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  1. [b]Project Name:[/b]Jugdral Saga Project [b]Platform:[/b] Fire Emblem 8 ROM hack [b]Showing:[/b] Let's play and a kinda jokiish trailer. I'll send the patch once I'm done with the next demo version. As I plan to release the demo the same time this happens.
  2. It's because there isn't IS was a little lazy so he keeps his default animation for any weapon besides the Binding Blade
  3. I don't know why people are ignoring this thread, but hey, nice job, both in the sprites and in the game.(Damn, those tilesets are delicious)
  4. I think i'm going to remake the first Gaiden! to make it play exactly like the original game, but since Eyvel and Olwen are there I think it should be way easier.(Also there's no enemy AI for dancers so the annowing thief on the right side won't steal your good items). And I've noticed Nanna has a low rank in staves and can't use the Rescue I gave her. my bad. I'll prefer having Arthur as a Fire tome user because he is Azelle's son and inherited his tome, but you do have a point. However currently I've implemented anima split and I don't want him to screw all of Freege's thunder mages. Maybe I can give him the Elfire tome and Wind tome as well, but Elfire at the start of the game is pretty broken in my opnion. Well anyways, I'll have to think a little before I decide. Oifey huh, yeah he's pretty strong, but hey, in the complete game using him will be pretty bad, because on the long run he won't have the same potential as Ayra's kids, maybe I can get his defense 1 or 2 lower, or perhaps increasing the Zanbato damage instead. Nah, I've something better planned to her hehe Well... No?
  5. This is like, the biggest necro post I've ever seen
  6. yeah I know that as well, I fixed it in my current one. ```J...Julius?``` Oh, vanilla death messages still, thanks for remembering me to change them. ```I really dislike stuff like the Briggid twist for lessening the impact of the Barhara Massacre, but I can't help but love this Arden appearance, because it's just so damn plausible. I'd like it if he had another weapon in addition to swords though, faithfulness be damned. He might not have promoted in those twenty years, but he could have taken some archery lessons.``` Don't worry, I'll keep Arden and him being level 9 means that only another level and he should be able to promote using the Master Seal I'll give in chapter 6 ```RE: Chapter 3: I don't think it's intentional, but you can get two Shamshirs, one from Johalva and one from the village, though you need to rescue the mercenary to get the one on the village. The plot heavily indicates its the same sword. Also Larcei daughter of Lex. Do Johan and Johalva not know she's their cousin, or is it huray for more incest?``` That's not intentional, I thought I had locked the village tile didn't I damn me not replaying the chapter againg after fixing it. Also neither Johan nor Johalva do know of that, and well, Dannan's mother isn't the same as Lex's so I think it's not that bad... Is it? ```Strange choice having Evyel with Leif in Leinster. Is that planned for the full version? She doesn't seem to have any lines, so maybe not. I guess it'd be kind of odd to have her join at Munster without properly establishing her arc first, but does this also mean there won't be a Veld and Raydrick fight (also, she shouldn't have Astra. Not from Isaac)? Is this the only bit of Thracia 776 that will get it's way in? Also, I felt the dozen or so name drops in the opening to the chapter felt very forced. I think it's better to leave that stuff to character conversations or something. I just can't imagine real people listing off their friends like that. Also...no Xavier?``` Eyvel is going to be, let's say I surprise, once the next demo is up you should probably know of her destiny hehe. She really shouldn't have Astra, that's because the Swordmaster class has it and the current gaiden chapter is only a wip preview of what's to come. There will be more of Thracia that will get in, a lot. I should probably rename this hack to Jugdral saga, or something like that. The dozen name drops are required to stablish a certain character's motivations that will appear in chapter 5. ̶X̶a̶v̶i̶e̶r̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶a̶r̶m̶o̶r̶ ̶d̶u̶d̶e̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶k̶i̶l̶l̶e̶d̶, in all seriousness, Xavier is probably not going to be better than Arden(early armour with good bases and growths) neither Hanibal(latagame armour with good bases but bad growths), and him being a General alrady is quite concercing balance-wise(yeah, I gave a Lvl10 Swordmaster Eyvel and Finn, but Eyvel is a special case) but I think I can work around to make Xavier usable, at least for the chapter he's supposed to join. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Screw Eliwood I'm summoner supporting her. Besides Roy's canon mother is Fiora anyways. (Compare both their portraits, Roy has the same eyes, mouth and nose of Fiora)
  8. Hello, this is the 3rd portrait Blitz from Fire Emblem Universe's Blitzes. Get it here: http://feuniverse.us/t/mugging-blitz-round-3/3701/87 Or the direct link here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9x8tpepif66nd0h/3rd+Blitz.rar Have fun and don't forget to credit the artists of each mug. They're all free to use for any purpose as long as credit is given.
