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  1. "Something new? I hope you don't overheat trying to come up with it~" Asami was giggling... Until she stepped outside the inn. Ayane seemed to be having a conversation with... A butterfly... Asami ducked back inside, nearly running into Bladen, before nervously smiling up at him. "Maybe we should, w-wait a minute before heading out. Looks like something important is happening out there... Probably, shouldn't get involved." "Yes! I got this!" Taliyah saluted Xalrei and Nessraya both, before heading out with Gabriela and Ren in tow. "Phew... Man, just when we get a moment to relax, right? But, I don't want this nonsense to get in between them... I dunno what's really going on with them, but, Nessraya seems to really like Xal! So... I guess, that must mean something. Not like she really stops the general..." Taliyah didn't really get the nuances of romance, she'd never been involved in that sort of relationship, nor had anyone pine after her for more than her body, so how they were supposed to work was pretty foreign to her. "The inn's across town, so it's a straight shot, but it's still a little ways!" Taliyah started to jog ahead of the other two, grinning. "Race ya there!" And she was off~ "I don't want to have the village burn down because of your anger. What a waste that would be! Ahahaha~" The voice emmenating from the butterfly cackled, chuckled, and quieted. "I was going to have someone visit you, but, I assume the same would happen... That rage of yours is going to cause more carnage than I will, Ayane... So--" A swift pause, something had caught the witch's attention, but with another chuckle she focused back on Ayane. "Just be careful. Wouldn't do to have you or your new fox friend dying on me. Now, do take care, Ayane~ Feel free to vent some anger and slay this messenger..." Perhaps the first opponent had simply been the first contender for someone like Agni. He was swiftly sweeping his way through the rest of them, now... It was a spectacle to observe, Lavinia finding herself leaning forward and smiling as he continued through the rest of the opponents. Even the arena's front runner, that Puff fellow, didn't seem to give him near as much trouble as the original armored fellow had... "How very impressive..." If this was his level of skill, she didn't have to worry. He could handle himself just fine. As the fifth round was nearly immediately wrapped up, Lavinia leaned over towards the conversation Jade and Marina were having, unable to help herself chuckling at them. "You two are adorable. Really... I'm glad we can enjoy ourselves." We won't be able to for much longer, so a rest like this is for the best. "Just remember Jade, if you need to sample someone, please turn this way. Cianna may be delicious, but she doesn't grow back." "Brian, she's floatin'..." "I can see that, George." The table was still deadly quiet, still mostly out of confusion, but now intimidation, as a few of them recognized their new addition to the conversation. "Sweet mercy Brian that's the general o' the country." George shrunk, sat up straight, set his drink down and gulped. "I, can see that... R, Right well, er... Go on, George!" "You little-- Right! Er... Was just out huntin'. Lookin' fer dinner... Green glow starts peakin' through the trees. Now I ain't a brave soul, but there were animals about, few deer I was huntin', and they weren't spooked. Figured things were fine enough... Went to check, and... Well." He shook his head, reaching for his drink-- and stopping his hand. "Some tree lookin' woman floatin' through the air! Not somethin' I was expectin', just... Down south o' here, not too far from the town. Bit of a worry. She spotted me, and..." George's skin crawled, as he moved to hold himself a bit, shaking his head again. "Let out one real fierce wail. I bolted. Ain't no deer worth that risk... Y'don't screw around with witches an' spirits, y'jus' don't." "Oi, George, yer still shittin' us, right?" "Wish I was, Brian... Just, wish I was."
  2. Vera becomes airborne, moves to 9,16 uses Pulse Kunai supported by Hannah's RM-51 on Gamma 1! Louise casts Strike, moves to 10,15 uses Danse Macabre on Astin! "There's no running from a battle like this, Astin~!"
