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  1. "[I'm on it, Doctor.]" Tiffany met Liz at the elevator, having left the ensign to his headache. Rachel would be up in a moment, but the first order of business was seeing how easily they could get into what was left of the bridge from the elevator shaft. Liz stood watch while Tiffany headed inside the busted up elevator, trying to push the ceiling hatch open... It was stuck hard. With some force, she managed to get it open, staring up at th mangled mess of metal above. "[Attempting entry...]" "[Take care to exercise caution, Tiffany.]" Liz stepped into the elevator underneath her, as Tiff slipped into the space above the elevator. "[Affirmative. Engaging headlights.]" Things were rather messed up... They would probably need some tools and careful cutting to get through most of this. "[Engaging wrist saber. Taking measures to accurately cut and progress towards the Captain's reported position.]" A small hilt popped out of her wrist, what appeared to be a handheld beam saber igniting from it. With careful aim, she began to cut through some of the sheets and beams in her way, making sure to slowly approach, as to not cause the structure to collapse with the wrong slice. "I'm trying, just--" [Systems shutting down. Repair systems cannot keep up with internal damage and blood loss. Shutting down emotional emitter and tastebud simulators.] What, no, no you can keep up with things! N-No! Hey, what the fuck, body!? You were made for this! Come on! Small things here and there were continuing to shut off, she couldn't get them to stop, no system sorts were helping. "This is so stupid," Jess whined, trying not to cry, failing at that, and sniffling as her remaining hand wiped at her eyes. "I just want to live! I want to see Abby! I don't want to keep having to fight the ANF's stupid battle for them! What did I do to deserve this!? Who deserves to get trapped under rubble, dismantled, bleeding to death!? I just wanna live!" Jess didn't care if it was unbecoming at this point, sobbing into her connected call with Firmia. Everything was too heavy. The ANF wanted her to pilot the biggest target they had on the field, fight aliens they knew barely anything about, win, and come back alive. Why? Because she was their best? She wasn't. She was just the keys to the car. Miller would've done so much more as a captain, she barely had a handle on the job now, and if she even lived to talk about this awful day, could she get over the trauma of having been gored? Even now, her blood was pooling underneath her, her repair systems not doing much to stop things... "'Nother girlfriend I don't know about?" Calina jeered, smirking. Hopefully Abby would take the joke, Calina deserved to at least mock her situation, if anything. Reinforcements put her joke out pretty quickly, as she sighed. "We're real deep in the shit, huh? Get 'em, Abby!" The Vergloria hit the ground and dashed hard towards the new lead machine, Abby's sword hitting it nice and clean, a deep cash lining the thing. One explosion later, Calina cheered. "Damn right! One less asshat to deal with! Who's next, eh?" "Esther..." The rage radiating from her was intense... Nina wasn't sure if there were words she could say to help, right now, leaning forward and sliding arms around the seat to hug the girl. "I'm sorry." Was there anything else she could say, at this point? "I'm... I'm, so sorry..."
  2. "That hurt... Dammit, can this machine really not keep up? I thought--" "Duane!" Vera's machine charged out of nowhere, sabers clashing! "V-Vera!? What are you doing!?" "You don't care!? You just want to win!? You're a complete fool!" "What!?" Vera moves to 5,5 and swings! Final Stats: 75,33 Roll: 27,37 Hit! Final Damage: 129! "Vera, stop!" Duane swings back! 67 Sword Lock misses! Final Stats: 64,27 Roll: 2,76 Hit! Final Damage: 82 "Vera, stop, stop! Why are we fighting!? I thought you love--" "And I thought you gave a shit about our dream! But you just want to win, win with the Aliens who wants to enslave and rule this world!? Who did so to me for the past four years!?" "Th-That's... That's not--" "Be silent! I don't want to hear it... Any of it--" "Andy is dead!" Vera's machine froze, the woman staring at the screen in front of her. "What?" "He took himself out to kill the ANF's commander and Field Marshal! We can beat them! We can take them out, turn on the aliens, and--" Vera wasn't listening anymore. The Mk.III was hovering in the air, all motions ceased. "He's... He's, he's dead... No... He... He can't...!" "Vera? Vera!?" Duane kicked his console, this machine wasn't enough to fix anything! Vera gains +1 EXP, +5 Will! Her Velite Mk.III stops moving!
  3. "Of course, Aly... Yeah. You're all gonna win. Go and kick some ass for all of us." Tristan let the line cut and slumped back into one of the meeting room chairs. "[Ensign Calvin, your tylenol?]" Tiffany had stepped in, placing the little pills next to him, with a glass of water. "Yeah... Thanks." Aly gets shark with it and tries to melt some armor plating. Final Stats: 70,39 Roll: 2,6 Hit Crit! Final Damage: 130! "One of the aliens!? Sit still!" Duane swings! Final Stats: 9,31 Roll: 74,20 Miss! Aly gains +10 EXP!