  9. Thanks, take your time. Also small To do list: Find out why archers have horse sound. Make Axe Cavaliers and Arch Cavaliers receive extra damage from Zanbato and Horseslayer. Fix all weird fade outs. Fix all the typos.
  10. New update, a little later than when I promised to, but it was for a good reason. http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6tuu5ttudvev8j/Genealogy+Remake.ups Patch to FE8 (U) Changelog from previous version to this one: I swapped all lazy scaled-up portraits with lazy splices. Except for Lana, you guys will have a surprise with my spriting skills. It was a lot of work to do a full custom portrait, but she deserves it. >.> Tweaked prologue: Spawns 2 Lance cavaliers on turn 4. Tweaked Chapter2: Moved the armor knight that was on top of the chest. Tweaked a bit Chapter 3, as follows: Less enemies, stronger enemies, turn 4 Arthur and Fee, Johalva now moves, Johalva+Larcei talk will give her the Shamshir. Village now is closed. Removed SwordBreaker from Ink. Replace with AtkSeal Chapter 4 created and fully functional. New units: Johan Rodolban(He's there, but only joins on chapter 5) I've also added a preview of an extra chapter: Chapter 4x is there, full playable, but once seizing the throne, the game will end. 4x characters: Leif Finn Nanna Eyvel and Orsin. Changes in characters: Johalva: Isn't Garcia anymore. Swapped Colossus for Moonbow. Arthur: Isn't Artur anymore. Replaced the extra Focus with Wrath. Fee: Buffed a little her atk. But she's still useless since there's so many axe users and bow users... Oifey: Gave him Luna. Lana: Got Life To Serve Now, what everyone's waiting for: Our boy, Lester: +2 atk +1 spd +2 con Got Adept. random screens: Danm! Spoiler you all Lana's new portrait...
  11. Just want to say I'm very hyped for the next full release. I've played it back when it was 1.0 version and it was definitely one of the best ROMHacks for Fire Emblem out there, alongside Midnight Sun(Now dead), Elibian Nights and Sun God's Wrath.
  12. I really doubt you'll ever find something of the sort.
  13. I also do share your opinions, even though I've played only the Fire Emblem Games from the first to the 8th(on emulators) and after them I only played Awakening as 3ds games are rather expensive were I live and I had to but it online, but I also play Heroes casually and I really think Fire Emblem is becoming greater than ever nowadays. Back in 2011 was when I played my first fire emblem game(Genealogy of the Holy War) on a Playstation2 SNES emulator, I greatly enjoyed it(even though I had to redo the first level 4 times because on the first times only SIgurd would stay alive but yeah), later on I played the other games on my PC and on 2014 I got a 3ds and I bought Awakening. No matter where I would ask, but nobody ever heard of Fire Emblem, but nowadays thanks to Fates and Heroes, it's way easier to find other Fire Emblem players, even if most only plays Heroes and Shadows of valentia. We are indeed on a golden age my friend. Just hope more fire emblem characters get into new smash though, ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶y̶ ̶s̶i̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶w̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ >.>
  14. Arthur had double Focus because I set Focus as base skill for mage but forgot to change Arthur's skill to wrath. >.> About Oifey, well, I know he can solo the entire as of now and I also would like him to continue being good until the endgame, so he's kinda like Seth from Sacred Stones, good starting stats and good growths as well, but well, even though in this demo he can defeat every single enemy alone, when the game progresses you'll need Seliph and the others to be strong as well, so I think it's fair as it is. Julia's animation was made by myself just for this hack, so yeah, it's a custom animation.(I also plan on making a custom animation for Seliph and Julius as well later on) Thank you for your kind words. I'm going to release the next demo I think on sunday, it's goin to be just one extra chapter, seizing Rivough and freeing Isaach once and for all). Right now I'm revising my text files and searching for weird stuff(did you notice archers have horse sound in the demo? lol). I'm also planning on releasing demos for each Arc, so, first arc is the Isaach arc. Next one is the Yied Desert arc, then Leonster and Manster and so on. Also I'll put on a small FAQ on the topic for stuff like why is Arden in the game. Well, it's simple: Lack of armor knights joining soon on the game, I could just have a Thracia character in his place? Yeah, I could, but honestly, Thracia characters already join a little late, it would ruin the sense, since a little after of giving Darsin, the player would get Hanibal, so I just used Arden, since he's too slow to get to Belhalla it wouldn't hurt too much the plot. I made sure to fill all plot holes that making him live would create, though.
