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  1. Asami sighed and grumbled. Bladen wasn't playing along with her escape plan, and Nessraya had left them, for... Admittedly it was a moderately important reason, but now she was somewhat trapped. Of course, she could just run, but that would upset Bladen, and wouldn't stop her being followed for questions. "Why is there an Oni here...?" she muttered, slowly freeing her arm from the Fallen to fold it alongside her other under her chest. "No, you may not. Instead, you can tell me why an Oni from Nanbu is here... Are you working for Ouka? Is she here? Tell me she isn't, we've got enough nonsense to deal with. And prepare yourself..." A shuriken slid into her hand, gently glinting into Ayane's view. "If you give me an answer I don't like, it'll mean your life." "I-I'll be alright, Gabriela... Promise. Just, will need to relax, prolly drink way too much water..." Xalrei wasn't upset at her performance? Really? That was a bit of a surprise, all things considered. She hadn't even gotten halfway into the gauntlet... "W-Well, thanks... Uhm... O, Oh, Gabriela, so are, you gonna try?" Swiftly changing the subject, Taliyah smiled at her. "Try your best if you are. The enemies here are pretty tough, but... Well, you've got light magic on your side. You should be pretty alright." Ducking her head a bit and heading for the exit, Taliyah kept her claw against her head to try and cover up the slight blush Xalrei had ended up giving her.
  2. Enemy Phase/Turn 4! "Stop running, worthless wretch!" Hexis to 11,17, tail after Kim! Final Stats: 49,11 Roll: 93,65 "GrraAAGH! Bothersome fly!" Kim counters! Final Stats: 89,29 Roll: 75,21 Hit Crit! Final Damage: 132! "Kim, w-we can do this! Nice hit!" +100 EXP! "Louise! Die and stay dead this time!" LunaAstin moves to 9,9, metal blades at Louise! Final Stats: 60,50 Roll: 1,60 Double image roll: 4 "Whoops, over here, Astin... Pay attention! Louise swings back! Danse! Final Stats: 61,100 Roll: 58,11 Double image: 50 "I could say the same to you, snake! to be continued...
  3. One confrustrated Russian barrage coming up! Final Stats: 88,23 Roll: 65,80 A hit! Final Damage: 109 Down he goes! +50 EXP, +4 will, +8 PP! "Don't start the party without me! Heyyyyy~! Astin, is that a new Luna!?" Louise had opened the channel between her machine and the imposing, improved model. "Come on, come give me a good hit! I wanna see if the old one can stand up to the new!" "Tch... So you're still kicking, somehow. Crazy bitch... Fine!" Going after Kim was getting them nowhere, and leaving the Luna in the ANF's hands would seriously hurt their chances. Louise moves to 9,8!
  4. "Whoa, we're gettin' love too? Time to pass it on... hey, big guns! Your suit's not lookin' too hot!" Terry to 9,6, repair Carlos. 44 HP healed Terry gains +60 EXP!