  4. "Do something? If you kill me for disappearing, you'll just make yourself sad again." He understood what she meant, but it was a bit silly... He could really use those tylenols about now. "That's... That's amazing. And no... You don't. I'm still here, Aly, and I'm not going anywhere. Give them all hell. We'll do what we can on our side." He popped a line over to the infirmary, hoping Tiff or Liz would catch him. "Tylenol, please..." Enemy Phase/Turn 1! "Captain Gefalscht! Do you read me!?" Miller slammed the console in front of him, cursing their misfortune. "How could we let those enemies slip through? Damn... I hope the Riese can handle this..." "Marianne! Astin! I'm here to help!" A small swarm of machines were flying in from their read, lead by the Ganymede, another of Apotheosis' unique machines. "Today's the day we put this thing down!" Duane spawns! 5 Phobos units spawn! 5 Deimos units spawn! "Hmph... Reinforcements. We shall make use of them. Forward! All of you! But leave that blue one. She is mine." Iln'Teer's Hexis roared, charging across the land towards Kim. 'Human pilot! I do hope your victory over Soor'Kan has not bloated your ego! He was the weakest of us all, and you shall face me next. Prepare yourself!' "Duane! You're alive!" Astin was overjoyed to see their friend okay, smiling as the new Luna proceeded towards the Riese's formation. The old one was there... Was Vera piloting it? Had she survived, had they turned her against them? "If you're in there Vera, I'll save you. Even if I have to kill them all... They don't deserve any less. Not after what the ANF's done to me." Motivation set in stone, their sword was out at the ready. "I'll strike you all down." "Will you, Astin...? Oh, dear, how I've missed you..." That voice!? "Louise!? How!? You're dead! You died! This isn't--" "Shhhhhhh! Shhhh, shh shh shhhhh... I'm alive, and that's all that matters, Astin. You're going to kill us all, hmmm~? Did you know that your memories are all fake? That you're a clone? The ANF's never done anything to you, after all--" "Shut up! As if I'd ever believe a word out of your twisted mouth! I don't know how you survived, why you're in the Luna, or what the ANF's doing with you, but I don't need to know or care! I'll kill you like the rest!" "Even Vera? She's in one of their Mark IIIs... Fighting for them. Go ahead. Give it a call, find out~" The line cut, Astin cursing Louise's foul name. "You damn snake! There's no way Vera would... No! This is just a trick to try and make it waver!" The Luna's thrusters flared, they were ready to charge, they just needed a target. Player Phase/Turn 2! Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies! Loss Conditions: The Riese is destroyed! Battle Mastery: Defeat Marianne and Astin in the same turn! Doc Reinforcements from behind...? It would be a horrible idea to leave their rear exposed, especially to higher tier Apotheosis robots. Those were those, Deimos and Phobos units... An elite group out of nowhere. "What a mess..." Jess grunted, pushing what was left of her body up against the wall of her little rubble tomb. "That's... Slowed things down, a bit..." Putting her weight on her midsection opening was stopping her liquids from spilling out so rapidly, at least. "Body's trying to repair itself, too. Hope it can fix something." Riese to top right 8,5!
  5. "Stay safe? I'm as safe as I can get now... What happened to the machine that hit the bridge!? Is it still functional? I don't have eyes on the battlefield here, I can't..." Another line called in, just who he was hoping to hear. "Aly! I'm alright, Aly... Splitting headache, but I can deal with that. Are you okay? Aliza told me you lost control, but... You sound okay... What happened? Is he... Is Soor'Kan gone?" He could only hope. Aly didn't sound scared, so maybe...
