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  1. "You know why I'm afraid of you, Nessraya. Now off. Don't get too close to me." Lavinia nudged the succubus away, taking steps away from all of them. Marina's words were... Naive. She was, so it made sense, but that didn't make them any more pleasant to hear. "Your thoughts are appreciated, Marina, Agni, but... It is not that simple. Will not be that simple for quite a long time, so... Focus, on what's ahead of you, instead of what's 'human', about me. Please." She made her way towards a tent, beginning to dismantle it, getting it ready for carrying. They would likely make it to Narvi within the day, but if they didn't, she didn't want those with less constitution being caught out in the cold of the night. "Try to finish what you're eating, everyone! We move out, soon." Asami could only sigh... "You really pushed her buttons good there~" No further hints, why give out relationship help for free? They could figure out Lavinia for themselves, or suffer trying. The walk was long, but at the least not difficult. Trails were aplenty across the plains of Vaia, making walking easy on the feet, no brush or tall grass to deal with. It did put them out in the open, but with Lavinia on constant watch, and Asami's ears to pick up anything, they were moderately safe. Travel lasted several hours, the sun beating down on the group, though the country was windy, a comfortable combination at least. With Narvi coming up after one more pathway, according to the map the vampire carried, they would be able to rest their weary feet soon... But not soon enough. "Lavinia," Asami quickly spoke, tone serious and without humor. "There's a quarrel up ahead... Sounds like bandits, but, it might be deserters, as well. We should be careful." Her shuriken had already slipped into her hand, ready to engage at a moment's notice, if it became necessary. "A fight, is it... In broad daylight no less, their target must be carrying some rather precious cargo. To arms, everyone!" Lavinia brandished her bow, setting down the tent she was carrying. They were this close to Narvi, they could come back for their tents once the fighting was finished. "Wh-- we're fighting!? We can go around! Avoid them!" Asami scoffed, huffing and whining. "And turn my back on the people of this country? Why are we out here in the first place? Come now, Asami, you should know better..." Despite the sun harming her, Lavinia was off first, the fox groaning behind her. "Fine! Hhhh, everyone, come on, then! Earn your keep or, some nonsense..." The sight they came upon was a bit... Odd. Bandits, yes, but monsters and humans, seemingly working together. They surrounded a rather impressive looking wagon, pulled by Sleipnir!? Lavinia was awestruck for a moment, whoever owned this wagon must have been important, wealthy, or both. The bandits numbered some fifteen... Maybe twenty men, in total. An impressive number, but nothing that would stop her, at least. "Surrender your weapons and stand down, vermin!" "Huh-- What!? Wh... Where did you all, how-- Ahh! Boss! Booooooooss!" One of the men on the edge of battle was spooked nearly senseless by the sudden group, running away towards the one that seemed to be in charge. The others near him noticed Marina and her entourage, readying their weapons. "As if it would be that easy..." Lavinia nocked an arrow, preparing herself to put some fools down.
  2. "H-Help, help... Juste, ahhh..." Too many people, she'd been worried about this, but to think it would actually happen? This is why she stayed in her room! Cons were stupid, this was such a mistake... Someone grabbed her hand and started tugging, Melanie trying to pull herself away, until she caught a glimpse of who it was. "M-Monika!" They weren't moving very far, but... Maybe she could get her out of here? It was... Really tight, but... Just, maybe... And then the crowd fell away, as someone toppled over, giving the two their chance to get out. Karina had just... Well, she'd done something, Melanie pushing herself away from everyone, hiding behind the other girls. "S... Sank you, bose..."
  3. "Eh!? B-But, ze stream--" A heavy blast rocked her machine, as several soldaats, and even a few of the already crumpled piles, began moving towards her, guns hot. "Ah, franchement, je suis désolé mon amis, ze stream c'est finis!" Closing that down, logging out as well, Melanie began to shut down her machine while its armor would still hold. "Ah oui, oui, okay, and... Log out..." Everything went dark, to her moderate dismay, sighing as she popped those custom fit earphones off and held them around her neck. They gently swayed as she flopped back against the pod's chair, confusion at what had happened rather evident on her face. "I guess... Eet ees time to leave, and figure out what 'as 'appened." Quietly disengaging the pod and getting out of her seat... The first thing she was greeted with as the thing opened was the mob that had formed around it while she'd been playing. "Eh--" Without much time to react she was yoinked out of the pod and into the throng of people, questions being thrown her way, people grabbing at her ears and tail, Melanie unable to move against it all. "That was so cool!" "We love you Mewlanie!" "What happened in the game!?" "Is this publicity!?" "Whoa, her ears are real!" "Ayoi, s-stop, agh, a-arreter, juste... H... Help!"