  3. "Wha?" One of the men paused, looking over at the group of women... They weren't really sure how to respond, not expecting to be hailed by a bunch of cute girls. "Er, wait!" Taliyah had her hand out, looking between Xalrei and Nessraya. "L-Look, both are important, right? And I'm, I'm not really the brightest. I'm sure Gabriela is smart, but... If any of those guys found out I'm a halfbreed..." she lowered her voice, and gulped, "they wouldn't really, want to tell me anything. S-So, just let me and Gabriela bring Ren back to the inn, and you two can, enjoy your date and find out stuff. Actually remember stuff. Even if they did tell me, like I said, I-I'm not the smartest. I'd probably forget, or get it wrong. I can at least bring someone back to an inn!" While she was telling the truth, she didn't want something like this to get in the way of a relaxing evening. She wasn't much for drinking, and being around groups made her nervous, so she'd just been following Gabriela's lead. It was why she'd rushed for the least populated table, even if that was still a kneejerk reaction on her part. It was working out... Sort of. "I-Is that fine? General...?" "Oh, Ayane... So violent. Your temper's still the same, I see." A voice, from nowhere, spinning around Ayane's head... No, it was coming from something. A small butterfly, flapping around her ears, making sure to stay away from the tree she'd nearly burnt, lest it fall pray to the sword swing the small messenger was expecting. "You shouldn't be so worried~ I still have plenty that I need to do, before we can see each other again... So be patient. I'll give you the chance to take my head, just you wait~" Oh, Marina... Lavinia smiled softly at the girl as she tried her best to speak to Jade. She really was too nice for this... Even if she was a natural at combat. Though... "Hmmm. Agni had quite a bit of trouble with this one. I'm rather surprised. I figured his speed and size would give him an advantage, but it still took him a while... Marina, have you seen Agni fight before? Is he strong, weak, where exactly would you put him?" She didn't want him to get hurt, if he was going to be putting himself against opponents he couldn't handle...
  4. "Bugs?" And... There were the scarabs. They were... Weirdly cute? Melanie gave them curious glances as Euphrosyne placed them on her, flinching ever so slightly at the ones on her tail... Of course, if they were doing hair, that counted. "O, kay... Zey are, alright, so far?" They were starting to crawl towards her hair, as expected, and it wasn't like they were getting into her clothes with how tight this outfit was... "Heh... Zey really are cute." It wasn't hurting or bother her... Even her tail, and that was painfully sensitive most all the time anyone else was touching it. "Er, Euphrosyne... Oui? Eez zere any way for someone to get a scarab for zemselves? I 'ave never been a pet person, ben lâ... Zey are rubbing off on me razzer quickly. Hee..." Melanie wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but she gently went to pet the one on her left arm, hoping it wouldn't mind.
  5. "Yes, healing magic may be wonderful in closing wounds, but her body will still be sore from the continued strain. There's no stamina restoring magic yet, not that I'm aware of, at least." Marina did seem fine, at least. "Well done, Marina, once again. Let's head back into the stands, and, Agni?" Lavinia winked over towards him, chuckling. "I'll be watching." With a swift turn, the vampire was back off towards the viewing area... Just how well would Agni fare? At least he was still willing to go with her~ Asami turned around and stuck her tongue out at Bladen, smiling just a bit. "Come on then, Bladen~ I'm gonna beat some heads and make you gasp~ Ahah~" A chuckle, and a spin, her tail swished at the poor bird as she went for the inn's door... But she flung a smirk over her shoulder at him. Maybe I'm playing too hard to get... I don't want to talk about my past, but... Having someone there to lean on, isn't a bad thing, right? If it's anyone in this group, I'd appreciate someone as naive as Bladen... "Girlfriend!" Suzume