  6. "I'm trying, you madwoman!," Eric snapped back, glaring at Megumi as he raised his head up. "The Riese is supposed to be safe! Didn't know we were dealing with kamikaze aliens!" Surely, since the ship had stopped shaking, the pilots surrounding it had dealt with whatever had warped in... Just as the androids got Tristan into the infirmary and into a bed, he started to stir. "Wha... What, happ-- Ow, my... Head..." He ran a hand into his hair, no blood, but there was a serious bump forming. He had a splitting headache, too. "Tiff? Liz...? What happened? Last I remember I was monitoring the radar, then the Captain grabbed me..." "[Ensign Calvin, please stay calm. The bridge has been severely damaged, and the Captain is trapped... She is still alive, and is maintaining the ship at the moment.]" "What!?" What had happened...? Did anyone even know? And what... "Oh no... Aly!" "[Ensign Calvin, you should stay laying down, your injury--]" "Shut up! I can take a tylenol later!" Bursting out of the infirmary, Tristan glanced over at Roxanna, being carried by Megumi and now Olivia. Hoping that she would be okay, and if the bridge was out... He ran his way across the hall into the meeting room, nearly tripping his way towards the console. "Pilots... Contacts... Aly? Aly!?" The Almydis wasn't responding... Dammit! "Aliza! Aliza, do you read me!? What's going on out there? The bridge was destroyed, is, are people alright? Is Aly...?" "Gotta say it now just in case I can't, Firmia..." Jess pushed her arm up, trying to adjust some of the rubble above her... It gave way, slightly, a crack of light spilling in. At least she wasn't completely buried down here, but she couldn't move all this with just one arm. Worst case, she made more come down on her. "I'm... Good luck, Firmia. I'll send where I am to your drones... Maybe they can, do something." For now... The ship needed to move. She could still access the outer cameras, so she did her best to keep it going towards the approaching enemy forces. The Riese moves to top right square 8,11! "She's right, Brant. We have to focus... The bridge looks like a mess, if we try and have any machines pry things out or shuffle the wreckage around, she might get hurt worse. Needs a smaller hand trying to get in there. Let's just make sure things are clear for her when they get her out of there, yeah? And good riddance, fleabag." Chris would be giving Kim the biggest pat on the back for ridding them of that freak. "Hnnn... Kim...?" Christina hadn't passed out, but her head had finally stopped hurting, blinking and trying to get some awareness of their surroundings... "You got him...?" She couldn't stop the smile at that point, tearing up. Arms flew around the main pilot seat, trying to awkwardly hug Kim. "You did it! I can't believe it! I thought... I thought we were goners, that pressure was just... Just, crazy. But you did it! We're still alive! Ahh..." Leaning back in her seat, Christina wiped her eyes clear, smiling confidently now. "That means nothing stops us again, right? If you can take that much... I can do my best to back you up." "Hey, pretty lookin' robot. Sit still a second, yeah?" The Deliverance pulled up next to the Luna, some small repair bots flying out of its side hatch. "You look like you got pretty banged up!" "I couldn't be any better, right now~" Louise replied, the sword in the Luna's hand shaking. "I really... Really need more~" "Uh... Yeah, sure. Gonna go ahead and fix your machine some, now..." Terry moves to 5,10 and repairs Louise for 68 HP! Gains +60 EXP!
  7. “Kkhhrrghhh!” His machine was taking so much damage… Were the humans truly going to defeat him here-- “No! NO! I’ve climbed my way up from nothing! I’ve proved my worth! I defeated Taurus before me, I’m a true, proper zodiac knight! I won’t lose to humans! I won’t!” Setting up his suit to warp, he refused to die there, rationalizing his progress, and calling this a tactical relocating, rather than running away. I’ll come back! I’ll come back and kill them all! I’ll prove to Iln’Teer and Trel’Vaar both, I am worthy of my station! All of them! He froze, as a feeling he had quietly grown to fear started to ignite in front of him. They were doing good damage to Soor’Kan, his machine taking heavy fire from a coordinated assault. He would go down soon, but something… something didn’t feel right. I’ll come back! I’ll come back- Seung-Min could feel those words in her head, emanating from Soor’Kan… why would he be sending her that sort of message? It didn’t matter. It was unacceptable… she wouldn’t let him get away. Closing in on the Praxis Alpha before it could engage it’s warp, a shot from the MARS Railgun to stop him. “I won’t let you! This is where you die, Soor’Kan!” Kim roared, heat zanbar igniting with a heavy glow as she charged into the zodiac Knight. “Hhhgh!” The Praxis was assaulted once again-- By this human! This stain, this irregularity, this monster that pretended her race while acting like one of them! “You will not stop me, Kim Seung-Min! You are not, strong enough, to…!” His Alpha was being pushed back again, cursing her name under his breath. It was going to hurt him, but he didn’t care at this point. He focused his mind, a splitting pain searing into him, but he didn’t stop! “Bow before me! Bow you wretch! You are nothing! NOTHING!” “Augh! Kim!” Christina felt it immediately, the sudden weight of a full Sacarian’s might pressing against her mind. Hands losing her copilot’s controls and clutching at her head, she cried out in pain.pain. “Hrggh-” Kim groaned, an immense weight crushing into her skull. This wasn’t like the first time, this was so much more