  4. "That good, huh~?" If the choking wasn't enough of a sign, Asami didn't know what was. Satisfied to have gotten a reaction out of someone, she relaxed and ate her food in silence. "None of me is human. I pray you do not forget that, Agni." His seeing her as such would only hurt him, going forward. She would not pretend to hide her traits and urges simply to appease his appreciation. "As for her comment... I try to stay in top shape. This armor does not move itself, and a bow is a lot harder to handle than people give it credit. I suppose, 'musclehead' is accurate..." It was mostly her arms and her core, though she did pay attention to all of her body.
  5. "Boo, you're no fun either... I guess it's back to Bladen. What's with the guys around here~?" Asami let out a sigh that was quickly muffled by a bread roll, chewing quietly on the hunk of cooked wheat, finally shut up, for once. Lavinia found herself blushing, shaking her head, and hiding herself under her hood just a bit more. "Hush, I-I just... When you stop needing to eat, it becomes a luxury, so... I can't help indulging myself, now and then. That's all. You don't have to poke fun at me, over it." Tearing into her chunk of jerky without hesitance, Lavinia let a smile come back, the salty taste and hefty chew something wonderful, having ignored food for the past month or so. "I always forget how nice food is~" "Wow, Lavinia, getting flustered over a human... Nice to see you back on the market~" Asami had finished her bite, so it was back to teasing. Speaking of... Xalrei had come out of Nessraya's tent~ "Not at all, Asami," Lavinia replied coolly, the fox not getting what she wished for, once more. "I was merely surprised... Besides, Agni has better things to do than butter up a monster, right, Agni?" Another small flash of her fangs, while he didn't deserve the prodding, it was nice to see where he sat. She still couldn't fully trust him, after all... Marina, perhaps, but Agni? Were they to run into a situation he could escape in, Lavinia was confident he would bundle up Marina and run. "Whatever you say, musclehead... I guess a guy would have to be pretty weird to fall for you, you're beefier than the meat you're eating." Asami was getting very tired of not getting reactions, but surely, this one wouldn't fail. Slipping past the humans, and leaning against Xalrei, she smiled. "So... How was she?"
  6. "I wouldn't mind eating... With you, Agni~" Asami left her curious pause to his imagination, stepping around them and rummaging around the sack for a strip of the dried meat, munching on it happily. She seemed content with that for the moment, glancing past the humans at the cloaked figure approaching camp. "Hello Lavinia~" "Yes, hello... And good morning to everyone else." Gabriela had begun to sing, Lavinia casting a glance her way. So long as she didn't attempt to charm anyone with her songs, the sound was pleasant, and the vampire would voice no complaints. "I hope you all can hear me, even those of you still indisposed." Her voice raised to hit the camp, she placed herself in the relative center, clearing her throat. "As we have lost our horses, we will have to walk to the next village... It would be longer, and, rather embarrassing to head back to the castle for another pair, so we shall have to make do!" Hopefully that made sense to them, though for some, they could simply hover. This would only be a pain to those on foot. "Once we reach the village of Narvi, I will attempt to find us new horses, and a new wagon. It should take us about half the day to reach it on foot from where we are... I do not think we will have to worry about church soldiers for the moment, but bandits and deserters may set themselves upon us. Be prepared!" Lavinia had never thought she'd see the day where her own men, people she'd trained, trained with, and fought alongside, would turn on her for coin or worse... Yet, here they were, on the plains of Vaia, hoping to avoid that exact situation. "We move to leave after you've all had a chance to eat. I hope your rest was plentiful." It would have to be, for such a long march. Small speech finished, hopefully everyone else was up to speed. If not, they could ask her, Asami, or anyone that had been paying attention for direction. For now... "Excuse me, Asami." Lavinia brushed the fox aside, fetching her own little stick of jerky. "I don't exactly need this, but... W... Well, I can't help myself. The taste is... Alluring."