laughed and nearly spilled her drink at the notion, quickly trying to compose herself, but the giggles kept flowing as Ren stammered to cover things up. "No, no~ Ahh, hah, I'm his cousin... I just came by because... Well. I'm sure Ayane would be quite upset with you if you didn't have this on you." Her drink was quickly finished, and she picked herself up off the stool. Unslinging the spear from her back, she pressed it against Ren, smiling with a tilt of her head. "I ran into a curious little group of merchants, and, really, I'd recognize Tonbokiri from anywhere~ I don't know how you lost it... But, try to hold onto these things, Ren. It took quite the coercing to get it back from them. That goat girl especially... So fussy." Suzume bit the word out, perhaps too harshly, but she was all smiles a moment later. She slipped past the small group and aimed for the door again, turning once more to smile at Ren. "Thank you for still being okay, Ren... Take care of yourself." The door opened, she left, and a woosh of wind later... She was gone. Not a hair left of her through the windows of the tavern. Taliyah was rather gobsmacked, looking between the door, Ren, the bar, and then back to Ren, unsure of what to say. "Wow... What a lady." Suddenly, the group playing cards started laughing. "Yer dreamin' George! A witch in the woods!? Pah, hahaha!" "Oi, Brian, I ain't dreamin' nothin'. Big ol' green aura floatin' through th'trees. I was just tryin'a get some huntin' done. Freaked me out good it did!" The burly, leather clad bull-man fixed the bow that was strung around his shoulder, taking a hefty swig of his mead. "Bawww, there's no way. Country's already gone ta shit, it can't get worse. Ya musta been dreamin'-- or drunk! Hess knows yer neck deep in mead whenever yer coin can afford it, hawharhaha!" The other man, a werewolf by the hair on his face, was laughing into his own mug. Three others chuckled with him, fixing the cards for another round. "Iiiii'm tellin' ya-- hic! Urr... Somethin's goin' on 'round here. Ain't no one cares cuz we're so deep inta Vaia... But it's comin'." Another hiccup. "Sure, sure... Just like yer win last round. Definitely comin', George."
  6. "Well... Eef you are shore. You would still be cute, Monika." It seemed like Hitomi had things handled, so Melanie returned Monika's little squeeze with one of her own, turning towards Euphrosyne. "What are zese scarabs going to do, again?" She gave the little robots a cautious glance, they didn't look very alarming. "Whatever zey are supposed to do, let us 'ave zem get to eet."
  7. Time for some mass spirits! Chris cast Daunt on Hexis, Tristan cast Devote on Chris, cast Devote on Jez, Jez cast Attune on Hannah, Attune on Aliza, Christina casts sense! It seemed as though their attacks were going off without a hitch... For now. There was mostly just the big machines left to deal with... One of them still going after Kim like a fly on shit. "HEY!" One missile broke free and dove for it, exploding against its barrier. "Catnip for brains!" Hopefully Chris had his attention, at least for now... "Two down, two to go! You talk it up like you're tough shit, but your big bad buddies are already hamburger in their suit's remains! What makes you so special!?" "Grrgh... Foolish human, your mouth is the only powerful thing you have!" Tristan, meanwhile, was still trying to get a handle on the battle. The Riese, damaged as it was, had managed to get a moderately clear picture of the battle. "Brant, Chris, come in. I'm going to be updating everyone with recent scans, in a moment, but since you're so in the thick of things..." "Whoa, that was close...!" Christina still didn't get why that huge machine wouldn't leave them alone, but Kim was still on top of things... For the moment. It was then that Astin's Luna warped past them, Christina scowling at the enemy machine. "Kim..." The Ceres was fleeing, too... "I think they're trying to run. We should stop them!" It was a lot easier to get a lock on the Apotheosis machines, over the Sacarian ones, Christina getting the Artemis at the ready to attack, should Kim choose to.