intense… it felt like her skull was going to cave in. She had managed to prevent Soor’Kan from warping, but he had effectively blunted her charge in riposte. “I won’t… I won’t lose to you… this is… this is nothing!.” Seung-Min managed, gritting her teeth as she forced her gaze in up in the direction that Soor’Kan’s pressure was unmistakably coming from. All of her hatred, all of the pain she felt, channeling it all back towards him… he wouldn’t be suppressed by it, she wasn’t an ESPer, but she could direct it all at him in spite. As she did so, the weight on her head felt lighter… lighter… lighter- “YOU! YOU’RE NOTHING!” She roared, as suddenly Soor’Kan’s suppression felt… negligible. Her TK-field roaring and crackling at the hands of the Artemis, Seung-Min stared defiantly at Soor’Kan, as the Artemis’ hands came together, and within an instant, not only were it’s hands aglow in green light, but the entire machine had been engulfed by the flaring field. Christina’s pained cries echoing in her head the only motivation she needed, the Artemis resuming it’s charge with even more fervour than before. “I’LL KILL YOU!” “Wh-What, no, NO! This can’t-- This isn’t, possible! E-Engage the warp! Start it, no!” For the first time in his life, Soor’Kan felt fear. They had dealt with races that their power could not affect, but never a race strong enough to turn that power back against them. “This is mine! This is what, what makes me… No… No you, you can’t…!” His saber was all that was stopping his machine from being sliced in half at this point. Fear. That was fear. Gaal’Bathy had denied it to her, but this… this was the genuine article. Lips curling subconsciously into a grin, the heat zanbar’s blade being covered in the luminescent field as she charged. Immediate warning signs… hairline fractures in the rifle, continued pressure would induce structural damage… she wouldn’t need long. A beam sabre stopped a blade from passing through it because the blade would melt if it tried, but as the aura solidified on top of the heat blade, Seung-Min knew it… could feel it. This is a clash she would win. Swinging the TK blade down on Soor’Kan’s sabre, the blade crushed clean through it, barely slowed down by the beam sword. Smashing into the Alpha’s already damaged arm, the limb was cleanly severed, the heat blade leaving a deep gash along it’s chest. “You’re scared, Soor’Kan! Whimper like a sad little kitten!” Seung-Min roared, plasma gauntlet sparking to life and encased in her tk-field, as she plunged it towards Soor’Kan’s chest in a savage strike. This evolution was proceeding too quickly. Whatever was happening to this human needed to be told to the King! Even if he was executed for fleeing, this information had to-- The Alpha’s arm flew off, the clash lost, as he backed away again. This machine was impressive, to be keeping up with such an assault… But despite the fear in his mind, he smiled. A flash of green, a perfect barrier of protection encased the Alpha, as he laughed back at her taunt. “You’re too late! Your sword, your rifle, your flimsy little fist won’t be able to get through this in time! My King will know of you, and he will be prepared! You have LOST, HUMAN!” As the green bubble shield came up to block her strike, rather than punching through, the Artemis’ momentum sent both units hurtling to the ground, ramming the shield into the dirt, thruster at full throttle crushing it into the hard rock… but it wasn’t cracking. What in the hell was this bubble made out of? Thrusters flaring to maximum to apply more pressure… nothing. Was he really about to get away? No… no, she wouldn’t allow it. There had to be something that would break through this shield. Anything… a pain in her chest as she focused her hatred into Soor’Kan… her chest? That was where… searching inward as the Alpha’s shield continued to hold as it was pressed into the ground, she could feel it. Something was there, it was- The display of the Artemis came to life in that moment. ARES System activated. ARES Integrated Enyo class Positron Blaster Cannon online. Seung-Min didn’t even need to look into the specs… this is what Avery had been hiding from her, what Buck couldn’t access. That this was coming to light now, as she gained full control of her machine… this would do it. It had to. “I’m trusting you, Artemis! Show me what you can do!” Kim affirmed, as the chest of the Artemis parted open with a hefty thunk, extending to reveal a large cannon… it had to be at least battleship class, maybe more. As it began to glow with a surge of light and heat, centre burning red as the fringes shone a blinding white, in tandem with the ARES system exposing the Artemis’ venting and causing it’s singular eye to glow brighter than ever before, soon Soor’Kan’s optics were filled entirely with the blinding light of the Enyo cannon. “Soor’Kan! PERISH!” Fire. This was impossible… He refused to believe it, it couldn’t-- “Warp! Warp, you… Blasted machine, engage the… The… No…!” A brilliant flash of crimson fury plowed through the field surrounding his machine, driving into the earth behind it as it ruined the Alpha. The force pushed the Artemis away, as the Alpha exploded in a massive wave of energy, force hitting the nearby woods and causing the trees to shake violently. Soor’Kan was… Gone. His presence no longer there. All that was left was a molten pile of scrap, of what was once the Praxis Alpha. Iln'Teer stood in his cockpit, staring out at the sudden explosion. This was no human trick or illusion. Soor'Kan had lost. "San'Xuur, Yan'Tuul. I believe we may have a problem..." These humans were a danger that needed to be stopped here and now.
