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  1. As Asami limped off and Xalrei was once again left with being alone, a call for Laselia was made... And despite a moment's silence in response, the naga did slither out from behind a tree, a troubled expression on her face, staring at Xalrei. "You... You really shouldn't have pushed her for all that. Not right now. Not this early... Not... Ugh..."
  2. "Xalrei, put me down-- Don't-- Ahhh!" Asami cried out as the magic was unleashed, arm coated in sudden stone. "You... You, idiot! You absolute moron! Look what you've done-- What did I do you YOU? What did you do to me!?" An angry whimper left the fox, glad it had just been her arm that had suffered the situation. "Fine! FINE!" Picking herself up and sniffling back tears-- having a part of you turned to stone hurt! --she glared knives into Xalrei. "You're not Xalrei Idreis! Are you satisfied!? Are you bloody satisfied!?" Another angry grunt, her arm wasn't going to be unpetrified without actual attention. Nessraya would see to this or she'd throw a damned fit! "Your name is Tundyssa Adozosi, you're Thesephine's sister, your father was the late demon king, your mother that you never met was his wife, Helvena! You want to know why you can do what you just did!? Your father was a gorgon! You're not even all dragon! How pathetic is that!?" Trying to fight back as best she could, Asami sneered and stepped away from her, slowly walking past her. "Now leave me alone! Go ask Laselia! You wanted to know this badly, now you know! No Hess damned point in keeping it secret after that childish display... Rrrhhhgh! Damn you, 'Xalrei'!" With a wounded and more than upset look in her eye, she tried to move on. Whatever questions Xalrei had left, she didn't care. If it got her completely stoned because the girl couldn't control herself, she wasn't giving her any more than this. "This is why I hate dealing with this damned family..." Lavinia slowly got off of DV after Jade, following after her and trying to keep an eye on-- "Jaaaade...? Jaaaade! JAAADE!" The desperate moans of the wraith become louder and louder, having spotted the zombie! "My perfect creation! My best, creation! JAAAAAADE!" Her body crumbled as she desperately tried to crawl towards the zombie, collapsing into dust... As her spirit burst forth and flew into Jade! "Jade!?" Lavinia was on her immediately, hands on her shoulders, checking her, trying to see that everything was alright... But not a moment later, the now ghost had left her again, smiling down at her from the air just above. "Begone, spirit!" "Jade... You are almost perfect. I have done what I can~ It is... Delightful, to see you so healthy and put together. Ahhh..." It appeared she was going to fade. Physically, Jade seemed fine. Whether or not she was...
  3. "And who do you think you are!? Go and die for all that I care! Some ungrateful little bitch that you are, honestly, why did I bother? You'd think you'd simply say 'thank you miss Asami for making sure I got to see tomorrow', but NO! You're just going to harass me for things you aren't ready to hear yet! Leave me alone!" Asami shoved past her this time, angry steps, heading towards the group. "Stop bothering me! I'm not answering your questions because you're too stubborn to wait!"
  4. "So, you don't believe me. Why should I care?" Asami scoffed, Xalrei's doubt not worth much in her mind. "I was there and I saved you. Shouldn't you be more grateful? I could've not been there, and you'd be dead. And then we'd all be dead. Now, I have better things to do than indulge in your suspicions, yes? I'm sure mommy dearest can clear anything else up for you." Satisfied in her deflections, Asami turned to leave again, smiling and humming.
  5. Asami had attempted to wrench her shoulder away from Xalrei, surprised by the girl's grip and strength. Am I really going to waste my magic on this newt's stubbornness-- Surprisingly, Xalrei let go... And bowed her head. Asami sighed, heavily, growling a bit. "Aithlin. Go on ahead. I'll... Humor, her." "Uhh, ahh... Y-Yes ma'am Asami ma'am." Aithlin didn't really want to get stuck between this dragon and the fox's problems, quickly heading past the two of them. Not getting into any more trouble today. "Alright, then... You want to know? I was simply in the area. I saw Ralsvelgr's favorite little girl getting attacked by unknown forces, so I stepped in to make sure you lived. What exactly do you think would happen if you died, hmm? There wouldn't be a continent left after he was finished with it. Are you satisfied?"
