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  1. I just pulled two Lilinas in a row...I just wanted Hector.
  2. Hmmm maybe my rom is edited in some way. Let me try downloading a clean one and see if that works.
  3. I think I'm missing something, whenever I try to apply the .ups patch it says the file doesn't match. I tried a clean FE6,7 and 8 ROM and it said the same every time.
  4. Joshua is my #1 favorite character in Fire Emblem, I'm loving this, Audhulma looks amazing too, finally glad I get to see how it really looks.
  5. I completely agree, the only thing I'd like to add to this is MORE PORTRAITS. Reclassing and promoting are inevitable so I think each character should have a unique portrait based on their current class, similar to how Alm, Ike, Sothe, Micaiah, etc. change portraits based on class. FE: New mystery for DS also had the player created character change portrait based on their starting class, I'm dying to see this implemented. It always bothered me when a character like Leonardo would be a full fledged marksman and still had the portrait of a back street level 1 archer. Lets be honest here, portraits are one of the easier things to make in an FE title with current technology and when compared to 3D modeling, etc. The stat armor appearance is something I never knew I needed until now and if they could implement that into the game alongside unique portraits that would be amazing.
  6. My only suggestion/criticisms for the latest build would be to cut back a bit on exposition and speed up combat. Some dialogue areas drag on for a bit too long over explaining unnecessary info and complex plot build ups and it feels a bit over the top to the point where I skipped most of the dialogue. Most of the Tristan chapters feel this way and a bit of the Eliza ones. The Prologue in my opinion actually felt too short and I was dying to see more of the events that led up to the Scouring. I would thoroughly recommend condensing dialogue and avoid using the unnecessary thesaurus words. You can have a great story without Eliza getting into the basics of Economy/employment with Brendan and Tristan explaining an entire religion to somebody. The lore aspects of the dialogue where Brendan is talking about his children (still waiting for those Linus and Lloyd portraits btw lol), Hartmut forging Eckesachs, all the Uther and co. tie-ins, etc. were amazing and I couldn't get enough of them. As for my other point about speeding up combat in the early game I have to point to chapter 4x as an example. This isn't a challenging chapter, its just simply a boring one. The enemies felt like bullet sponges and in some instances it would take me upward of 5 turns to clear out a group of enemies that attacked me and every time a reinforcement appeared I felt my eyes roll. I would just recommend making the early chapters a bit more lethal where it doesn't take 4 units to kill a brigand (axe users are a pain in Elizas chapter considering the units you have) and definitely cut back on reinforcement use, every chapter has some and they just feel like they drag out how long it takes to end the chapter without any real change in strategy or challenge.
  7. I think that's the point, this isn't immediately after the events of Blazing Sword. It could be just a few years before Binding Blade
  8. Open FE7 in FEditor, find the old Hector portrait, export it, open FEBuilder, find the new portrait, import the old FE7 one over it. Its very simple, if you can patch a ROM with Nups to play this then you can definitely insert a portrait
  9. Oh finally! An update! Do you have a release window in mind??
  10. Welp! The guide I made for this hack 2 years ago got deleted and I can't recover any of the work I did on it...thanks Serenes, you sure know how to make a good forum. Another glitch: When you defeat Arcard in Raven's tale a dialogue scene will play and then the game leaves only Raven and Arcard on the map and doesn't trigger the end of the chapter. Then after every action Raven and Arcard re-heal and have the dialogue scene replay causing an endless loop. Also the houses in Ravens Tale pt.2 play scenes with Dan and Rebecca and Lyn.
  11. Hector's portrait is used on Nils when you go to the bonus content area and in Igrene's tale if all of your units die then there is no Game Over screen, the enemy just gets infinite turns. Some more bugs that I found: the portrait for the sentry in the first dialogue sequence of Karel's Tale is one of the black fang members with closed eyes, Zephiel's Tale doesn't start, Louise's portrait has reverted back to the vanilla one in Pent's tale, and the threeway talk sequence between rebecca wil and dan triggers a conversation between oswin and hector.
  12. Any updates on this yet? Its been a while, I thought he was comfortable with a final version and it was just about to release.
  13. Karel is my favorite character in the FE6-7 timeline so yeah he doesnt add much to the story but hes still a fan favorite. And I always use garret as a unit when i do an fe6 playthrough. I just really enjoy their characters
  14. Wait...hold up! You REMOVED KAREL AND GARRET!? What in the name of all that is holy!? Thanks but no thanks. I'll be sticking to my patched Fe6 rom then.
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