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  1. That's what I will most likely do I think. I was going to pair my MU with Cordelia, who is quite offensive last I checked. Unless there is a no brainier pairing I'm missing out on.
  2. I'm trying to do my very first Lunatic run, but I can't decide on what would be "good" pairings- any suggestions? I've definately decided I would pair ChromxSumia, and TharjaxGaius. Aside from that I have NO idea who to pair up with who- especially since I'm planning to use a MaMU.
  3. I do have all the DLC that gives skills & characters as well as Golden Gaffe, EXPonential Growth and Infinite Regalia so I DO plan to grind, I DEFINITELY can't do a no-grind play through- I'm not THAT good lol. But thank you, I'll keep that in mind I probably will do a luck flaw since I usually have abilities on my MU that rely on skill. Thank you for the input, didn't know there was pairings thread- will check that out Thanks, will keep that in mind. But as TEMPTING as using a FeMU sounds, I want to use my actual gender for my character to make it more personal. Last time I did FeMU the game was WAY too easy and I'd rather not repeat that in my Lunatic file. But still, thank you for the input!
  4. I'm planning to do my first ever Lunatic run of FE:A- any suggestions for pairings? Here is what I have so far: MaMu(+Mag,-Lck)xAversa ChromxSumia OliviaxLon'qu GregorxPanne FredrickxLissa StahlxCherche Haven't started yet so I'm completely open-minded and wish to hear all opinions and suggestions!
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