  6. Oh, great. Another problem. Asami sighed heavily as Xalrei came out of the trees. Which idiot had filled her in? A scowl met the dragon, as Aithlin awkwardly glanced between the two of them. "Uh... Should, I uh...?" What a suddenly serious situation. Asami wasn't readying any magic, or trying to hid behind the armored elf. This dragon was probably someone that she knew, then. "I can go if you need me to. Or stay if you--" "Why would I need you to go, Aithlin?" Asami suddenly smiled, shrugged, and shook her head. "I don't have to say anything, right now." With a flip of her hair, Asami confidently walked past Xalrei and kept heading towards the group. You don't get to order me around, princess. Not because you've got a clue to who you are, not right now, not after all of this nonsense. Hmph!
  7. "H-Huh? Xalrei! Where are you going?" The lizard had almost started to follow after her, but some indecision stopped her. Was she close enough to pry into Xalrei's personal business? No way, right? They'd only known each other for a little bit now. Tali retreated back towards the main group, letting Xalrei off to deal with her business. She crept up to the situation with the wraith, peeking between people to get a better look. "Whoa," Asami flinched a bit, as Jade's horse galloped past her. "I guess they've got somewhere to be... Hahhhh, just a bit more walking, then~ My poor feet, I'm going to need SUCH a rest later... You undead don't know how well you have it, do you?" "Huh?" Aithlin didn't quite get what she meant. "You never get tired. Sure, you can work your body to breaking, but... What I'd give for walking not driving my soles insane~" Lavinia put Jade's comment on how one was supposed to judge their level of freak and focused on something she knew much better. "Wraiths form from unresolved things in life. Depending on how strong the feelings are, they can simply form as ghosts, but that also depends on the magic in the area. Some wander about until the magic gives up on them, and they simply pass on. Some are able to gain a physical form, materializing as ours seems to have done. As for why it may have taken so long... Regrets can burn and boil for a long time. Perhaps her soul wandered, and, here in these woods, found these ruins. It would certainly have provided enough of a conduit for an already powerful spirit..." There was still a lot that wasn't quite understood about wraiths, but generally, spirits full of regrets could cause problems from time to time. This was certainly a powerful regret, though... That said, Lavinia had gone back to Jade's final comments, stuck on them until-- "And, well, I don't feel like much of a freak! I suppose... I've never given it much thought." Lavinia was stuck in her own mind now, wondering if she did anything truly worth classing her as a 'freak', whatever that entailed... She'd thought long enough to see the group start coming into view, snapping from thoughts that were devolving into 'was sucking blood something truly freaky'. "There they are. Going to let you lead from here, Jade. If this spirit is after you... Best to let you do the talking." Not like Lavinia would be able to tell if they were looking for this Jade in particular. Only a meeting would tell.
  8. "Oh, uh, uhm... It's a-alright, Xalrei. I know we're all, uh, busy. With all that, just... H-Happened, it doesn't bother me." Taliyah smiled and flinched slightly at the petting, glancing around at the group. Most people seemed to be focusing on the wraith... "Sh-Should we see what's, going on over there...?" There seemed to be some sort of argument going on... Freakishly? Lavinia ended up turning the faintest shade of red at the comment, surprised Jade thought so... Was she really so tall? Sure, definitely taller than other women of her 'age', but... "Hmm..." She didn't say much else as Jade helped her onto the nightmare, about to clarify her meaning for heading back, when Gabriela flew up to them with news. "A wraith?" Perhaps their culprit. If the magic had dulled and the monsters were vanishing, the wraith had either been exorcised completely, or removed of their power. If it was asking about a Jade, as well... It wasn't a common name, but, who could have died and... "Jade, you mentioned a Morwen, before. You don't think...?" It would be a stretch, but... It also wasn't impossible there was another Jade out there, that someone had lingering attachments to. "How odd..." "Yes, this does beat the original plan. Let us be off. Feel free to fly ahead, Gabriela!" Lavinia held on tight, ready for Jade to thrash the reins and let DV go off running. "Also... Jade, am... I really, that tall...?" A meek, little question, despite the urgency of their situation.