  5. Barrels hot! Final Stats: 86,28 Roll: 39,21 Hit Crit! Final Damage: 320! Tarquin gains +20 EXP!
  6. Taliyah started to stir as Gabriela came into the waiting area, blinking several times as she tried to remember where she was. "Wha... Happened... Wh, X-Xalrei?" Wait, I'm on her lap-- A rather flushed face followed, as she sprang up, caught herself on her hands and knees on the floor, and swiftly rose up... Only to groan, and fall back against the nearby wall, clutching her head. "I... Guess, I lost, then?" Only thing that could explain why she was here now, instead of still out there... And why she had a splitting headache. "Ah, s-sorry. Didn't really, put on enough of a show, did I? An', hi, Gabriela. Watch out for the guy with the big sword. Heh... I'm gonna need some water, and a lot of rest..." Why'd Xalrei put me there, anyway? I don't... I shouldn't, get that close to her... "Not one for sports, are you... I'm a bit surprised, but it's not a terrible way to think~" Nessraya had taken her waved invitation, though the knowledge she bestowed wasn't exactly pleasant. "Best find them, then, before..." That was when Asami noticed their new 'friend', staring at them. Her eyes went wide for a moment, before shaking her head a bit, and grabbing Bladen's arm tightly. "L-Let's go and find that food you were interested in, Bladen! I'm sure there's something nice in a tourist town like this, yes. Perhaps the tavern!" She was definitely trying to hurry, now... "Ahahah, hahaha~!" Adorable! Lavinia couldn't help her laughter as they picked themselves out of the tub, heading to the other room to grab her own towel. "What a delight you are, Jade! Of course, of course, show me what you can do. Ahhh, I've missed fun like this... I know the gravity of our situation, but I must say, I revel in small moments like this." Hopefully Jade was fine with being chuckled at, she was certainly deserving of it, but she seemed about as human as she wished she was when it came to teasing. Perhaps going too far would cross a line. "Do reprimand me if I'm having too much fun, at your expense... I simply can't help it~" Joy reestablished in her day, Lavinia went after her hair next, thinking about the stops they'd need to make. The armory was a must, extra copies of weapons would be a necessity in the fights to come. Having a sword snap or a bowstring break on them would be the absolute worst situation. "Hmmm..." After that was clothes and necessities, perhaps several salves of vulnerary. Her wounds would heal if given time to, but the humans and other monsters wouldn't. Another heal staff wouldn't hurt, either... Perhaps something stronger? She hadn't quite tested her hand at better implements yet. "I'm sure the town has some odds and curious items, as well..." She wasn't quite speaking to Jade, though it was loud enough for her to hear. "Alright. I have my plan set." Her hair was still definitely wet at the ends, but that could dry off in the subtle breeze of spring. Having dried herself as best as she could, clothes were first, and her massive pile of armor would follow. "I hope you're up for haggling several different people, Jade. Show me a good time~"
  7. "Ms. De la Croix is fine... Mrrrhhhh... Ben lâ, I geev up." Melanie sighed, not even bothered by Linus' arrival and momentary grasp of her tail. "Zis feels too good... Eef you are going, zen take me wis you, non? I tried to not give eento ze pets, but you 'ave forced ma 'and, so to speak." Whatever going with Carmen entailed, Melanie was totally entranced. Between the surprising amount of care being put into these scritches, the aura this woman was giving off, and the lack of worry over a rowdy crowd appearing, Melanie had turned into a purr factory. "I am sorry, Monika, Karina... Zey got to me too soon... Très bien~" Hopefully some of this pleasure stayed when they were away from Sheridan. She didn't want being this comfortable to be a fluke.
  8. "Mmm, maybe later then... I'm not much of a fighter, but gold's gold. I was mostly hoping to cheer you on from the stands, I'm sure that I'm quite the motivator. Buuuuuuuut, if you're not interested, what good would forcing you do? You're plenty happy, let's keep it that way." Smiling mischievously, Asami hugged his arm tighter, wondering about his mention of food. "If you were hungry, we should've stayed at the inn~! You could've gotten a nice, warm meal there... Or me, hmhmhm~" Her teasing was interrupted by the gentle flapping of wings, spotting their general out of the corner of her eye. "Oh, my. Nessraya! What are you up to~?" Sure, it was a date, but a moment of interruption wouldn't hurt. Maybe it would give her an idea of where to go next, just food was leaving her drawing blanks... I know a few, but... Mmm... Which one... "Wow!" Ayane was super cool too! She'd stopped after the big sword dude, but it was clear she really knew what she was doing, even with a standard weapon... Taliyah was so stunned that she couldn't even say anything when the girl walked back in, she was just gawking in awe, almost forgetting to close her mouth when it was her turn. "And now, shocking even myself, we have another newt! Even being a younger dragon, I'm sure she's going to put on a show! Give it up for Taliyah!" The crowd blew up again, today's showings had been fantastic! Another dragon!? After the