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  1. Hello again, I've been working on it last week and i thought i'd share my progress. Nothing playable as of yet, but the gridcursor is almost moveable. Still got a tonshit of stuff to do so please don't burn me >~< https://github.com/BartGeest/FireEmblemv.2 if you really wanna test things out as there is no demo only code in the above link clone the project and open it in unity [will explain in detail how to do that if people want] For the people interested^^
  2. Thanks for the replies people Primarily for learning purposes. I always wanted to recreate Fire Emblem. The long goal is to make it so that people can easily create there own FE7 mods/hacks or however its called then see the top post, i have added a list with what i already think i know lol Thank you^^ I actually have played the game, a lot even. I've got a couple of years of programming experience now (still not that good tho). And im confident enough to start such an ambitious project. I know it will not be easy and will take a lot of time. See my first post to see it updated with the mechanics/features i thought of on my own =)
  3. Hello people, I'm a gamedeveloper student and i started a project last summer to reverse engineer Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. Alas i had it very busy during the summer and school started after the summer again. So i haven't got anything showable yet. As i am working on it i get kinda overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things the game entails. That is why i would kindly ask all of you if you could respond to this topic with all the game mechanics/features that are in the game. if i can get a comprehensive list of all the mechanics/features then that would make coding/managing the project a lot easier. Please don't just say a mechanic like Battle, because that's way too vague. because in the battle happens things like, animations being played, battle calculations and possibly more i will keep a list of all mechanics/features below List of mechanics/features already known: Grid Generator (gets data from dataclass or txtfile to know what kind of level to make) Grid Cursor (the well known cursor on the grid to select units or open the menu) Grid (for usage in the chapter, consisting of tiles) Tile (for example: evenTiles, plainTile, arenaTile, shopTile, armoryTile, villageTile etc.) -position -moveCost -avoidValue -defValue -resValue -event(arena, shop, armory, visit, seize, talk, support, customEvent) Animation Player (something that knows what animation to play and when) Character -stats (hp, str/mag, skill, speed, luck,def,res,con,move) -weapon level -items -support Hopefully this list will make my request more clear. **Working on this in the Unity Engine with C#, so anyone pointers with that, or even collaborations let me know in a PM ^^
  4. This helped me out. Did it slightly different though xd i had to disable 1 graphics card, because i apparently have 2 on my laptop xd Now the program works fine^^ A lot of thanks =D
  5. Here is a GIF for a maybe some more detailed example of the problem http://gyazo.com/7ee9825daac2ce9b5a1e765934d7b1e5 -Rooks
  6. Hey people, I got interested in making a hack a long time ago and now i got myself actually getting at it. Only 1 little problem (or i at least hope a little problem) FEditor Adv is very glitchy when i try to use it.... http://gyazo.com/83e67883e30e1ba772d0c19b2502fab6 it gets a lot worse if I hover over buttons or try to edit text... glitching text all over sometimes just completely invisible. I have java updated and extracted it with winRAR 5.20 for windows(8) 64bit. I have executed the program with the .jar file and with the run.batch file but the result is the same.. It's really not doable to work in that kind of environment So if someone can help me out it would be much appreciated ^^ -Rooks
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