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  1. i think micaiah can use sacrifice but yeah its normally useful to have at least two characters that can restore for that chapter
  2. Thanks yeah I ended up using Rhys to restore, somehow he didn't die despite that I hadn't used him at all since 3-2 lol. Managed to get 10 turns but missed the arbalest chest. Next play through I'm going to try to get Soren's staff rank up and train Boyd to help ORKO the reinforcements
  3. I think when I first started this game I was impressed and a little overwhelmed that they introduced what seemed to be a full blown persona like overworld between chapters, but it became obvious not too long after that they didnt really come up with a lot of things to actually keep you busy in the monastery and it just becomes a chore in part 2 epsecially if its ng+ and you have a high professor rank/lot of free time.
  4. I'm playing on Normal...yeah I might skip the right treasure room bc I don't need the Arbalest and this is a clear file so don't need the fortify staff. Only issue though is the right room has melee enemies who are easy to kill in enemy phase but the other one has mages and needs someone with 1-2 range. I don't need the gems but money doesnt hurt I always seem to run out of it. I usually have Ike and Mia storm the boss but then have to deal with the sleep staff and also dont really want them to get overlevelled. The other issue I have are the constant spawns at the right, nobody can ORKO the swordmaster except ike and mia (although weirdly i noticed Nolan can double swordmasters on the hawk army and sothe in the silver army, guess those are lower stats).
  5. I forgot how horrible this chapter is, though I found some old posts of mine here where apparently I liked this lol. Has anyone been able to clear it in 10 chapters? I have Ike, Nailah, Rafiel, Titania, Oscar, Shinon, Gatrie, Mia, Rolf, Soren, and Volug on the Greil army. Starting to regret that I didn't train Boyd bc I could use someone who can ORKO these spam mobs with hand axes. Also I completely forgot that you should make Mist take the Holy crown after climbing the ledge so that she can use the restore staff. I might have to just load an earlier save slot and try that again. Anything else that might help? Been trying to get Nailah (with Pass) to rush to the chests on the top right.
  6. i think beorc becoming laguz only makes sense if they are branded like Micaiah or Soren and even then the idea is pretty ehhh
  7. Been kind of bored due to the lack of news of any upcoming Fire Emblem games so I started playing the Tellius games again...both games are great but damn I forgot how addicting Radiant Dawn is. The world of Tellius is so immersive, Radiant Dawn is a little overambitious but I can't really fault them for trying that. Path of Radiance slowly sets up Tellius with a more simple story and then Radiant Dawn goes all in on a continent wide fantasy epic. I really forgot how unique the mechanics are, a lot of them weren't carried over to 3DS and Three Houses installments. I played Three Houses nonstop in 2019 and then again in 2020 when the DLC content came out, and at the time I thought the series had reached an all time high and in some ways it did, but god the game's replayability isn't really that great despite them giving you 3 or 4 different routes. Radiant Dawn feels so much more replayable because of the diversity of maps/missions and the fact that you can only train so many characters in one play through especially on the Dawn Brigade side. I think this was also the last game before they went a little too hard into anime fan service. I was relieved three houses dialed it down but it still has a little bit of that. So yeah idk I just wanted to get that off my chest. Was surprised how well Tellius holds up.
  8. Yeah also isn't the serenes massacre a huge reason why Sephiran became nihilist or whatever and went on his path? It's not like he orchestrated that I think the blood pact is a little too plot devicey like "you have to do this very specific thing that we couldn't come up with a justification for you to do but we need you to clash with the Laguz Alliance/Greil mercy" but honestly I'm playing this game after so long lately and it's not terrible. Ideally they could have come up with a more plausible feeling way for Begnion to coerce Daein but I can't really think of anything specific...some interesting ideas in this thread though.
  9. Yeah though I think branched promotions could have been a cool idea
  10. Yeah I've been having this issue its a huge pain. I keep saving slots frequently so that I can fall back and load it when it freezes. I saw someone on reddit say there is one dolphin build that doesn't have this issue. I tried it and the freezing is noticeably less frequent which is good but it still happens sometimes.
  11. Started this NG+ with the deers and can't even get past the mock battle lol How are yall feeling about maddening, is it worth sticking with or is the difficulty artificial
  12. yeah i don't really want to get into that stuff either, i make my views openly known, but i don't think it's worth talking about every time i enter this thread. as for north korea, i think chomsky is really good for explaining the context that's always left out of these discussions. like i think everyone here can agree that north korea is a fucked up state, and the kims have done basically nothing good for their people, but that doesn't mean they're some chaotically evil government that wants to bomb japan or south korea for...no reason? the way the us casually dehumanizes people in nk and threatens aggression, going back at least to when bush made his exis of evil speech, which put an end to the clinton nuclear deal that could have actually shown path towards peace.
  13. i mean that's the point, if north korea having weapons deters us going to war, it's not really an unreasonable strategy. lol tbh if there's a "marxist definition of fascism" you know much more about it than i do, so can't help you out much here. i know leon trotsky wrote a pamphlet about fascism but i have not really read it. it's true in germany, the rise of nazism was specifically abetted by the weimar republic to crush communism, but i wouldn't take that to be the universal definition of the word.
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