first, the general, and such an impressive showing from this unknown monster!? Taliyah ran out to thunderous applause. She knew it wasn't exactly real, she wasn't a dragon, so this... It was fake, but it was better than getting booed at. Spotting Xalrei in the crowd, she swallowed hard and nodded. "Time to do my best..." First up was the weakest of the bunch, from what she'd seen. Even so, his axe could pose a problem. She was fast, but was she fast enough? Their first clash spelled out that she wasn't, taking a gash to her arm, as she tried to get in swings through his armor. Maybe that swing woke her up, because he didn't land another, and her flurry of small blows eventually led her to hitting the jackpot, and knocking him over. "Hoof... Not, done yet." One quick run through of healing, and she was up against shurikens. She didn't have the toughest scales, but these dinky things weren't enough to get through her enough to cause her to lose! With enough speed to keep up with the man, he was down in no time. But a gun? More than strong enough to get through. She'd never been shot before, and after today, she never wanted another iron shell to rip through her. It was a unique pain, one that she thought wouldn't last, but it burned worse than a cut from a sword. Still, this wasn't enough. She'd managed three wins! It was giving her some hefty bravado, enough that she'd regret it in a moment. Maybe he was upset from his thrashing at Ayane's hands, maybe she was simply ill matched for the fight, whatever it was... The swordsman trounced her in no time flat. She didn't even manage to land a hit, before she knew it, the flat of his blade was colliding with the back of her skull, and she was out cold. The crowd wasn't upset, though, it was nice for them to see the arena's fighters pull out a win. Medics quickly ran into the arena to collect her, healing her as best as they could, but it would be a good few minutes before she'd wake up from a hit like that. "Do it when everyone's asleep? You make it sound so immoral..." Lavinia snorted, she couldn't help it, Jade's wording and her earlier wonderings about the morality of this all left the comment rather unfortunate. "Ah, it would be nice... Next time, is it? Going to get into the habit of having me bathe with you? Really, Jade, and here I thought I was being too forward, hahah!" A full on laugh this time, Lavinia was quite amused. "Still, it would be nice to be able to turn a simple hug into such warmth. Alas, I don't think this time will be the charm, but... Yes, perhaps next time~" Still, there was the comment of buttering her up, honestly... Where did she get that idea? "Though, since your back has been mended, I would suggest we not idle here for too long. We'll be prunes soon, if we're not careful. Warmth or not, I've managed to become comfortable enough to sleep... I wouldn't leave you like that without warning, but this is a dangerous situation to stay in so carelessly~" Lavinia didn't shove Jade off, but she did shift forward just a bit, testing to see if the merchant would agree with her proposal. "Since I've handled the matter of our rooms, that just leaves restocking... As our new merchant, perhaps you'd like to accompany me to the armory, and the goods store in town? See what wares are available, help me haggle a price... I'm sure you've stayed a merchant for more than your good looks." Lavinia smirked, if Jade was going to deny her compliments, she'd have to sneak them in whenever she could. "And if not, if you'd rather continue to relax, or simply go over your own items, check on the Nightmares... Then it's truly been wonderful, Jade, my lovely new friend. Nice to no longer be alone in this journey through the afterlife." She smiled wryly, this really was an afterlife, wasn't it? They simply had corporeal forms, but ghosts were ghosts, in the end... Oof, troubling thought, that. Best to shelve it, I don't want to upset myself and ruin this mood. Really, don't be a fool, Lavinia.
  9. "Ahhh, yoi, 'itomi, I, I did not say you could... Mrrrhhh..." Too much, too calm, Melanie was enjoying this, much as she might protest. She was half leaning back against Hitomi at this point, purring, fully relaxed. "Eh, oui, just no pulling..." People did sometimes, it definitely hurt. "De la Croix, by ze way... And, juste Melanie, s'il vous plait. Honnêtement, 'itomi, you always use ma stream name... I juste went for zat because eet would be cute for l'internet, you know? I would still prefer to be called Mel, or Melanie, een person..." Now that she had a moment of coherent thinking, this wasn't quite how she expected her day to go. They were here for an exhibit, and here she was, drowning in girls, fawning over her ears. Eet could be worse, I suppose...
  10. "Yeah, missy, it ain't no problem," the zombie called over, fetching money for Xalrei and now Nessraya. "You did somethin' stupid, but the crowd enjoyed it, so it ain't no skin off our backs, y'know? Yer good to challenge as you wish... Still can't believe I'm dealin' directly with the general... And dragon girly, you put up a fantastic show too." "Oh! So you're gonna go too, Ayane? Then, I'll go after you do... Xalrei! Make sure you watch me, okay?" Taliyah bounced in place a moment, before turning and running after the horned girl, hoping she could impress the dragon in some way.
