied up people in the weapons room!" Taliyah scampered back down the hall-- luckily straight enough for Nessraya to follow her without getting lost. "Uhm... A-Ayane, yes?" Erephis, of all people, has slithered up to the oni, trying to get her attention. "I... Noticed, the, uhm, e-exchange you had during the battle... That... Girl, wh-who was she? If you dont mind me asking. If you do, that's f-fine... I just... Well, thought of, uhm... Something." "Supposing is enough, Marina... We'll talk in the morning. You seem... Better. Everyone, back to the inn, once you've wrapped up business! It's still early enough that we should be able to manage a decent amount of sleep!" Hopefully they wouldn't dawdle for long. Lavinia spotted her next few hours of entertainment already trying to leave the arena. With heavy, but surprisingly quiet steps, she made after the zombie. "What, running away from me? And here I was hoping to have your hands on me, all to my self... To help with my neck, remember? I wasn't trying to make an excuse, I'm... Trying not to agitate it right now, but their healing attempts were not... Perfect. I should be fine in a few nights, but, just in case. Wouldn't do to lose my head. Again, hmhmhmhm." Lavinia had purposefully avoided battle during the engagement for this very reason. Healing and keeping an eye on everyone had luckily been enough. "Oh... Bladen, I'm..." She slowly reached out for his hand, trying to make a bit of s connection, hoping it would be fine. "I'm so sorry... We'll have Nessraya look at you, okay? You should be fine... Physically. Jade is still fresh, I'd be shocked if she could infect anything, really." Whoever had turned her into a zombie had used some magical means. That she had such a violent reaction to what she could only assume had been damage, though... Maybe there was something else at play here? "As, for the rest... I... Don't know a lot, about the magic you used. But I know a little. If you want to come back to the room with me, I can tell you what I know... How does that sound? I know it might be a bit overwhelming right now, but its natural, at least. So try not to worry about something having gone astray. What you did was something you were meant to do." Perhaps alarmingly, Asami was carrying herself with a surprising level of care and gentleness. No jokes flung or even a hint of sarcasm... "Xalrei!" An angry voice the dragon would be all too familiar with sounded into the arena, a tail sliding along the ground towards her with frightening speed, before she was hoisted by her clothes. "What in the name of Hess were you doing out there!?" Laselia was unimpressed with Xalrei's abuse of the demon blade and her show against Nimbus. "Do you have any idea of how important you are!? Any at all!?"
  4. Agni takes that crown! Roll1: 23,3 (9) IGNIS CRITICAL! 18 DAMAGE! "GWAHHGH!" SLAIN! Agni gains +80 EXP! +2 hidden WEXP! Agni levels! Level 9! +SPD! MAP OVER! All thieves defeated! The thieves that remained alive had been gathered, tied up, and placed in the center of the arena, so the townsfolk and the group could deal with them. Despite his critical wounds, Nimbus had managed to survive. Bloodied and beaten, he would be dealt with accordingly. Geoffrey stepped forward, shaking Lavinia's hand. "Thank you all! Truly! We would've been cleaned out had you not been here... I don't know if there's anything we can do, but... From all of us, to you, anything you've managed to save from these thieves, you can keep for yourselves!" The townsfolk nodded along, smiling wide. Their lives, and all the good Nimbus had stored away to flee town with, had been returned. Any small items picked up were more than enough reward for these warriors. "Well... There's, no point arguing with all of you. Thank you, for the gracious reward." Lavinia looked back at everyone and smiled... Even if it had been a hard night for them, hopefully the feeling of having properly saved a town, and their rewards, would be enough to raise spirits. Jezebels Necklace -> Talisman! Dulhaven's Hammer -> 1 free weapon repair/upgrade! Arena Ledger -> Secret Book! Geoffrey's Locket -> Goddess Icon! Eugen's Lockbox -> ...? "Before we all leave," Jezebel said, stepping forward, "I need to ask one thing... Is that girl... The Hero?" A silence hit the crowd, even Nimbus froze up a bit, tied up as he was. They all stared at Marina, eyes worried... But with a certain wonder. The hero? Here? HELPING them? Why? For what purpose? "I don't mean to cause a stir," Jezebel spoke up again, "but her name... They slipped it out at my shop. If you, really are the Hero... I don't know what gave you such a change of heart, but... Thank you. Truly." Lavinia had frozen along with the townsfolk, but the sigh of relief that followed gave her pause to breathe-- even if she didn't need to. A quick glance to Marina was met with a smile. "Really... If, she is, then... Well! I don't think you'll see any trouble from us! Right, everyone?" Shocked as people were, they all nodded along to Geoffrey's statement. Not that it will be so easy for the rest of Vaia... Or even everyone here, but, tonight, you are our hero, little miss. Best of luck, with whatever this is. "Hey!" Taliyah poked her head out of the arena entrance, having gone off to snoop. "Nessraya! C-Come here! I gotta show you somethin'! Bring your staff!" "Goodness... The night never ends..." Lavinia sighed, turning back to Marina and the group, as the townsfolk began to deliberate how best to deal with Nimbus and his cronies. "All's well that ends well? I suppose?" And running past her... "Bladen!" Asami bounced into the arena past Taliyah, rushing herself to his side... And keeping a small bit of distance, he looked horribly shaken. "What happened? I came to check, but... Seeing you like this, what, what went wrong?"
