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  1. sorry bro I didn't mean to upset you sorry man you seem really cool -- I also apologize to peeps I imagine everyone thinks my play was shit, I really was off on my scum reads. Honestly I'm going to stop trying at mafia, I'm not going anywhere with it in all these years and even when I win a damn game as town scum don't want face it and just flake the site... not a good feeling. Then I sink too much time into the damn game, causing me to lose sleep. I was basically trying to have fun here and tried with the limited amount of time I had. Sorry Gorf I can't prove you wrong man, good seeing you again though it was funny. You're right, I'm a shit player. fuck me the nail in my own chest is soup being scum. Sorry marshy
  2. If you have any questions I'll ask em before im out and if u want i could proxy my vote to you while im here otherwise im out
  3. I kind of don't feel like playing any more and am gonna replace out my dudes I don't think I feel like reading any more or efforting any more it was fun dudes (and no I just started streaming) Replace out
  4. I'm alright I was streaming till now and got twitch affiliate so I have not read anything, just saw the notification here, tbh I'm gonna read up tomorrow and will be present as I have nothing going on I'm looking at the flips and I need to re-think things
  5. I don't get it? My activity levels are as active as I can be dawg. I was just streaming a damn game for six hours. Now I'm going to sleep and will play Mario Tennis Aces tomorrow then martial arts. Then you see me do a fricking 100 page re-read which takes up my time I could be in thread. IS THAT SCUM INDICATIVE lol
  6. Lol. I'm not caught up here, and this is the first thing I see skimming through. Explain this dawg.
  7. Alright, Snike. You want to semi-clear Orihime for that. Then tell me, why does town ORIHIME coast after that? Tell me the town intent and motivation for that.
  8. People are really going to have to state why SNIKE deserves a town read over REFA. STAT.
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