  7. "Both?" Asami looked bored by that answer, sighing, before regaining her normal smile. Both, what a cop out. He wouldn't even play along? "Are you really not enjoying this?" A pout, a heavier sigh, the one on his right leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Well, wrong answer~" The other one poofed into a log roll, as previously, Asami picking herself up and brushing her robes off. "You should just be honest if you're not having fun, Bladen. No one likes a spoil sport." Her tongue stuck out a moment, she slipped out of his tent and yawned at the morning light. "Breakfast... I suppose... Oh, hello~ Miss hero~ Agni~! Let's eat together~" Skipping off towards the unfortunate humans, Asami figured a change of pace would improve her mood. "Watch out for the hero?" Lavinia couldn't help a smirk, Gabriela's warning not something she could take very seriously. "Marina is... Someone that should never have been a part of this in the first place. She's too gentle for war, let alone hurting someone." The girl had fallen asleep resting against a vampire, her sworn enemy not days ago. The fact she was so gentle told Lavinia enough, there was no way someone could act that well. If Marina held any hatred or fear, she would've been terrified at the thought of a vampire snacking on her neck as she slept. "In the off chance, Marina does betray us, or tries to kill any of us... Then I will put her down myself." Lavinia simply hoped that day wouldn't have to come, wishing the girl well in all of this chaos. Whether or not Agni would help anchor her remained to be seen, as well, but Lavinia had far less reservations about the thought of killing him. Despite knowing the church's wrongdoings, even having seen them firsthand, he still felt hesitant about all of this... That was worrying. Were he to become a liability along the way, he would have to be left behind. "I'm sure you'll do wonderfully, Gabriela... If that's all, then." Lavinia slipped past her and headed back towards the group. She didn't need to eat, but... Well, the salty chew of jerky, was just so very alluring.
  8. "Eh? Eh, eh ehhhh!?" Why was the game breaking now? She was doing so well! Barely any damage taken, kills aplenty, staying ahead of the group to keep the other units safe... What the heck... Wait, class A? "Quoi!?" Melanie yanked her phone out of her pocket and panicked turning it off, hoping nothing had happened to it. She had way too much data in that thing... She did keep her stream running, the worst it could get from there was her login password, and that could... Hopefully be changed later. That aside, what was going on? She turned her machine's camera towards the... Blob of, purple, evil data, focusing her camera on it. "Ehhh... 'I-Itomi? What eez 'appening?" She didn't want to disengage things just yet, this was just too interesting, and imagine the views! If anyone in her stream had half a brain, they'd clip this, and it'd help her channel immensely.
  9. "Mmmmm..." Morning... Right... Things to do, food to eat, plans to make, and another long walk to begin. The Asamis sighed, flopping harder against Bladen. She didn't want to get up, or think about walking, marching, carrying things... "Alright, here's the deal, my pretty little crow." Both of them smiled at him, and then said in unison. "If you can tell which of me is the real one, we'll get up." This had to have been incredibly important... And from the sounds of things, it was, but... "Yes, I know of where you all came from... And that you disappeared so long ago. I figured you were simply the last remnant of a dead species. I'm afraid..." This wouldn't be good news, and while Lavinia didn't personally know this woman, she still didn't want to have to deliver pain. Alas... "I don't know a thing. I was tasked with raising Thesephine at the time... I didn't have much time for world knowledge, beyond the walls of the castle. I'd heard they left Vaia, but not to where, or why." Lavinia bowed every so slightly, a frown on her face. "I'm sorry, Gabriela. Perhaps someone else will know, or an answer will pop up during our travels, but..." Even with how long they all lived, fifty years was still a long time for information to sit. "Perhaps ask Asami?"
  10. "Mmmm... Good morning, crow~" Asami... The Asamis crawled up closer, giggling against his ears. "Well, it got all chilly last night," one began, "so I decided I needed someone to cuddle~" the other finished. "Nessraya was... 'Busy,'" the first one started once more, "and I wasn't in the mood for that sort of attention, anyway..." They were alternating speaking, either she couldn't have them both talking at the same time, or it was on purpose, trying harder and harder to fluster Bladen. Her robes were, almost compromised, but no matter how much she squirmed or slid up against him, things stayed just enough in place as to not make this worse for him. "There's two of me," a chuckle, "because every good spy needs a body double~" Both of them laughed in unison, demystifying one question. "So, what do you think, Bladen~? A good enough morning for you?" Lavinia let Marina pick herself up, going about affixing her gauntlets first, then her chestplate, securing her armor against herself. The cloak was last, wrapping it around herself and making sure the hood was up before stepping out from the shade of the tree. Too hot? For most, perhaps. The dangers the sun presented were much more worrisome. Sweating was better than burning. "I'm fine, Marina. Warm, though? To think this body still gives off heat. How wonderful to know." Agni had wasted no time in approaching the lot of them, obviously in concern for his heroine. "It does happen indeed, Agni. Pardon my overdressing, the sun will burn me, were I to stand in it." To show she wasn't lying, for just a moment, she pulled the sleeve on her arm back enough for the light to hit her skin... The scalding and smoking of her skin immediately apparent, covering it up before it could become a troublesome wound. "If anyone asks, I'm an albino. An incredibly sensitive one, at that~" The best answer she had for this, hoping Agni and Marina would play along. And then... Gabriela? With a rather stern expression. What could she want? Asami was to be paying her, so... It couldn't be about money. With how she was looking at Agni and Marina, as well... "Come along, then. We can talk. Agni, Marina, check the sacks around the tents. There should be some wrapped bread and jerky. It isn't much, but, do eat. Yesterday was hard on all of us." Turning away from them with the siren in tow, Lavinia made good enough distance, enough that only Asami would still be able to hear them. "So? What is it that you would like to discuss? I do not suppose we are in any rush..."