  5. Taiyute... Blows astray? Roll: 95,64 Miss! +1 anima WEXP
  6. She stabs him good this time! Roll: 67,52 13 damage! He swings back! Roll: 61,37 (41) A miss! -4 HP from Requiem! Xalrei gains +11 exP! "Don't be so reckless! Xalrei!" All she could keep doing was healing her. +11 EXP, +2 staff WEXP Lavinia levels up! Level 10! +HP/STR/MAG/DEF/RES
  7. What a sniper pro! Roll: 9,29 14 damage! Jade gains + 11 EXP, +2 gun WEXP!
  8. "Hah! That's wro... Er... Wha?" He fished a slip out of his pocket and then made a frown, before looking at Marina, then back at it. This happened a few times before he tossed it aside and shrugged. "Well. That's, right." Marina can keep the shield!
  9. "Whazzat!? Who'z what's... A girlie!" The drunk barkeep picked himself up from behind the counter, mead sloshing about. "Rrrrrrright... Shield... That thing, s'a prize. What's twelve, times twelve! Ain't nobody knows math round here, so ain't nobody that can get it from me! Wahahaha!" Jade's wounds close instantly +11 exp +2 staff wexp
  10. "Alright you lizard get ready to-- O-Ow!?" Shurikens outta nowhere! Roll1: 30,46 (7) Ignis! 6 damage! Roll2: 47,42 (46) Doublecast! 4 damage! Agni gains +11 exp, +2 hidden wexp! Enemy Phase! "Alright, you... Taste my blade!" Nimbus is tired of being just a Puff! Roll: 91,1 (100) Big whiff! Xalrei stabs back! No one calls her a lizard! Roll: 98,51 Perhaps she was too mad! Whiff! Player Phase!
  11. "Alright... We're cleaning them out." Now that revenge had been sweet, it was time to turn their attention to the rest of these bastards... That fucker was still chasing Kim? "Earth to shit for brains, come in, shit for brains." Why these cats left their channels open was beyond her. "We have successfully killed TWO Knights now, I repeat TWO Knights, what the FUCK do you think you're gonna accomplish!? Sit your ass down and get ready for a spanking, you damage that machine one more time and I'll break into your cockpit and kick your ass myself!" Iln'Teer did not respond to this round of shouting, but it was definitely getting to him. Where this Earthling's courage came from was beyond him. Chris daunts boss cat! Terry activates emergency repairs and sends a shield to Kim! (trust and vigor) "R-Right, Esther... It will get better." There were a lot of emotions raging in the girl in front of her, and around the battlefield. It would be difficult to really handle this going forward, but she would try... Nina casts Luck!
  12. Marinara still has the sauce! Roll: 78,3 Critical! 36 damage! Down he goes! +71 EXP, +2 sword WEXP! Marina levels up! Level 10! +HP/STR/LCK/DEF Marina picks up the dragonshield!
  13. "Looks like a rusted hunt of scrap to me! Bring it on you shitty lizard!" Talking. Talking was good... That meant Jade was coming back around. Lavinia let her go enough to talk, a steady hand still on her shoulder. "A few moments... Nothing more. I'm going to be blunt... You bit Bladen. He'll be alright, but... Likely wary of you, for a while. I..." What words would help this situation? Did they exist? 'Don't be too hard on yourself', as if such blatant patronizing would cover any of this. "It will get better." That was the best she had. "Now, is not the time for this, but..." Reaching into a pouch at her side, she took out the vial of vampire blood. Taking Jade's hand, she gently pressed it into hers, nodding quickly. "I am not telling you to drink this. Alright? Let me make this crystal clear; I am giving you this, because I do not want you to hate yourself. You hurt an ally... There will be a rift of trust there that, will get better, but it will take some time." Jade more than understood that, lingering there would make this worse. "Being like me comes with its own host of problems, but I've never lost myself. It won't make your day to day any easier... But it might make you hate yourself less. That's all. Take as long as you need to decide... And if you decide against it, simply give it back to me. I won't speak of this again." Lavinia stood up, waiting just a moment to see if Jade would need help getting up. "I'll be back once this is wrapped up, I promise. We can spend some time dressing each others wounds..." Lavinia felt around her neck with a wry smile. "I put on a strong face earlier, but I... Am going to need a few stitches in the back. I'd love your help." Something to look forward to could help Jade keep moving... Maybe. With a small wave, hopefully Jade could handle picking herself up. Lavinia had another she needed to keep an eye on. "Xalrei!" What was this idiot doing, enraging this guy!? She'd get an earful later, likely from someone she'd listen to. For now, Lavinia could do little but heal her wounds and hope. Lavinia to 7,2, heal the durgon. +11 exp, +2 staff wexp
  14. "You handled me fine because they make me hold back... Not anymore! 'Puff' fucking 'Trouble'!? What kind of loser stage name is that! My name is Nimbus, and if you think you're so tough, I'll SHOW YOU the difference my real power make!" Xalrei gains +1 strength
  15. "Whoa! A blue lady!" Tonight kept getting weirder! "Uh... S-Sure! Er, c-come 'ere, jerk!" Taliyah goes for the slap! Roll1: 57,94 "S-Sorry about this!" Roll2: 58,46 Taliyah knocks him out good! "Phew... Didn't kill him." +84 EXP, +6 axe WEXP! Taliyah levels! Level 7! +HP!
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