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  1. Gabriela blasts the myrm! Roll: 96,27(83) Miss! "Alright, one more out of you, Ness... With about that level of destruction." Asami dances Nessraya +15 exp "Alright, let's get this party STARTED!" Amera to 21-17, thunder Bow Armor #2 Roll: 61,55 19 damage! Down he goes Amera gains +34 exp, +2 anima wexp! Ari to 22-15 Tali to 22-16
  2. Lucille casts at Naomi! Roll: 21,11 Critical! 9 damage! "You damn... Backwater, family, wench--!" Naomi had been preparing another spell to cast at Lucille, but had been far too late... In the worst way possible. Lucille's wind spell tore through the air, nothing stopping the magical blade, not even Naomi's armor. The veteran captain didn't have a single moment to realize she'd lost her arm... Before the Bolganone spell she'd been preparing collapsed onto her and her pegasi, the pair collapsing towards the ground without another sound. Lucille gains +90 exp, +2 anima wexp! Lucille levels! Level 12 3 1 98 63 68 26 36 93 +HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck! Marina moves in! Taiyute charges the armored archer! Roll: 8,72 17 damage! Roll2: 79,43 17 damage! Taiyute gains +11 exp, +2 anima wexp! "You don't need to spend that much energy to kill them, Nessraya!" Nessraya BOLTINGS the Mage! Roll: 85,29 43 damage! The mage drops his tornado! Ness gains +4 exp, +2 anima wexp! "Their leader is down... One left!" Lavinia to 2,19 Iron Bow Peg 4 Roll: 11,88(81) A direct hit! The rider falls from their mount! Lavinia gains +27 exp, +2 bow wexp!
  3. Seilan casts Restore! "G-Get away from ME! I swear, I'll... I-I'll... Wha? Huh? Wh, What's... Xal-- Tun-- Err, X-Xalrei? And you're the..." Thesephine gave the bodies on the ground a good look over, recognizing them as the soldiers she'd been chasing. Dead. "I... Th-Thank you. My rage got the best of me... How fares the battle in the fort, Captain Landsridge?" Seilan gains +20 exp! Jade SHOOTS! Roll: 30,35 A direct hit! The peg crashes down into the ground! Jade gains +20 exp, +4 gun wexp! Jade levels! Level 15 69 57 3 26 7 52 37 39 +HP/Skl/Def/Res!
  4. Nessraya deletes another Merc! Roll: 8,9 DELETED 123 damage! "You don't seem at all under control to me!" Nessraya gains +4 exp, +2 anima wexp! Nisha fires on the draco! Roll: 39,40 He's shot clean off his mount! Nisha gains +30 exp, +2 bow wexp! "GrahhhHHH!" Thesephine lashes out at the remaining holy guard! Roll: 13,66(38) 24 damage! The man is slain! Thesephine gains +8 exp! Enemy Phase/Turn 8! "They're still alive!?" "I-I... Yes, sir... Even so much, as to strike at the main... The throne, room, sir." Zask tugged nervously at his collar, unsure if there were any positive tidings he could bring his lord. "Fine... I will take the fight to them myself." The hefty clank of Ithraxl's armor rang through the room, standing up from his throne, and making for the door. "W-Wait! Milord! Wait for me!" Ithraxl's men move through the fort, the rest spurred on by their leader's leaving his throne! "A mere zombie dares to get in the way of the holy soldiers of the church of Ilrios!? Charge! Destroy that undead! Bolganone, hear me, and erupt!" Peg #1 charges into Jade! Roll: 64,32 0 damage! Jade fires back! Roll: 89,16 Miss! Peg #2 crashes into her! Roll: 37,77 2 damage! Jade fires! Roll: 18,25 40 damage! The peg is dusted! Jade gains +20 exp, +4 gun wexp! "Dammit... I'll do this myself! Die, hellspawn! Back to the pit! I'll--" Naomi flew in, spell at the ready... When the sight of the girl hiding behind the undead caught her off guard. "Lucille!?" Naomi does her best to cast despite distractions! Roll: 93,88 Miss! Jade fires back! Roll: 36,90 39 damage! "Guhawhh! Hhhh... Lucille! Traitor! COWARD! I'll see you burnt for this!" Jade gains +11 exp, +2 gun wexp! Player Phase/Turn 9!
