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  1. maybe fire emblem has ruined other sprgs for me, but i find the battles in the demo to be so long and tedious. its not bad though, maybe just have to get used to it
  2. i thought crimson flower was the one added last minute with how short it is. VW was copied from SS so i can believe they added it later.
  3. when you zoom in to a character on the map with theh bata yeah but in that case they split corrin and robin down the line gender-wise
  4. i feel like if they were going to release so many old jrpgs they might as well throw shadow dragon in there as well as the sequel that was never localized
  5. wonder if this means sothis is part of a ashera/yune type of pair now
  6. i knew this was coming as soon as learned that koei temco developed three houses, seems like easy money. im kinda interested to see what a golden route looks like but warriors games are so boring, unless you count persona 5 strikers i didnt mind that
  7. Thanks. I think her performance in Part 4 is much more noteworthy than 3-12 and 3-13 so sending her to the GM's works out bc she still shines in 3-6 and is less likely to be underleveled by part 4; admitedly she has to play catch up but its not too bad if she had a steel forge in 1-E. I'm trying to think who helps more in 4-4 besides haar and naesala. 4-E can be cheesed with royals sure, but i think only tibarn and naesala have canto and that too neither of them need to be positioned near Nasir so its not like she isnt still one of the better units to use.
  8. Weirdly i've always preferred sending Jill to the GMs and making Zihark the MVP of the DB using paragon and a master crown but never really had a tier list science logic to it, id be interestred in reading that post i think i take it for granted that my Jill has str/spd, and skill transfers, I imagine trying to get her going is rough for others. I think her contributions in part 4 are more useful than in 3-12 or 3-13
  9. i wonder if the deadlords was also the inspiration for the 10 elites in three houses
  10. Mine is something like: S Tier: Haar, Ike, Jill, Titania A Tier: Nolan, Sothe, Volug, Mia, ZIhark, Elincia, Janaff, Ulki, Shinon B Tier: Oscar, Tanith, Micaiah, Gatrie, Ranulf, Mordecai, Tauroneo C Tier: Marcia, Neph, Geoffrey, Heather, Skrimir, Mist, Rhys, Kieran, Lucia, Nealuchi, Sigrun, Soren, Rolf, Laura, Tormod, Muarim, Boyd, Leonardo, Brom D Tier: Edward, Aran, Sanaki, Calil, Pelleas, Vika, Danved, Makalov E Tier: Illanya, Oliver, Kyza, Astrid, Lethe F Tier: Meg, Fiona, Lyre I omitted the herons, royals, and late joiners bc not sure how to compare them with the others
  11. Interesting, thanks for the input. I think i like bernadetta in something like paladin or bow knight but tempted to try HK now
  12. I know holy knight is a bad class, but are there any units that can be decent with it? Well other than Lysithea... Next time I play 3H i want to just avoid making everyone WL and Bow Knight and want to try as much class diversity as reasonable
  13. interesting, i feel like the lack of move is annoying in 3-3, 3-4, 3-7, 3-11, and maybe 3-e. Agree reyson probably uses it better
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