  8. The woman at the bar had ordered herself a small drink, paying no mind to Ren's approach. Only when he finally said her name, did she smile and turn her head some, letting out a bit of a chuckle. "Sorry, Ren... I just saw you having fun with those lovely looking ladies, and I didn't want to bother you." Drink in hand now, she took a small sip, still sporting that gentle smile and gaze. She took a moment to look Ren over, before slowly raising a hand to his face, smile widening... Her hand was surprisingly cold. "You've changed a bit... But I'm glad to see that you're alright." Her hand fell back to the counter, before humming quietly. "I suppose, Ayane is here with you? Or did you come all the way to another continent alone?" Taliyah had been moderately surprised when Ren just up and removed himself to speak to someone at the bar. "Huh." Maybe an acquaintance? But he... He didn't really look okay. Following after him and peeking at the woman from behind him, Taliyah gave her a look over, and then glanced at him. "Your friend?" "Yes. A good friend~"
  9. "That's all is it?" Asami looked conflicted, but didn't say anything else. "They were headed to the arena... I suppose if, that is all," she said again, swishing her tail, and staring at Bladen for a good few seconds, "then yes, we should go and meet them, and let Marina know. I, probably... Owe her some sort of apology." One huff, another swish, and she was out the door. If Bladen didn't want to push anything, then... It wouldn't hurt for you to chase after me just a little bit. "Quite," Lavinia added, nodding. "Perhaps you were born for a role like this, Marina. I don't know what sort of combat you were taught in Coteon, but it will surely aid you going forward~" Lavinia chuckled, Marina was young, but to be able to handle a weapon this well already, surely she would grow up to be quite the impressive commander. Maybe even a proper hero... One that would stop this nonsense. "Right, it is your turn, isn't it Agni?" Lavinia couldn't help her smile widening, nodding along again. "Yes... We should get back to the stands, Cianna, Jade. I wouldn't want to miss this, myself." What exactly had put Agni in his position as a knight captain? Watching him fighting in the middle of an actual battle had been impossible, but now... "I'm sure it will be... Quite the sight~ Make sure you pay attention as well, Marina. Anything to help you on the field of battle can be useful." "Huh, wait, so we're not taking him to see her?" Gabriela seemed to have other ideas, Taliyah nodding and listening along. "Okay!" she said with a sage look on her face, one claw smacking into the other's open palm, "then... Wh-What do we do with him? You're the experienced one around here, Gabriela. I'll follow your lead!" Taliyah ended up saluting and smiling, she was admittedly having a great time. That was when the door of the bar gently opened, another woman stepping inside. Black hair, white cape, sword at her side... Nothing very suspicious, other than that Ren would recognize her, if he bothered to look her way. In fact, she was smiling towards him, a bit of a grin, before turning towards the bar, and sitting herself down... How curious, the lance she had strapped to her back. It looked so very, very foreign.
  10. "Hmmm? Is there something wrong with that phrase?" "Oh, cute bird!" Taliyah was momentarily absorbed by the sudden reveal and forgot what they were talking about... Momentarily. "Wait... Hey, Gabriela's right!" Taliyah stood up straight and huffed! "Before I tell you anything, how do we know you're telling the truth? You know Ayane, but you can't go meet her? How do we know you aren't one of those... Bad onis... Ayane told us about Ouka. Maybe this is a trap! Sit here and look all, innocent and sweet. And then... Bwam!" She slammed her claws on the table again, frowning. "You get us to help you ambush her! Getchur self up, mister! If you want us to believe you... Then you'd best be meeting her head on!" Taliyah smiled, closed her eyes, and folded her arms. She was feeling real smart right about now. "Oh, cute." Asami didn't flinch at the little physical remark, chuckling as Ayane left. She glanced down at her hand, as the small burn slowly vanished. "She was just trying to be coy, Bladen~ Nothing else... The little princess thinks very highly of herself. Confidence is good, but... She'll get herself killed if she runs headfirst at everything. Ouka is far, far too smart for that sort of approach." Another sigh, Asami slowly moved towards the door, glancing over at Bladen. "Is... That all, then?"
  11. "Cianna!" Lavinia smiled at their little hero, heading over to her and patting her head, gently ruffling her hair. "You did wonderfully in there, I hope you know. Where exactly did you get the idea use the shield like that?" Lavinia chuckled, giving Marina a small bit of space to speak with. She also went about beginning to unfasten a small few sections of her armor, as she wouldn't need to wear all of it. "As I had suspected, the shield proved to be a bit too much for you, didn't it? You weren't using one with your sword before, so I'd figured you for two handed swordfighter, but..." Lavinia smirked. "You did very well with that shield. Perhaps with some more training, and a lighter model, you could become quite strong with sword and board. What do you think?"
