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  1. Started this NG+ with the deers and can't even get past the mock battle lol How are yall feeling about maddening, is it worth sticking with or is the difficulty artificial
  2. yeah i don't really want to get into that stuff either, i make my views openly known, but i don't think it's worth talking about every time i enter this thread. as for north korea, i think chomsky is really good for explaining the context that's always left out of these discussions. like i think everyone here can agree that north korea is a fucked up state, and the kims have done basically nothing good for their people, but that doesn't mean they're some chaotically evil government that wants to bomb japan or south korea for...no reason? the way the us casually dehumanizes people in nk and threatens aggression, going back at least to when bush made his exis of evil speech, which put an end to the clinton nuclear deal that could have actually shown path towards peace.
  3. i mean that's the point, if north korea having weapons deters us going to war, it's not really an unreasonable strategy. lol tbh if there's a "marxist definition of fascism" you know much more about it than i do, so can't help you out much here. i know leon trotsky wrote a pamphlet about fascism but i have not really read it. it's true in germany, the rise of nazism was specifically abetted by the weimar republic to crush communism, but i wouldn't take that to be the universal definition of the word.
  4. lol it's completely true, you don't have to look much further than prescott bush funding the nazis or hitler being really fascinated with how america treated black people or employed eugenics. north korea having a creepy cult of personality and domestic propaganda (like literally every other country in the latter case) has nothing to do with the fact that they don't want to get themselves blown up
  5. yes i'm applying a little thing called subtext. north korea isn't going to attack a us ally because they know that would assure their own destruction, and it's not even unreasonable for them to hold on to nuclear weapons since it's literally the only reason the us hasn't already entered the country the way we have done in iraq and libya. the nk regime might be awful, but they get nothing out of attacking countries for no reason. this is real life, not a fire emblem game. the gap between hitler and the american right wing has always been smaller than anyone would care to admit (how many people died in the iraq war for no reason?), trump is just making it even smaller. if "the great awakening of nations" doesn't sound fascist as hell idk what does
  6. oh so other than the part where he talks about destroying north korea and iran, he was very civil. other than the calling for genocide there was nothing genocidal in his speech, that's one way to view things i guess. the north korea and iran regimes might be shit, but they don't pose anywhere near the danger or commit anything close to the level of mass murder that the us does, grandstanding and threatening those countries is sanctimonious and way more scary than anything coming from those places.
  7. i mean idk in what universe does he not sound like a genocidal maniac in that vid
  8. as a marxist, this post is like the most incoherent thing i've ever read anywhere socialism only recently stopped being a toxic word in america because of sanders, but marxism/communism hasn't been a remotely significant component of the left since like the black panthers in the 70s.
  9. what version of dolphin are you using? in my experience, 5.0 was painfully laggy, but 4.0 was pretty fast. i use a mac too fwiw
  10. man these are way overdue for virtual console
  11. I think this is only true as long as you have a system that necessitates greed or self preservation. but socialism isn't a state of affairs to be implemented, it's the real movement that seeks to end that kind of exploitation. no.
  12. uh no, socialism is the movement to abolish these things no healthcare is just one example of how you can't really have a true political democracy when the economy is undemocratically owned by oligarchs. i mention the ama and pharmaceutical industry to just briefly allude to how the healthcare industry is run in the country, and how it's run by people whose interests are the opposite of the interests of working class people who need affordable health coverage. environmental issues are just super bleak tbh, it's kind of hard to even talk about. i think as long as oil has such a firm grip on the us government there's never going to be anything remotely adequate to address climate change.
  13. i don't think trump is personally a fascist, but i think the republican party as an organization and agenda is fascist in the only ways that matter in a modern context. which is basically the logical end goal of reagan's neoliberalism
  14. the "human nature" thing is a weird combination of pseudoscience and ideological make believe tbh
  15. the "human nature" argument makes no sense tbh. humans don't have a fixed, genetically hard coded affinity for capitalism, capitalism just promotes those aspects, which is if anything an indictment of it as a system. an economic system that promotes the human desire for cooperation would be so much more efficient in meeting everyone's needs tbh. that's not even getting into capitalism's inevitability of forming monopolies and oligarchies.
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