  11. "Hmm? Oh. Hah~" Of course Marina wouldn't be expecting this, they'd only just met, after all. Lavinia looked back on the first time Asami saw her hair change, even the fox had flinched. "When the moon sets and the sun rises, the power I typically have begins to fade. It doesn't disappear, but..." How best to explain... "I, have... A relationship with the moon, I suppose. When it is high in the sky, my body is well maintained. I can feel it surging through me." Of course, the flip side to things... "When it goes down, the magic keeping me alive fades to a minimum. My eyes become dull, my hair turns white... I'm simply lucky I don't grow wrinkles~" A small laugh, Lavinia didn't quite mind the change in appearance. It kept her safe in human towns, the glowing eyes of a vampire unable to be seen during the day. She styled herself an albino, it made her cloak less suspicious. "Now that you've awoken, shall you get off your pillow? You did manage to get comfortable fairly quickly... You must have been exhausted."
  12. If he wasn't going to hurt her, that was all that mattered for Asami. Until the hero had made her worth clear, she would be kept safe. If she betrayed them, they were close enough to kill her with little issue. It was a simple matter of making sure her new leash didn't get too long... Bladen was right to think about it that way. Asami smirked, leaning away from him, now that she'd finished prying what she wanted from him. "I do like to lead...~ Still, it's... More of a symbiotic relationship, really. She's not our slave, and we're heading to where she decided. We're just helping each other along~" That was the best way to see it, really. Mutually using each other. So long as Marina was surrounded by monsters she felt she could trust, ones that, either tolerated her existence or appreciated it, she wouldn't get swallowed up by her clearly evident guilt. So long as they had the hero with them, humans would treat them just a bit better, and they could march into Hwein to actually fix things. Symbiotic. With that all taken care of, Asami picked herself up and bent towards the entrance of Bladen's tent, smiling back at him. "Thanks for the talk, Crow~ All I'll say, is try to be careful around me." A swish of her tail, she stuck out her tongue at him and laughed. "I have wonderful hearing... And I'm nobody's pet. Take care to remember that~" With another fwish of the bushy bunch poking out of her robes, she slipped out of the tent without as much as a whisper. Lavinia grabbed onto one thing Marina said. Carlon was still around? He hadn't died? Humans weren't supposed to live that long... That damn maniac... So this is his doing. Just like last time. How long until you're satisfied? Managing to turn the glare in her mind into just a grown on her face, Lavinia sighed as marina because to fall asleep. It wouldn't do to jostle her awake, now that she was finally collapsing. The girl was likely dead tired. Reaching over and grabbing hold of the cloak she'd prepared for morning, she draped it over Marina, letting her rest. "Shhh... Morning will come sooner than you think. Get some sleep, Marina." Glancing at Agni, she could only sigh. The church hadn't changed. People were still buying their mad rhetoric, at the lives and expense of those already confused and scared. How low would they sink? Was their a floor to their ocean of depravity? She just hoped there was an end to this that stopped this nonsense. "You should get some sleep as well, Agni. We'll be walking tomorrow, and it will not be a short trip, now that we are down a horse. There should be a village nearby... We can stop there and hope they can spare something." It was hopeful thinking, and maybe would turn out. The wagon had to be left behind, though... A waste, to be sure. "I'll keep watch. I don't need to sleep, after all." Morning came early, a warning of spring, as the dew dripped from the grass of their little encampment. Lavinia had pulled up the hood on her tunic as the sun rose, hiding herself from its damning rays. Eyes dulled, hair painted pure white, the night was over, and so were her powers. An unfortunate curse of this living, so long as the sun remained in the sky, her normal magic and aptitudes faded away. Nothing more than a trained human, at this point. If they were to run into any of the churches soldiers, now... She shook her head, trying to quiet the thought. Getting worried right away would only serve to upset the camp, as she began to slightly jostle Marina. "Miss Hero, it's time to wake up~ We have quite the day ahead of us... Breakfast will not exactly be a feast, but it would do to eat something." The girl had managed to sleep through the night... Perhaps I make a good pillow? Something to ask about, and enjoy a moment of the girl's fluster.