  8. "[We're already here, Megumi.]" Tiffany and Rachel turned the corner and got to helping Tristan, just as Bennet turned the corner and gasped as the broken elevator. "Is that what shook the Riese!? God, what the fuck!?" She didn't stick around for an explanation, following after the androids to make sure Tristan was okay. "I never should've taken on this stupid job," Eric muttered to himself, shaking against the wall. "I'd love that," Jessica coughed back, finally managing to get herself onto her back, instead of being face first in that ever growing pool of oil, blood and other working fluids. "Must look real sexy right now," she tried to joke, hoping to find some sort of levity in this situation. Something to keep her mind off the fact that she might've been actually dying. [Scan complete.] Her body had gotten back to her, had it? She cut the line with Firmia for a moment, looking over things in her head. "What's the problem, then... ... ... You're... You're kidding, me... Ahh, fuck..." Jess bit her lip hard, sighing, connecting back to Firmia. "Hey, Firmia... Sorry... If I sound a bit choked up right now. Found out why I'm bleeding." Jess bit back a small sob, the weight of her situation hitting her pretty hard. "There's... Half a brain, attached to my central processing suite, in my head. Probably what's making me so lifelike... Probably why I have blood in me, at all. If..." There it went, a small hiccup passing with a bit of tears. "If I bleed out, I'm real sorry. For a lot of stupid shit. I'll keep the Riese moving as long as I can..." First thing was to check the outside cameras. Soor'Kan was getting pretty beat up. Good. They had to take him out, for the sake of the world... The enemy force wasn't trying what he had. Probably used him as bait, or something. It worked... Chris was radiating some real hate right now, scowling hard at the Praxis Alpha as it started to get dismantled... Something else was building up, though. Not just Alriana. "That's fine, Brant. Think this one's taken care of... Just get ready for the rest of them." "Controls ready, Abby," Calina replied with a satisfied grin. This smug fuck of an alien shitbag was going to get everything he'd given out and more. "Time for some real payback you motherfucker!" Abby casts Valor, Calina casts Sense! Final Stats: 100,N/A! Roll: 69,72 Hit Final Valor Damage: 321!! Soor'Kan fires back, and misses! Abby gains +150 EXP, +2 Will! Abby levels! +Defense, Accuracy, Skill!
  9. "Great work, Esther!" Nina was all smiles as her pilot managed a hefty hit against the Sacarian menace! "Hrrgh! Telekinetics, you fake our powers and still assume you can handle us!? You're not even a real one! You're broken, a fake of a fake!" Soor'Kan lashed out at the Metis, narrowly missing, still riding his high of having crushed the Riese's bridge. "We're also ridiculously persistent!" Louise cackled her way into the combat, sword coming down hard against the Alpha's arm! Louise casts Strike, moves to 5,9, and swings hard into the Praxis! Final Stats: 100,50 Roll: 41,39 Hit Crit! 201 Damage! "Ghhhhgh! Accursed metal women!" Soor'Kan swings back! Final Stats: 98,50 Roll: 66,38 Hit Crit! 171 Damage! "Die, machine!" "You first, kitty cat~!" Louise gains +80 EXP, +4 Will! "You will not stop me here! Not now!" "Soor'Kan!" "What!? You-- You should be dead! Useless traitor!" "And now you will be!" Vera casts Sense, moves to 3,8, and flings daggers at the Alpha! Final stats: 100,26 Roll: 81,75 Hit 89 Damage! Soor'Kan fires back at her, she dodges! "How!?" "I'm better than you!" "Lies!" Vera gains +1 EXP, +3 Will! "This evil pervading the skies... My eye burns..." Kazue casts Sense! "You shall not escape my gaze! Treacherous scum! Villain to end all villains! Underhanded tactics are only used by the weak! Kazue moves to 4,8! "Taste cold steel! Taste vengeance upon your black heart! DIE, IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!" Kazue attacks, with the liquid metal blade! Final stats: 100,38 Roll: 59,57 Hit 152 damage! "What are you blathering about!? Die, human!" She parries his blow, and kicks off of him! "Gragh!?" "Evil cannot defeat a warrior of justice!" Kazue gains +150 EXP, +4 Will! Kazue levels! +Melee, Skill, Avoid!
  10. "Jess...! Firmia! Firmia!! Is there any response from the bridge!?" Hannah was stunned, had this actually happened? Had this really... No, this was reality, this was what they were dealing with. They had to defeat him while they had the chance! "Analyzing enemy machine, sending data to all pilots! Machine more susceptible to damage in the joints, please target accordingly!" Hannah Analyze Soor'Kan!
  11. "Hahhhh! Human! You, you're the anomaly, you will die today and stop troubling our race!" His confidence was skyrocketing, holding back Kim's charge, finally shoving her away, howling laughter even louder, speakers maxed. Showboating was only boosting his ego further. "None of you can stop me! Not even you, Kim Seung-Min! Your powers are intriguing, but nothing else! They will fail today! YOU WILL ALL DIE!" Firmia was trying to call... Made sense, but the bridge's communications were down. "Can I even reach the Avalon from here? Uh..." Jess tried a direct line from herself, managing to get in. "Hey, Firmia. You're right, still kicking... I'm... Down to one eye, one arm, and... I'm, bleeding. Like... Real blood. I don't know why, but it's, it's bad. I couldn't..." Swallow the guilt, people survived, if you finish this fight fast enough, some more might join them. "Couldn't save everyone, but I got the XO, and Ensigns Calvin and Johnson... Just..." She sighed, struggling to move, arm not keeping up. "I can't get out of here. I can still command the ship, fire the guns, run the shield... But, again, I don't know why I'm bleeding, so if I pass out... Here's your advance warning." Why would an android even have blood in them? It didn't make sense to her. She began a scan, maybe in such a dire situation she could get around Gaertner's lockouts and find out why her head was so important. "One of the enemy, they just... Just warped in and crushed the bridge. I can't..." He was huddled against the wall now, hands curled up, head hiding against his legs. The bridge staff hadn't been trained for giant alien machines literally crushing their workspace. Map! Turn 1 may proceed!