  11. "We are 'ere to see a maid cafe? Oh! Monika, bonjour~" Between the calming aura of the area and her friend showing up, Melanie was really relaxing, her purring coming out without her notice again... And she didn't bother to stop it this time. She was just happy to be around here, now. That was, until Carmen got curious. Hitomi made a bit of a display out of things before Melanie could answer, making her smile wryly and sigh a bit. "Oui... Sank you, 'itomi, but juste Melanie ees fine. Preferred, even... And oui, zey are real. A... Mmm... Bit of an attention grab, I suppose. I stream ze game on webcam, eet 'elps draw een a crowd. And..." She brushed the hair on the side of her head away, revealing... Nothing. A flat plane of skin, no human ears hiding. "Zey are 'ow I 'ear, as well. Eef your next question ees eef you can touch, zen, oui, you can, juste... Be gentle, s'il vous plait." She hadn't met someone that had been rough with her ears, yet. Her tail on the other hand... People just couldn't help grabbing that. Maybe it was some human compulsion.
  12. It sure was busy around the docks... Just, what exactly was being put on display? They didn't seem like Batcon goers, she couldn't smell them, for one... It must've had to do with what Hitomi had called them for. A lot of crowd, but, considering they probably weren't here for her... Off came the hat, down went the hoodie zipper, just a bit. It wasn't like it was too warm, but being less cooped up helped her feel more comfortable. Out came the tail, and Melanie was full cat, looking about the place and following the crowd, until-- "Ah! 'Itomi!" And someone with her... Someone she didn't recognize, but Hitomi didn't seem like the person to keep bad company. Tail swishing as she approached, she slowly began to feel... Calmer? She wasn't quite sure, maybe getting a bit more comfortable in her wear had a grand effect. Whatever the case, she was fine with it happening, leaning gently against Hitomi's arm as she made it over. "Donc, er... We are 'ere for Frame Ops sings, oui? Zis 'ouse Riaz showing, I am not quite sure what exactly eet entails, you know?" Her tail was very gently moving back in forth in rhythm, this effect was strange and powerful. "I am sure zat you will tell us, eizzer way... You are our très bien captain, after all." Melanie ended up so comfortable she managed to purr, catching herself and blushing a bit. With a clear of her throat, the noise stopped.
  13. This was new... Perhaps it was because Jade couldn't feel pain that she seemed so relaxed, but most weren't looking to get even closer to a vampire after being bitten. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Lavinia shifted back and let Jade have her little rest, shaking her head. "There is meant to be a relaxing, perhaps pleasant feeling from a vampire's bite, no one would want to be bitten nor continue to be, if it was simply painful... Yet I can only consider your reaction to be part in parcel to your inability to feel pain. Only being left with the calming sensation that follows, aren't you lucky?" Lavinia chuckled and let her fingers gently drum where they lay against Jade's stomach, swirling her tongue around her mouth a moment. Definitely salty... A bit heavy. Perhaps like a gravy? She'd go much better on a steak, than toast... How interesting~ "I must say, if you're so pleased by the sensation, I may ask for another serving in a few days time. Not that I wish to monopolize your body, but... We are traveling with humans, of which have been subject to the church's demonstrations. The less I go around biting everyone, the less trouble it will cause, I believe. So... If such a beauty wouldn't mind me leaving little holes in her neck, I would be delighted." Really, Jade's moment of protest was completely uncalled for. As Lavinia had thought and mentioned before, she wasn't rotting, and her skin was far from a sickly green. It matched her name almost comically, and combined with her hair that the magicks had seemed to leave alone, Jade was far from ugly. Far even from mundane... I wonder if this lack of confidence comes from somewhere specific? Is it just a symptom of being undead? Does she think little of herself for being a zombie...? Hmm... "Whatever you decide..." Lavinia smiled and took a moment to hug Jade just a bit. "Thank you for the meal, and the lovely talks. Just as you feel you could perhaps tempt whatever keeps you awake to finally meet its end... Maybe having such a nice moment will let my body remember what warmth is supposed to feel like~" "Huh, really? But she... Then why..." Taliyah was majorly confused, blinking and shaking herself back into the conversation as Ayane posed her question. "Uh, wh... Nope! I was actually really surprised to see you at all, miss Ayane. I've never seen any horns like that before... What, are you?" Taliyah had half circled the girl, looking her up and down, trying to find, maybe a tail or some scales, fur, something of the sort... But, she could've passed for human, if not for those horns. "Seriously, I've never seen anything like you..." "And she's done it!" the