  9. "Hi!" The half of Jess that was still functioning waved at Aliza and Tycho from inside her tube, smiling. "I'm guessing you two are pilots for the Riese? Hmm... Lessee, database... Aliza SIlvavolke, aaaaaand... You don't match the Riese's database. That's weird! Who are you?" Jess stared hard at Tycho, wondering exactly what was up with this random pilot coming into their infirmary. Hannah glanced back at Firmia, definitely shocked she wasn't following along with them right away. Was it trust in her to handle things, or an inability to keep her cool around Rex? Either way, "sure thing, Captain." Hannah waved her off, glancing at Rex. "Guess it's just us for a minute... Wanna mention anything else? Oh, and Brant's kids are here too... Be nice to your nieces." Rex might have been short with Firmia, but surely, he would be nice to kids. "... Hello. Captain..." Ayyl'Vern was very clearly displeased at being contacted by Firmia so suddenly, as a sigh followed his words. "I am doing routine maintenance on the my Praxis. Have you come to use me as your chew toy for being so annoyed at that Rex fellow? You... Hmmm. What a heavy history you have with him. Are you sure you should be letting a man on board your vessel that has tried to have you killed before?" He didn't dig at her with that comment, his tone cold, and concise. "I do wonder what makes you humans so fickle, though," he continued, finding the right time to dig at her, "considering how much easier life would be if you simply worked together as a race. All this war and politics... How very futile. Hmm." Chris could only sigh. "Look, Tonya... Unless you're gonna put a ring on Rex, Vasiliy is not your kid. I get how you feel... Kind of, and admittedly, I don't know Rex as well as either of you. But." Chris gave her a serious glance before opening the door. "Vasiliy is his child. So long as he can promise to keep him safe, we don't have the right to say anything... It's not like he's had a chance to be a bad father yet, has he?" Yes, that was how she was going to justify her feelings on this. Rosa had already messed up with Firmia. Clearly she wasn't fit to be a mother... Rex had time to prove he could be as good a dad as Brant. Simple. "Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrllllllllllls," Chris sang out, stepping inside and smiling. "Ah! Mom!" Lily hopped off the bed with a smile, rushing over and latching onto Chris' leg. "You're back! Daddy too! ... You guys smell funny." Chris couldn't help her laughter, shaking her head. "Well... We had to skip a shower, so we're sorry for that. Your uncle is here," she started, glancing at Vasiliy. "Wanna come meet him?" "Uncle?" Aki spoke up this time, with a bit of worry, also looking at Vasiliy. "Yeah... He wanted to come and meet you, Vasiliy. If you need a minute... Or are afraid, we'll all go see him with you." Chris was trying her best. Rex was either already on his way, or causing problems in the hangar. Hopefully the former...
  10. "Yeah, bro." Whether or not Rex was okay with her, Hannah didn't really care. Brant had signed off, and that was enough for her. The estranged brother could wait. Though... If he hadn't come to cause problems... "He's in Tonya's room, Rex. Thanks, Galatea." "No problem," the AI responded from Hannah's communicator. "If you're just coming to see him for the moment, I don't see the problem. I do agree with Firmia that, until we're done here, he's safer on the Avalon, but... He is your son, no matter what else. To deny you seeing him would just make us monsters. I'll show you how to get there." With that, Hannah was off towards the ladders leading up to the upper deck and crew quarters. "Better be quick about it before Firmia finds a way to stall you, Rex," came Galatea's voice from Hannah's communicator again. "If he's there and the girls aren't here, they must be with him. Shower can wait, then..." Chris sighed and adjusted her SKIN suit just enough to not be sticking to her. "Sorry, Brant, I know we probably should shower and stuff, but the last thing I want is leaving Rex alone to fight with Tonya in front of the girls." Shaking her head, Chris started towards Tonya's room. "Hope this isn't too much of a problem..." Esther's discomfort at Vera's situation was plain to see, if not even more plain to feel. Thorvald had attempted to placate the situation with an offer of waffles, an understandably fatherly suggestion to make in this sort of situation. To him, they were all just kids, weren't they? Nina did smile at the offer though, nodding to Tarquin. "I too have never had waffles, though I do understand what they are. If you wish to make some for us, I would be more than happy to accept. We will need to refuel for further combat, either way. This will be a good way for us to get our stamina back, and relax from the stress of everything." Perhaps a nice chat could occur too, if they had time for it. She made to follow after Thorvald-- "Specialist Eriksson!" A voice disrupted Nina's thoughts, giving way to glancing back at... One of the Sacarians. "My attitude? Have I said something to offend...?" Kiir'Heln was confused for a moment, nodding at her request to simply be called 'Jess'. "My apologies. I did not think it would be intrusive. If you are a pilot, I felt it would be best to be at your maximum capabilities." Shoulders slouched some, the cat reprimanding herself mentally for already upsetting one of the humans. She had been pointed towards Thorvald at least, by Caroline, who had run ahead. Kiir'Heln wasted no time in catching up with