  12. Feeling Stronger "Hyah! K-Kim, now is not the..." It wasn't about that, alright... "Of course... I'm still scared too. I'm sure if she shows up today, it'll get worse, but I can't keep running from everything. If I'm helping... Then, I'm helping. That's all I want. Let's put a stop to this today." They had to, after all. Today was their big showdown... This was going to be a speedbump, compared to everything they'd gone through. Status Report "The news is get that ass into your machine and get ready to take off." Calina was already suited up, ready to play copilot again. The new Vergloria was equipped for melee combat, and while Calina pulled the trigger better than Abby ever would, she couldn't match the woman when it came to cutting things up close. "Enemy's coming up on us. No time to dawdle." Helmet on, she was rushing past Abby, calling the lift to the Vergloria down without a second thought. Flashy "I'm flashy enough for an entire relationship, Thorvald... Someone normal, down to earth, caring and, even boring, is much more my speed. They say that relationships are about bringing something into the other person's life... I could use a lot more of that in my life." The elevator was right on time, luckily for them, heading into it with Tiff in tow, and starting down. "You haven't. By all means. It's good to know what you're fighting for is worthwhile." All of this was finally making Vera smile. The Riese was definitely full of good people, despite its fringe cases. Big Challenge "You think the aliens are gonna be easier than Tonya? Man, Brant, you took this ring off of her like you'd been planning this whole thing. Honestly never thought she'd give it up so easily... Was all ready to explain to the girls why I was so beat up last night, too." Chris sighed again, adjusting her helmet some. All's well that ends well, running a finger over the ring just under her SKIN suit. "You're right, though... This is gonna be a cake walk, now. I think I finally know what happiness feels like, Brant. Not gonna let them take it away from me!" Absolutely Sure "Yes! I can do that. The Metis' tracking systems are much more advanced than standard mobile suits, it should be easy to keep track of enemy models. If you need any help with the funnels as well, I can take care of that." Nina saluted and followed after Esther, ready to provide assistance. Scenario 10: End of The Spider's Web "Soor'Kan," a voice spoke out, low, heavy, and mocking, as the Sacarian's cockpit hummed quietly. "You were ordered to return by the King, so you shall not be punished, but... You truly could not defeat such a piddly force?" "I... They are stronger than they seem. One of their humans as well, is beginning to push the borders of our powers--" "Pah! Humans! Maybe your powers, runt! I shall allow you to make up for your mistakes. Do well, and I will report your success to the King." The aggravated voice was that of Iln'Teer, his machine crushing the dirt beneath it as it walked towards the Riese. "Warp to their bridge and crush it, like you should have when you had the chance." "Wh-What? Warp? I... That, is paramount to suicide--" "ARE YOU NOT A KNIGHT!?" Iln'Teer bellowed back, silencing the younger Sacarian. "In sworn service to the King, Trel'Vaar!? Are you telling me you cannot handle the cannons of such a puny ship? Perhaps your promotion was just for show! What trickery did you use to defeat Taurus before you?" Soor'Kan's fur bristled. He would not take this affront to his bravery and strength. "I used no such trickery! I shall accomplish this task like plenty before it, and you shall choke on your words, Iln'Teer!" Within moments, his Praxis Alpha was charging, ready to warp on his command. "All units, deploy!" Jess was rather content with how well things were moving. The enemy were all coming into range, Jess marking them and beginning scans on the machines they didn't recognize... One, yellow lizard looking one with a giant tail stood out the most. It was definitely unique... A few other one were as well. "More knights...?" Scans began, either way... That was when she noticed their previous encounter. Glowing. "What's--" Then it was gone. A shadow appeared over the bridge of the Riese. "No--" Jess didn't have time to think, or talk. Her next actions were automated. "Glory to the Sacarian race! Die, you inferior scum!" His claw came down hard, clashing with the Riese's E-Field. E-Field to max, guns trained, grab as many people as I can, fire main cannons--! Jess' mind was running miles, as she'd leapt from her pilot seat. First was Roxanna, harshly grabbed by the arm and tossed at the now open elevator, then Tristan and the navigator next to him. She didn't have