  13. "Oh, Bladen, don't be like that..." Asami wasn't shy about crawling closer. The tent wasn't exactly large, and unless he wanted to get his pretty little wings rained on, he'd just have to deal with her encroaching on his space. "Look, I do care... Really... It's just the same story as everyone else. 'The Hero ruined my life'. What usually follows is, 'so I want to take revenge and kill her'. She isn't my favorite person, but I work for the Knig, you see?" Asami managed to catch his shoulder, snuggling up to it and gently resting against his arm. "I have to make sure that no one's going to go out of their way to try and hurt her. Not until..." She smiled, snickering. "Until exactly what you said." It had been quite a while since someone as amusing as Bladen had come along. Perhaps only Lavinia had managed to get Asami giggling like this, before. "So painfully understanding, you are..." Like peas in a pod, these two. Lavinia knew what it was like to be human, so she could rationalize, and forgive Marina. Enough to see what she was going to do next... And Bladen, well, even if he said he didn't like her, that guilt he was feeling? All the same, in Asami's mind. He wanted to forgive her, but his wound was too new. He couldn't just close it up, pretend the infection didn't exist... Doing so would just be lying to himself, right? "I think..." What did she think, really? Hmm... "I think, everyone here is going to end up friends with Marina.' A bold claim, maybe, but... "The girl... Is rather naive. That plays both ways. She listened to the church without batting an eye, and here she is now, listening to us. What if we're lying? That's the good thing, though... We're not lying, right~? So if she listens to us, even if it's because of that naivety, at least she'll be working towards fixing something important." Asami stretched her legs out a bit, leaning further against Bladen. "That's what I think, anyway~ Make use of her as much as we can. We deserve as much, for all the suffering~" "But you see, Agni," Lavinia began, flashing him a rather toothy grin, to prove her two small points, "we are 'monsters', after all." It was Marina's turn, after that. She spoke of a place with an odd name... And odd features. What did 'grocery' mean? About how she used to hide in a shell of introversion... Being here meant she didn't have to be 'Marina', but 'The Hero of Coteon'. Shed that shell and become someone new. Improve as a person, maybe take something back. How quickly that delusion had shattered. Marina wanted to give Lavinia some sort of console for her feelings, so suddenly fished out, but really... "You poor girl." Lavinia wasted no time in hoisting Marina onto her lap, giving her a proper hug, and stroking her hair. "You're not even supposed to be here. Too young. Far too young to be dealing with all of this. You should be back in wherever Auburn is, in new or old York. Not fighting for a church, or with monsters, for reasons you don't fully understand." Why did the church do this? What purpose did it serve, to summon these young humans, just to fight? What were they after? Eradication was so pointless, too base. It didn't make much sense... There had to be something else they were after. "Agni, let me ask you a question." Maybe he could shed light on some of why the church hated them so vehemently. "Were monsters ever brought in front of crowds? Crazed and foaming at the mouth? Perhaps, shown, to be rabid beasts?" Maybe Marina had even seen some of this... Lavinia had heard rumors, but never confirmed anything for herself. "If so... I want you to think about what would happen if a human were starved, or deprived of water, and suddenly placed in front of what they needed, just unable to reach. How would they react?" Hopefully he understood where she was aiming. "I don't understand why the church wants us gone. But, we do have our needs. I need to drink blood. Nessraya needs intimate contact. We're all unique, somehow... And if I were deprived of that, and suddenly had, say... A glass full of fresh blood placed in front of me?" She looked back up at him, still coddling Marina's head. "I'd likely go mad. I've only heard rumors, but, if you've ever seen these sorts of displays... Just... As a way to rile up the people, help convince them we're as terrible as they say, at least I can understand how they're going about it. I just... I don't, know why..." A sigh, and a gentle squeeze to their little heroine. "You really shouldn't be fighting here, Marina..." The powers at play were beyond her comprehension.