her, her height providing a long stride. "Specialist Eriksson! As you were the one to shoot down my lead unit, my services fall to you. I am Kiir'Heln, Pawn of the Sacarian race. If there is anything you see fit for me to do, please, let me know. I... Maybe find things for myself to do from your thoughts, either way. I wish to be useful!" A bright smile followed, clearly she was happy to have been defeated. "Uh..." Nina was... Taken quiet aback, she'd expected any surviving Sacarian to be cursing their names, insulting them, begrudgingly accepting service at best... She felt happy? "This is... Weird..." "We'll, have to see. Maybe Buck can do... Something." The Artemis was already incredibly powerful, but Kim was right about reserves, there had to be something he could do. This was the last battle, they were going to go all out. They won or they lost, it wouldn't matter how many bullets were left over. Best to spend them all... Someone claiming to be a doctor then approached them. She didn't recognize this one, had Megumi gotten another hand? He didn't feel malicious, so Christina just nodded. "S-Sorry. I'm, a telekinetic, the... Weight of everyone in the hangar is, pretty oppressive. We... Took out some people that did a lot to us, today. It's hitting everyone differently." Christina took a moment to straighten herself out, one deep breath, two... "I should be okay. Just need to change and do something else. Thank you... Unless you've got some acetaminophen on hand." Nothing could help her nausea, but that might help her mind handle things more. "You don't gotta apologize, Abby." She was right, anyway. Not a week ago, Abby had thought that she was dead. Maybe something was just repairing itself in Jessica's system. She was the most advanced android that Calina had ever heard about, after all... "I'll give Gaertner some shit with you. That's the worst kind of fail safe... As for hugs, I'll give you whatever you want, babe. Hugs, kisses, more. Just ask. In fact, just go ahead. If it's just us, I'm fine with anything. Here for you." It'd be nice, to have that moment. Sure, they were about to head off for the fight of their lives, but... Having a moment together to just, be. Even if it was just hugs, Calina had missed it. Missed a lot of it...
  11. "I would prefer to head back as quickly as we can, rather than have to carry myself there. I'm not tired, but I'll never outspeed a proper steed." Lavinia had, cautiously, made her way towards DV, hoping a gentle approach of her gauntlet wouldn't bother the horse. Luckily, the horse had either dealt with worst, or Lavinia simply wasn't scary. "Being around all of this combat must have made you quite brave, yes?" A moment's petting, she moved past to wait for Jade to approach, hoping the could return to the rest of the group with haste. There was still the matter of her sister to deal with, now that the magic was dissipating. She must have known better than to have flown after me... Did Thesephine not try and stop her? What's going on back at the castle...? "When you are prepared, Jade." Lavinia offered her another smile, glad to be free of the monsters. Dragons... Lavinia wanted none of them in their prime. If this was to be their only experience with them, Lavinia would be thankful for it. "Miss Asami, wait up!" Aithlin didn't seem to be having any trouble walking in the armor she had found herself in, but it was still armor. Hefty and hard to walk through forests in. "For what? You can still see me if I walk ahead, goodness..." Asami sighed and slowed her pace, just a bit. Dragons, honestly... What fool of a wraith had carted so much regret to the afterlife that they could manifest with all of this to their name? Was this really just some random spirit? Asami was trying to think of people in the area that could have done something like this... One name sprang to mind, but, she's been sealed for plenty, now. That wouldn't make sense. Is it truly just a very, very powerful grudge? Mrrrhh... Too much to think about, too much to consider. I wish my job was easier... "W-Wait! I'm still getting used to this armor..." "Oh, fine!" Asami paused and glanced back at their new ally, looking her over. "Come to terms with your situation rather quickly, hmm?" "Uh... Well, I suppose so. Nothing I can really do about it, right?" Aithlin shrugged, finally catching up to the fox. "Unless you know a way to reverse this, I guess I gotta deal with my head coming off sometimes. As long as this armor doesn't cause you problems in the future, I'm sure it's fine. Just gotta protect my noggin." A gentle touch of her gauntlet to the side of her head, Aithlin nugged it some, nothing moving. "Pretty secure, by the way. You don't gotta worry about it randomly coming off." "Hmm." Asami paused a moment, before jumping up and punching her square in the forehead! "Ow! Hey! What're you tryin'a pull!?" "Just testing how much you truly are assembled... Given your head didn't go flying, I guess you're right. Alright~ Nothing to worry about, then. I hope you get along with the rest of the group." "Yeah... Geez. Gave me one hell of a fright." "I'm sure I did. And, don't act like that hurt. You're undead, now. I bet your pain receptors have completely shut off." "I... Huh. I guess you're right. That didn't actually hurt... That's not an excuse, you know!" "Ja... Jade? Jade!? Bring her to me! Please! I must... I, have to... What did, I have... To, I... Must see her..." The wraith's consciousness was fading along with its body, fingers crumbling into dust. "My best... Creation, I..."