  12. "Er... Right. Cianna... Sorry, I've become so comfortable in our little stop that I've let my guard down." Embarrassing as it was, Lavinia had to remember that Marina was using a guise currently, a necessary one. All it would take was one monster to recognize the name Marina, and they would be driven out of town. Cianna... For the rest of the evening, Cianna. "But, yes, exactly that. So we'll see how long Marina's stamina lasts." It lasted long enough for her to overcome two walls that Lavinia had expected she'd have considerable trouble with. "Very impressive! Good work!" She didn't know if her words would make it over the din of the crowd, but they were heartfelt, Marina was quite the fighter. "Let's give her congratulations in person, shall we? Agni, Jade?" Lavinia turned for the stands exit first, slowly taking off her hood. The sun had drifted behind the high walls of the coliseum's seating, and her hair had almost returned to its vibrant blue black. Perhaps Agni's time fighting would give her the last moments she needed to feel the night's embrace once again. "Mrrr... I owe her an apology, I was... Too frustrated in my dealing with her... As far as Ouka is concerned, fine by me~ I'm not much of a fighter, dealing with her is far from my style." Asami slipped off of the bed and held a hand out for Ayane to shake, smiling wryly as she did. "For the moment, then... Allies, princess~?" Asami wondered for a moment if Bladen had any input on this... Or if he was still curious about her past. Maybe she could sneak out of this without answering any of that~ That would just make her night.
  13. "Hmmm? A-Ah, Agni... Well..." Lavinia couldn't help the moment of scarlet on her face as she was so readily addressed, clearing her throat to try and focus on his question. "I'm sure Marina will do well, but Jade has a very important facet that Marina doesn't. Her toughness. Marina may be swift, but the shield will definitely weigh her down, and even with the defense it provides, she herself isn't quite made for taking hits. Being able to take strikes simply comes with the territory of us undead. When you don't feel pain, you pay it less heed... Blows matter less, and it allows combat to flow better. A double edged sword it may be, but in an environment like this, one versus one... It definitely gives Jade the advantage. Marina?" Lavinia glanced back down as their blonde haired obstacle walked out into the arena. "We'll have to see."
  14. "Of course I mean to use you, where else am I going to find an oni that wants to cooperate? Or at least is vaguely interested in cooperating." Ayane still seemed to be putting up a strong front, hopefully Asami could figure out a way to get her to, even begrudgingly, accept working together. She did seem curious enough to ask what this was about, Bladen giving her a... Mostly straight answer. "The only thing that Bladen has failed to mention is that Marina, the little human working with us, is said Hero. She had a wonderful bout of guilt, and has accepted the Demon King's 'request' for assistance in righting this country's wrongs. She did cause most of them, after all..." Asami narrowed her eyes a bit, smirking. "So where does that leave us, pr-- ... Ayane? Are you going to continue to chase after this woman yourself, only to be struck down, and join her army... Or are you going to come along with us, and have a fighting chance?" "How do we know her? Well--" Taliyah couldn't quite continue before Gabriela swooped in like a storm, chewing into the guy like he was a fresh piece of meat. She'd seen this sort of thing before... Dang, Gabriela... You work fast! "Er, we're a part of a group tryin'a help stuff around the country... Ayane brought a problem with her, and ended up talking to someone from our group that knows about it, so... We'll probably end up trying to fix it together! So, what's your name mister oni?" "Right, stables first." Lavinia slipped her hood back on, as Jade brought her wonderful companion back to rest for later. - Marina seemed to be doing quite well. No real issues so far... Would that change with the arena's sudden high wall? This, Puff fellow seemed to be placed here to stop most on their little challenge up to the top. Would he stop Marina as well? It would certainly be an appropriate test of her strength. If she can hold herself here, she should be able to hold herself going forward... Or so I hope.
  15. "Ben lâ, JUSTE a panic attack?" Melanie was beside herself with this girl. "Look, I am very sorry zat I pulled you een 'ere wissout sinking anysing of eet, but... Juste, a panic attack? Zere ees nossing juste about eet. Are you sure you are going to be okay? Do you need to go 'ome? I can call someone to pick you up..." If she couldn't handle being here, there was no reason to force her to... "I juste... Figured we should all 'elp, but... I do not want, to do zis to you." Karina was out, at least. Melanie gave her a sorry glance, biting her lip a bit. "Er, you, look good, Karina. Sorry, about zis..."
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