announcer's voice came through the walls to the entrance. Nessraya was already done with her round, it seemed. "The general shows why she has such a station! Let's hear it for the strongest mage in Vaia!" The crowd was really loving it, it seemed. The zombie attending the counter looked over at Xalrei and her little group, before glancing back at the siren, and nudging his head towards the coliseum. "She'll be comin' out in a moment, if you can wait. And don't say that name again... I ain't ready for more surprises today. My heart stopped decades ago, but yer all tryin' to give it an attack anyway." He huffed and shook his head, looking back over at Xalrei. "Come collect your winnin's, dragon! Good show." "Oh, if Nessraya is done... Well, er, miss Ayane, did you wanna go first? If you were gung ho enough to jump out at Xalrei, you came here for the gauntlet, right? Or did you already go?" Asami had been waiting near the entrance, miraculously dry and looking almost as perfect as she had earlier. Did she use some magic to cleanse herself and her clothes, or was she simply that thorough with changing? Whatever her secret was, she was as proper as she was going to get, waiting for Bladen. "You're really keen on showing me off, aren't you~?" Asami gladly took his arm, having managed to contain her embarrassment from earlier. "Where to then, Bladen~? Aensbrook has a few sights, but it isn't quite a bustling city..." Out of the inn they went, Asami matching his pace, heading in no real direction. "There's an arena... Some shops, perhaps food... I wouldn't mind the arena, simply for some spending money, buuuuut, I'm not exactly the sturdiest~ I don't really know how well I'd do, hmhmhm." "Those are right here," Jezebel tossed in, settling a sunhat onto Marina's hair and holding out a pair of brown leather gloves. "I do, too... If only so we can stop killing each other just for existing. I don't know what stick got up the church's ass, but at least when things were tense, we could live without fearing humans. Now... Well, I'm sure Agni can regale you with my initial reaction to him entering the store." Sighing, and daring to get just a bit close to her customers, Jezebel ruffles the hat just enough to shake up Marina's hair some. "Take care of yourselves, and Agni, thanks~ Don't forget your clothes!"
  14. 'Race you,' Melanie typed back in, eyeing Monika's message. Before she could reply with her thoughts, Hitomi tossed out her offer to pay for everyone. That was the captain's job, she supposed... Still, fingers typed out, 'I can pay for you, Monika,' and let that sit. Whether or not that would matter in the future, Melanie didn't want one of her new friends thinking they couldn't attempt something over something as trivial as money. Melanie had pockets to empty, and entry fees to something like this weren't going to break her bank even if she paid them one hundred times. She'd cover Karina, too, if the girl needed it... The drive moved along at its own pace either way, Melanie gently putting her phone into her hoodie's pocket. "Time to... Put on votre idol face, Melanie. Smile for ze camera~" Maybe she could get herself pumped up... Explain why there was no stream for real, why she'd be late to one today, if she even did one. "Hmmm... Oh! Okie, game face, allons-y." Melanie pulled her hat off and let her ears out, fixing her hair a bit. She turned her phone's camera on, switching to the inner one, practiced her smile for a moment, and... "'Allo mon amis! Mewlanie 'ere~ I am on ma way to a secret meet up, wis... Ma new team! Oui oui, I 'ave joined up wis Team Odyssey for zis season of Frame Ops! You can look zem up eef you wish, and I 'ope zat you get to know zem~ Zey will be een a lot of ma games going forward. I may even duo wis some of zem on ma streams, mon dieu... Per'aps even... Ze legendary, Keizerin!? Eef you check ze team, you will see, she ees also on eet! Sacre bleu! C'est fantastique, non!? Anyway... Mwah, I will see you all later~ Au revoir, mon amis~" And stop... Smile drop, heavy sigh. Being so saccharine was a talent, it had to be. Post to LunaTicks, grumble a bit, fix hat back onto her ears. "H'okay... Didn't give up ze location zis time. I should be fine."
  15. "Wahhhh... X-Xalrei, I... I know she's close an' all but, are you, two... You, you know, a thing? You and the Vaian General... Wow..." Could she get more impressive? The arena's announcer nodded, clearing his throat. "Speaking of just that person... Take a guess at who's next into the ring, folks!?" Cheer, cheers upon cheers, only slowing when he began to speak again. "Our regular lineup can't stand against the might of such a powerful succubus, so give it up, for Aensbrook's retirees!" A line of seven, impressively equipped and powerful looking fighters stepped into the arena, each waiting for their turn to take a crack at Vaia's latest martial leader. "They've all worked in some fighting capacity, as mercenaries, adventurers, some even for the country itself! Let's see if the General has what it takes to beat the previous generation!"
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