  12. "Y-Yeah... One of those big, three-headed dog things, was coming after me, after I took that sword out of the chest. It's gone, so... I guess whatever was controlling it left when Nessraya defeated the wraith?" The air had begun to feel less heavy, the magic in it dispersing. The sun was even starting to poke through, giving Taliyah a moment to glance at their new vampire friend. "Should, someone tell her about the sun...?" Lavinia had worn a hood when it came out, but this girl barely seemed covered. Was there something Taliyah didn't know...? That dress wasn't protecting her hands or face at all. The gnarled and barked wraith of a woman glanced at Marina with bloodshot eyes, no fear or worry in them, but a clear lack of sleep, even for an undead. "Jade... My finest, creation. Where? Where is she...? I..." She looked down at her hands, as her fingers began to slowly harden. The lack of mana would eventually turn this temporary body to dust. "I wasn't... Why did I die, before seeing her to completion...? Why?" "Hmm?" Worrying about Gabriela? "She seems the type to flee as quickly as she could, if something were to go terribly wrong... Though..." A weight had been lifted, in a sense, and the sun had begun to start poking through again. Swiftly she threw her hood back on, checking her arms to make sure nothing had been damaged in the conflict. "Alright... Keep hold of those remains, I haven't seen a model like that in my lifetime. Perhaps once we make it to Tepel, or further to Hwein, you can see to someone that may have more knowledge. For now... While I'm not worried about Gabriela, the magic in the air has begun to lift. I can only hope that means our allies have dealt with the source of this. We should return as swiftly as possible... Your nightmare won't mind a passenger, right?"
  13. Nessraya fires off the LIGHTNING! Roll: 60,6 DESTRUCTION! Nessraya gains +60 EXP! Nessraya levels! 11 26 11 84 28 96 87 54 +HP/Mag/Spd! Nessraya learns Heal! The thunder danced across Morwen's body, the wraith crying out in pain, as her ritual stopped cold, body falling limp. "No... My... Wwwoorrrks..." The undead in the area began to dissolve, the only living monster turning to flee. They were finished with this. Map clear! Bonus EXP: +Dragons slain! +All chests opened! +Secret found! +30 EXP to all units below the average EXP line! "X-Xalrei!" Taliyah scampered up to the scene, panting, glancing behind her... "O-Oh... It's gone. Uh... Is, this over too?" Things looked to have been dealt with, the dragon dead, again, and the wraith motionless. "Whoa... You guys did a lot." Tali glanced about for Agni, before giving up and scooting her way towards the dragonewt. "You're, uhm... Alright, right Xalrei?"
  14. Xalrei charges in! Roll: 40,13 That's one extra dead dragon! Xalrei gains +74 EXP, +2 lance WEXP! Xalrei levels! 42 85 74 48 17 61 10 76 +HP/Spd/Def!
  15. Ren prepares to zap again Roll1: 73,68(63) Roll2: 26,95(81) 12 damage! Ren gains +15 EXP, +2 anima WEXP! Yeet brings on the big freeze! Roll1: 50,89 Roll2: 19,48 32 damage! Taiyute gains +16 EXP, +2 anima WEXP!
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