time for anyone else, the doors shutting and the elevator heading to hopeful safety. "Everybody get down--" The resounding crash as the Riese's main cannons drilled into Soor'Kan's Praxis, and his claw pierced the E-Field, was ear shattering. The Alpha nearly exploded, managing to reel back enough to stay in one piece, though the damage was evident... What was more evident was the... The twisted metal cage that was one the Riese's bridge. "Hah... Hahaha! HAHA! FOOLS! HUMANS ARE ALL FOOLS!" Iln'Teer scoffed, smiling. "Looks like he's good for something. All units, move out! This is the day this thorn is plucked from our side!" Something was on fire. Smoke everywhere. Alerts and warnings sounding out. Jess coughed. Coughed up blood... "I can bleed? Hah... What kind of mess am I?" Her eyes... Eye. One of them still worked. The bridge was... What used to be the bridge was gone. Twisted metal and glass were all she could see right now. Someone was crying. Others were groaning. How many lived, and how long they could survive remained to be seen... She tried to get up, but couldn't. "Come on legs, work... Legs?" Managing to prop herself up on the arm she still had attached, she glanced back at... Nothing. "Great... This is... Great." The bridge's elevator had nearly been knocked out of its socket from the impact, Roxanna Tristan and the navigator being tossed from it when the impact struck. The ensign was out cold... The navigator, Eric, was still awake, shaking, terrified, but cognizant. "XO! XO get up! Oh, Gods... Ahhh!" Roxanna wasn't bleeding, and she seemed to be breathing... Th-The infirmary! "Megumi! Megumi, doctor! Doctor please!" Jess coughed again, still surprised by the blood, but she wasn't getting the sense she was about to die. Far from it, while her systems were alerting her of her limb loss, they were telling her that as long as her head remained in tact, she'd survive. For better or worse. "So there's something special in there. Cool... You better not think the Riese is down and out, you scumbag." Soor'Kan kept cackling to himself, even as the Riese's machines started to pour out. "Come! Break yourselves against me! Your ship is nothing, you have no-- What!?" Several cannons pierced through the side of his machine, shots from the Riese. "How is it still... No! I will not be made a joke! I have come to far to be stopped by monkeys and ramshackle robots!" Saber out, he would strike against the Riese and finish it, even if it cost him his life. Soor'Kan has taken 1000 damage! The Riese has taken 700 damage! It cannot be repaired past 50% of its HP! Player Phase/Turn 1! Map Coming Soon! Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies! Loss Conditions: The Riese is destroyed! Battle Mastery: Defeat Marianne and Astin in the same turn! Doc
  13. "Eating? I don't think there's a bar for that anywhere... Maybe for sleep, but... Now I'm worried about our bodies in the real world." Especially mine... Is... Is my mom even going to notice I'm not around? Maybe when I don't come out for dinner... Ughhh, don't think about it... You can't do anything about it now. "You guys can eat if you want, or whatever. I'm not interested." Everything was incredibly real, though. If she did eat, it would probably smell and taste real... Would that mess with her body's digestion? Would the brain process food, when there wasn't any? Stop thinking about it! Too much to consider! Fed and prepared, the group made their way from the town towards the Chimore Highlands. Sprawling plains and rocky outcrops, some of which housed caves and one of which housed the island's dungeon. This quest was far and away from such a place, leading them through the grass towards a small cave opening. The blowing wind tussled with Clarissa's dress, the girl grabbing onto it a moment as the breeze passed. It smelled so nice, the sky was clear, things were almost serene. Maybe if her life wasn't on the line, she could get used to this sort of VR. "I guess they're all in there? Should we peek in, or...?" Goblins in a cave felt so cliché, but here they were... "Who, uh... Who wants to go first?" The cave opening stood roughly fifteen feet tall, light disappearing some twenty feet in, though it clearly did not end there. The dripping of water from the ceiling could be heard echoing out, but nothing else. No wind howling, wherever the cave led, it very likely did not have another entrance. Barely visible on the ground of the cave were footprints, likely of goblins and kobolds that had come in and out. If this was their stronghold, it would contain whatever riches or items they had stolen and held onto. Exploring that far, though... Torches would be a necessity, to say the least.