  5. "Get away from meeeee!" Thesephine's cried out at Xalrei's attempt to help her, lance striking out wide to keep the gap between the two of them, the girl beyond words. Only time or a magical remedy would solve her ailment... Xalrei swings at Holy Guard #5! Roll: 50,31 Crit! 48 damage! The guard is cut in twain! Xalrei gains +30 exp, +2 lance wexp! Xalrei levels up! level 16 69 75 30 24 99 3 32 57 +Skl/Lck/Def! Sollowy blasts the draco rider! Roll: 85,63 30 damage! She casts again! Roll: 81,73 The rider is slain! Sollowy gains +34 exp! Amera, Tali, and Ari all move! Nessraya BLASTS one of the mercenaries! Roll: 49,3 BLASTED 126 damage! Not but a stain! Nessraya gains +4 exp, +2 anima wexp Asami moves to 21,15 and dances Nessraya! "My my... Do hold back that anger, hmmm~? Save some of it for Ithraxl..." +15 exp, Nessraya may move again!
  6. Ren stabs away! Roll: 51,83(79) 4 damage! The draco counters Roll: 70,64 Miss! Ren gains +11 exp, +1 lance wexp! One angry bolt from Lucille! Roll: 63,56(7) Rend heaven! 13 damage! Roll2: 54,53(73) 10 damage! Lucille gains +10 exp! Bridgit blasts off some dark magic! Roll: 78,16 17 damage! The draco is slain! Bridgit gains +37 exp, +2 dark wexp! Jade fires! Roll: 76,100 The horse crashes and takes the rider with it! Jade gains +20 exp, +4 gun wexp! Lavinia moves to 1,20, heals Gabriela! +15 exp, +2 staff wexp
  7. Seilan gets Bridgit back on her feet! +15 exp, +2 staff wexp Bladen SCHWINGS Roll: 50,47(83) A hit! 20 damage The draco is felled! Bladen gains +30 exp, +2 sword wexp!
  8. Tali sneaks to 21,16 Nisha fires her bow! Roll: 41,26 27 damage The hold guard is slain! Drops a pure water! Nisha gains +40 exp, +2 bow wexp! Nisha levels! Level 13 77 95 51 68 16 99 52 18 +Spd! Bladen swings at the holy guard! Roll: 82,43(57) A hit! 12 damage! he goes down! Bladen gains +37 exp, +2 sword wexp! Jade fires on Draco #7! Roll: 47,75 35 damage! down he goes! Jade gains +27 exp, +2 gun wexp! "Die! DIE!" Thesephine moves to 19,7, stabs the holy guard! Roll: 79,24(27/73) 14 damage! The guard casts back! Roll: 88,63 Miss! Thesephine gains +8 exp! Enemy Phase/Turn 7! Holy Guard #3 cannot hurt Bladen, so he tosses his spell at Thesephine! Roll: 64,11 11 damage! Holy Guard #5 casts Shine on Thesephine! Roll: 12,12 8 damage! Effectiveness protected by the necklace! "COWARDS! Face me and breathe your last!" Draco Rider #3 charges Bridgit! Roll1: 49,39 10 damage! She casts back! Roll: 71,90 15 damage! The draco continues! Roll2: 36,13 10 damage! Bridgit gains +11 exp, +1 dark wexp! Draco #5 tries to finish the job! Roll1: 79,88 Miss! Bridgit casts back at him! Roll: 3,24 15 damage! The draco continues! Roll2: 42,88(14) Great shield! No damage! Bridgit gains +11 exp, +1 dark wexp! Draco #6 flings a javelin at her! Roll1: 66,88 Miss! Bridgit casts back! Roll: 12,76 16 damage! The draco continues! Roll2: 36,27 6 damage! Bridgit is downed! Player Phase/Turn 8!