  15. No problems bro, I'm going to continue pleing the rest of the hack soon. See you later.
  16. Well, sorry for sounding out rude >.> But anyways, there could be other skin tones used to represent Illness: And all three of these looks good. :\
  17. Hey, feedback time from me, I've played only the two first chapters yet, but I think I can give some feedback here. Okay, where do I start...? First of, thumbs up to the story, it seems interesting and runs away from the classis Fire Emblem trope thing.(But unfortunately would had to have a bandit chapter. :| ) I liked the first map a lot, but the second one was kinda meh to me. Portraits are... Bad, yeah, I mean, not wanting to be rude, but they've problems all in all. I know you probably isn't good with spriting neither creating mugs, but try to stick with the default palette for colors, I mean, your skin tones vary a lot and some doesn't even looks like skin tones.(Suppose you needed a black skin tone, you could use cormag's skin tone from the default game, a white skin tone, used eirika's and so on) Also the oultine colors conflict beetween themselves and that's a bad thing. I've also noticed some people have heads bigger than others. Since you probably can't fix these portraits by yourself, I suggest you to do the same thing Sacred Blaze did years ago, when he also came kind of out of nowhere and just posted his hack, like you did now(I guess). Create a topic like this: on the sprite section. Asking people portraits for your game. Since it's a complete project, I'm pretty sure experienced spriters would be glad to help. And honestly, this hack has potential, if it weren't for the portraits problem and the issue down there in this post. Now I start my biggest problem, the reason I could not continue playing it rushed, like I always do with hacks. The Soundtrack, god dammit, I know it's good pitched and it sounds good actually, but it doesn't fit a map theme and hearing the classic's fire emblem theme all the time sucked, to me at least. And I'm not much a fan of setting the BMG music into off and just play other music in the music player, but I guess I'll have to do it for this hack :| And lastly, I've fixed Fordra's mug for you, use it if you want. I really don't like the white color: Good luck bro. I'll come back after I get through the entire game.
  18. Oh nice. It's very cool when hacks pop out of nowhere, since nobody played it before it's a fresh new experience. I look forward to playing it later.
  19. Never played Fates neither Radiant Dawn(played Path of Radiance though) Also never played Fe7x, I'm waiting for Yeti to release the full version.(I recall playing it since it was being made in RPG maker XP) Also I'll post another demo sooner than expected because I'm almost finishing the Isaachian liberation arc. AKA the 6th chapter of the original game.
  20. Here you have one. Shitty but works into Fe8. Also for my changes: Replace Joshua with this guy, Kamito. Make him start with pretty bad stats, when I say pretty bad, actaully pretty bad, but have him 100% at everything except for luck, with him having 25% at that and starting with 0. His portrait. Also replace Tana(or any of the pegasus sister) with Camilla from Fates and have her have the same growths in there. Also replace any couple character(Amelia and Frans for example) with Mage Knight 404 and Linoan and have their A support by this. Also make ONeill playable.(There's a limit to 40 playables, vanilla uses 34 only, can still make more bosses playables)
  21. Well, Delmud was useful in the source game though, it's just that Bows are weak in any Fire Emblem game. In my old hack the protagonist of the second part were a bow lord and I had to create a PRF bow that did magic damage and attacked at 1-2 range in order to him be usefull. Also there's the fact that bows are excluded from the weapon triangle, so they never has advantage against any foe, except for fliers, but that is class advantage instead. But don't worry I've buffed him with 2 STR and gave him a usefull skill. As well as buffed his con by 1.
  22. I've buffed Lester STR by 2 now and gave him the follow up skill, the one with % chance he may attack someone again. Johalva now changes AI to start moving towards ̶l̶a̶r̶c̶e̶i̶ enemie on turn 3. The mercenarie now just guards the village and I've added a dialogue beetween JOhalva and the kids before he departs. Prologue I'll make Harold start moving on turn 4, so you'll need to run, instead of just waiting. And have spawn two Lance Cavaliers on turn 4 as well to add more bit of danger sense. Oops, Arhur is a error on my part. lol All mugs will be revamped/remade later on. Not really enough though, to be considered useful. And as Emperoshrimp said he was kind of useless on the source game. (But don't worry, I plan on making him usefull here, even though Febail will just powercreep him later on, as he will be able to use the lengedary Bow. Downsides being that Febail will start as pre-promote, while Lester will have plenty of potential.)
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