  14. Focusing Mobile Suits "Affirmative, Captain Alkaev." The Avalon crew had Hannah and Brant on it, they could handle any machines they came upon. "You won't Sergeant," she then replied to Tycho, "I've got full faith in every soldier here. Win today and come back smiling." There wasn't much else to be said. Pilots were scrambled, the bridge was ready, suits were launching. "E-Fields to max, ahead standard. Guns primed... Bring it on, Sacarians." Carve Them Up "Ahah! Ahahah! You couldn't have put it into better words, Firmia! Louise Park, Luna, launching~!" Elevator up, launching platform out, the Luna sprang forth from the Avalon, a streak of purple flying out ahead of the ship. "This flies better than I'd ever imagined it would... Ahhhhhahahaha, time to play around with the insanity I still have left~ I'll stow my guilt until they're all dead!" Sword already out, the Luna performed several rolls before settling back into pace with the Avalon, open hand's fingers flexing, ready to grab hold of some unassuming pilot's suit. Suited Up "R-Right, Kim..." Christina was still a bit apprehensive, but she swallowed her worries and heading for the changing rooms. "Kim!" Buck bounded over as soon as he spotted her, hefty pants escaping as he tried to catch his breath. "Just, quick run down! The ARES system should be all good for use! Hoof. One, sec... Deep breath Buck!" One gasp and exhale later, he nodded, trying to contain himself. "Okay! ... There was actually a lot hidden in Marianne's little hangar. Now, all of it's on the Artemis. An add-on booster backpack, which should increase your speed and help the machine fly better, along with two shoulder mounted railguns. I figure she was expecting this to all go up with the Artemis and that bomb... Sucks for her! It's all ours now. There's also a few extra funnels attached... I hope you can handle it all. Get Christina to help you if you need it! I... I think that's it. It was a blast working on the thing... Just..." He furrowed his brow, hand on his chin. "There's something else in there that I just... Can't figure out. Dunno what it is, if it's a system or a weapon, but I can't access it, no matter how hard I tried. Just be wary, it might be something dangerous, but we can't afford to uninstall and reinstall a new OS at this point. I trust you, Kim! Kill it out there!" Long winded explanation over, not giving her time to ask questions, Buck was bounding off to the next machine. Partners "Wait! Esther!" Christina was... No, that wasn't Christina. The SKIN suit was the default color, it looked to be a spare, and she was sporting glasses. "Esther... I... Uhm, I want to help. I know how the Metis is supposed to fly. I know Christina will probably be upset at me... But I don't want to sit around, while she's going into combat. Can I fly with you? I can help. I promise." Nina wasn't the most resolute, but she'd push if she had to. "I have to keep her safe." No Key Necessary "[That is alright, Specialist Eriksson. I have a key.]" Tiffany had shown up right on time, unlocking Vera's cell and stepping aside to let her out. The former lieutenant sighed and got herself up, stretching her arms, as she made her way out. "You're right, Thorvald. We can't back down... None of us can. If I can't save them... I can't. But I can't do anything sitting in here." Vera wasn't smiling, but she at least wasn't doubting herself, anymore. "Thank you for taking Esther in. Looks like it took some time to get her out of her cell... It was good for her to meet all of you. She'll lead a better life following in the footsteps around here, rather than my own... It's too bad you're married, Thorvald." Finally she smirked, heading towards the elevators with Tiffany in tow. "Do your best to make it back for that family of yours." Round Tour
  15. Happy Birthday "That... Sure is the alarm." Another fight, and so soon... The Riese was entirely fixed, right? Hopefully... They couldn't afford to have it going down this far into things. If it did... If Apotheosis had time to regroup or build some new machines... Christina felt herself shiver, nodding along. "Y-Yeah... Sorry Kim." At least watching her work out had been nice. Hopefully a SKIN suit wasn't uncomfortable with all that sweat... "Let's go, Esther." Dragonfly "Firmiaaaaaa~?" Louise's voice sounded over her communicator, a giggle following, almost evolving into laughter. "Shall I launch? I'm already ready to... Mmmnn, I just can't wait... I can't believe I have my hands on the Luna. THE Luna. Ahahaha~! What a beautiful machine!" Now she was laughing, likely worrying the bridge crew. "Would you like to assign any special targets to me? Leader units? Battleships? A specific model~? I'm itching to crunch through anything, right now..." Battle Plans Lots of incoming... One at a time. "Gefalscht," she corrected, "but you can just call me Jessica, Tycho. It's good to have reinforcements... I don't quite recognize the rifle you're carrying. If you have a moment, please forward me the data so I can--" "I can provide that, Captain." Miller's voice came over her communicator as well, the data appearing on her dashboard. "Miller! Thank you. This seems to be... Quite the rifle. Is this standard issue for Velites, now?" "It is indeed. The ANF's been using the downed alien machinery to develop some rather impressive weaponry... Despite our smaller numbers, I feel like we're going to be able to put quite the hurt on these terrorists." Miller seemed confident, enough to smile. Jess just hoped it wasn't overconfidence. "That's good to hear... Thank you again, Captain." Jess saluted, received one back, and Miller nodded. "Any time, Captain Gefalscht. You're piloting the ANF's biggest hope. Let's take back our safety today." "Yes, sir..." The call cut out, Jess huffing out a sigh. "Biggest hope... Sergeant McNair, you can stay afloat near the Riese. Our units will be moving to join you soon, so just remain in airspace and prepare to engage. Do your best out there, soldier." Next was... "Alriana, yes, feel free to deploy. Take care as the enemy approaches... We don't know what we're in for, this time around." Jess had everyone's vitals up, everyone in machines, at least. The alien seemed fine, for now... Why was she so worried? They were more than stocked now, this fight couldn't be worse than the last... "Firmia, I'm going to be commanding units to focus on enemy battleships. They could be housing other mobile suits, and are generally going to be the units on the field with the most firepower behind them... So long as no more like that monster show up, again." The Sacarian they'd fought the other day, his machine was massive, powerful, intimidating... Was she scared of that? She just couldn't put her finger on it. "Otherwise, command your men as you will. I trust your judgement... We're ending this today." A Tail of a Task
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