  14. So that was his tale... How boring. Asami had been hoping as she listened that at some point, this would divert into his feelings for Marina. He was right, it wasn't every day that you found a group of monsters and demons following alongside the woman holding the holy sword. Frankly, anyone that looked at them would likely think they were mad. Things had deteriorated to that point, as sad as it was to see. It feels like I was drinking wine in Coteon just yesterday... How far things have gone, right, Carlon? Shook by her thoughts from the look on Bladen's face, she couldn't help a small smirk. He certainly looked old enough, but he was definitely what could best be described as a teenager. A teenager who had suffered some significant trauma... Boring as she may have thought it was, she wasn't a monster about how people felt. She could understand the plight and grief he must have been going through, slowly bringing a finger up to his cheek, wiping a tear away. Though, she couldn't resist herself, licking the little drop off her finger and smiling, just a bit. "Salty." No, no, too mirthful. I do feel bad, I do. "That must have been awful to see. And now, the perpetrator behind everything sits mere feet away, begging forgiveness, as she bawls her eyes out at the smallest injustice... How must that make you feel?" In truth, this was a bit of a test on her end. While some of what Marina had done and was doing pissed her off to no end, she had been tasked by Thesephine to keep her safe. She owed Tharasonis quite the large favor, and with his death, that favor fell to his daughter. If she could pay him back by helping her, then she would, despite the discomfort. It clearly wasn't all bad, they had very interesting people along with their group. Even that Agni, what a charming card... She'd have to play with him a bit more, but for now! It was best to see how Bladen reacted to being coaxed. Poorly, and she would make sure to keep him away from Marina. If he reacted well... Perhaps a more direct tease was in order, for the growing little bird. But what to do? Hmmm... I do suppose I am very good at appearing out of thin air. Yes, that will do nicely~
  15. "I am Asami of the Dawn," she began, slipping into his tent and sitting on her legs in front of him, yawning gently. "Appearing out of nowhere is one of my best qualities~" She snuck her tail in and wrapped it around her waste, gently leaning onto it. "I was quite busy trying to keep a person of interest safe. Now that I have, it's back to finding out whatever I can." Idle eyes looked around the tent, her ears twitched a moment, and she glanced back towards the entrance. "Agni's asking foolish questions..." A thought she voiced idly, not quite thinking about Bladen being there. Probing Lavinia like they were was a fool's endeavor. She would never tell either of them exactly what happened. Maybe some of the other monsters here, but them? Impossible. "Never mind that... So, you're a fallen, yes? I'm guessing, at least, based on the wings and the color." It was rather interesting to see one out and about. They were rarely born, and their young were treasured. That meant, something happened. What that something was, well, Asami was rather sure it had to do with Marina's little crusade. He seemed down just joking about it... Very serious, then. "I'm sorry," she said, suddenly, "if my coming in to ask has opened recent wounds. If you would rather talk about today, instead of yourself, by all means. I like listening." It was one of her best qualities, after all. A better question, at least, though still close to the old pain. She could work around it... Somewhat. Trying her best to regain lost composure, Lavinia dove back into her memories and thought beyond a century, smiling eventually, without the hurt. "Yes, I do... I was nineteen. That was, over a hundred years ago, now." Plenty of pleasant memories. The old feelings of spring warmth, winter's chill, the pain of hard work and training... She couldn't feel any of them anymore, but the memories weren't going anywhere. Her mind knew what they were meant to feel like. It helped. "I used to live in Hwein. A little port city, a center for fishing and trade... I don't know if it's still around, but if it is, perhaps I can visit while we're there. I'd help my parents with their business, train in my off time. Not for anything, just... To do something, I suppose. I didn't have much of a goal in life." And then... "Heh... That changed quite swiftly. Things were different before this, hero business. Monsters would frequent the place, we all... Got along. Perhaps that's why it's so easy for me to forgive you, Marina. I know what peace between our countries looks like. I know what laughing alongside humans while being like, this... Feels like, sounds like... It was... Quite wonderful." Lavinia glanced at Agni, holding his gaze for a moment, before smirking and shaking her head. "You would do well to remember one thing, Agni. Most monsters were human, once. We understand how you all think. We are not beasts, we are not driven by strange interests or forces... We're just, trying to live. The quicker we can bring peace to those too weak to gain it for themselves, the better." With that, she'd swerved things far enough away from her memories to feel better again. A proper smile sat on her face, cloth gently rubbing away at a section of her breastplate. Blood did love to leave such nasty stains... "I will say, though. To the both of you. While I may understand, and know what it was like to be as you are... I am still, a vampire~ Do your best to not bleed around me, yes?"
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