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  1. To be fair, white/black got more support, and its currently the most broken colour combination due to female corrin. Red just doesnt have support right now because its initial card pool was broken, and their first support set gave some good cards, but not that many great ones (only have new MCs like sirius, and marth4SR is literally the only thing keeping red alive, because its that good). Red easily gets buffed by support sets due to its ease of using other 1 costs to help marth. Purple has greatly exemplified this, since those sets gave marth much more utility and 1 costs to work with to keep him competitive. Red will get another set in the near future (probably 9/10), it just didnt need it as much as other colours like green/purple, who had immediate card pool problems. (green lacked early power or stalling power, purple lacked viable MCs, and kinda still does but compensates for that by having hilariously amazing cards in their pool)
  2. He's probably not going to be as good as eliwood, lacking the immediate costless move as well as guaranteed support, but has value in sigurd decks if you can trigger his move by a bond addition and giving sigurd +10.
  3. Yellow is okay, Sigurd seems to be the only viable MC, Deirdre maybe. Elto/Cuan/Finn are decent but arent great. Yellow has some really unique card effects to deal with bonds, which is great. Xander hilariously synergizes more with the old sibling promoted cards, because for the majority, the new ones are meh compared to the old ones or conflict with him turning off/on the dragon vein switch. All of the siblings cause orbs to be flipped up, so they conflict with xander, other decks would be able to make better use of them (that dont use dragon vein, such as CorrinFWhite). Camilla is alright, but you'll almost never flip 3 for the area destruction, but the 1 cost destruction every turn if there's an orb up is serviceable. Also, she's 30 support, so theres no real disadvantage to running her. Elise can double attack, which is actually okay, and her supplementary effect is pretty good. Leo is unfortunately meh, having to tap him to use his effect kills his potential, but i suppose a plain destruction effect is fine (coupled with his banning for 1 turn). The ultimate problem is that by the time you get to use these dragon vein units, you'll have 0-1 orbs left to work with for flipping, and there's only 2 cards so far than can flip an orb back down to turn off effects (forrest and dead elise, which you would want for xander/camilla possibly), and since you have such a small resource pool, not many dragon veins can be used all the time.
  4. There are trial decks with better cards in it than others, but generally the red, white, black and TMS starters are all good, with red or TMS being the best with the most useful cards. But since you're just getting into cipher, pick whichever trial deck you like the most/has the characters you like the most.
  5. It probably is just emphasizing the battle between light and dark (naga vs lopt). The games dont mention sun/moon, just an imagery thing.
  6. There's no more corrin (for now) they said they arent making anymore also,that camilla is likely to be HN, as the spread of royals are their SR
  7. yeah uh red gets their fliers from other colours usually, red just has a really good cardpool with really good effects
  8. you can only use characters that have a 1 cost as a lord, since they are the first unit on the board
  9. you probably want to add sanaki, because she turns into an 80 power auto deploying mage, she's pretty essential in a greencina deck
  10. Class change isnt deployment, in fact, it's the way to get around sothe's skill, provided that sothe doesnt kill the unpromoted unit.
  11. It applies, since MC taking an orb is them being destroyed.
  12. Being 50 power is great, and since his later iterations require levels, its not a terrible idea.
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