  9. "I stroll up, injured, giving you the best help I can give, to deal with enemies far out of the reach of the rest of our allies, and you've the gall to question or complain? ... My, my, my..." Seilan ZAPS A draco! Roll: 13,19 47 damage The draco is fried! Seilan gains +30 exp, +2 anima wexp! Level up! Level 14 94 94 100 4 79 47 59 93 +Skl!
  10. Asami really sandwiches herself in there and dances Seilan on 22,16 +10 exp
  11. Lucille ZAPS! Roll: 99,13(32) Critical! 60 damage! The rider and his mount are dusted! Lucille gains +40 exp! Gabriela shines down on another! Roll: 43,55(77) 18 damage! The draco is downed! Gabriela gains +34 exp, +2 light wexp! Nessraya zaps Holy Guard #2!| Roll: 20,97 35 damage! The guard is felled! Nessraya gains +5 exp, +2 anima wexp!
  12. "You sure that's the reason? It isn't because you're missing, is it~?" Seilan zaps a draco! Roll: 89,71 Close! 47 damage! The draco is taken out of the skies! Seilan gains +30 exp, +2 anima wexp! Amera moves down a bit to get out of the way of the incoming mob! to 18,16 "Lucille, Gabriela, being us!" Lavinia barked as she readied her bow, taking aim at one of the dracos! "Steady yourselves and we'll make it through their assault!" It seemed that pegasi were coming up from behind them, now, and men were exiting the fort... Troubling circumstances, but ones they could only get through by keeping moving! Lavinia to 2,22, shoot at Draco 9! Roll: 84,51(70) 19 damage! Down he goes! Lavinia gains +34 exp, +2 bow wexp! Ari moves to 20,16! A group was coming from behind, was it? And in front... "Ayane... I need to help the rest of the group. If you're going down those stairs, stay safe! I'll come running if you call!"
  13. "DIE, CHURCH DOG!" Thesephine charges in her rage! She casts Fenrir on Holy guard #1! Roll: 41,82(67) 23 damage! The guard throws back a handaxe! Roll: 62,8 Miss! Thessy gains +8 exp! Enemy Phase/Turn 6! "She's already here!? Damn... Continue forward, girls! We need to get on their flank!" The church knights fly around the building while the guard does their best to make it to the fort! Draco #11 charges into Gabriela! Roll: 6,23 8 damage! Gabriela fires magic back at them! Roll: 68,70(40) 18 damage! He dies! Gabriela gains +40 exp, +2 light wexp! Gabriela levels up! Level 12 64 31 38 1 23 28 56 7 +HP/Mag/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res Draco #10 charges into her! Roll: 14,36 11 damage! She counters! Roll: 34,48(61) 19 damage! Gabriela gains +11 exp, +1 light wexp! Draco #8 throws his javelin! Roll: 12,59 7 damage! Gabriela counters once again! Roll: 49,70(81) 18 damage! Gabriela gains +11 exp, +1 light wexp! Draco #9 charges at Jade! Roll: 93,28 Miss! Jade fires back! Roll: 55,40 31 damage! Jade gains +10 exp, +2 gun wexp! Jade levels! Level 14 72 59 41 81 81 40 99 71 +HP "You DARE to face me at my range!? Die, pretender!" Zask Meteors at Seilan! Roll: 91,58(56) Miss! "Grrrhhh... Sit, still!" Player Phase/Turn 7!
  14. Seilan elthunders again! Roll: 97,10 Miss! "Oh my... Not your lucky day today." Asami couldn't help the remark, adding a grin on with it. Jade rushes up and fires! Roll: 3,44 30 damage! Jade gains +11 exp, +2 gun wexp! Lavinia moves to 1,19
  15. Lucille zips and zaps! Roll1: 54,44(78) 19 damage! Roll2: 51,73(15) Rend heaven! 26 damage! The draco is fried! Lucille gains +40 exp! Seilan elthunders the miniboss! Roll: 89,25 Miss! "Alright, one more try, mage boy~ You missed, but your aim was on point..." Asami to 22,21, dance Seilan +10 exp Level up! Level 10 8 50 37 73 87 81 66 67 +HP/Str/Mag!
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